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Behold the rise of America's Nazi Party

The lead into American Historian Heather Cox Richardson's December 27, 2021 letter:

After interviewing more than 300 people, issuing more than 50 subpoenas, and reviewing more than 35,000 pages of documents, the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol is circling closer to former president Trump and his allies. They, in turn, appear to be trying to stop the committee from getting the information it wants.

Link to entire letter:

Lots of sympathetic and decrying and lamenting reader comments followed. I dropped this "probe" into the discussion.

Sloan Bashinsky
I once practiced law and wonder if the people who know what happened, including Trump, will ever testify under oath before Congress, or anywhere, what they know? I wonder if Trump's packed Supreme Court will side with Trump and his comrades refusal to testify?
I wonder how it would have gone down if Joe Biden had lost in 2020 and then had incited a rally that stormed and breached the Capitol to stop the steal? I imagine those folks being shot dead by the Capitol police. I imagine Joe Biden being arrested and jailed, and while there, killed.
I'm an Independent. I do not think Democrats, in the main, realize how futile talk is? The right side, in the main, could care less what the Democrats think. What CNN puts out. As far as most of the right are concerned, America would be better off without the left.
I'm trying to make a point without getting myself snatched by the FBI or Homeland Security, or censored by this forum's moderation board.
If the left thinks talking about what the right is doing is going to get results the left likes, the left is mistaken. The right knows very well that more than talk is required to get what they want, and they are proving it, by how they ignore the left's howls about January 6.
The right today reminds of how it went in Germany in the 1930s.
Ivana Trump was quoted in Vanity Fair, I think, some years back, of saying, when she and Donald were married, he kept a book of Hitler's speeches in a cabinet on his side of their bed, and sometimes he pulled out the book at night and read it.
I read in some news report, that when Trump was asked about that, he said, if he had such a book, he never read it. Reminded me of Bill Clinton, when asked if he ever had used marijuana, he said he had puffed but not inhaled
I have said similar things to people, including family members, about the similarities to Germany prior to WWII have been occurring in the US, How can any Jewish people or blacks support the republicans? The racial assaults continue to rise year after year since Trump became president. Neo-Nazis came out in the open with their messages of hatred. Jewish cemeteries and synagogues have been desecrated, as well as churches of other minorities. Are these people blind or just plain greedy? Doesn't matter, because, as in Germany, while they may feel that they are on the winning side, sooner or later they will become the victims too. The writing is on the wall and if they don't take a protective position now, they will pay a price in the future, just as happened with the wealthy Germans prior to WWII. Stand up to this evil while you can and preserve our democracy.

As in "first they came for me"?
Sloan Bashinsky
Sloan Bashinsky
I also don't see how women can back Trump.
How does someone stand up to what is developing on the right, which makes a difference?
I read Heather writing her heart and guts out, I see her readers applauding her, but that matters not to the right. They may have rigged the 2022 mid-terms. Trump rigged the Supreme Court. The Republican Party will not separate itself from Trump, because it wants to control America and without Trump and his legions, the Republicans don't think they can control the White House or Congress.
So how does the left. and the middle, respond to that?
darned if I know! We all vote & write - many do much more, but sometimes it seems our representatives in Congress just aren't doing their part - actually it seems that way more & more.
I'm going to try to see The Matrix Resurrections today, perhaps that will provide some inspirations.
I agree, because women are always put lower than men in their scheme of things. I guess our best bet is to continue getting the truth out and vote. Help others get to the polls. We do have the numbers, which is why the republicans feel they have to cheat. Real shame, too. If they would just come up with some policies for the working people, and quit owing allegiance to the big businesses, they could come up with some viable candidates.
Sloan Bashinsky
How did getting the truth out and voting work out in 1930s Germany? How could have what happened there been prevented?
I have a very good friend, who is a Republican. He voted for Donald Trump. He is a U.S. Army Special Forces combat veteran. He told me that the Capitol rioters all should have been shot dead. Yet, he did not say their leader and instigator Donald Trump should have been shot dead.
So he could see the problem, which is denied by many of the republicans as not even occurring. But to not follow the tracks to the leader, who did his best to keep his fingers clean, shows the power of a personality cult. Your friend just likes Trump and his outrageous antics.

Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Diving deep into Jesus and Mary Magdalene might be hazardous to Christianity :-)

I reposted yesterday's Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene a couple who had a child? into a very large online spirituality forum and got quite a few replies. Three discussion threads went kinda deep.

Thread 1:

I don't think we will ever know the answer to this. And I don't think the answer really matters. If there are descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene out there, would they be any more holy than anyone else?
Have you read the Gospel of Mary? It seems to me like it was written very shortly after the death of Jesus, and all of his friends gathered together to speak about the things he told each of them in private. Mary Magdalene, being the only woman in the group, spoke about the things Jesus said to her, but she was ridiculed.

Chapter 9

1)When Mary had said this, she fell silent, since it was to this point that the Savior had spoken with her.

2) But Andrew answered and said to the brethren, Say what you wish to say about what she has said. I at least do not believe that the Savior said this. For certainly these teachings are strange ideas.

3) Peter answered and spoke concerning these same things.

4) He questioned them about the Savior: Did He really speak privately with a woman and not openly to us? Are we to turn about and all listen to her? Did He prefer her to us?

