Tuesday, June 30, 2020

President Trump can save America from Covid-19, but does he or anyone else care?

national duplicate bridge tournament

Email yesterday to the president and website and Facebook page managers of the duplicate bridge club where I played before the world turned upside down, and now play online until further notice:

Hi, All-

I told Madame President via table chat during a recent club online game that I had something that might interest club members re reopening bridge clubs and a proven cure for Covid-19, which I wanted to submit to club newsletter. Madame President said to send it to the newsletter editors and to the person who handles the club's Facebook page, for their consideration. Other people and I spent a great amount of time digging up and distilling my comment under a Facebook post about a Virginia Beach bridge club reopening. I know BBC is supposed to avoid politics. There are more important things things, however.

Best wishes, stay safe

FB post:
Our Virginia Beach bridge club is opening July 6th. Just curious if other clubs are opening. Much as I miss the face to face game and my bridge friends I won’t be participating yet.
Getting many comments about BBO. Please stick to the question.
  • Sloan Bashinsky
    Sloan Bashinsky This comment later provides what I am convinced is a cheap, fast, medical fix that President Trump can deliver. My bridge club’s age demographics is late 50s-90s. Every member is at risk. No one pushing to reopen club that I have seen in the extensive club weekly newsletter. Member donations and ACBL/BBO club games are keeping $ reserves from being invaded and mortgage paid. There is no way to reopen our club without risking C19 infections. Cards can’t be sanitized after every deal. Face masks can be required as condition of being in the building, but face masks are not 100-percent effective. I think if your club reopens, it’s a roulette game. Now if every player had 5-day supply of 220 mg zinc phosphate once a day, 200 mg hydroxychloroquine twice a day, and 500 mg azithromycin once day, to take at first sign of infection, that probably would reduce risk of serious illness and death to near zero and help members develop herd immunity. However, last week the FDA director appointed by President Trump banned use of hydroxychloroquine to treat C-19, so that cure is off the table for now. Here’s how the cure was healing in 5 days, or less, patients not already seriously ill with C19. Hydroxychloroquine enables zinc to enter body cells. Zinc inhibits C19 replication. Azrithomycin kills secondary bacterial infection. President Trump and FOX’s Sean Hannity told American about this cure in late March. Hannity interviewed the doctor who invented and proved the cure worked on his patients. The FDA knew what he was doing. The doctor's March 23 letter to all world medical professionals copied to President Trump and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows was read by Hannity to America. That letter is provided below. President Trump later told America he was prescribed the cure to prevent him from catching C19 after some of his staff tested positive. President Trump could fire the FDA director he appointed and replace him with a doctor friendly to the cure. President Trump could tell American doctors and pharmacists to ignore the FDA ban and he will pardon them if they are prosecuted. President Trump could order federal money diverted to provide the cure free to C19 patients. National emergency, save American economy, social fabric, churches, sports, bridge clubs, etc. Save America.

Madame President replied to me, copied to ALL:

Sloan - This is too political  - sorry but I can't agree with publishing in the ENews.  We  talk about precautions and the seriousness of this virus and there are always mentions about that in various columns (both in D' and M's last issue for example). I think your article would produce more controversy than action. 

Send this privately to anyone you want to as you have the directory with all members email addresses. But our members bridge the wide range of political views (believe me on this!) and any mention of Trump will set people off in one way or another - so not appropriate in our ENews. 

tI hope you can understand,

I replied to MP, copied to ALL:

Heh, club member R nudged me in a dream to submit it.

If you are worried about politics, mashed feelings, complaints, imagine the commotions caused by me emailing my submission to every club member with your email at the top giving me permission? Do you have enough kevlar, Madame President?

There are many more important things than bridge clubs reopening safely. The future of America and humanity hinge on safe reopening. President Trump can provide safe reopening to America at this point in time. He can be a hero. 

Don’t Republicans, MAGAs, Evangelicals in the bridge club want to play at the club again? Don’t they want to not be maimed or killed by C19? Don't they want Trump re-elected? πŸ˜€

Do you think Trump might listen to them, if they write to him and ask him to please make Dr. Zelenko's C-19 cure available to them and to all Americans? Do you think Trump would listen to me?😎


