Saturday, June 29, 2019

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Sancho Panza wrote after reading the recent Did Tulsi Gabbard win the most popular votes after... post at this blog:

I sense that you're running out of fuel!!!! You OK?

Doing some fun stuff; dealing with some difficult relationship stuff, only some of which gets mention at my blog; not as many juicy windmills to poke with my ragged lance; don't have much of an audience (readers); spend time pondering each day why I'm still on this planet (what's the point?). The species is doomed, isn't it?  Physically, my low back is sore most mornings when I get up and when I get up from naps, and I have to be careful how I get up and start moving until it loosens up, seems related to my workload, the heavier, the sorer my back; my G.I. tract has worked better since Kari told me in early 2018 to start eating raw walnuts and dried prunes daily. My diet keeps me now from getting hunger attacks/sinking spells. Perhaps I'll be around a few or more years longer, which will please some and not others. If I had my druthers, absent finding something that excites me (makes my dick hard, in redneck lingo), I might smile to see the mother ship come fetch me home.

Well, I can commensurate with all that... yeah, it's tough getting old but what can we do but try to engage with people in the hope of having some impact, some function to perform... even if it's limited in scope! Good to see that you are not sick, you're just pacing yourself!!! 

BTW, I do like Tulsi Gabbard, she reminds me of another reasonable Democrat that could never win the nomination, Dennis Kucinich... the establishment will never give either one a them a chance.... Kucinich is too old to try to run for POTUS... he tried twice, should have been elected in 2008 instead of Obama, but not such luck! These Presidential Conventions are a fraud, the moderators are a joke.... specially the Democrats! 

Actually, I'm wondering why I am still on this planet? I received extraordinary intervention and training from angels. I wonder now, what was the point? A friend reported a dream recently, in which he was told by the angels Michael and Gabriel, that I will never reach my intended audience in a joint writing project with another friend, which was launched some months back, and I may never reach my intended audience in any event. My own present sentiments, too. I confess, getting up in the morning and writing a post for the fool's blog, if something is there nagging at me to write, is a tonic to me. It recharges me. For a while. Perhaps like physical exercise once recharged me. For a while. I suppose the writing is published in some spirit library? Perhaps there is a reason beyond me? Has God given up on humanity on this planet? I don't know. What I do know, is I have a number of friends, with whom I can discuss very serious matters, who do not get revved up and go into rants, and I have two friends, who themselves have had serious experiences with the spirit realms, and one of them is getting so roughed up, that he and I talk about things that I cannot talk with anyone else about in a meaningful way. That's a lonely place to be. I dunno, perhaps I am being put out to pasture?

But then, maybe not. In a dream last night, after my previous email to you, my friend who is getting roughed up told me he had been told by the angels in a dream that I am right where God wants me to be. I could have deduced that by myself, from the fact that I still, ongoing, absorb bad shit in the spirit realms, and as I chew and digest it in ways I was trained and am told to speak and write about it, it passes through and out of me. On waking this morning, I saw the midnight missed call from him. Perhaps he was told something I need to hear? I suppose this is where I'm supposed to say, "Stay tuned."

I think that the White Republicans, who oppose abortion and the Elite White Liberals who defend it, are not thinking this thing though... the conservatives are following an old model from The Catholic Church which opposed birth control in order to maintain a good supply of the faithful. But in modern times, all else being equal, it would most likely accelerate the time-line when brown people would become the majority in a community where abortions are made illegal!   Oops!   

De white relijus folks and racists indeed be not thinkin' dis thru, nor dat God be done fed up with what be goin' on in Talibama en He say, "Here ya go, an abortion dat needed to happen for de sake of de fetus."


Me today
So, night before last, my gut turned to a growling, which finally lifted around 7 .p.m last night, with satisfying visit to the toilet. I wondered what that really was about and could not figure it out.

I had received a phone from my friend around midnight the night before, but I was asleep and had the ringer off. Several phone calls to him yesterday were not answered. He called me about 8 p.m. last night, said he had been in hospital with burst diverticuli, and asked if I’d seen his email? I had not.

Here are some excerpts. Note particularly what he was told about me, which I had dreamed he had told me he had been told in a dream about me:

Dreams to current, last night to today.