5) Then Mary wept and said to Peter, My brother Peter, what do you think? Do you think that I have thought this up myself in my heart, or that I am lying about the Savior?

6) Levi answered and said to Peter, Peter you have always been hot tempered.

7) Now I see you contending against the woman like the adversaries.

8) But if the Savior made her worthy, who are you indeed to reject her? Surely the Savior knows her very well.

9) That is why He loved her more than us. Rather let us be ashamed and put on the perfect Man, and separate as He commanded us and preach the gospel, not laying down any other rule or other law beyond what the Savior said.

10) And when they heard this they began to go forth to proclaim and to preach. 

It seems to me like they were extremely jealous that Jesus told such important and advanced teachings to a woman but yet not to them. I wonder if they would have been so jealous if she was his wife. Although, I'm sure it was still not commonplace for the time period for a man to want his wife to be as smart or smarter than himself, so they would probably still be shocked to find out he told her such things. However, Andrew refers to her as just a woman, instead of as Jesus' wife. I think they would at least have the dignity to respect their "Saviors" wife, if that were the case. But again, perhaps they wouldn't, because things were very different back then.
If you really hear his teachings, Jesus did not love any one person more than any other. Be it Mary Magdalene or anyone else. I doubt that marriage/having children would have been a priority of his. If I had to guess, I would say Jesus did not appear to Mary at the tomb because she was special to him. He most likely did it to teach the disciples the importance of equality, that women are just as able to receive revelation as men are, and that they shouldn't place themselves above/below anyone else.

People carrying that blood are different ... What they do with that is another matter ...
Weren't the male disciples off in hiding when the three women went to the tomb and encountered Jesus? Why didn't Jesus send his mother or the other woman to the disciples? Why did he send the woman some of them had great difficulty with? Hmmm.
I have not read the Gospel of Mary, but would be interested in what she said that Jesus had told her, which did not go down well with some of the men present.
I was told Magdalene scribed the Letter to the Hebrews in the New Testament, anonymously, as no man would have read it if a woman was known to be the author.
That book is not featured much in Christian churches. It is addressed to Jews who had known Jesus and were falling back into their old habits. The scribe tells them they should be teaching, they should be eating meat, but they are drinking milk. The scribe warns then of the peril of turning away from the cleansing of the Lord. The scribe tells them that Jesus is high priest in Melchizedek.
I think it was in 1991, this came to be very slowly from very far a way, after my wife at that time asked I knew anything about Melchizedek, and I said there was an eternal being in human form who had dealings with Abraham in Genesis:


Melchizedek is an order of angel that comes to a planet in trouble ...

Melchizedek comes to prepare the planet to receive the Christ ...

Christ does not come to a planet without Melchizedek ...

Mary Magdalene was of the Order Melchizedek ... 

Why did he send Mary? Well if she understood his message the best... what better messenger is there than her? :)
You should read Mary’s gospel, it is very very short because a majority of it is missing, including whatever Jesus told her there. Unfortunately I doubt that is a coincidence.
That is very beautiful what you wrote about Melchizedek. It is my personal belief that all human souls can be traced to higher beings. Because the further up in dimension you go, the more unified everything is, so everything merges and there are less beings. But here in the third dimension there are billions and trillions of them. In the highest dimension everything is one.
For example my soul is a small fractal of the Archangel Metatron. I feel insane saying this but I’ve received about a dozen synchronicities confirming it so I’m pretty confident in saying it at this point. And there are plenty of other Metatron fractals living on Earth now. So if what you wrote here is true, perhaps Jesus and Mary are soul fractals of the being Melchizedek.
This is where I think uk‘s idea of twin flames comes in. I don’t usually like to use that term because so many people are misguided about it and use it to describe their toxic on/off relationships. But I’m not really sure of a better word to use. Jesus and Mary come from the same soul group. If they were lovers at all, it was a love that transcended the traditional idea of marriage and “special” love. It’s very hard to describe this if you have not read “A Course in Miracles.” Which, if you are that interested in Jesus, I highly recommend you do.

I don't think you are insane.
A pity the heart of Magdalene's Gospel is "missing". Yeah, right :-). I was told Magdalene, Jesus and Judas were a team, a triad. They were the awake ones in Jesus' entourage. Privately they discussed things, coming attractions, planned skits for the benefit of the others close by - the disciples. Judas was the only person Jesus trusted to play the role of the betrayer. Judas didn't want to do it, but it was his role to play. He was so upset, he killed himself. Had Judas not done that, as a minister once told me, God would have done great things with Judas. As I told the minister, then, we might not have ever heard of St. Paul. The minister took a breath. Magdalene and Jesus were a couple in all ways, it was part of their respective and joint soul alchemy.
I read A COURSE IN MIRACLES in 1988. Doing the 365 day Course is something else entirely. I did not do it, but I understood it. We don't know what anything that happens is about, so don't t fry to figure anything out. Just do the daily exercise and try not to react to anything that punches your buttons and simply sit in the burn doing nothing causes. Do that 365 days and you are a different person. I was being taken through a course in mirrors, which was heaps of fun. Taken by angels. I have a friend who has had a number of experiences with Metatron. Mine have been with Jesus, Michael, Melchizedek, Rosa Mystica and Kali over India way. They left me convinced I was Judas at one time.

Thread 2:

a (perhaps annoying) question for you:
why does it matter?

