Monday, March 8, 2021

bonkers code nation: America

I posted on Facebook yesterday:

Sloan Bashinsky
Discussion with an old Republican friend, who said I was delusional for posting on Facebook:

My daughters are at risk to monsters, America and the world are at risk. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, author of The Cost of Discipleship, spoke out against Hitler and the Nazis until they killed him. Jesus spoke out against the Pharisees until they had him killed by Pontius Pilate. The Republican Party mostly has surrendered to the monsters. I cannot surrender and then look my children, their mother, my friends, my angel handlers, Jesus and God in the eye. Or myself.
What's to become of America?
What's to become of America?
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Warren of Alabama, private pilot, retired businessman,  replied:
More tiresome sophomoric TDS BS.

Heh, I been called delusional, insane, loco, wacko, nut job, and commie liberal- even though I favor closed borders, paying for only what you can afford, and nuking the Washington deep state- but I don't believe I recall ever being accused of being sophomoric. At least not in the past 50 years or so. I'm gonna have to mount that award on my trophy wall. But wait, I need to get a trophy wall first.

Don't know if you opened the link and read the long discussion with an old, dear conservative friend a bit younger than dinosaurs, who had called me delusional, and claimed he is not a blind Trumpster, while repeatedly declining to answer my question: do you still claim the election was stolen? In my line of work, that made him a confirmed in concrete blind Trumpster.

A fellow I recently met via email, after he had, by "chance", met a friend of mine while traveling somewhere in a southern state en route elsewhere, wrote to me yesterday a bunch more raw meaty stuff, which started early with:

"If a gnat walked down your edge, he'd never make love again. Maybe they should have the flies that bug the orange grove read your blog- less toxic to the environment than malathion, more mind blowing than LSD. Blog guaranteed to give you a near death experience in God's Waiting Room. I have it planned out and engineered. A bunch of drones will fly over the grove with your blog pulled up displayed on a tablet. Fruit flies have to be MAGAs so too right the blog'd leave them tits up dead."

He ended the lengthy bloodletting (no prisoners taken) with:

"it is an honor to be on the cutting edge of angel-human communication. Although you attract a fair amount of asses because you speak a truth they don't like hearing. That makes them cowards."

He had told me up front a bit about his long stint with NASA, and in an email the other day, he wrote something any person who flies the friendly skies might appreciate:

"Everything about Titan and Titan II's is declassified. They took 5-6 minutes to ruin a Soviet's breakfast jam and you must have had the launch code, a bonkers code. The bonkers code is no big secret. Allow me to demonstrate how it would have been implemented: It came about when Lyndon Johnson weaseled his way into the White House. Lyndon was mercurial as hell and mean to boot, and he was suspected of being not all there in the head, since Lyndon there has been the Bonker Codes. There has usually been a secondary code that must be put in, in case the President is constipated, didn't like the end to Red Dawn, thinks the Ruskies cut into his satellite feed of American Ecstasy(skin flicks channel) right as he was about to cum and it all just dribbled out) ? If the president was talking nuking someone as a result of reasons like that joint chiefs of staff would refuse to give out the bonkers code. Thus if they thought the US President had shit his pants and wanted to nuke Martians- the bonkers code would not be given and thus the people at the silo that had been chosen for launch? They'd enter in a president's code, one person turned one key, one person across the room turned another key- one person could not turn both keys simultaneously. If they did not have the extra bonkers code, nothing launched. Usually Lyndon or his successors would go back to bed shit in hand, and they'd prop him up in the Rose Garden next day for Press Conferences as though nothing happened."

Don't know about you, Warren, but I think I worried a bit less about Joe Biden starting nuclear Armageddon than I worried about Donald Trump doing it. Now I am informed there was nothing to worry about, because the president doesn't have the bonkers button. Somebody else has it!

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