Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Who has the nuclear bonkers code in war bonkers America?

Sloan Bashinsky 
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A new friend who worked many years for NASA, relieved my longstanding anxiety about a U.S. President going bonkers and starting nuclear Armageddon - someone else has the bonkers code!

"Everything about Titan and Titan II's is declassified. They took 5-6 minutes to ruin a Soviet's breakfast jam and you must have had the launch code, a bonkers code. The bonkers code is no big secret. Allow me to demonstrate how it would have been implemented: It came about when Lyndon Johnson weaseled his way into the White House. Lyndon was mercurial as hell and mean to boot, and he was suspected of being not all there in the head, since Lyndon there has been the Bonker Codes. There has usually been a secondary code that must be put in, in case the President is constipated, didn't like the end to Red Dawn, thinks the Ruskies cut into his satellite feed of American Ecstasy(skin flicks channel) right as he was about to cum and it all just dribbled out) ? If the president was talking nuking someone as a result of reasons like that joint chiefs of staff would refuse to give out the bonkers code. Thus if they thought the US President had shit his pants and wanted to nuke Martians- the bonkers code would not be given and thus the people at the silo that had been chosen for launch? They'd enter in a president's code, one person turned one key, one person across the room turned another key- one person could not turn both keys simultaneously. If they did not have the extra bonkers code, nothing launched. Usually Lyndon or his successors would go back to bed shit in hand, and they'd prop him up in the Rose Garden next day for Press Conferences as though nothing happened."


This is true but unfortunately according to one of our oldest nuclear negotiators we have never been closer 2 nuclear conflict than we are now. By our profligate defense spending somewhat like Hitler in the thirties we have raised the fear among our adversaries. We have in effect sown the wind.

Sloan Bashinsky

How about our profligate defense spending since WWII until now? How about our overseas wars and skirmishes since WWII until now? How about our meddling in other people's front and back yards since WWII until now? What did Covid-19 do to wars and skirmishes? Pretty much shut them down, although not so much in America, where they flourished. While it's good to know there is a bonkers nuclear code the president cannot use, I wonder who has the bonkers code that can use it, and what's that person going to do with it? What are countries that have nukes going to do with them? The notion that Iran does not yet have nukes does not comfort me, because I can't imagine them putting up with that, or not already secretly having nukes. America, of course, had nothing to do with that, like it had nothing to do with Vietnam war and the two Bush-Cheney wars, and the Persian Gulf War before that. When I was in Costa Rica in 2000, it was a lovely country. Had no military. Free medical for everyone, including visitors. I know, because I had to be treated by doctors there. In America, well. If I didn't have liberal commie Medicare, for which I paid premiums, I would have gone bankrupt several times, or simply would have died due to inability to get medical treatment. I imagine there are people who are unhappy I had Medicare to keep me around. Meanwhile, who has the bonkers code?


War is a big money making scam. The politicians and the military brass all buy stock options on the military industrial companies before they start a war Ratheon stocks went through the roof when Biden was elected and after he made appointments of people from the military industrial complex

Sloan Bashinsky

You make it sound like only Democrats start wars, which we both know ain't no where close to true; but it is true that a great deal of money is made by rich white men off American wars, and that's been going on all my lifetime, which started in 1942. Did you see Trump on TV, after he was elected, say the natural resources of Afghanistan and Iraq should be monetized to repay America for the cost of those two wars? I saw it.


Nope, The SB bag Bushes killed more people over their phony wars for profit scams under the guise of '' bringing democracy ''to the arabs. Did you know that Clinton killed thousands of children in the hours before Columbine Massacre ?? The leftist in the main stream media censored all of that, except Michael Moore in his movie a few years after

Trump was the only president who didnt get us into one of these war scam skirmishes. The military tried to set him up with a war with Iran by sending over a big 747 size drone over Iranian airspace. Madox lost his shirt over the put options on the military contractors over that one. He resigned because he was so mad that Trump didnt invade Iran. Sloan, you forgot to mention the useless wars Clinton got us into that also had nothing to do with the US.

Sloan Bashinsky

I'm a big Michael Moore fan. Trump did not get America out of Afghanistan and Iraq. He attempted a violent coup because he got beat by Joe Biden. You have had your say. Do not post here again.


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