Not at all annoying, yours is a good question.
Just as a person has a subconscious, which is far greater than the person's conscious mind/thinking, so do groups of people, such as ... religions .. have a subconscious. If something in the conscious is not accurate, it causes disturbance in the subconscious, which in turn affects the conscious of a person or persons, groups, say ... religions.
A devout Christian, who is not a fanatic, wrote to me today about this topic, "I think that Jesus had a more important mission than being married and having children."
I wonder how Jesus could relate well to mothers and fathers, if he was not himself one? Don't we have thousands of Catholic priests, who say they are celibate, giving marriage and parenting advice to mothers and fathers about this or that issue the priests have no clue of what it's like, not having been a mother or a father?
What the notion that Jesus was a celibate monk has done is throw a very large wrinkle, rhymes with DISTURBANCE, into the collective subconscious, rhymes with FORCE, of Christendom, and into every person in Christendom who still views Jesus as a celibate monk. It has DISTURBED the natural masculine-feminine, yin-yang balance in that that religion and its adherents. As has ignoring that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were a couple, a role model for heterosexual men and women.

interesting reply, thanks. I wonder what you think of the fact that buddha had a wife & kids (although he walked out on them for quite a while!) yet buddhist monks also adhere to celibacy?

My recollection is the Eastern Catholic church separated from the western Catholic church over whether priests should be celibate. In the Eastern church, priests can marry.
Buddha was a monk when he is said to have reached enlightenment. Perhaps that is why Buddhist monks are celibate?
I read somewhere some years ago that Buddha insisted he was not a god but merely was a man, and a teacher greater than himself would come. Was that greater teacher Jesus in the Gospels?
There is a path that involves celibacy, and yet the Dalai Lama, who is of the Tibetan strain of Buddhism, has come back a few or more times, and he has declared he will not be coming back as a Tibetan the next time around. So, does celibacy get one off the karmic wheel?
I wonder about celibate priests and nuns, are they such because they are called into that path, or because they are fleeing from what actually is their path? To be fully in this world, and to progress to being fully in it, but not of it?
I was put with a number of remarkable women, not all at once, and each of them were used to open or wake up something sleeping in me.

Thread 3:

Literally watch, listen and then Google a breakdown of The Da Vinci Code. It's one of those movies that takes a few watchings to truly grasp and it is a bit sensationalised because it is a movie after all but it does a good job explaining it if you ignore the drama of the characters and listen to the lore.
But you generally covered it in your post already. Holy grail is not a cup but a reference to a divine bloodline.

I saw the movie years ago. I already was aware of the child, and of the Grail, as a state of being, which can be achieved, but it's steep going. The main characters in the movie modeled some of how seeking the Grail state of being goes.
In the Gospels, Jesus said his baptism was in fire and spirit, and John the Baptist had prophesied that would be the way of the one who was to come, whose sandals he was not worthy to latch.
Based on my personal experiences, the Grail approach and Jesus's baptism are very similar, if not the same thing.
The bloodline of Jesus and Mary does exist, it has spread all around the world, and people who have it in their veins know they are different, like they feel they are not from this planet, even though they certainly are here and have to deal with what all life here serves up, which, I suppose, is a version of the Grail journey, Jesus's baptism.
Both entail living in and enduring this world and its ways and responding in road less traveled, off beaten path, out of the box ways, which includes taking risks, trusting the process, getting roughed up, having glorious moments - in, but not of, this world - well, that's my take after living it since early 1987, when it began with an other world intervention. I'm now in my 80th year.

Better yet, read the book that it ripped off: Holy Blood, Holy Grail.
Or not. It's an interesting intellectual exercise, but not that useful now.
The bible also credits Jesus with telling his apostles, "Greater works than these shall you do!" Wut mean? Miracles? Raising ten dead people at a time? Creating an army to subjugate the rest of the known world? Curious twists in the truth are taken when large groups of human beings start writing down history.

I described HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL in the post above these reader comments.
In the Gospels, Jesus also tells his disciples that he taught the masses in parables but he taught them the mysteries of the Kingdom of God in secret, and wise men and kings would give all they possessed to have those secrets. So, what did Jesus teach them in secret?
Jesus also told the disciples that he had other flocks they did not know about. So, where were those other flocks?

You'll enjoy this. Someone interpreted the Book of Revelations a tiny bit differently than its common interpretation.
The seven seals are the seven chakras in the human body. Unlocking these seals reveals you true identity, which shatters the illusions created by religions to hold things together. No horsemen need apply.
This is more in tune with the definition of the Greek apok├ílypsis “uncovering".
What's the correct interpretation? I don't care; I don't have a dog in that fight. I like the Greek one because it fits how I see healing working; taking the layers of silt off of our awareness.

Yes, I do like that interpretation, but it does leave out a bit of that very wild vision, or whatever it was happened to John. The angels on my case told me John did not understand Revelation back then, so how could someone today who did not experience it? That's all the schooling the angels gave me about Revelation. I had a lady friend who had a number of dreams about the 4 horsemen in Revelation, but those dreams seemed to have to do with her own personal journey and not the takes many Christian ministers and lay people try to make of Revelation. In 1999, I met a Christian minister, who'd gone into and endured and emerged very different person from a dark night, who agreed with me that the Bible is an internal teaching and to view it as an external teaching is to miss the point.

I think John didn't measure his shrooms accurately!

