Sunday, January 31, 2021

While deadly virus for old and sick people from Red China received a great deal of attention, America's home-grown Red Al Qaeda was allowed to silently grow unhindered

Pearl Harbor Lookout

From Sancho Panza yesterday:

Me to Sancho:
Thanks for this report. which seems to be based on statistics provided by CDC. 

I opened the '329 deaths" link, which took me to:

I opened that link and started reading reports of people dying shortly after receiving covid vaccine. They were oldsters above, around and below my age. They already had medical conditions, some more serious than others. Some of them lived in facilities. Their deaths so close to being vaccinated cannot be ignored. 

Now they all are in the afterlife, freed from their aged bodies, ailments and sufferings. I found myself sort of wishing I had died after my first covid vaccine shot, but that seems not my fate. 

The moral seems to be: Yes, old people who receive a covid vaccination might die as a result, and if they don't receive the vaccination, they might catch covid and die, so choose their roulette? 

Alas, if they were taking quercetin, zinc, C and D3 all along, they would not have needed to be vaccinated and would have remained safe wherever they were. 

Me later to Sancho:
I been watching a lot of CNN news, which is repetitive and I am weary of the handwringing. However, some nuggets fall out of the trees. 

I lost count of various videos of the Capitol riots and what the rioters did and said. Guess their skin color? Right, white. Yesterday's CNN featured endless qanon videos. Guess their skin color? Right, white. I thought back to MAGA rallies. White folks.

I told my mystical friend YP last night that them whites are America's al qaeda. He agreed, said, after Trump was elected, he directed his intelligence services and law enforcement to leave the white supremacists alone and go investigate and infiltrate antifa and the radical left. 

This was in my NY Times morning briefing:

3. Former President Donald Trump insisted that the radical left was endangering the country as right-wing extremism was building ominously. Federal law enforcement agencies followed suit.

Key resources and domestic security agencies were diverted away from violent white supremacists to focus on cases involving anarchists or those involved with the antifa movement. Some investigators felt pressured to find evidence, which never materialized, that antifa adherents were terrorists.

The scale and intensity of the threat from the right became stunningly clear on Jan. 6, when a pro-Trump mob attacked the Capitol.


YP told me of a former law enforcement officer friend, who agreed to write this below for me to publish:

Copperhead wrote 11:32am

YP I have no problem being quoted if he wants it. I was in LE from 74 until I quit under Eric Holder. You know Eric Holder was one of the chief partners of the law firm that milk sop Karl Rove used? He was, lawyer/client confidentiality prevents us from knowing if he worked directly for Rove, but we have a goddamned inbred system. There is very little difference between the two parties(Democrat and Republican) from where I sit in life.

I retired in 2010 and by then I'd had it with the Feds to the Locals- somewhere, somehow you always landed in shit if you were LE and you tried to do your job. Didn't matter if you could pull rank or if it was interjurisdictional "cooperation" or what it was. By the time of the Patriot Act, there was no privacy in America, and there was no justice. You could be some fucking skel and terrorize a metropolitan community and if you cut the best deal, it was a free buffet on the public so long as you could squeal.

Trump found out he could really be making hay out the IRS's investigations into "Tea Party" groups. Talking about the IRS under Obama- that galvanized the Trump base- they wanted to rock and roll over that. The truth to that was that a whole lot of weirdos, far right nut cases, white supremacists wanted to be "Tea Party Groups" all of a sudden, and to keep from allowing extremists to stockpile ammo and guns as a "deduction" the IRS became more proactive about their investigations into those groups. If they couldn't stand up before the IRS, they shouldn't have applied for tax exempt and tax breaks so far as I'm concerned. Granted, I quit under the Obama administration, but fuck it, that was nothing to what I'd see come under Trump.

Trump gets elected, he can't deliver Hillary to the guillotine, because what kind of precedent would that set up, and he knew the shit he'd been in. To further his base's confidence in him, he shifted the USDOJ off Right-leaning Extremists and onto anyone else. Infiltrating ANTIFA- which was a college kid anti-fascist movement copied from similar movements in Europe- became a priority. Finding anyway to stitch together a conspiracy charge against illegal immigrants or people who's papers weren't fully processed so he could talk about Haitans, Cubans, Mexicans, Guatemalans, Central/South Americans all "preying on working class citizens". By "working class citizens" that is Trump's bullshit way of saying "white people gullible enough to vote for me(Trump).

