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An old, dear Republican friend featured in yesterday's While Republicans dodge and weave the Boulder grocery store gun massacre, they resurrect Jim Crow post at this blog, responded to my telling him:

Sloan Bashinsky
The Republicans need to clean up their own house, the Democrats likewise. When I see you preaching that, instead of pointing the finger at the left every time you write to me, I will think you have become part of the solution.

That last part? Don't hold your breath ... Todays left wants NO center, no compromise, no bipartisanship... Left have the guns, Conservatives have knives... We know how that ends, see Paul Ryan a Wisconsin RINO Speaker of the House who gave it away...
Done here...

Sloan Bashinsky
I had no clue the NRA and the Republicans have no guns.

Sloan Bashinsky
Fox Business labels Paul Ryan as a "RINO" after he calls on Trump to concede
Fox Business host Lou Dobbs referred to former House Speaker Paul Ryan as a Republican in Name Only (RINO) on Tuesday after Ryan said that President Donald Trump should concede the election.
Ryan, who joined the Fox Corporation board of directors in 2019, made the comments during a virtual meeting with the Bank of America's European Credit Union. Trump has refused to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden, alleging widespread voter fraud. Trump's legal team filed lawsuits in some battleground states in an attempt to halt the ballot tabulation process. Most of that litigation was unsuccessful. Dobbs, a staunch Trump loyalist, has criticized Ryan's perceived disloyalty to the Republican Party.
Dobbs introduced Ryan's comments on Tuesday's installment of Lou Dobbs Tonight by describing him as "failed vice-presidential candidate, former Speaker of the House RINO Paul Ryan." Before detailing Ryan's remarks concerning Trump's concession, Dobbs described them as an "unsolicited analysis about this year's presidential election."
"I think maybe even more important is that these legal challenges to the outcome and the attacks on our voting system need to stop, in my opinion," Ryan said, according to Monday reporting by Politico. "The outcome will not be changed, and it will only serve to undermine our faith in our system of government, our faith in democracy."
"Are you kidding me?" Dobbs said after reading Ryan's statement. "A grown man talking like he's giving a sixth-grade civics address to the class." Dobbs added that Ryan's remarks helped explain why he "threw away" his election chances during the 2018 midterms.

Sloan Bashinsky
Your brothers and sisters:

Wasn't there, didn't know anyone there, wouldn't have been there even if I'd lived near the swamp. I know this is your house Sloan, but please don't shoot me in the back on my way out the door...

Sloan Bashinsky
You shot yourself, Mark, siding with Trump's claims the election was stolen, those are some of his faithful soldiers stopping Congress from certifying Joe Biden won. That was America's house they stormed at Trump's bidding. Paul Ryan was one of the few Republicans who had the guts try to prevent that coup attempt, and when you shot him, you shot yourself again. I didn't like Ryan even a little bit, but I respected him for not caving to Trump. My second blog post today features a Catholic Priest's views on illegal immigrants vs Trump fanatics. I know the priest personally. Before he was a priest, his company provided security services to Donald Trump and his company in New York City.

Palm Sunday immigration ruminations launched on Facebook by a Catholic Priest who in another life provided security services to Donald Trump and his business

I think you need a better hobby than “keyboard warrior”. Can I get you a wood burner? Making these for my backpacking mates on aisle Royale this summer...

Sloan Bashinsky
It's my line of work, as in job, has been for a long time. You live in my skin one day, you would never be same again. My hobbies are chess and duplicate bridge, which I play hours each day online now, due to Red China's gift to humanity.

Sloan Bashinsky sorry to hear that, too much screen time is not good for your health...