After what all I've been through and experienced without even one shroom or anything similar, I don't go there when I hear or read of someone having direct experiences with other realms. In fact, that's what I look for, because direct experiences are entirely different from reading or being told about such.

+10 for direct experiences!
Which leads me back to an earlier thing I said; it's not that useful to dwell on bible stories. At least, not for me. There are easier paths to the same truths without wading through the mud of the religions surrounding the bible stories. Not saying there are short cuts. Just saying that lots of folks have spent their lives studying the various texts; I'm more of a tactile learner.
That's why studying healing worked so well for me. I could use my hands. I could feel the energy change. I could hear the feedback from the healee.
That practice made for an extended ride on the fun boat!

I had extensive existential training in healing work, starting in massage school and expanding from there. I met a lot of gifted healers, and while they helped me some, there was much more they could not get at, and some told me that and some did not. I spent a lot of money before I figured out I needed to go another route, and I treated quite a few people myself, including a few mental health workers with lettered credentials. Stuff came up out of me and people in same training and later when I was trying to be a healer, which was hugely volatile and distressing. It was not fun.
However, after angels took me over in early 1987, I began weaning from that work. I taught a few people what I was being taught, which people could use for themselves. Then, it went to where it was just trying to keep up and stay in sync with the angels, as life threw one test at me after another. That became the program. The grist of this world and how I responded to it in keeping with my training and ongoing guidance was, and is, the alchemy machine.
Most Americans I met along that way were raised in Christendom, a few were raised in Judaism, and one was a white aborigine with no religious history. She had gone toward the New Age, as had I for a while, and many others. Others had gone toward Native American spirituality, others toward Sufism, others toward Buddhism, others toward Eastern gurus, others toward Taoism, others toward Occult methods, others toward shamanism. I was made a shaman, then I was made something more.
The titles perhaps are distracting. But what I saw in all of the travelers but the white aborigine was they had left a spiritual system for a spiritual system they patched on top of it, but the original spiritual system was still working very hard in them. When I told a woman, who had found yet another guru that she was still looking for the Jesus that had not worked for her in her childhood, she laughed, said I was spot on.
 By then, the angels had taken me back into Christendom and through it into something else, which, as I mentioned, did not seem to appeal to Christians I told about it, even though I was naming angels in the Bible.

Christians don't care much for what I have to say, and I don't spend much time talking with them about God, which is what I was raised to call what started everything and still is around. I was drenched in politics for many years and did almost no spiritual healing work. What a cesspool - politics. Of late, I have drifted back toward this sort of discussion. It's the area where I was trained very hard for many years, first by people, then by angels, whose perspectives and approaches are very, very different from what I learned from people, yet the people were essential parts of where I had come from and was going. Even now.

What an amazing path you've traveled!
LOL I've had people in my early life tell me I'd make a great US Senator. I told them I couldn't lie that well! They said this because they had seen me arbitrate heated verbal fights and some physical fights with no previous training, just my innate sense of what needed to be done to resolve things. I didn't know anything about the senate, except that everyone there was a politician and I'm not.
I'm no longer a Christian, even though I'm an ordained minister in a Christian church and on good personal terms with Jesus. It's probably my dislike of politics again. Growing into leadership positions in a dynamic group can cause changes that I'm unwilling to make this lifetime.
LOL nobody cares much for what you and I have to say! I mean, we aren't preaching to a choir in the bigger scheme of things. We're guiding the few and far between that seek us out and cross our paths. It's made for a lovely life in my case.
This sub and my choice to participate on it is a new experience for me. I'm a clairvoyant and enjoy reading, but never thought I'd do it through a text messaging system. It works better than I thought it would, which is wonderful. I find it one of the best benefits that the pandemic has provided me.

Heh, for many years now, I very seldom have someone ask me for spiritual advice. Although I once trained in and did some mediation, I'm not usually a bringer together. I have no following. I'm nearly always a minority report, and I'm nearly always ignored, and often am told I'm crazy, or worse. That has happened a number of times at this spirituality forum, although not in the discussion under this Jesus-Mary Magdalene post. This forum's moderation panel has taken down some of my posts. All of my posts are probes, and what comes back is information, and all of it, me included, is weighed by a moderation board that is not of this world.

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Were Jesus and Mary Magdalene a couple who had a child?

A mystic friend emailed me a "Pilgrim Progress" epistle yesterday and I simply could not resist:

NewsBreak – the #1 local news app used by 45+ million people: 1400-Year-Old manuscript claimed Jesus Christ was married.

1400-Year-Old manuscript claimed Jesus Christ was married.

Richard Scott

Thousands of years ago, the Holy Bible had already told every aspect of the life of Jesus Christ.

But still, over the years, the most debated topic has been whether Jesus Christ was married or not.

Hollywood also made a movie on the hypothesis of Jesus having been married and having children named "The Da Vinci Code."

This topic again came into the limelight when a 2014 book by writers Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson, "The Lost Gospel," claimed that Jesus Christ was not only married but also had two kids.

Simcha Jacobovici and Barrie Wilson spend six years on this book. And they say this book is based on the 1451 years old manuscript, which they found in the British Library.

An ancient manuscript was in Aramaic dialect when they first found it, and then they translated the text into English.

However, a professor of religious studies at Duke University, Mark Goodacre, doubts this book's credibility.

Mark Goodacre said, "I don't think that there is any credibility in these claims at all; there is simply no evidence in this text or anywhere else that Jesus was married, much less that they had a couple of children."