So in the swamps of middle America, the South, SW, NW- NE was leaned on to absolutely ignore the radicalization of poor, uneducated non-minorities essentially what we used to call "low rent white folks". Those kind of people had free reign to do what they wanted, unless they were so stupid they handed themselves to the cops.

It was only in the last two years of Trump's administration that LE was able to take the CI's(confidential informants) that they have and then actually be able to run them. LE had been able to get them in some places where they could have taken home grown terrorists out by then. Trump was a wall in the way of that, what happens with Biden/Harris remains to be seen.

I'm an old guy, I smoked, I drank, fuck it- I'm paying for. Be nice if before god sends your big angel fella to tuck me for the last time- if the skels actually faced prosecution. And I'm not politically biased. I don't want it just to be Trump crazies, I want the ones in Oregon and WA State to be prosecuted too. Four years of Trump siccing LE on immigrants, Latinos, allowing Chicago to become a war zone of free fire, prosecuting the M/Cs and all the people I've previously named instead of actual criminals his people had on the chain? That shit needs to stop and here is my finishing thought... Have a big fish fry when it comes to the ones Trump has on the line.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

some human, zombie and outer space observations and adventures (aka Coyote Medicine)

Been watching and reading what looks to me like lots of speculative coronavirus spaghetti thrown against lots of walls by Joe Biden, Dr. Fauci, FDA, CDC, WHO and Big Pharma.

Been watching and reading lots of Republicans pretending they don't know nothin' about no murderous white zombie hordes that stormed the Capitol to keep their Great White Hope in the White House, nor about their white lady zombie Congresswoman that called for Nancy Pelosi to be killed and White Supremacy Forever. 

Been wondering if the ET invasion was called off, again, because the ETs fear catching human biological and psychic pathogens? 

As for my own human and space medicine adventures, I posted this below on Facebook, some kindly folks responded, I joined in, and it ended up being a bit of an amusement ride.

Sloan Bashinsky
Shared with Public
Saw the cardiologist who did the arteriogram a couple of weeks ago, and said my arteries looked good. He said it again, my arteries are clean. My pulse was morning was 80, a bit high for me; my blood pressure was 120/73, which is supercallafragalistic for a 78-year-old. Taking only one med, Flomax, to increase urine flow. I eat pretty well. The blood work done the 2nd time, only slightly high triglycerides, everything else really good. I think angels did something inside of me before the arteriogram, which dissolved whatever bogeys the EKG and stress test had revealed. The cardiologist told me to get out of his office, I'm too healthy to be his patient. I replied, he must not be a capitalist. He is funny as hell, said he only treats sick people.

Count your lucky stars, gee! I stopped taking Lipitor, cause my hair fell out, almost all bald! Doctor says its not the drug, dermatologist says not the drug. Why do i feel afraid to take the drug? Little scary, having some tightness in my heart area. So- your a lucky duck!

Sloan Bashinsky
All my life my cholesterol has been really low, I figure it has to do with genes. Am headed into radiation for prostate cancer. I saw the heart doctor to be cleared for surgical removal of prostate, but the surgeon, the urologist and the oncologist all favor radiation treatment. I didn't care for either option, hope I don't regret not having the prostate removed. I'm still waiting for a dream speak to that.

Sloan Bashinsky know the feeling. I respect my Doctor of 29 years, however, statins are rough on some women.

Séamus O Shoegrew
Always good to hear the good news Sloan!

Sloan Bashinsky
I escaped from the Smithsonian, again.

You’ll live to triple digits my friend 
I miss Todd German ‘s Friday lunch...

Sloan Bashinsky
If I live to triple digits, that might not make everyone I know happy, and, well, the thought of living that long kinda scares the shit out of me. As does radiation therapy. As do angels, sometimes.

You just have to continuing to be yourself.
Loving, caring, opinionated and disillusioned...

i can't imagine! I lived in Key West  too long to be seeing triple.

