Monday, August 31, 2020

Trump's great white America under God, Leonard Cohen would roll over in his grave to hear his "Hallelujah" become Trump's campaign song

Sancho Panza chimed in on the 99-percent white Republican National Convention:
The Fourth Reich

Emoji  The Barnum of Politics! 

"A sucker is born every minute." P.T. Barnum

Leonard Cohen would roll over in his grave to hear his "Hallelujah" become the Trump campaign song.
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That there's a Trump secret wet dream!  Maybe.... or maybe it's yours? I mean, you have very definite ideas on how to "fix" the World! Oink! 

My diabolical design would be for all Americans, let's start there, since we are "one nation, under God", have the Kingdom of God activated inside of them at the same moment, as per the above Lord's Prayer symphony orchestration Emoji

I bet that would cause Leonard Cohen to come back and sing Hallelujah!!!
As I listened this morning to Leonard Cohen sing "Hallelujah", I burst into oceans of tears. I supposed that meant I had wandered into a very, very deep nerve, and that brought another ocean of tears.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

Melchizedek, Michael and Khamael weigh in on the state of America, humanity, God, Evil: As above, so below; As below, so above?

I turned in last night pondering the Party of Lincoln has become the White Supremacist Party? I thought I might cover that in this Sunday post. My dreams, however, were all over the place, even as I felt something toxic in my G.I. tract and elsewhere in me. So, I woke up wondering if I would published anything today? I went online and found a "state of humanity and the heavens" email from a friend about half my age, who from time to time reports encounters face to face, in visions and dreams with angels known in the Bible. My short reply follows his report:


This night.

1. Melchizedek is writing in a notebook: I ask what the future portends. He looks up, and says: In a world where evil prevails by the actions of man and woman alike, across all belief spectrums, what would you think the future portends ?

2. I was speaking with Michael and asked if Biden would win ? He said : Biden ? Trump ? Trumen? Bidump ? 330 million people in America. Not like Lambs to the Slaughter but instead: Lemmings to a Cliff?

3. Another Michael Dream: It is said that a wee little worm in a hickory nut is as happy as can be, for he lives in the heart of the whole wide world. and he merrily sings out "It all belongs to me !" Michael said: And it does. Until a squirrel or goat or deer finds that hickory nut.

4. Khamael: lf man does not achieve some balance on what it views as an acceptable standard of legal force in policing, then there can be no order. People need to take a broader look at their perceptions of racial and socio-political justice. Crimes of centuries ago need to be looked at in broader context before brother turns against brother and the dark plan of Lucifer comes to fruition.

5. Khamael and Michael: Mankind's behavior towards the rest of mankind must be dealt with in some way, such that the history is not forgotten, but that people view injustices in a broader insight. A white coal miner who worked for generations on scrip at the company store and died in debt to the country store, and his family generations of this same process is a form of slavery not unlike one African tribe kidnapping a neighbor tribe and selling them to whites. Only 5% of the Southern population owned slaves. People go to war for a variety of reasons, none make any sense- so the Confederate outrage is overblown and and people need to find another way to make peace with the nation's past. For it is our PAST- NOT OUR FUTURE. If we allow our nation to divide itself it is the perfect target for China: a nation divided already can be split apart. Citizens are overconfident in the military might of the USA because the USA has what is perceived as "free press". We perceive the Chinese as backwards because of our media's accounts and the few snippets of news we see from China. Who is to say that China is not the wise fox who makes a powerful pack in secret to destroy the farmer's barnyard while he thinks he is protected with his AR-15?

6. Khamael: Evil, the most sinister evil is a work. There is great war in the heavens that imbalances all earth and makes the world operate as if in complete madness. Under the heavens the disorder and chaos continues unabated, in fact chaos increases by the very second- the situation is better than excellent for evil to triumph and good men to wake up far too late.

7. Michael advised .... The results of this election and how the results are arrived(manner of how votes are cast) serves to destabilize an already fragile [stock] marked propped up by toothpick lattices and toothpick scaffolding.

I replied to my friend:

I think it is very difficult, if not impossible, for most people, even those who regularly attend church, to factor in war in heavens has anything to do with what happens in humanity on this planet. But recall, As above, so below. And, as below, so above. So, if the war in the heavens rages as described, what chance has humanity to be any different? So, I suppose it falls in each person to do his her best to walk with God, and leave for God to deal with the rest of it? For as above, so below, and as below, so above, also are internal.

Saturday, August 29, 2020

Trump's acceptance speech: maskless white supremacist rally

After watching that 75-minute You Tube yesterday morning, I emailed Sancho Panza:
In a dream last night, I was cryptically addressed by a voice regarding my criticizing Trump. As today progressed, I recalled telling a friend yesterday that I had not watched the Republican or the Democrat conventions, had not wanted to watch. So, I found Trump's acceptance speech online and watched all of it, except for dozing off maybe 5 minutes. 

