Thursday, March 11, 2021

Greetings, Earthlings, mystics, dog botherers

Recent email from out of the blue about that book led to more emails from out of the blue:

Are you the chap who was a Southern Lawyer that is Presently a Mystic ? 
i was in a place called Jasper GA yesterday ,

It had begun to rain and I was standing in line with my usual six pack of India Pale Ale when a chap at least as broad as tall offered me a blue jay egg book. He offered the book for free with the sales pitch that it would alter my mind far more than the beer. It is called " Southern Lawyer Who Became a Mystic".

I took it as the fellow looked to be what I grew up in Australia calling a "toe cutter". A toe cutter was the fellow charged with asking child molesters, aboriginal bashers, dope pedallers, etc to.... leave the neighborhood.

I worked for NASA during the Mercury era and I was offered a dual citizenship of the Crown and the States. I took it.

I have seen many marvelous things and I have read many strange accounts over the years. This one doesn't quite strangle the dingo, but it comes close.

How much of this tome is real ? Waiting for the rain to subside a bit, I told the young man I was alive when Darwin was bombed, he actually knew Darwin was bombed in 1942. Told me if indeed I was that old, maybe I did need the beer afterall.

The beer was actually for my great-grandson. I was 5 when Darwin was bombed and 8 days later I was 6.

I've found myself unable to put this smashing little tome down.

I must ask though; most writers use bookstores to distribute books. You seem to use the brute squad- although a brute so polite under his masks as to be frightening all the same. They say the width of a mass murderer's eyes is precisely 1" or at least the was the joke at the Gaol in Pentridge. How is Brute Squad Distribution working for you ?

More importantly: How much of the book is true ? How much is allegory ? How much actually occurred ?

I've read it through twice and not been able to put it down. Damnedest thing.

If you are not the Southern Lawyer Who Became a Mystic I do apologize.

Good evening to you sir(or afternoon depending on where you are or even morning).
Best Regards

No knighthoods, no order of the british empires, probably because I said in an early email over Arpanet that the next king of england looked decidedly like a dog "botherer". And I still think Charles looks like a dog botherer, that he cheated on Diana with Camilla is merely proof of it.


No worries, mate, I am the author of the blue egg shell book. The tiny fellow about half my age, who gave it to you, is what you surmised him to be, and, believe it or not, he is a great deal more in same direction; and, believe it or not, he is hounded and pushed and otherwise entertained by angels, face to face when he is by himself, in dreams and visions otherwise, known in the Bible, although he never was a church person, nor were his parents. 

How he and I  became acquainted is another story altogether, although, unknown to me, he was reading my blog ongoing since early 2010, when I was writing most days about my younger brother who had gone missing. Within an hour of being advised of it by friends in Birmingham, where he and my blood family lived, I was living in Key West, where crazy people are not locked up much, a Birmingham News journalist, who was arranged to interview me shortly, and I had at about the same moment in space and time, premonitions that my brother had killed himself and tried to make it look like murder. After his body was found in a public golf course pond below the tennis courts where he had met both of his wives, each the then Alabama state tennis champion, the city police, the county medical examiner and the FBI eventually concluded he had killed himself and tried to make it look like murder. 

So, yes, everything in the blue egg shell book happened, cross my heart and hope to die, for real, and I took no drugs to have any those experiences, which are but a small serving of the whole shebang. 

I learned when I was in Darwin in fall 1995, before headed into Kakadu and being visited from dreamtime by a male and female aborigine somewhat younger than me, I was 53, that the Japanese had bombed Darwin and it was named after Charles Darwin. I stayed in a youth hostel and liked to stroll on the big pebble beach below Darwin around sunset. Climbing the steps back up the bluff one evening, two Aussie men told me to be careful about doing that, crocodiles. I didn't do that again, had some beers with them and some of their friends and girlfriends. 

Can't drink beer anymore, or any booze, Makes my gut howl and my liver hate me. I was not an alcoholic. I sometimes went for years without drinking. 