Sloan Bashinsky
I often was accused in Key West and the Florida Keys, and elsewhere, of seeing more than triple. When I ran for KW mayor the last time, 2018, at Hometown's call to candidates, where each candidate gets a minute and a half or two minutes to introduce him/herself, after being introduced by Hometown's "Chancellor" and my good friend Todd German, I said, Everyone here knows Key West is an open air insane asylum, and I an the head lunatic, so why not make it official. Sloan, for Mayor! At a later candidate forum, Todd introduced me as the head of the Lunatic Party. I then received a telephone call from God, which I answered and told the audience what God was saying and my responses. That went viral, internationally. Sean Hannity's producer invited me to be on Sean's FOX show, but I needed to have one of the mayoral front runners on with me as a counter point. I tried, but was unable to persuade any of the front runners to do it, even though we would be bought there on FOX's dime. Key West is not exactly a Republican stronghold, but above there, well, it's pretty red.

Sloan Bashinsky
Not afraid of dying, but hope it is not from being ravaged by cancer and medical procedures. 
Back in 2004, I had recurring MRSA eruptions on my skin. Surgery and antibiotics stopped it twice, but it kept returning. Antibiotics kept knocking it back, temporarily. That was a living hell. Finally, a dream caused me to think if I took just one day's dosage of the new antibiotic prescription, angels would take it from there. I took one day's dosage and stopped taking the antibiotic. The new MRSA sore began to recede. In about two weeks, it was gone, my skin where it was, was normal. Medically, that was not possible.
The recent EKG and exercise stress tests showed abnormalities in left side of my heart. The first round of blood work results were not good. The second round of blood work was very good. The arteriogram was perfect, according to the cardiologist. He said the EKG and stress tests were false positives. The excellent internist, who had done those tests and the first blood work, was very alarmed for my life. and sent me to the cardiologist for arteriogram and perhaps stent. The second blood work results came back, very different from first blood work results.
I understand, someone would have to have lived in my skin to view such matters as medical and beyond medical - metaphysical. I wonder if I take a round or two of radiation, the angels will step in, make homeopathic remedy out of the radiation - treating poison, cancer, with another but very diluted poison, as happened with the MRSA lesions, and I am put to tell the doctors about that, and that I'm going to let it play out, and if the cancer leaves, so be it, and if the cancer kills me, so be it. Everyone dies of something.
Note, that's me ruminating on possibilities, based on similar experiences, including a very good urologist surgeon reversed my vasectomy, then, in a dream, I was told I need to go back into the hospital so my operation will be successful. I passed out in the dream, as if I was going under general anesthesia. I woke up, ejaculating. I thought that destroyed the surgeon's micro stitches. When I saw him the next day and told him about the wet dream, he said he wasn't worried, the subconscious had mind of its own. I did not tell him about the dream. My testicles then turned blue, then black, blood clotting, and swelled way up, the left more swollen than the right, very painful. The surgeon said he'd never heard of such a thing. It took several months for that to subside. I delivered a semen sample to a lab. Sent the results to the surgeon. He said I was fertile. Two surgeries made it so.

Friday, January 29, 2021

How many people actually died or had serious reactions to coronavirus vaccines?

Sancho Panza emailed a cheerful report from Health Impact News:

I. Sloan, opened the link and read the Health Impact News article, which contains a blizzard of links to other articles also challenging the safety, efficiency and wisdom of taking Covid-19 vaccines. The last link is to something about Bill Gates monopolizing Global Health. I didn't open any of the links in the Health Impact News article.

Me to Sancho:

I imagine a great many Americans, in a country having 1/4 of the world's covid infections, are now desperate enough to try anything modern medicine offers, as opposed to more of same misery, about which there is much more in the news, including plenty of violence influenced by said misery. I just now read online that, for its population, medical-ignorant Israel Emoji is way ahead of any other country vaccinating its citizens.

Re the lead paragraph in the Health Impact News article:

"The headlines and subject matter of our articles the past couple of weeks have been very somber, documenting how serious injuries and deaths are happening just shortly after people have been injected with one of the two experimental mRNA COVID injections by either Pfizer, or Moderna."

How many (numbers) serious injuries and deaths were documented just shortly after people were injected? How many of those people (numbers) had serious medical conditions triggered by the vaccine? And how many people (numbers) were injected? 


Why ask me? You can click on the links and/or read the articles yourself.. when I sent you the article from this same website calling Trump, the most pro-Pharma President of all time, I didn't get any flack from you! I am just presenting "stuff" that the MSM will never publicize and I am doing it with a  very selected few! What they do with it is up to each person, but I would appreciate it if you don't publish this to your blog as coming from me!  


I ass-u-me-d you had opened and read the blizzard of links in the Health Impact News article, and therefore could answer what seemed to me to be the basic question: How many people actually died or had serious reactions to the vaccines?