The same claim was made nine years ago when an ancient Egyptian papyrus, known as the "Gospel of Jesus's Wife," was disclosed. In which Jesus Christ used the "my wife" phrase. However, this Egyptian papyrus was written centuries after Jesus Christ's death.

Ever since people have learned about this book, debates have started on the internet about whether this book is genuine or a hoax.

If you have any valuable opinion or advice, please put it in the comment section, and if you think more people should read this article, share it on social media and with your friends and family.

Disclaimer: This article is only for informational purposes.

A prescient reader comment

Well I believe Jesus is our Savior the only begotten son of God made flesh that He’s Holy in all He did. Could He have been married? Sure very possible why not. To experience life as human and as a Rabbi why not? To love so deeply and still fulfill His reason for being born. It’s not sex when you love someone. It’s beyond that. It’s being one flesh extremely intimate sharing heart and pleasure the way God made us to be together. So why not, it takes nothing away from His Gospels or what He taught or who He was and is.


"Thousands of years ago, the Holy Bible had already told every aspect of the life of Jesus Christ." 
John 21:25 (NCV) There are many other things Jesus did. If every one of them were written down, I suppose the whole world would not be big enough for all the books that would be written.  
As for Mary Magdalene... 
In front of the men disciples, she washed Jesus's feet with her hair and tears and anointed his feet with sacred ointment. If she did that in public, what did she wash and anoint him with when they were in private? 
At the tomb, Jesus told Magdalene to go to the men disciples and tell them she had seen him and he had sent  her to tell them they would see him soon. Jesus never did anything by happenstance. He wanted the men disciples to know just how special Magdalene was to him, and for them to ponder she was at the tomb and they were not. 
Jesus was a Jew and a rabbi. As such, it was his sacred duty to God to marry and have children and propagate God's chose people - according to their Scriptures. 
Have you read the book, HOLY BLOOD, HOLY GRAIL, about Jesus and Mary Magdalen and their child, which was recognized by the Cathar sect of Christendom in southern France? Nation states allied with the Rome church sent in their armies and sacked the Cathar churches and burned their libraries.

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Don't look up and get your bubbles burst

Watched "Don't Look Up" last night on Netflix. 

Star-studded cast, aside, this wacko satire of how America and Americans respond to a heretofore unknown comet headed straight at Earth with near 100 percent certainty of hitting Earth head-on and killing everything on it, flashed me back to when I saw a space ship hovering above my home one clear April day and my then wife and her son and a male friend of ours refused to look up. Even after I described acrobatics the space ship was performing, including stretching a cloud across the sky like a very wide vapor trail, they refused to look up.

In the Netflix movie, the astronomer PhD candidate and her professor, who discovered the comment, are interviewed on "The Rip", which has a huge TV audience, but is actually into not ripping anything, but is into touchy feel good and the hosts fawning all over each other and themselves. The professor worries if he took enough Xanax and is trying to be Mr. Nice and we are working on trying to save Earth. Finally, his student goes ape shit and yells, "We all are going to fucking die!!!" Social media rips the student, makes her out to be batshit crazy, and makes her professor out Mr. Wonderful. 

The  U.S. President and her chief-of-staff son are having trouble getting her sex voyeur non-lawyer boyfriend appointed to the US Supreme Court. They meet with the professor and his student and blow them off, after the student goes ape shit again. The student is snatched by government agents and told to keep her mouth shut, or else. She agrees. 

Esteemed American scientists confirm the professor and his student. Needing a diversion to save losing the mid-term election over her boyfriend, the president jumps on board with the hugely popular professor and puts him in charge of saving Earth. 

By and by a nuclear missile strike is launched from Cape Canaveral against the comet, and then the strike mysteriously is called back and the nukes parachute to earth. 

Behind the scenes, a smooth-talking cross between Bill Gates and Elon Musk technology mogul, his corporation named BASH, my nickname, has told the president that BASH technology has discovered the comet contains trillion$$$$$$$ of rare precious elements, and top-secret untested BASH nanotechnology can be launched to land on the comet and break it into smaller pieces that will fall into oceans and be retrieved by BASH and the US Navy.

The president and BASH launch a massive "Don't look up", we need those minerals and jobs, campaign.

1/3 of American are fully behind the president. 1/3 of Americans are convinced there is no comet, it's a hoax. The other 1/3 don't know what to make of it. 

The president and BASH cut Russia, China and India out of the mineral deal. Those three countries launch a joint nuclear strike against the comet. The missile blows up on the launch pad.

The professor's student tells some people about the minerals on the comet and what BASH and the president are up to.

The professor finally starts telling people to look up and see the now much closer comet with their own two eyes boring in on Earth, which they do. 

At a huge rally to support the president and BASH, people in the crowd look up and see the comet boring in on Earth, and the crowd turns against the president and BASH. 

Well, guess what?

The BASH mission fails to deflect the comet, which hits Earth and destroys it - as the BASH owner and the president, as part of select 2,000 refugees, the president's son somehow got left out and the professor declines to join them, leave earth in a heretofore secret BASH starship wending its way through destroyed Earth space debris to find a Goldilocks planet somewhere in the universe. The film seems to end there.