Anyway, on the way into Kakadu, the tour vehicles stopped at a fairly large river river to take a pontoon boat cruise and maybe see crocodiles. They had a long cane pole with a short heavy string tied to the end on which they tied a piece of chicken or meat to entice salties to come up from the depths and lunge for the bait. Before leaving the dock, a mate instructed us in the proper use of a life jacket. You do not wear it. You put one arm through it, and if you fall out of the boat and a salty heads your way, you swim like hell back to the boat or to shore, and if the salty is about to get you, you throw the life jacket in its mouth and keep swimming like hell. We had lunch at a place where I had my first baramundi, which looks and tastes somewhat like snook.

Oh, re book sales ... nearly zip, nada, nyet ... did not surprise me ... at least the book was published and I didn't have to pay for that, nor could I have paid for it ... I have told people it's my last will and testament, so to speak, although the blog is certainly still unfolding. Here's a link to today's frolic. How I got involved in politics is yet another mystical story. As is my nearly dying recently, and perhaps that's not entirely resolved.


My sweet Heaven, you are real.

I wondered if the cosmos had decided to play a joke on me.

Today is my birthday, or soon will have been. This is very late in the day for me to be awake and I've been perusing your soul alchemy text within the text. The blog was how I found your email address it is at the bottom of most posts.

Your soul alchemy text is something that is on the side of "good" needing to be written since Jack Parsons lived. Parsons was a student of English Aristocrat and All Around Turd-that-would-NOT-Flush Aleister Crowley. Parsons did much to attract the evil side of soul alchemy to science as your book does to balance the scales for the side of "Light". I believe in being upon the side of light.

I wonder the wisdom of funneling money into SpaceX and Mars Rovers upon Mars Rovers when our planet has produced maniacs like Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump(and fellow probable dog botherers Princes Philip and Charles). Why would any rational bloke want to spread that into space ? I know there is all matter of being, ranging from good to disinterested to pure evil already out there in the cosmos. Does the cosmos need more ? Or is it merely a matter of Earth producing an excess of such assholes that we hope to get into the buggering of space by exporting our exceptional collection of bastards, liars, dog botherers, and genuine all around evil little shits ? Do we hope to make an industry of it ? Is that why there seem to be so many of the genuinely evil shits in the world?  We're practicing selective breeding ?

I think your thoughts on spiritual alchemy are what the genuinely good intentioned light bearers of religions are trying to get out, except you've stopped mucking about and just said it plainly whereas the so called "light bearers" manage to bugger it up with liturgical struggles.

I shall wrap this now with three thoughts:

1. The aboriginal fellows I have met and grew up around I have seen many remarkable things from them, so much so that their regular acts of stepping between the dreaming and this world was common place enough that if the rather large chap says he has been in presence of angels, well, I'd say he has. When you are a young, stupid little blightard of 14 and you get lost 3 days from the nearest water and kangaroo piss sounds like the perfect thirst quencher, you learn not to discount the experiences of others, when an aboriginal man appears, takes your wriste and in two hours flat we are at a watering hole. He showed me how to sing a fish to spear and we ate. So I do not discount the experiences of others.
Keep in mind, the Coniston Massacre had occurred in 1932, when I got lost in the Never-Never it was 1946, so that black fella took a big risk to save me. They sang songs so that when the Mercury capsules would orbit earth.

 2. Snoek is related to an Asian sea snake somewhere in its roots. I don't abide snoek. But our barramundi, or Asian sea bass as it called by our civilized educated white betters- is very tasty. You know a tasty fish sir. 

(3) Do not send your toe cutter after me for any slights I may have made.

I lied (4): I do still believe Jack Parsons dabbling with black magic got his ass blown to so many pieces that the US ONI could not find enough of him to make a tin of potted meat, and it was because he had chosen the easy path of soul alchemy through EVIL.

Bloody brilliant book you've written. BLOODY BRILLIANT. It's a loss more copies are not circulating. I'd say it should be found at Barnes & Noble, but there isn't a Barnes & Noble to be found any more, so it would not do much good. My wife says I must turn off my tablet now or she will cut off my favorite body part. Given I was born in 1937, it is my typing finger these days, so I shan't risk it.