Trump is the most pro-BIG PHARMA president of all time, proven by his betrayal of Dr. Zelenko's cheap, fast, early infection stage cure, hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin, which you and I both know would have enabled America to reopen safely in April and smashed BIG PHARMA and its hordes of whores and brainwasheds. (hydroxychloroquine transports zinc into body cells, coronavirus cannot replicate in zinc environment, azithromycin fights secondary infections)

Instead, Trump gave us Operation Warped Speed, hoping in that way to make BIG PHARMA much richer and allow America to reopen, which very much needed to happen, and still very much needs to happen, which is far more poignant for your and my children, for example, and their families, who are in the workforce, on the front lines, at risk, willing to be vaccinated, hoping to be part of the solution to a far-reaching, social and economic upheaval from Red China. 

I have read news reports about a few people having bad, or worse, experiences after being vaccinated for Covid-19. I allowed myself to be vaccinated, because I was not warned by the angels who run me, not to be vaccinated. In fact, I had a dream pointing me toward the physical location where I was scheduled to be vaccinated. I have not had the second vaccination yet.

I don't have school age children, who are being held at home, driving me and themselves nuts. I don't have children in school, who come home and don't know if they are infected and can infect me and I end up fighting for my life, if I am not already taking quercetin and zinc to prevent being infected and make it much easier for me if I get infected. (quercetin transports zinc into body cells, coronavirus cannot replicate in zinc environment)

I was recently exposed to someone close to me, who tested positive the next day. He soon showed somewhat mild symptoms. For months, his wife was on quercetin and zinc, at my suggestion. She and I started taking saturation doses of quercetin and zinc, and she put put hubby on saturation doses, with his doctor's approval. So far, she has not tested positive and hubby is not getting worse, I stopped taking saturation doses today. 


You are doing the right thing as far as the quercetin and zinc, IMO!  I do understand that you trust your dreams to guide you to make the right decisions, I don't have that luxury, so not much I can say about that! 

Personally, I think that this is a real disease and one especially dangerous for the old and infirm, but one that has been hyped with a geopolitical agenda in mind for Social Re-engineering, "The Great Reset"... there was no need to shut-down and destroy certain sectors of the economy... last year I shared with you how Sweden(that didn't shutdown) had an overall death rate for 2020  that was typical of any other year... now we are finding that this is basically the same for Spain, Argentina and even here; so how could this be in light of this Horrible Epidemic that has destroyed a Presidency and the Confidence and Hope of so many People?  Look at the table below and check out 1988 and previous years where the death rate was higher than recent years! Nobody can answer that question w/o BSing you to death!  The fact of the matter is that every single day people die from all kinds of causes and nobody cares... we only seem to "know" what is brought to our attention... that's true of you, me, and everyone else... whether they admit it or not!  Check out the table below:


I dunno, Sancho. Across America, hospital ER/ICU stretched with mostly old Covid-19 patients, who perhaps were dying of something, but got there quicker with Red China booster. America has 1/4 off such cases. Eating too much at McDonald's, KFC, Taco Bell translates to lots more fat people and compromised immune systems? My amiga's hubby, mid-50s, pretty good physical shape, now is suffering a lot of body pain and some respiratory discomfort. This virus has many ways of messing with people it infects. This virus mutates. A lot of betting on vaccines saving the day. I think if I had caught Covi-19 before I got onto quercetin and zinc, Vitamins C and D3, I would not have had to fret about prostate cancer I did not yet know I had. I would have croaked, because of my long history with respiratory tract infections and pneumonia. 

Oddly, saw the cardiologist this morning, who did the arteriogram a couple of weeks ago, and said my arteries looked good. He said it again today, my arteries are clean. Kinda amazing for a 78-year-old fossil. My pulse this morning was 80, a bit high for me; my blood pressure was 120/73, which is supercallafragalistic for a 78-year-old. Taking only one med, Flomax, to increase urine flow, also is kinda Guinness for a 78-year-old. I do eat pretty well. Oh, the blood work done the 2nd time, only slightly high triglycerides, everything else really good. I think angels did something inside of me before the arteriogram, which dissolved whatever bogeys the EKG and stress test had revealed. The cardiologist told me this morning to get out of his office, I'm too healthy to be his patient. I replied, he must not be a capitalist. He is funny as hell, said he only treats sick people.