Sloan Bashinsky
My physical health's been lousy since I woke up one March day in 1969, age 27, and my gut had suddenly gone haywire, no prior symptoms. Medical profession no help. I tried many other cures. No help. Dreams and that the condition clearly was sentient, evidenced by how it beat me up a lot worse whenever I tried something to be rid of it, indirectly and unwittingly introduced me to God, so to speak, in the sense the cause was not of this world.
Later, I was introduced to angels your wife heard of in her church activities, and perhaps she heard of the demonic entities I also came to meet. Not only meet, engage ongoing, but not until the angels had turned me every which a way but loose, upside down and inside out for a good while. My perspective of everything was dramatically altered. I came to feel like I no longer was from this planet, but I was stationed, or imprisoned here, doing the angels' bidding and being scolded and roughed up by them if I strayed from how they had trained me and were directing and me.
I wager, if you lived in my skin one day, first you would go insane, because you were not physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or otherwise prepared for it; then, mercifully, you would die and enter the afterlife where you would enter a life review over which you have no say, which would go on for for a while, and eventually you would be ready for the next stage in your soul's journey, either back on this planet, on another planet, in another dimension - somewhere.
Meanwhile, you carry on as if you have everything all figured out. If what the angels did to, or for, me was done for everyone, all but a few people would go insane, then they would die. The remnants might be too small in number and too scattered about to restart humanity. The planet, however, would be saved.
My star has mostly run its course in this lifetime. Recently, perhaps caused by the radiation treatment for prostate cancer, which concluded Thursday before last, my G.I. tract is in far worse shape. Each day is a struggle to just get up, feed myself, bathe, do laundry, go to grocery and drug stores. Do you think I worry about spending a lot of time online and watching TV news and Netflx movies, as I try to stay in the angels' good graces and deal with what I see, hear, feel and sense, of which you and all but very few people, regardless of their political and religious persuasion, or lack there of, seem totally unware. Despite my mother often saying, "Ignorance is bliss," when she thought I was avoiding something I needed to own or see, ignorance is not bliss. It's soul poison.
My legacy, so to speak, is thousands and thousands of pages of writings about my experiences with the other realms and people who came my way, mostly or totally unawares of the other realms, including people who attended church regularly, often two or three or more times a week. Including ministers and priests, Christian or otherwise.
For many years you have been like a little brother of mine. I have deep affection for you. The person you came to know died decades ago. The person he became, not by his doing but by angels' doing, is not going to shut up for you, nor for any person.
If you do not yet see since your conversion to Roman Catholicism as a condition of your sweetheart being permitted to marry you, after you made a donation to that church and entered its training, part and parcel of her church annulling her first marriage on fabricated grounds, that there is something so awfully awry in this world that even blind, deaf and dumb people see it, but the masses do not, then, Mark, I have darn sure tried to be your friend and your older brother.

That's a lot to unpack... You know I value your friendship immensely, appreciate your intellect, feel the same about our kinship, but have no way of understanding much of where you're coming from at times. How can anyone? You've said it yourself a million times.
As for my "carrying on as though I have it all figured out"??? Jesus, I never claimed that but I do love this country, what it was, but not what it is becoming and it is not conservatives who are tearing it apart, and I stand by that. The lefties have no use for the Constitution, the bag of bones in the WH and his minions are dangerous in their hate for America and I stand by that also. You want to be a peacemaker and craft the middle ground because you claim no party affiliation, but there is a full on war going on with Lefties working overtime to make Karl Marx proud. I've spent a good bit of time in both China and Russia, have friends in both countries, and if Lefties here believe more in totalitarian dictatorships than in the beautiful Constitutional Republic our forefathers crafted, they are naive, ignorant, indoctrinated, and stupid beyond belief. And I have friends in both countries who would privately back me up in that statement.
Very sorry to hear your health on the decline, but I know you have a helluva lot more fight in you, even while you may say you don't... Hey, don't you want to stick around and watch how the political shit-show plays out? Can we perhaps speak privately soon without it being shared and broadcast on social media? I have no plans to have any potions injected in me, but am following the Zelenko Protocol, but that shouldn't much matter for you as you've had both jabs. I may be at US Steel Fairfield the latter part of this week in case you are available for dinner? Peace and love my friend. Your little brother Mark...

Sloan Bashinsky
Of course I'm available for dinner, and I'm still taking the Zelenko protocol, substituting quercetin for hydroxychloroquine, to usher zinc supplements into my body cells to interfere with Covid-19 replication, should I catch that shit show, and its many variants, thank you not Red China. I also take V-C, D3, B complex.
Mark, if you don't see the Right destroying America as much as the Left is destroying it, you need eye surgery. Shit show it is, has been for a very long time, and will continue to be, unless some much bigger shit show intervenes and causes the little shit shows to unite. But then, the Red China shit show came and disrupted everything, and did the little shit shows unite? Nope. They fought over how to respond to the bigger shit show, and mostly they ignored, even ridiculed God's prophet, Dr. Zelenko.
You are correct. There is no way you can grok what I experience, and that is not criticism, but simply how it is. Over the years, I have had people come into my life, who were able to grok it, and there were other people who came along, who were able to grok some of it, while let's say 99..5 percent of the people I encountered were not able to grok it and responded to me in various ways, some more friendly than others.
You offered me a wood burner, well, a great deal of my life is a wood burner, so to speak. A lot of it ends up at my blog and on Facebook, and a lot of it the public never sees.

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