Do please try not to die before we speak again.
Your mate, Ed
PS: People who wear a full life vest in croc filled waters have a name: croc food.


Oh, I am very real. The University of  Alabama School of Law in Tuscaloosa probably still has records of me getting a Juris Doctor and LLM (Masters) in Taxation there, and the Alabama Bar Association has record of me, and I am qualified to use the Alabama Bar e-filing portal for court papers, but I have not practiced law in Birmingham for decades, unless you figure in trying cases in God's Court, where everyone, including me, is on trial. 

Snook is a tropical fish native to south Florida and I suppose south Texas waters, eastern Mexico and Central America. I have seen snook off the Panama Pacific Isle of Coiba, which migrated through the Panama Canal. I heard Tarpon came through the Canal, also. Snook are delicious, if they are skinned before you cook them. When they strike the bait, natural or artificial, it's as if the world stopped. I once was flyfishing near Marco Island with a local guide, and a 6 foot snook rose up from the depth under the fly, checked it out, I nearly shit my pants, and it sounded - no thank you. Here's a big snook, I only caught small ones, 2 pounds, or so - delicious. 
Inline image

There have been many dog botherers in spiritual circles, I was never impressed with Aleistar Crowley. The angels that grabbed, adjusted me, and stayed on my case are about something really simple: God's will, not mine, be done. A real fisherman, Jesus taught that method, and look at how that turned out. Jesus and Michael were who grabbed me first, although I did not then know it was them; just that they were angels, I figured, as explained toward the start of Part II of the book, Law & Spirit. It's available from Amazon in kindle and trade paperback. I'm wondering if I should pay for some more author copies, pretty cheap, to have sent to my brute force distributorEmoji. I forwarded him your first email and my two replies. He called, worried he had overstepped. I scolded him. Said, my email address is in the book for someone to write to me, if they wish. He did enjoy your first email, most especially the British royalty dog botherers, a label I will put to good use where it applies.

Year ago, I read a report of NASA having lost one of its satellites, and an aborigine walked into a tracking station in some outback, perhaps, part of Australia and pointed to  where they could find their lost satellite in the sky, and he left and they found it and tried to find him, but you know how that goes if the aborigine didn't want to be found or his tribe bothered y ignorant civilized white people. I saw a 
Jackaroo get out of a modified Cadillac, as I was leaving Kakadu. Put today's MAGAs to shame. Why would alien civilizations want Earthlings to leave their solar system, or even their planet? What all kind of unpleasant physical and psychic viruses would they spread? I suppose a lot of money might be made mining minerals on Earth's moon, Mars, the asteroid belt, the moons of farther out planets, but don't forget 2001 A Space Odyssey, don't land on Europa orbiting Jupiter.

I loved Robert Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land, about a young man who grew up in an Earthling colony on Mars, which the native Martians tolerated, until they could not longer tolerate and made all the Earthlings return to Earth. The Martian Earthling told of when there was a planet between Mars and Jupiter, inhabited by a sentient species, which eventually became a potential threat to Martians. The Martian elders pondered it a good while, then they together beamed their thoughts at the planet and blew it up and it became the asteroid belt. The Martians had done stuff to the young Earthling, which enhanced him, and also allowed them to monitor Earth goings on. Now the Martians were ruminating on whether to blow up Earth. Meanwhile, the young Earthling took residence in Arkansas and developed a huge following. He was not a dog botherer, but the real deal. He told his followers he would be killed, He was killed by dog botherers.

I think it was when I was in Darwin that it first occurred to me that Charles had it backward: humans didn't evolve from the apes, but devolved from the apes, which the past few years in America, and elsewhere on Earth, certainly seem to indicate - apologies to the apes. 

I have wondered from time to time why I was not killed several times already for what I published at my current blog and earlier blogs, which got deep sixed during something I got involved in and several thousand posts were lost, but my toe cutter friend is really handy in lots of ways, and he retrieved some of the lost posts, and don't sweat him, unless you have the unfortunate turn of becoming a dog botherer, black magician, otherwise low life, which I don't see happening in any version. What planet did you say you came from? Emoji

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