After some trailers, the pilgrim Earth refugees are coming out of cyrogenic sleep 22,740 years later. Their landing pods reach the surface of a human-habitable planet. 53 percent of them survived the journey. They are naked, milling around, admiring their new digs, when the president is eaten by an alien creature, and other such creatures start eating people.

In a post-credits scene, the president's son, having survived the impact of the comet in the presidential bunker, wonders if his mother will return. He documents the aftermath on his phone and posts on social media about being "the last man on Earth".

I wonder, if Christ returns, as per Revelation, how America and Americans will respond?

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Jesus in the Gospels said it is more blessed to give than to receive

Jesus with leper

This gem below was posted in a very large online spirituality group:

Do not take anything you read here as fact. 
There is a LOT of pseudo-intellectual nonsense thrown around here. Always think critically about what you are being told, especially when someone claims to have access to "Truth". 
Ask questions, prod and poke as a way of revealing the intensions behind the words. Consider that if someone isn't capable of explaining themselves in plain terms without vague insinuations then they may not actually have anything of substance to contribute. Omitted information is oftentimes twice as telling as information given freely. 
Not everyone has your best interests at heart, even when they claim to (*sometimes even when they genuinely think they do!). Stay aware and be careful when accepting advice :) 
edit: and Merry Christmas to all :)


Excellent advice. Be especially wary of someone or something that asks anything back from you other than your thoughts or feedback. Psychics, seers, Tarot readers, astrologists, spiritual healers, shamans, gurus, ministers, mental health workers, alternative healers, etc. can be helpful at times, but they are limited beings and their systems are limited systems. The Source of All is far bigger. 

I went through all of that myself, before and after 1987, when I started getting turned upside down and inside out and any and every which a but loose by angels, who had come to me after I knew I had screwed up my my life and asked God to hep me and offered my life to human service. The angels told me I would be pushed to my limits, but I had asked for it and they were going to give it to me. I was stood before endless mirrors, advised, corrected, rebuked and even spanked many times. And I was carried, pushed and dragged, too.

Along the way, I dabbled at charging money for trying to help people who came my way, and that didn't seem to fit me well. Later, I came to think charging money for spiritual work was not permitted. I had read of people who were pretty far along, who didn't charge. In the spring of 2001, I was told in my sleep by a familiar voice, "You cannot do this work correctly if you are trying to get anything back from the people you are trying to help." 

I took the voice to be Archangel Michael, who came to me with what I had come to understand was Jesus in 1987. I was raised in Christendom, but it had not stuck and I had drifted into the New Age and other spiritual traditions and alternative healing systems. Into and through and beyond all of which I was taken by those two and another who called itself Melchizedek. Then, came Kali, from the Hindu tradition. I was tag-teamed ongoing. Still am. 

What I publish in this forum actually happened to me and to other people I knew. I publish it for what it is. I have gotten a lot of flack back. I'm used to that. 

Every person is unique, thus every person's spiritual journey is unique. The journey is a mystery, full of surprises. There are no pat formulas or methods. Systems can get someone started, but at some point in time and space, if not this time around, then the next, or the next, it becomes one one between an incarnated soul and the Source by whatever name someone wishes to call It. I have not gotten to that point in time and space yet, perhaps some day, I will.

Meanwhile, this flopped out of me in the spring of 1994:

God's gifts are not for sale, but are freely given to angels, saints, sinners, devils and fools alike, for all are God's children.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Did the right side already win the civil war in America?

For some time, I've been reading American Historian Heather Cox Richardson's near-daily letters from an American. She is a Democrat and a big fan of President Joe Biden. As are her loyal, ardent legion of readers, based on reader comments under her letters. Here's a link and the lead into her letter yesterday:

December 21, 2021

Summarizing U.S. political news these days sometimes feels like following two entirely different threads. On the one hand, there is the story about what’s happening in the White House and among the Democrats in Congress, who are trying to pass laws that are really quite popular—like the bipartisan infrastructure law and the Build Back Better bill—and to shore up the democratic alliances that have been central to our place in the world since World War II.

On the other hand is the story of the January 6 insurrection and the ongoing attempt of the Trump Republicans to undermine our government and seize power.  

I'm an Independent, who thinks the insurgents who breached and entered the Capitol should have been shot dead by the Capitol police, and the instigators, Donald Trump on down, should have been arrested for Treason and put in Guantanamo and waterboarded like other terrorists there until they told everything they knew.  I'm also a former practicing attorney, who knows that isn't going to happen. 

I also have two eyes and two ears, and I see and hear a civil war has occurred in America, and most of the right side could care less what the left side thinks about January 6, or what the left side wants to do to try to help America. 

While the left side rails, as do I, about January 6, the right side has rigged the voting process in many states, to try to ensure the right side wins the 2022 mid-term federal and state election, and the 2024 presidential and federal and estate election. 

Lurking is a U.S. Supreme Court, which thanks to three right Trump appointees, has five right-side justices, who hold in their hands the outcome of the January 6 Congressional investigation and U.S. Department of Justice prosecution of the January 6 instigators, Donald Trump on down. 

Those cold hard facts cause me to wonder if anything Heather writes, and anything her readers comment, matters a hill of beans? It causes me to wonder if the right-side already won the civil war and the left side have become second class citizens or serfs? 

I even wonder if the time is approaching when free speech in America, without which democracy does not exist, will be like free speech in Putin Russia and Communist China? Already on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc, and in a spirituality group I participate online, moderation boards (czars) decide what can be published. 

