Monday, March 15, 2021

God's Courtroom

After reading the Greetings, Earthlings, mystics, dog botherers post at this blog, someone wrote to me, "Do you still do law?" 

I replied, "Have not practiced law in long time. Frequently give free legal advice, solicited and unsolicited, and ongoing am trying cases in God‘s Courtroom, where everyone there, including me, is on trial." 

The fellow wrote back, "Venue and controlling law?" 

I replied, "In Alabama, or in God's Courtroom?"

He wrote, "God's Courtroom, of course."

I replied, "Heh, was hoping you would say that😀. Wrote a book about that venue and controlling law, A SOUTHRERN LAWYER WHO BECAME A MYSTIC. Amazon has it in paperback and kindle. A free read by opening this link to Part One of the trilogy, at the end of which are links to Parts Two and Three. The book gets progressively intense, as does being in God's Courtroom."

"Here's the end to Part One, added after the book was published:

From time to time, I’m asked if I still practice law? I say hardly a day goes by when I don’t give someone legal advice, but I never charge money, nor even think about charging.
I sometimes say some of the legal advice I give is about human law, and some is about God Law.
I often say I spend a lot of time trying cases in God’s Court, where everyone there is on trial, including me.
I don’t always give good legal advice. I learn of that when I am corrected, or rebuked, in a dream, or by an unpleasant physical sensation, usually behind my left eye and in my left temple.
Sometimes the unpleasant sensation starts there and runs down into my left arm and hand.
Sometimes it runs farther down into my left testicle, and that’s really unpleasant.
The farther down it runs, the more seriously off was my legal advice.
The same happens when I mess up in other ways.
The left side is the female side. She lets me know every time I trample her.
Recently, I went to a memorial service for a dear friend of my first wife, the mother of my children. It was a beautiful non-religious service. A great man, loved by many, had moved on.
My first wife asked me to go with her to a gathering at the widow’s home. I said I didn’t think so, I had come for the memorial service. The unpleasant sensation behind my left eye showed up. I said, OK, I changed my mind. The unpleasant sensation behind my left eye went away.
That led to conversation I needed to have with my first wife en route to the widow’s home. The conversation was a good thing for us both.
We reached the widow’s home. I hung out a little while, saw I had no reason to stay. I told my first wife I was leaving if she could get a ride home with someone at the gathering. She said she could. I told the widow I hoped she did not suffer too much loneliness, hugged her, and left. No unpleasant sensation behind my left eye. It was time for me to leave.

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