Michael and Gabriel said that there is only so much patience in dealing with those who are accepted into training. a.The base necessity being belief and acknowledgement of God- not some $20 word or flowery phrase that skirts the issue and allows for some other being to be substituted. b.There must be a fear of God. c. A person must submit. c. Part II A person must ask. re: C: You asked not to leave life a failure, so did I, I asked to help me find something I could not live out life in a poorhouse, or if I was to live out life on the streets let me find something not to be a failure

Had dream where Michael, Raphael, Khamael asked me if I had given everything up: I said I had given up everything I could not to live on the streets. They asked me if there was any way to behave towards another in spiritual work other than to be direct? I said you could only be direct. 

Michael then said that the angels would not work with those who had two masters. With the state of the world, they would attempt to recruit those with gifts but they would not force the unwilling or the deceptive to their fold. They said that a person speaking out of both sides of a person's mouth was included in deception.

I asked if they meant me. They said no, they had no quarrel with me, they had no quarrel with you. 

They said you are where you are meant to be right now.

They told me I am where I am meant to be, but I must be more bold in my daily life. 

The last thing they told me was that "Sloan leaves you $5,000 in his will. Are you angry ? Are you offended ?"

I said I didn't want anything and I'd soon never hear of it again. They smiled and said "Correct answer. Truthful answer."

"Love of money makes for strong roots in evil; the lovers of money are many, and they permeate ALL stations, let actions and how one lives with the spirit be a guide for true belief ."

Friday, June 28, 2019

Was it God's will a Talibama pregnant woman was shot in the stomach by a ricochet during an argument she started, which caused her to miscarry?

Misrez Kravitz
I've been trying to avoid sharing outrage on FB this year, because, well, there's just so much of it these days and my FB friends are all so well aware... But this story is just blowing my mind. Pregnant woman indicted on a manslaughter charge after her fetus died following a gunshot wound to her stomach. Indicted because she STARTED THE FIGHT. In Alabama. I feel sick.
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Marshae Jones was five months pregnant when she was allegedly shot in the stomach during a December altercation. A grand jury indicted her in the death of the fetus.
  • Jen Renk This is horrifying.
  • Misrez Kravitz Police quote: “The investigation showed that the only true victim in this was the unborn baby,” - So a woman who is shot AND loses her baby is not a victim if she's irascible??? WTF?
  • Misrez Kravitz Someone please just wake me up in 2024
    • Sloan Bashinsky Be glad, (1) you are past child-bearing age, and (2) you now live in Mississippi, and (3) your children do not live in Talibama.
    • Sloan Bashinsky However, the Alabama law mentioned in the article, which criminalizes pregnant women who use controlled substances, perhaps should be expanded to cover pregnant women who use booze and tobacco and prescription narcotics?
    • Misrez Kravitz Sloan Bashinsky if so, then men who use any substances (alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs) and then impregnate women should also be prosecuted as those substances compromise sperm - and thus threaten the viability of a fetus as well as the well-being of their progeny
    • Sloan Bashinsky I see literature online that supports sperm can be compromised in that way. So, make it a crime for men and women to have unprotected sex, if thy are using booze, tobacco, legal or illegal narcotics, steroids, fertility drugs, ED drugs? And, make such use legal grounds for an abortion, since it is known the sperm can be compromised, thus the fetus? The ironies aside, pregnant women know today that their use of such chemicals can compromise the fetus in them. That's on them, if they continue using and take the fetus to term, isn't it?
    • Sloan Bashinsky And, don't those same substances compromise eggs in women?
    • Misrez Kravitz yes they do but my points are:
      1) women are the only ones being targeted (men, as usual, getting off scott free)
      2) where does the madness end? Will pregnant women be prosecuted for eating unhealthy food? Arrested in fast food restaurants?
    • Sloan Bashinsky Agreed. The ironies and inequalities are infinite. The defense lawyer is correct. This is should not be between the former pregnant mother and the law. She was the provoker, based on the article. She might be mentally ill, or her mind affected by drugs. She might have made a terrible mother. What a life for her child, had she not miscarried after being shot? I could make the argument it was God's will she was shot for her and the fetus' sake.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Did Tulsi Gabbard win the most popular votes after last night's Democratic presidential candidates debate?