I'm not talking about the blocking of hate speech. I'm talking about the blocking of speech that hurts some people's feelings, pisses some people off, scares some people. I'm talking about blocking speech that provides alternative perspectives which do not have the full faith and credit of, say, Facebook, Twitter, the spirituality group, the right side and the left side. 

The Democrats do not seem to get it even yet that all their talking, all their lamenting and hand-wringing, has absolutely zero effect on the civil war the right side is waging and perhaps already has won in America.

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Red China and Donald Trump's gruesome batshit crazy-making Greek alphabet legacies .. all avoidable ...

I'm seeing a lot of reports online that the Omicron coronavirus variant is far more contagious than the Delta variant, and as dangerous, according to a British study. 

Michigan hospitals are over capacity due to non-vaccinated covid-19 patients, and hospitals all over America, especially in red states, expect to be over capacity because of unvaccinated covid patients.

I played chess yesterday with a back rural pastor friend. He and his wife contracted and survived Alpha coronavirus in 2020. He was hospitalized. He and his wife later received 3 Pfizer jabs. He said all but one of his parishioners are fully vaccinated, and that one has her temperature taken before she enters the church.

I told him I cannot go back into a cave and hide again. I did that for over a year and it nearly drove me crazy. It drove a lot of people crazy. I don't think America can safely shut down again.

He said a lot of people might die. I said a lot of crazy people might also die and kill other people along the way.

I said this is a bioweapon, it was designed. It mutates, it will keep mutating. It's not going away.

He agreed when I said unvaccinated people with covid-19 should not be allowed into hospitals, but should be allowed to live their Christian science philosophy.

I said I was slammed many times on Facebook for saying that. I was accused of wanting people to die, and I replied it was the unvaccinated who wanted to die and to infect other people who might die. Why should they be allowed in hospitals, if  they have Covid-19 and can infect other patients, medical staff and doctors? Where is their Christian caring for the welfare of other people? 

The pastor agreed.

CNN has been wearing it out, too. 

Last night, I watch a CNN host interview a prominent Republican physician, who said several times that he has preached and preached getting fully vaccinated, yet many people simply do not trust government and science.

When asked about government vaccination mandates, including OSHA's recent vaccination mandate, to protect workers, which is OSHA's purpose, the doctor said he was not for that, he did not think it was legal. He said he thought the Supreme Court will decide that issue.

I wonder if first do not harm is a legal issue?

I wonder why the CNN host did not ask the doctor what he thought about not allowing unvaccinated Covid-19 patients into hospitals?

I had 3 Pfizer jabs this year. 

In June 2020, I started taking daily supplements I hoped would cause me to smell like a skunk to coronavirus.

25 mg zinc gluconate, 500 mg quercetin, 500 mg C, 2,000 iu D-3. I now take 4,000 iu D-3 a day.

Quercetin transports zinc into body cells, where zinc inhibits coronavirus replication. C enhances quercetin's ability to transport zinc into body cells. D-3 helps people defend against coronaviruses.

Have not had a sniffle so far, even though for a long time I was prone to respiratory track infections, including pneumonia. 

If I start having covid-19 symptoms, I will increase the daily supplement dosage for 7 days:

225 mg zinc, 2000 mg quercetin, 2000 mg C, 8000 iu D-3.

If I had access to hydroxychloroquine, I would use it instead of quercetin for 7 days. HCQ transports zinc into body cells.

That's how a New York doctor named Vladimir Zelenko kept his at risk family practice patients with what might be Covid-19 symptoms out of hospitals and alive. See his letter last below.

For decades, hydroxychloroquine was prescribed by American doctors for malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, but when Dr. Zelenko announced it was part of his 5-day cure for early stage Covid-19 infection, the American left, mainstream media, Dr. Fauci, FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO and Big Pharma howled and shrieked that hydroxychloroquine would kill a lot of people.

After the the hydroxychloroquine furor, Dr. Zelenko said quercetin with C could be used to transport zinc into body cells. He repeatedly said zinc needs a transporter to be effective against Covid-19.

If I develop symptoms and get sicker, I will head straight to my internist and ask for monoclonal antibodies, which were given to President Donald Trump when he had a rough Covid-19 infection. 

I'm also 79, was treated for prostate cancer earlier this year, and am at risk, which qualifies me for monoclonal antibodies. 

Under the Equal Protection Clause, I'm entitled to the same treatment Trump got after he threw Dr. Zelenlo and his God-given cure, which would have allowed America and the world to safely remain open, under a bus.

Whenever I wrote about Dr.  Zelenko on Facebook, the post was taken down and I got put in Facebook's jail for a while.

I hope a special place in hell is reserved for Mark Zuckerberg and the confederacy of media gurus, political dunces, medical geniuses and drug profiteers that burned Dr. Zelenko and his God-given cure at the stake.

Saturday, December 18, 2021

While America frets over January 6, an even greater domestic terrorist threat answers to no one but itself

Thomas Jefferson

This former practicing attorney can imagine America's Founding Fathers would have dealt quickly and lethally with the January 6 Capitol rioters and their treasonous leaders, Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, Rudi Giuliani, Steve Bannon, et. al. 

I think a fitting response would have been for the rioters who entered the Capitol all were shot dead by the Capitol Police and for President Donald Trump and his co-conspirators and instigators to be in Guantanamo being waterboarded with other terrorists without due process of law.