Monday, June 29, 2020

Make America Great, breed maskless bioterrorists

My dreams last night were terrible, I felt terrible in my body. I was in Key West, had a new bicycle I was trying to break in. I awoke this morning and saw Peggy Butler's comment under this Facebook post, to which I had responded yesterday. I responded twice to Peggy's comment. Once upon a time, Peggy, Stephen Braddock and I were friends in Key West. Steve is an ordained Catholic priest. Peggy is a retired nurse. 
Young people are driving a spike in coronavirus infections, officials say...
  • Eric Haley It is very hard to convince young people that anything bad could happen to them, especially young men. Behavioral health research and our health communication research bears this out time and time again. Some have called it the invincibility of youth mindset.
  • Barbara Allen Party time
  • Sloan Bashinsky Like they live in a banana republic
  • Peggy Butler I don't blame them; I blame Donald Trump and the Republican governors like ours! You didn't see any of this before they 'opened up the country'!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Trump behaves like a it's all about him schizophrenic banana republic dictator. He is the national anti-mask, anti-social distancing role model and promoter bioterrorist. He doesn't give a shit how many people catch C-19, He is a lethal virus unto himself, a walking, talking, spewing hazmat zone promoter. Yet how can you not blame those kids, Peggy? They know what they are doing and could give a shit the outcome for them and other people. Bioterrorists, each and every one. Wonder how they would handle being interviewed on camera, their names and parents' names recorded, they are asked if they bioterrorists, and their replies and that video is offered to FOX News, which declines, and then CNN airs it along with FOX's decline?
    • Sloan Bashinsky There is another wee problem. I am not aware of any city, county or state that actually enforces face mask ordinances; writes citations, gives fines, jails people not wearing masks. Consider Key West's Duval Street overrun with maskless tourists and our mayor and city commissioner and city police friends there do what? It's all President Trump's fault?

Sunday, June 28, 2020

How President Trump can save America, and perhaps the world, from Covid-19 fast and cheap

When I look at President Trump today and see his entire world turned upside down by Covid-19, I marvel that he does not see the solution Dr. Vladimir Zelvenko handed to him on a silver platter late last March. A solution far more important than the southern border wall, MAGA rallies, being re-elected. A solution far more important than Dr. Fauci, FDA, CDE, WHO, the medical industrial complex. An old drug called hydroxychloroquine (HQC), which can be likened to a touring golf professional’s caddy. HQC carries its golfer, zinc, into body cells, where zinc stops Covid-19 replicating and infected patients get well in 5 days, or less, if they have not yet reached the ICU ward stage of infection. 

Ergo, it falls on President Trump’s shoulders to be the hero who saved America, and perhaps the world. It falls on President Trump to see to it that HQC and zinc are readily available to every person in America, for free, using a federal stimulus package, and using blanket pardons of physicians and pharmacists who prescribe HQC and zinc, to enable America to salvage itself from the bioweapon Red China unleashed onto the world. The alternative is slow, agonizing, destructive and far more expensive. 

Here’s Dr. Zelenko’s March 23 letter to all world medical professionals and President Trump and his chief of staff:
While I keep harping that President Trump holds the drop-dead obvious solution to the problem within the problem, Sancho Panza, who educated me about Covid-19 and Dr. Zelenko and the forces of darkness against Dr. Zelenko, HQC and zinc, which finally opened my eyes to the solution, steadfastly did not agree with my harping that President Trump can, and should, give America Dr. Zelenko's cure, regardless of FDA, Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma. Yesterday, Sancho Panza, in his gentlemanly way, ended up telling me to take a hike. It all began with his reply to yesterday’s How President Trump could have reopened America much quicker and safer, but he didn't post at this blog:

Why do you keep beating a dead horse.... Trump is out.... the Chinese and their allies in our Government, Media and Wall Street have done the deed... with a second wave(probably a customized version II of Covid-19) coming up in the Fall Biden is the perfect figurehead American puppet for the 21 century World Sinohegemony .. tell your kids to start learning Mandarin!  


Everybody thought Trump would lose in 2016. November is a ways off. Meanwhile, Trump could actually try to save American lives by (a) firing his FDA director and replacing him with, say, the doctor who prescribed Trump hydroxychloroquine and zinc, or replace the director with Dr. Zelenko; and/or (b) Trump tweets and says at press briefings and on FOX that he wants all American doctors to prescribe HQC and zinc to their Covid-19 patients, he wants all pharmacists to fill those prescriptions, and he will pardon any of them who are prosecuted for ignoring the FDA ban on HQC for Covid-19 patients. 

As for speaking Mandarin, perhaps Red China will buy Trump's golf courses and resorts, which I don't figure are doing too swell during the liberal fake news hoax pandemic Trump invented with his intelligence agencies and medical advisers telling him to wake up! Trump deserves to be gone. He earned it. But I'll believe he's gone when all votes are counted, he lost, and he has moved out of The White House, along with his hired enablers. Maybe Trump then sues President Obama for treason, and President Obama laughs, says, "I didn't ask Russia to help me get elected and Russia went straight to work on it and got me elected!"

Oink, hee, haw, ya'll come!

China's President Chi can do all that you ask for and more, since that's how Communists Governments operate, by central party decrees, we have a Federal Republic, where States are pretty much independent and free to approve what treatments are allowed or not allowed, as we saw with Cuomo and HCQ in NY hospitals! Too bad that you will probably be dead or enfeebled by the time Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez becomes President and makes all your Socialist wet dreams come true! But that's OK, as soon as Sleepy Joe takes the oath, the Chinese will cede the Covid Vaccine to big Pharma for BIG Profits, etc. etc. etc.! 