Without fact-checking, and regardless of fact checking, I think the speech probably got Trump reelected, absent something unexpected coming forth. Trump didn't stumble once. He did not seem to be read the speech, but I imagine teleprompters were strategically placed so he could see the text of the speech when he looked in different directions. He made many strategic pauses. He was in 100-percent control. He adroitly punched ever last right button. It was an exquisite theatrical production that Hollywood could not match. It made Biden and the Democrat convention look like fake cardboard.

It was outside, at night, in front of the White House. A very large shoulder to shoulder 99-percent white, 99.5-percent maskless audience. Trump and no one in his entourage wore masks. It came to me out of the blue that everyone there not in a mask was taking hydroxychloroquine or quercetin and zinc, and their unstated hope is every lefty will catch Covid-19 and listen to Dr. Fauci and Big Pharma and die. For although Trump spoke at the beginning of America being one people and unification being the desire, it very quickly became a we are right and the left is wrong, and if Biden wins in November, kiss America adios. 

I think Trump made good points on several fronts: endless foreign wars; stop outsourcing manufacturing overseas, especially to Red China; restricting immigration; dealing with violent demonstrations; reopening America, or it dies as per Joe Biden lock-down agenda. For examples. But I am not impressed by Trump not yet getting American troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, nor by his shape-shifting response to Covid-19, nor by his not giving America the cure he had in his small hands: Dr. Zelenko. Trump will answer to God for that, the righteous right not withstanding.

As for Trump saying the DNC left "under God" out of The Pledge of Allegiance, when I learned the Pledge as a boy, there was no "under God". That was added, I think when I was in high school, to distinguish America from godless communist Soviet Union. Maybe the Democrats were right to leave God out of the Pledge? Maybe God is having a tough time finding how to fit into America today?

Here's a link to a fact check article on Trump's speech, which, regardless of accuracy relevant in God's Courtroom, might be wet paper on November 3.
Sancho Panza replied:
I find it Interesting how you and I, who have IQ's above 140(I assume that just from our interactions and your writing), can see the same thing and come up with our own varied interpretations of the same event... and yet the brain-dead partisan mob needs to wait to see what the spinning doctors in the MSM have to feed them so they can regurgitate it to themselves ad nauseam!

It's ludicrous to say that Trump made 20 false statements in a speech that had more than a thousand statements and assertions... that would mean that 98% of what he said was factual? The whole thing has to be understood for what it is... and you know what that is... you hit it right on the nose, he weaved a tale of power as old as the dance of sin and redemption... of  heroes and villains, full of all the emotional "fixes" we humans consume to make our lives bearable or maybe even worth living! Hope in a Hopeless World is much more valuable than facts!   Oink! 

Me to Sancho:
Heh, based on the sick look on my mother's face when the results of an aptitude or IQ test given to the students at my high school were mailed to her, my IQ is around 90 Emoji, which, if true, don't bode well for the intelligence of the people who rely on Trump to explain (spin) things for them. Then, there are Trump backers who actually do have high IQs, but for whatever reasons they have, want him in the White House. I can't say Joe Biden gives me good vibes. Too bad the alien invasion keeps getting postponed. Meanwhile, I came around yesterday to thinking of people I know with serious medical troubles, who suffer a great deal more than than I do from the world being turned upside down by Red Dawn, which ain't going on vacation for Trump or Biden. Can't wait to see the new vaccine spin jobs.

Heck, how'd I leave out Trump's glowing exaltation of honest, brave, hardworking, white American settlers winning the west, which I kinda doubt won Trump one Native American vote.

Friday, August 28, 2020

How many times did the white police officer need to shoot Jacob Blake in the back? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7?

This white former Birmingham, Alabama practicing attorney joined a Facebook discussion of Alabama whites who don't like some pro basketball teams going on strike over Jacob Blake being shot seven times in the back by a white police officer.
Jim Bushnell
August 27, 2020
Professional sports is simply entertainment. If they don’t play, they don’t get paid. If all those entertainment venues are shut down in protest, what will happen? Maybe other venues will open? Who is more important, the paid player or the customer?
  • Charles B. Bernhard III Done with them
  • Mitchell Hobart Damsky I’m through with all of it, but lacrosse. If they make that impure, I’ll quit watching that! I’m through with professional sports because it’s not professional!
  • Jack Cabral I agree 100%
  • Jim Dent Someone being interviewed on CNN contended professional sports were a gift to society by the players. A gift. When did they start playing for free?
  • Morris Middleton The NBA has betrayed us 
  • Jim Bushnell We are all replaceable, even sports stars.😎
  • Wallace Bromberg Jr Covid has shut down entertainment venues. Concerts are cancelled, and the entire industry is in shambles. The NBA, NFL, etc have been able to tap into huge corporate and government funding. Not so for the band playing gigs in bars and small venues.

