Sunday, March 28, 2021

Palm Sunday immigration ruminations launched on Facebook by a Catholic Priest who in another life provided security services to Donald Trump and his business

Father Stephen Braddock

Recent Facebook posts by a Catholic priest I got to know pretty well in Key West, and recently learned from him that in a prior life he owned a security company in New York City that provided security to Donald Trump and his business.

Stephen Braddock 
My truth... 

She’s incredibly stupid.

Loren Davidson
Hell yeah. I don't have to worry about undocumented immigrants trying to burn down my house if I put a political sign out front that they disagree with. Nor are they likely to call me horrible names if they disagree with me.

Pat Clawson
That’s the first thing she ever said that I agree with.

Sloan Bashinsky

Thomas Scheck
Trump voters have given me much more heartburn than undocumented immigrants ever have.


Stephen Braddock
"I grew up believing that one of the markers of a life emulating Jesus, was a heart capable of being broken at the distress of other human beings around you: when they are hungry and hurting, when they are homeless and afraid, when they grieve and feel alone, when they believe they are unloved and forgotten, when tragedy befalls them and when injustice assails them. These things are supposed to move the needle within us if Jesus is present.
And in all my years of criss-crossing the Gospels in both study and reflection, I never once found a Jesus who piled burdens on already burdened people or rejoiced in their despair or tossed off insults and told them to go back to where they came from."

Sloan Bashinsky
That’s the Jesus I read in the Gospels, so does Jesus want America to open its borders to all poor, distressed people? Is it Jesus telling, say, Mexican and Central American people to head to USA? Is Jesus testing America in that way, because it claims to be one nation under God? And because its Christian Right insist USA was founded on Christian principles, and Christian schools should be tax free charities and get federal funding despite Amendment I separation of church and state? What becomes of USA if that is Jesus’s agenda and USA doesn’t go along with it? What becomes of USA if it receives all poor and distressed people who show up at its borders? Perhaps USA’s Native Americans should be given that decision to make, since their ancestors allowed white Europeans and Christianity into the Americas?

Stephen Braddock
Those are the relevant questions to be pondering. Time will tell.

Sloan Bashinsky
Meanwhile, Steve, I would have closed the southern border with the U.S. troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and other foreign places they have no business being. It is not America's job to be a destination point for Mexican and Central American or any foreign refugees from horrible conditions in their home countries that make urban Chicago, for example, seem like heaven on earth.

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