Here's a recent article from The Lancet on Sweden and coronavirus. Sweden ain't doing all that great, but I imagine its people eat a lot better than Americans eat - oink!


Congratulations about your arteriogram results! Yes, something is going to get us one way or the other, but people need to live their lives and this fear of human contact is a form of death in itself! 

This is that the same Lancet that did the butchering of HCQ with the Fake Study that had to be retracted? Enough said!   The point is, why aren't these countries using HCQ, Zinc and Ivermectin, like India is doing?  Maybe they want to do away with the old and burdensome people, why not, is "The Great Reset"!  


Agreed, maybe those countries, and their America counterpart, worship Charles Darwin? 
Reuters, January 14, 2021

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Is there karma for voting for someone?

Is there karma for voting for someone? 

An Alabama Republican replied on Facebook to yesterday's Can Donald Trump be impeached even though he is no longer president? post at this blog, which led to further discussion:


So when Trump supporters assemble to petition the government for redress of grievances, it is an insurrection. When BLM and Antifa burn a US Court House, it is a protest.

Sloan Bashinsky

Insurrection is insurrection, regardless. When the US President leads insurrection, he is in company with Joseph Stalin, Fidel Castro, etc., and when people like perhaps you back him, they are like the people who followed those two.


Sloan Bashinsky, I have never approved of Trump as a person, but I refuse to ignore facts. Trump called on people to peacefully protest. As he was saying this, several hundred were at the Capitol.

Impeachment is like an indictment, and is the instrument to remove someone from office. Neither you nor I can be subject to impeachment unless we hold office. Congress has no jurisdiction to carry on impeachment if the subject of the process is no longer in office.


Robert, is that what you call it-trump supporters assembly??? They would have hung the vice president, they killed people. TRUMP CALLED FOR 

Sloan Bashinsky

Diane, On TV, I watched and heard Trump tell the protesters to march and he would be with them, and they had to be tough, they needed to take back their country, there was no mention of peace. After the Capitol was overrun and Congress members were fleeing for their lives, while Capitol police were very much in harm's way, thanks to Trump and his insurgents, yes, INSURGENTS, Trump, I supposed after being read the riot act by his staff and Republican honchos, called for his insurgents to stand down.

You know, Diane, karma is very real. It cannot be predicted, other than it will have its day, and sometimes it is recognized for what it is, and sometimes it isn't. Karma can be quick, later in this life, in the hereafter. Back when I was running for public office in Key West and the Florida Keys, I sometimes said there is karma in how people vote, and also, when they vote for someone, X or Y, and if X or Y then doesn't behave well, and people who voted for X or Y do not call it out, then their karma is not gonna be to their liking.

Sloan Bashinsky

Robert, Just the old lawyer in me shooting off his mouth, once a judicial proceeding starts against someone, X or Y, the tribunal has jurisdiction to finish the proceeding. Impeachment and conviction under the Constitution results in removal from office, and also can result in ban from running for public office. Although Trump left office, after all his lawsuits and loyal insurgents' attempts to keep in his office failed, I don't see how that divested Congress from jurisdiction to convict and ban him from running for public office again. Trump's hope there, I think, is enough Republican Senators will vote not to convict, which will make the legality of the proceeding moot under the Constitution, but not in God's Court where every Senator stands trial along with Trump and his accusers and his supporters, including everyone who voted for him. 

From what I just read online, the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction in impeachment cases, unless the proceeding did not follow normal due process, such as calling and examining witnesses by both sides. I expect, also, the Supreme Court has jurisdiction to rule whether an impeachment proceeding can continue if the office holder leaves office before the proceeding is concluded. I think, unless the conservative Justices sell their souls to the Devil, they will rule the Senate had jurisdiction to try and acquit or convict Trump, and if convict, ban him from running again for public office.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Can Donald Trump be impeached even though he is no longer president?

Can Donald Trump be impeached even though he is no longer president? 

Well, if the election was stolen, as Trump persuaded many millions of Americans and the mobs that invaded the Capitol to believe, then Joe Biden is a fake president and the invasion of the Capitol was justified and impeachment is improper.

Or, if as the head honchos in the Oregon Republican Party and other Trumpists claim, the insurrection at the Capitol was carried out by left-wing plants and was a false flag operation to discredit President Trump, then impeachment is improper.