Vaya con Dios, amigo!

Since the FDA is a federal agency that approves and disapproves and regulates drugs American doctors can prescribe, And since Trump has both authority to fire the FDA director and pardon federal crimes, he does not have to wait for Red China to provide a cure or a vaccine. You yourself proved Trump has a cure for C19 in his paw, and you know he can do what I keep pointing out he can do to make the cure freely available to anyone in America, even for free with federal funding to save people, the economy and social fabrics, and yet he does not do it, and I conjecture something has his balls in a vice and/or he is a pawn of the medical-industrial complex you detest, and you keep giving him a free pass instead of at least writing to him, saying you voted for him in 2016 and will vote for him this year, and he could enhance his re-election chances by making himself America’s C19 czar and making hydroxychloroquine as available to Americans as it is to him, and why he should do that, and he has Dr. Zelenko to thank for the miracle he, the president, told Americans about last March, as he, the president, is seeing to it they get it despite the evil deep state he promised to dismantle.

I am actually saying that if it wasn't for Trump bringing up HCQ, perhaps many doctors would not even had known about it... I know of one Democrat Congresswoman who credits her husband hearing about it from Trump's briefing  and then her husband getting her doctor to prescribe it for her and saving HER life... a close friend was successfully treated at home after being in the emergency ward for two days suffering from dehydration... Trump had the FDA issue an off label used of the drug for Covid and that's how my friend was able to be treated... you seem to have forgotten all the various reports and documentation I have sent you about this and it is very frustrating talking with you as you seem to be talking not to me but to an audience... you know the phony report from Lancet that the FDA and Fauci used for issuing the warning against HCQ and you know that Trump cannot forced the use of that drug on the public, there has to be something wrong with you if you truly believe that ANY President can simply do whatever they want? What more could he have done than to tell everybody that he was using the damn thing on himself? Fox News ran many segments on the successful use of HCQ with zinc and Z-Pac ... this is not a secret formula being kept from the public, this an old and very cheap drug, but the campaign from the Liberal Media and Big Pharma against its use was and is relentless, as it still is for anything that would help manage the pandemic, get people back to work and get Trump reelected! It is pretty clear to me who benefits from the demise of our economy, if it's not clear to you, then I pity you, for there is no hope for you!

The formula is actually very new, thanks to Dr. Zelenko, who GAVE it to Trump and his Chief of Staff. There actually is an effort to keep the public from benefiting from Dr. Zelenko's formula. You have dug the conspiracy all up, and I have marveled at your tenacity and thoroughness, and remain incredulous that you still give Trump a pass, instead of wondering why in tarnation doesn't he take command like he does everywhere else and override FDA and issue pardons to any and all physicians and pharmacists who dispense HQC and zinc to people with Covid-19 who have not gotten to the ICU ward level of infection, and cure those people, save their lives even, save the economy, save society, save America. I would think you would be driven to do that, but you keep asking me why I keep after Trump, as if you have lost your senses, or you really want a lot of Americans to catch C-19 and get sick and maybe die, as if you learned nothing from your friend’s experience, as if you wish she had not been given the cure and had died? Is that where you want me to go with this?

I tell you what Sloan, it seems that there is just no point in trying to communicate with you...  and as far as where I want this to go? I will like it to go where I don't get involved arguing with you about your Trump obsession, so please take me off your automatic distribution list... good luck to you and yours! 

Thank you!


Saturday, June 27, 2020

How President Trump could have reopened America much quicker and safer, but he didn't

As I read yesterday online news articles about Covid-19 infection spikes and some REPUBLICAN governors, including TEXAS and FLORIDA, having serious second  thoughts about having reopened their states, this from Key Wild Wild West showed up in my Facebook timeline and caused me to ruminate and write how President Trump himself could have made reopening America a lot safer and quicker, but he did just the opposite. 

Key West the Newspaper (The Blue Paper)
June 26, 2030 [June is the 6th month. In my spiritual lexicon, 6 is the number for Melchizedek. 2 is the number for Jesus.  26 is the number for God.]

