Wednesday, March 31, 2021

beyond batshit crazy: America

From a Key West friend:

Roe v Wade is dead in the states, it is a lost cause, but at the same time easy self-aborting processes have made it moot.  From my perch, i see Dems virtue signaling (my favorite new buzzword of the millenium) about the righteousness of choice, while accomplishing absolutely nothing but getting another 20% of the republican base not only voting but bussing to DC, contributing, knocking on doors, eliminating another slice of congressmen at federal and state levels

Dems have their counter-voting influence, minimum wage, which gets more voters to the polls, but who incomprehensibly will vote to increase the min wage while then voting for republicans on the same ticket who have promised to nullify the referendum. 


The Dems should have been happy to keep early term abortions and abortions to save the mother's life. The Republicans, every last one of them who opposed that kind of abortion, should have been required by law to adopt and raise to age 21 one unwanted baby born because the mother was denied an abortion. As for that political morass today, read my previous two sentences.

What both sides ought to be doing is provide living wages to all employed Americans, affordable health care to all Americans, safety in their homes and when they are out and about, an end to America's foreign wars, a blockade on immigration, a divorce from Red China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Israel, or button their pie holes (all of them), and say no more.

The Democrats' greatest failing during the Trump presidency, and this includes Joe Biden, was rejecting Dr. Vladimir Zelenko's fast, cheap, early stage, hospital-avoiding Covid-19 cure, which would have allowed America to reopen in April. In rejecting and witch-hunting Dr. Zelenko and his cure, the Dems threw America under the Covid-19 bus, while they pranced and preached saving lives with facemasks, social distancing, shutting down America and destroying its economy and social and spiritual fabric. 

All their talk about God, they could not see God sent them Dr. Zelenko. Fuck them. Fuck the Republicans for joining the Dems. Fuck President Trump for not making Dr. Zelenko's cure freely available in April. 

Now many on both sides and in the middle debate whether the vaccines are safe, instead of lining up and getting injected at the soonest opportunity. Fuck them, every last one.

Those are my buzz words for a country gone beyond batshit crazy. If I put that rant on Facebook, I will be put in Facebook jail again - or I will be banned forever from Facebook.

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