Leaving Fantasia, this former practicing attorney looked up what the U.S. Constitution says about impeachment:

Article I, Section 2, Clause 5 of the United States Constitution provides:

The House of Representatives shall choose their Speaker and other Officers; and shall have the sole Power of Impeachment.

Article I, Section 3, Clauses 6 and 7 provides:

The Senate shall have the sole Power to try all Impeachments. When sitting for that Purpose, they shall be on Oath or Affirmation. When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside: And no Person shall be convicted without the Concurrence of two-thirds of the Members present. Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States; but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.

Article II, Section 2 provides:

[The President] ... shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.

Article II, Section 4 provides:

The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

If the Capitol insurrectionists were incited by President Trump falsely telling them ever since the election that the election was stolen, and by President Trump telling them on TV that they should march to the Capitol and take back their country, and he would go with them, then President Trump is as guilty as they are.

Surely the Framers of the Constitution meant for the impeachment process to enforce the penalty of disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of Honor, Trust or Profit under the United States. Otherwise, any one-term president, at the end of the first term, can commit treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors, and avoid being impeached and be free to run for president again.

I do not think it is necessary to be a lawyer to come to those same conclusions. I think not coming to those same conclusions is collusion with Trump and his insurrectionists.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

the Klingon god who chickened out when he could have saved America

Twice Obama voter, twice Trump voter Sancho Panza continued his and my covid/vaccine discussion in the Did Trump, the Democrats, the liberal media and Big Pharma make America a 5th world country? post at this blog:

They are all playing games, If the Employer requires it, they then assume any and all liability for damages from it.... vaccine manufacturers are generally exempt from damages thanks to Congress! I am sure they make the "patients" sign a consent agreement where they document that the person is aware that this is not an FDA approved treatment, etc. etc. etc.  
Having a positive PCR  Test for Covid-19, in the absence of clinical symptoms, is practically meaningless... it's all part of the hype and hysteria!
I personally know of many people that tested positive and it was all BS!

If president Trump had made hydroxychloriquine-zinc treatment freely available in April, America could have safely reopened and there would be no need for vaccine, politics, swamp creatures, etc. - consider India using invermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc and getting very good results. Does Joe Biden have enough grey matter to grok that? I see no sign of it, yet.

I no longer think of our Government's executive branch in terms of who's the current POTUS... I keep trying to get that through your thick head, but I suppose is the same as when we all blame or praise the guy upstairs, God(or the Devil), for all the shit that happens down here.. it's more convenient and clear-cut to see it that way.... we all prefer to think that "is no my job, man".
I kind of feel sorry for Biden and his family, he could have been remembered as the jovial, touchy, feely,  VP, uncle Joe... now, is all downhill for the Biden Perversus Clan!

Unfortunately, the president can get things done nobody else can. Or, not get things done, which only the president could get done. God and the Devil know this very well Emoji

So by your logic, Trump had the power, but did not really want to open the economy on Resurrection Day(Easter Sunday) after the "shutdown"? Nor did he tell everybody on National TV that he was taking HCQ and Zinc... which prompted the MSM to demonize HCQ and the FDA to work with Big Pharma to discredit HCQ and make it unavailable to be used for Covid-19 outside of a hospital setting?  Trump was guilty by association for letting Fauci run the Corona show... but I am sure if he had fired Fauci, he would have been impeached as a mass murderer... you're really too funny!  When will you see who is really running things here?

Yes, Trump had the power, as does Biden. 
Looks to me, hubris, fear, ignorance and greed are running things in the Swamp and lots of other places

Goes w/o saying! 
Show the statute, counselor! 

Same statute that allowed Trump to fire any appointed federal department head who did not do his bidding.

Wrong! Apples and oranges.... this is a Federal Republic, I am asking you to show me the statute that Gives the President(or any member of his cabinet) the power to dictate to the States how to manage their Internal State Commerce(close and open their economy, schools, etc.)! Besides, what makes you think that Trump is a hero looking for martyrdom? Aren't you projecting? His only power was the power of the bully pulpit, and you know very well that the MSM took that away from him the minute he got into office while The Swamp plotted impeachment behind closed doors!  He could have fired and hired whomever he liked and the results would have been the same... like I said, look at the choices they give us for POTUS do you really think this is by coincidence? If you do, I have nothing else to say to you but... Oink!

I for sure did not understand your question, but my answer remains the same, because with hydroxychloriquine and zinc freely available, every state could have reopened safely, but we will never know, because Trump didn't do it, and, I expect he could have promised to pardon any physician for ignoring the FDA Director pulling hydroxychloroquine from the list of drugs that could be prescribed for coronavirus, but I don't think that pardon would protect doctors from state pharmacy laws and medical boards. The State of Texas Medial Board ended its investigation of the "Demon Sperm" Front Line doctor, who was prescribing hydroxychloroquine and zinc for covid, so perhaps if Trump had grown a pair, Texas and other red states would have gone with him and left the blue states, like the one where you live, to suffer coronavirus until perhaps hell freezes over. 
You seemed to like Trump as a choice, based on how you boasted about voting for him, twice, hoping he would smash things up and maybe something different would emerge. From his bully pulpit, Trump incited a violent assault of the Capitol, but he did not have the balls to fire his FDA director, and his national medical advisors Fauci and Brix, and appoint Front Line doctors to replace them. 

You're obsessed with Trump... and Satan...  I just finished watching this episode, very apropos in light of this warp speed vaccine you're taking! Emoji

Looks to me, people who voted twice for Trump are obsessed with him.
A Florida Keys amigo wrote to me today, "REPUBLICAN POLICES HAVE DEGRADED AMERICA." I wrote back, "I give Democrats half the blame. I pretty much was at that place even before I ran 6 times for mayor of Key West, 3 times for county commission, and once for school board."
Everywhere I went in politics, Satan was there. 
Don't subscribe to Amazon Prime, so can't watch the Star Trek episode. Maybe I should join, I mostly liked Star Trek. I wondered from time to time if Trump has Klingon genes Emoji

From Sancho this morning:

See Also:

Trump's Final Day in Office Proved Once Again that he is Part of the "Sw...

I opened and read the first article, see below, which is not about Drs. Fauci and Brix, but is about white charming collar criminals Trump pardoned. 

I replied to Sancho:

And you boasted about voting for Trump, twice?

by Fred Schulte

At the last minute, President Donald Trump granted pardons to several individuals convicted in huge Medicare swindles that prosecutors alleged often harmed or endangered elderly and infirm patients while fleecing taxpayers.

“These aren’t just technical financial crimes. These were major, major crimes,” said Louis Saccoccio, chief executive officer of the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association, an advocacy group.

The list of some 200 Trump pardons or commutations, most issued as he vacated the White House this week, included at least seven doctors or health care entrepreneurs who ran discredited health care enterprises, from nursing homes to pain clinics.

One is a former doctor and California hospital owner embroiled in a massive workers’ compensation kickback scheme that prosecutors alleged prompted more than 14,000 dubious spinal surgeries.

Another was in prison after prosecutors accused him of ripping off more than $1 billion from Medicare and Medicaid through nursing homes and other senior care facilities, among the largest frauds in U.S. history.

“All of us are shaking our heads with these insurance fraud criminals just walking free,” said Matthew Smith, executive director of the Coalition Against Insurance Fraud.

The White House argued all deserved a second chance. One man was said to have devoted himself to prayer, while another planned to resume charity work or other community service.

Others won clemency at the request of prominent Republican ex-attorneys general or others who argued their crimes were victimless or said critical errors by prosecutors had led to improper convictions.

Trump commuted the sentence of former nursing home magnate Philip Esformes in late December. He was serving a 20-year sentence for bilking $1 billion from Medicare and Medicaid. An FBI agent called him “a man driven by almost unbounded greed.” Prosecutors said that Esformes used proceeds from his crimes to make a series of “extravagant purchases, including luxury automobiles and a $360,000 watch.”

Esformes also bribed the basketball coach at the University of Pennsylvania “in exchange for his assistance in gaining admission for his son into the university,” according to prosecutors.

Fraud investigators had cheered the conviction. In 2019, the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association gave its annual award to the team responsible for making the case. Saccoccio said that such cases are complex and that investigators sometimes spend years and put their “heart and soul” into them. “They get a conviction and then they see this happen. It has to be somewhat demoralizing.”

Tim McCormack, a Maine lawyer who represented a whistleblower in a 2007 kickback case involving Esformes, said these cases “are not just about stealing money.”

“This is about betraying their duty to their patients. This is about using their vulnerable, sick and trusting patients as an ATM to line their already rich pockets,” he said. He added: “These pardons send the message that if you are rich and connected and powerful enough, then you are above the law.”