**Breaking* The State has suspended consumption of alcohol at bars statewide. This comes after a record day of confirmed cases statewide and in Monroe (15) and after several Duval Street bars voluntarily closed this week after staff members tested positive for COVID-19.
The City of Key West cancelled the July 4th public fireworks events at their meeting today and passed a mandatory face covering ordinance that mirrors the earlier emergency directive – with penalties of up to $500 and 60 days in jail for violators. The ordinance gives an added level of enforcement to police and code to write civil citation for infractions. In addition, the ordinance addresses violations by businesses. It states that any business cited twice for the violation of the ordinance will be shut down for a minimum of 24 hours and subject to a full compliance review. The commissioners discussed whether or not to keep local beaches open for the busy weekend, but the matter was not part of the resolution and the beaches remain open.
During the same special commission meeting, the commission unanimously voted to transfer to United Way of Monroe and Collier Counties $64,000 to provide rental assistance to hard-hit families in Key West. The money, transferred from the City’s affordable housing trust fund, is earmarked for Key West residents only. Many residents are facing huge difficulties as the state – and the nation – remain under a state of emergency.
Cases: The FDOH report this morning (which contains data through yesterday) shows 15 more COVID-19 cases in Monroe County. The CDC announced yesterday that there are likely 10 times more cases than the number confirmed. Monroe County now has a cumulative case count of 202. (One case of a 39-year-old man previously confirmed was removed bringing the number up by 14 from yesterday’s 188 cases). Of the new cases there are 4 more in Key West (now 69), 1 more in Key Largo (now 27), 2 more in Marathon (now 16), 1 more in Summerland (now 5), 1 more in Islamorada (now 6), the first case in Long Key, and 4 more with residency not yet determined (now 22). Nine of the 15 are under 40 years old and the oldest is 49-years-old. Check back for an update on the number of current hospitalizations.
  • Christine Russell So tourists will crowd our restaurants that serve alcohol - drinking their dinner, with a side salad. Good for the city for canceling the fireworks - no good would have come. Smart move of state to shut down alcohol sales at bars.We MUST be PRO-active to save lives and our economy! Me? Looking forward to quiet nights at home.

  • Sloan Bashinsky Governor DeSantis is a Republican, so I suppose it's too harsh to expect him to have foreseen a C-19 resurgence after he reopened Florida, but Monroe County Mayor Heather Carruthers and Key West Mayor Teri Johnson are Democrats and they should have known what reopening would bring. Mandatory use of Facemasks in public places would have inhibited a C-19 resurgence. Perhaps closing all the bars will, as well, if it thins out foot traffic on lower Duval Street.
    What I don't get is why Mayor Johnston, the 6 city commissioners, and KWPD did not enforce mandatory face masks in crowded places after the Keys were reopened, regardless of the marvelous Republican governor in Tallahassee's position? It's all DeSantis' fault, he wouldn't let us require masks? Here's the lead into an April 13, 2020 story about the Florida surgeon general in the

    Tampa Bay Times..
    TALLAHASSEE — Floridians will be keeping their distance and wearing face masks for up to a year until a COVID-19 vaccine exists, Florida Surgeon General Scott Rivkees said Monday before being whisked away by the governor’s spokeswoman.
    Rivkees told reporters that Floridians needed to get used to current precautions, such as avoiding crowds of 10 or more and wearing face masks in public.
    “Until we get a vaccine, which is a while off, this is going to be our new normal and we need to adapt and protect ourselves,” he said.

    There is way to cure C-19 in 5 days, if the infection is not progressed to the ICU ward stage. But are KW doctors and pharmacists up to bucking the FDA, which President Trump isn't, based on his silence after FDA recently banned doctors prescribing hydroxychloroquine (hdc), which is known, given with zinc, to cure C-19 in 5 days, if it has not progressed to the ICU stage of infection. FOX news read the below letter to the American public last March.
    Maybe Key West can get Cuba to smuggle hdc into the city at night and the city distributes free 5-day doses (200 mg hdc and 220 mg zinc sulfate) to all citizens to take if they develop C019 symptoms, and free 14-day doses to all tourists. President Trump took hdc and zinc for 14 days after some of his staff members tested positive for C-19.

    Image may contain: text

    • Pete Za Sloan Bashinsky
      Good to see some things haven’t changed

      Image may contain: text that says 'SILENCE /s THE BEST RESPONSE To A FOOL'

    • Sloan Bashinsky Can't tell, Pete, if that's a compliment or a slam. This morning, I stumbled across a FB rant tearing up Trump re his C-19 response, including he recommended a drug that caused heart attacks. Here's what I replied to her:

      "Actually, the drug, hydroxychloriquine, taken with zinc for five days, hdc facilitates zinc entering body cells and zinc inhibits C19 replicating, cures C19 infections not yet at ICU stage. That’s the one thing Trump almost did right, but he failed to have the doctor at press briefings , Vladimir Zelenko, who developed the cure, and Trump failed to fire the FDA director who banned the cure recently. 5 days hdc use won't cause heart attack. Malaria, lupus and r arthritis patients take hydroxychloroquine daily for decades. If there was easy access to hdc, that would have and will save a lot of lives and suffering and permanent lung damage, and allowed much quicker, safer reopening. Face masks in crowded places also good medical prevention, which Trump torpedoed directly."