From American historian Heather Cox Richardson's December 17, 2021 letter:

Tonight CNN broke the story that members of the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol think they know who wrote one of the eye-popping texts to Trump’s White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows. 

The text was the one sent the day after the election, before all the states had called the election, suggesting that Republicans should not wait for results in three states but should simply appoint their own electors. Then the whole mess would be thrown to the Supreme Court. Trump had frequently said that the Supreme Court, to which he had named three justices—including one at the very end of October, when the election was already underway—would decide in favor of him in the case of a contested election. 

The text suggested that the Republicans should throw out the foundation of our democracy—the principle that we have a say in our government—and should simply decide on their own who had been elected.

CNN has confirmed from a number of sources that the phone number on that text belonged to former Texas governor and Trump energy secretary Rick Perry. Perry’s spokesperson says Perry denies that he wrote the text. The spokesperson could not explain why that phone number was registered to Perry’s name and email address. 

The momentum behind the January 6th committee appears to be picking up. This morning, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told Spectrum News that the attack on the Capitol on January 6 “was a horrendous event and I think that what they’re seeking to find out is something the public needs to know.” 

McConnell arranged Trump’s second impeachment to guarantee an acquittal, and he tried to scuttle an investigation of the insurrection. His wife, Elaine Chao, was transportation secretary in the Trump administration and resigned her position on January 7, 2021, saying that she “simply cannot set aside” how troubled she was “as supporters of the President stormed the Capitol building following a rally he addressed.”

The committee has been effective, interviewing hundreds of witnesses without leaks, issuing a broad range of subpoenas, and referring uncooperative witnesses to the Department of Justice for contempt of Congress. That efficiency is possible because the committee is not constantly fighting the sort of grandstanding and construction of false counternarratives we saw Republicans engaging in during the impeachment hearings. 

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) tried to keep that sort of disinformation in play by putting far-right Representatives Jim Jordan (R-OH) and Jim Banks (R-IN) on the committee, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) rejected them and put Representatives Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) on the committee instead. 

Now it turns out that Jordan was part of the insurrection McCarthy wanted him to investigate: Jordan texted Trump’s White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on November 5, offering a plan for how Vice President Mike Pence could toss out Biden’s electors and throw the election to Trump.

Trump’s longtime associate Roger Stone appeared today before the January 6th committee but invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination for every question. Today, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia filed a status report informing the court that four defendants who pleaded guilty in the Oath Keepers conspiracy case concerning the January 6 insurrection are still cooperating with the investigation. The Oath Keepers provided security for Stone in Washington at the time of the insurrection. Stone has asked supporters for donations to his “legal defense fund.”

However, I think there is an even graver threat to America.

During his first campaign, Republican candidate Donald Trump told the American religious right, if they elected him, he would put their ilk on the U.S. Supreme Court. They convinced themselves Trump, who was about as ungodly in the Biblical sense as a man could be, was sent to them by God and they voted for him. 

Trump was elected and filled three vacancies on the Supreme Court with justices of their religious persuasion. Those justices serve for life. If they live their expected live spans, they will be on the Supreme Court long after Donald Trump goes to meet his Maker. 

There are two other conservative justices, who were appointed by past Republican presidents. By 5-4, they can turn America into something Thomas Jefferson, John Handcock, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, George Washington, etc. would not have stood still for.

A friend frequently reports dreams. Yesterday, he sent an email about a dream he had two days ago and a dream he had yesterday.

1. A manual row boat was on the Potomac River, On it were senate and house republicans and democrats(McConnell, Rand Paul, Manchin, AOC, Pelosi). Something kept trying to rock the boat to capsize or sink it. Eventually that something was revealed to be the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court was eventually keelhauled multiple times, they didn't seem to enjoy it but I sure did.

2. A GIANT dozer with blade was backing up and going forward, trying to knockdown the Statue of Liberty. Eventually with enough smacks,  it came down. More smacks and it was pushed off into the bay. On most job sites, an assigned operator will have a placard identifying his/her machine that is being used. The placard read: United States Supreme Court. 

Perhaps President Joe Biden should take his cue from President Andrew Jackson?

From an article I found online today:

The 2008 documentary, Andrew Jackson: Good, Evil and the Presidency, which aired on PBS, depicted Jackson as the United States’ first imperial president. One of Jackson’s most infamous presidential actions was his enforcement of Native American removal that resulted in the Trail of Tears and the deaths of approximately 4,000 Cherokees. The Trail of Tears occurred despite the Supreme Court ruling in Worcester v. Georgia (1832) that favored the rights of Native Americans. In response to the ruling, Jackson allegedly said, “John Marshall has made his decision, now let him enforce it.” Although this statement, which has been repeatedly attributed to Jackson, is likely apocryphal, neither Jackson nor the state of Georgia enforced the ruling. Whether Jackson uttered the famous phrase or not, both Jackson’s contemporary critics and modern historians, such as Daniel Walker Howe, who have studied his presidency have depicted him as a powerful executive who pushed the constitutional boundaries of presidential power. 

Beyond the Worcester case, Jackson instigated an additional crisis by portraying the Bank of the United States (BUS) as an enemy of the common man during his re-election campaign in 1832. After being re-elected, Jackson continued his war on the BUS by unilaterally removing funds from the bank and placing them in state banks. For assuming power over Congress, he became the only president who has received congressional censure