The Trump White House saw things much differently.

“While in prison, Mr. Esformes, who is 52, has been devoted to prayer and repentance and is in declining health,” the White House pardon statement said.

The White House said the action was backed by former Attorneys General Edwin Meese and Michael Mukasey, while Ken Starr, one of Trump’s lawyers in his first impeachment trial, filed briefs in support of his appeal claiming prosecutorial misconduct related to violating attorney-client privilege.

Trump also commuted the sentence of Salomon Melgen, a Florida eye doctor who had served four years in federal prison for fraud. That case also ensnared U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), who was acquitted in the case and helped seek the action for his friend, according to the White House.

Prosecutors had accused Melgen of endangering patients with needless injections to treat macular degeneration and other unnecessary medical care, describing his actions as “truly horrific” and “barbaric and inhumane,” according to a court filing.

Melgen “not only defrauded the Medicare program of tens of millions of dollars, but he abused his patients — who were elderly, infirm, and often disabled — in the process,” prosecutors wrote.

These treatments “involved sticking needles in their eyes, burning their retinas with a laser, and injecting dyes into their bloodstream.”

Prosecutors said the scheme raked in “a staggering amount of money.”

Between 2008 and 2013, Medicare paid the solo practitioner about $100 million. He took in an additional $10 million from Medicaid, the government health care program for low-income people, $62 million from private insurance, and approximately $3 million in patients’ payments, prosecutors said.

In commuting Melgen’s sentence, Trump cited support from Menendez and U.S. Rep. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.).

“Numerous patients and friends testify to his generosity in treating all patients, especially those unable to pay or unable to afford healthcare insurance,” the statement said.

In a statement, Melgen, 66, thanked Trump and said his decision ended “a serious miscarriage of justice.”

“Throughout this ordeal, I have come to realize the very deep flaws in our justice system and how people are at the complete mercy of prosecutors and judges. As of today, I am committed to fighting for unjustly incarcerated people,” Melgen said.

He denied harming any patients.

Faustino Bernadett, a former California anesthesiologist and hospital owner, received a full pardon. He had been sentenced to 15 months in prison in connection with a scheme that paid kickbacks to doctors for admitting patients to Pacific Hospital of Long Beach for spinal surgery and other treatments.

“As a physician himself, defendant knew that exchanging thousands of dollars in kickbacks in return for spinal surgery services was illegal and unethical,” prosecutors wrote.

Many of the spinal surgery patients “were injured workers covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Those patient-victims were often blue-collar workers who were especially vulnerable as a result of their injuries,” according to prosecutors.

The White House said the conviction “was the only major blemish” on the doctor’s record. While Bernadett failed to report the kickback scheme, “he was not part of the underlying scheme itself,” according to the White House.

The White House also said Bernadett was involved in numerous charitable activities, including “helping protect his community from COVID-19.” “President Trump determined that it is in the interests of justice and Dr. Bernadett’s community that he may continue his volunteer and charitable work,” the White House statement read.

Others who received pardons or commutations included Sholam Weiss, who was said to have been issued the longest sentence ever for a white collar crime — 835 years. “Mr. Weiss was convicted of racketeering, wire fraud, money laundering, and obstruction of justice, for which he has already served over 18 years and paid substantial restitution. He is 66 years old and suffers from chronic health conditions,” according to the White House.

John Davis, the former CEO of Comprehensive Pain Specialists, the Tennessee-based chain of pain management clinics, had spent four months in prison. Federal prosecutors charged Davis with accepting more than $750,000 in illegal bribes and kickbacks in a scheme that billed Medicare $4.6 million for durable medical equipment.

Trump’s pardon statement cited support from country singer Luke Bryan, said to be a friend of Davis’.

“Notably, no one suffered financially as a result of his crime and he has no other criminal record,” the White House statement reads.

“Prior to his conviction, Mr. Davis was well known in his community as an active supporter of local charities. He is described as hardworking and deeply committed to his family and country. Mr. Davis and his wife have been married for 15 years, and he is the father of three young children.”

CPS was the subject of a November 2017 investigation by KHN that scrutinized its Medicare billings for urine drug testing. Medicare paid the company at least $11 million for urine screenings and related tests in 2014, when five of CPS’ medical professionals stood among the nation’s top such Medicare billers.

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