The Trumpeter below once worked for my father's company in Birmingham, Alabama. June is the 6th month. In some circles, 6 is the number for Melchizedek, 2 is the number for Jesus, 26 is the sacred number for God.
Dem Debates:
I can promise more than my opponents. I offer no details.
VOTE for me!🤣

  • Larry Hoyle NutFest!!
  • Gail Burton I watched the college world series
  • Michael Williams Trump 2020
  • Alan Hathcock We planned to watch, but had to change the channel as soon as Elizabeth Warren started talking.

  • Sloan Bashinsky Well, this Independent made myself watch the entire debate, because i wanted to get to know the candidates. Only one candidate, Washington state governor Jay Inslee, made saving the planet and humanity from humanity, the number one priority. He also seemed solid on inclusiveness of different ethnic groups and nuts and bolt (bread and butter) economic realities. I liked him, a lot. Also, I liked New York Mayor Bill De Blasio a lot on bread and butter economics and inclusivity. I thought retired Hawaii Representative U.S. Army Major, who did tour or duty in Iraq, Tulsi Gabbard was the only candidate with a sane view of American military policy. She tore up Ohio U.S. House of Representatives Tim Ryan, who had said the Afghanistan war needed to be continued. Gabbard said the war should be stopped, it is in the same place it was when it began. It took the lives of her military friends, for whom she would have given her life, and they would have given their lives for her. Here's a Fox News link to a post- debate article about her.

    Gabbard was most searched Democratic candidate after debate despite getting third-lowest speaking time
    Gabbard was most searched Democratic candidate after debate despite getting…
    Gabbard was most searched Democratic candidate after debate despite getting third-lowest speaking time

  • Sloan Bashinsky Excerpt from that article below. In fact, Warren, as did some of the other candidates,often kept talking after she was told, repeatedly, that her time was up.


    Gabbard, an Army National Guard veteran who served in Iraq, grabbed the attention of the viewers every time she spoke about foreign policy and the military.

    During the debate, she called for scaling back of U.S. military presence abroad and accused “this president and his chickenhawk cabinet have led us to the brink of war with Iran.”

    Gabbard's military experience gave her authority in a harsh exchange with Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, who said the U.S. must maintain forces in Afghanistan to ensure the Taliban is kept in check.

    "When we weren't in there, they started flying planes into our buildings," Ryan said.

    "The Taliban didn't attack us on 9/11; Al Qaeda attacked us on 9/11," Gabbard replied.

  • Sloan Bashinsky Warren, as did other candidates, dodged answering some questions directly. Not, Inslee and De Blalsio. Who, with Ryan, I thought said what the Dems need to do: become the working people's party again. That also, is Warren's drift. She was raised in a poor working Oklahoma family. The article this link below brings up, although written by a friendly writer, is compelling. Warren very much wants to bring big business and the super rich to heel and have them obey the law and pay their fair share of money for the privileges they enjoy over all other Americans. She speaks to fundamental nation-breaking domestic issues, which the rich never will agree to being addressed. All the Dem candidates, I think, spoke to the crying need for affordable health care for all Americans, which seems to be poison to the Republican Party, while spending trillion$ on the military and wars seems to be its bread and butter, and, alas, the Dem Party's, too. Warren did not speak to that at the debate, nor in this article below. Trump will Pocahontas Warren to death, if she gets the Dem nomination, instead of doing something about what she shows needs to be addressed. Well, he is one of the super rich, who benefits from the status quo. He might have made a billion dollars with his tax cut. He doesn't want even Republicans or MAGAs to see his tax returns. 

    Can Elizabeth Warren Win It All? — The New Yorker
    Can Elizabeth Warren Win It All? — The New Yorker
    Can Elizabeth Warren Win It All? — The New Yorker

  • Can Elizabeth Warren Win It All?
    The Massachusetts senator has spent decades warning Americans about income inequality, predatory corporations, and the failures of our financial system. Will it be enough to convince swing-state voters? 

    Read in The New Yorker: