Tuesday, March 30, 2021

strict construction and enforcement of Amendment 2 will seriously disturb NRA and Republican Party

An Alabama Republican responded to the Devil loves mass shootings and the guns being easy as pie to get post at this blog:

The 2nd Amendment restricts Congress from making a law that prevents the people from keeping and bearing arms. No matter what anyone thinks.

Sloan Bashinsky

Amendment 2
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

When that amendment became law, the arms of the day were muzzle-loading black powder cap and ball flintlock muskets and pistols, muzzle-loading black powder mortars and cannons, knives, sabers, bayonets, hatchets, axes, pitchforks, clubs, etc. In keeping with the Right's strict construction of the Constitution theology, that's the only weapons Amendment 2 allowed civilians when it became law, and, that's the only weapons Amendment 2 allows civilians now. But then, if you are not a strict constructionist, Amendment 2 allows civilians to own rocket launched grenades, cruise missiles, helicopter gunships, nuclear missiles, any military warplane or ship, laser, EMP and biological weapon. 

Sloan Bashinsky It says what it says. If you don't like it repeal it. Strange that USA is the Country where everyone wants to come and live, in spite of the 2nd Amendment or maybe because of it.

Sloan Bashinsky
I take it then, that you are a liberal constructionist of the Constitution. I wonder how you would view your views above, if your grandchildren were shot and killed at school today by the same kind of gun used in the Boulder grocery store? 
Meanwhile, did you mean to forget the well regulated militia part of Amendment 2?

A Key West friend emailed:

It has not been discussed on TV or any of my many periodicals, but it seems to me Dems have absolutely zero chance of passing any form of gun restriction, management, massage etc. no matter what you call it or how high a majority of the public supports it.  Every time this happens, like monthly, I see a whole lot of virtue signaling, and watch from my perch as a Radical Centrist as the Dems blow another ten house and three senate seats, riling up the most-caring republican voters. 


Here's my take on the mass shooting issue. The Republicans need to take the lead in Congress, since they have been in love with guns since perhaps the beginning of modern time. Unless the Republicans do that, I don't see Congress doing much. Even if guns are made harder to get, will that inhibit mass shootings? Gang shootings? Gun suicides? Other gun homicides? I doubt it, but at least the effort was made. How many guns are already out there and are being made? And the black and dark markets are alive and well and prospering. Is the gun addiction any different from the alcohol, prescribed and street drug addictions? I am fed up with Republicans saying guns don't kill people. Would they say that if their wives and children were shot to death in a grocery story? Would they say that if they were standing before a firing squad? Would they say booze and drugs don't kill people? What the fuck happened to their brains?


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