    These spoiled brats who think themselves so important are getting ready to have a reality check.
    • Jim Bushnell Wallace Bromberg Jr
      Pro Dart competition?
    • Sloan Bashinsky Maybe the reality check also visits you, Wallace, and everybody who likes to watch those highly skilled athletes compete, and everyone who depends on them competing, to make a living?
  • Susan Murray After all the crazy stuff that has happened, I could not care less if I ever saw another game in my life.
  • Stanley E. Weir If they think the public gives a crap about the athlete’s opinion, they are wrong! Play or go to work at Micky D’s.
  • Anne Terry Johnson I hate pro sports. Think I always have.
    • Carol Culp Anne Terry Johnson We are all waiting to see if we will have college football: our true love!!!!!
    • Sloan Bashinsky Besides the inconvenience of just one team in, say, the SEC, having Covid-19 infections and having to cancel a game or two, or the opposing team(s) cancel, college presidents, who, not the Southeastern Conference, make the call whether or not their school will have a fall football season, are concerned about Covid-19 spreading in their school, and they are terrified of their school being sued by players or parents of players who catch and are damaged by Covid-19. There are players on SEC teams, who have existing conditions that put them in the high risk category for Covid-19.. Parents and players do not waive, and cannot be made to waive, right to sue the school if the player catches and is injured by Covid-19.
  • Sloan Bashinsky No players, no customers
  • Elizabeth Gerhart Thompson It’s devastating for the entire sports broadcast production industry. Producers, directors, graphics, stats, camera ops, audio, stage managers, etc... these folks are all independent contractors. Without live sports, there’s nothing for them do broadcast. We didn’t have work from March to the end of July. Hubs has been gone all but about 10 days this month with baseball and racing, but he hasn’t gotten a call about his usual football schedule. If this Covid nonsense wasn’t bad enough... now a bunch of overpaid social justice warriors are protesting over a guy getting shot for breaking the law?
  • Aubrey Garrison III Not playing even eliminates their China market.
  • Sloan Bashinsky Excerpts from article in my Apple news feed this morning:

    Eyewitnesses said that Blake had broken up a fight between two women when police arrived. According to the DOJ, officers were dispatched to the residential neighborhood "after a female caller reported that her boyfriend was present and was not supposed to be on the premises." The release did not state who the woman or her boyfriend were.

    Then, according to the DOJ, "During the incident, officers attempted to arrest" Blake and used a Taser on him, but the Taser "was not successful." Blake then walked around to the driver's side of his vehicle, inside which three of his children were sitting, and opened the door and lean forward.

    At this point, video shows that Sheskey was holding Blake's shirt. Sheskey then fired his gun seven times into Blake's back; his family says he is now paralyzed from the waist down and that the damage could be permanent.

    No other officers used their firearms, according to the DOJ, and there is no body camera footage available because Kenosha does not have body cameras.

    The DOJ said that Blake "admitted" to investigators "that he had a knife in his possession" when the shooting occurred, and no other weapons were found in the vehicle.


    Some former Birmingham practicing attorney thoughts:

    What kind of police department today does not require its officers to wear and activate body cameras during an intervention, arrest, chase?

    Since when are police allowed to use deadly force and shoot a perhaps suspect to a physical altercation seven times in the back?

    The right hates professional athletes kneeling during the national anthem to protest this very sort of incident;involving blacks. Such incidents continued. The professional athletes went on strike, Makes perfect sense to this white guy.
    Department of Justice releases initial findings in Jacob Blake investigation
    Department of Justice releases initial findings in Jacob Blake investigation
    Department of Justice releases initial findings in Jacob Blake investigation
    • Aubrey Garrison III was there not a knife i the car that he was reaching for? Thought I saw that in a police release.
    • Sloan Bashinsky Also from same article:
      KENOSHA — According to an initial release from the Wisconsin Department of Justice's investigation into Sunday's shooting of Jacob Blake by a Kenosha Police officer, the DOJ says that Blake did have a knife in his possession (as
       had been rumored after millions viewed a cell phone recording of the shooting) but also did not say whether Blake was the reason officers were called to the 2800 block of 40th Street.

      Investigators recovered the knife from the floor of Blake's vehicle, according to the DOJ.

      The DOJ said that Blake "admitted" to investigators "that he had a knife in his possession" when the shooting occurred, and no other weapons were found in the vehicle.
    • Sloan Bashinsky However this is spun by the right and by the left, how many times did the officer have to fire his gun to subdue Blake who apparently had done a good deed by breaking up a fight and was with his children who got to see their father shot 7 times in the back. If white folks think they are going to win that argument in God's Courtroom, they might wish to call their white attorneys and ask them what they think about the shooting.