Thursday, March 25, 2021

Alabama: national political retardation role model

A fellow I once practiced law with in Birmingham, Alabama posted some Alabama politics on Facebook, and I joined the discussion:

An observation and opinion - our state now has Senator Tuberville as our representative in Washington. Now Mo Brooks has announced he is running for the senate seat, since Shelby is retiring. If the uneducated electorate in Alabama sees fit to vote for Mo Brooks and send him to Washington, then, in my opinion, the State of Alabama will have the two dumbest men in the country representing our state. My goodness, the voters in our state will get what they want......nothing except constant embarrassment.

They crave that embarrassment because it distinguishes them from much of the rest of the country, about whom they stay suspicious. The fact that Alabama exists in a bad light is a source of pride, a pride barely concealing a monumental sense of inferiority. The chip on Alabama’s shoulder is many generations old.

Your observations are absolutely correct. For Alabama to send one, much less two, Senators with no more intelligence that is being displayed, is shameful.

Squire, not to worry. That only concerns elitists. Besides, we should worry more about the current occupant of the White House who is mentally off balance, running our country like a dictatorship, and is a threat our democracy.

Mark, get serious. After 4 years of Trump, having a competent administration is a blessing

Squire, you have some interesting friends. Biden is a dictator. Trump, on the other hand, was in favor of ... pure democracy. I just saw a flock of flying pigs. You and I are old enough to recall how proud most white folks in Alabama were of George Wallace. I imagine their linear descendants favor the white race, too, and backed Trump. As for the 2 Senate seats, how about youse and mese toss our hats in the ring?

Mark, total BS about Biden. Your description fits tRump to a tee!!!

Mark, Trump was the most dictatorial leader we’ve ever had! He wanted everything his way, and played the victim if anyone crossed him!

Squire, I’m just repeating your non-substantive rhetorical comments made over and over again for the last 4 years.

Sloan Bashinsky
Mark, I saw on TV Tuberville himself, out of his own mouth, prove beyond any doubt that he was 100 percent for Trump, would support Trump 100 percent, and that's why the good people of Alabama should elect him. I kept hoping I would see and hear Tuberville say something original, that he actually had a functioning brain and soul, and he did not do that. He proved he was a robot, operated by Trump. I don't know Mo Brooks. I know Squire, have seen him at his best and at his worst. I know he is a real person, not a robot. I know he is humble, does not boast, pat himself on the back. I know running for public office probably would chew him up and spit him out, because that's what politics tends to do with people with functioning brains and souls. I learned that from running a few times for local public office, and being the candidate who didn't count votes when he spoke and fielded questions at candidate forums and during media interviews. I learned quickly that the public doesn't want such a candidate in office, and they like even less candidates who say they hate politics and didn't want to run, but God insisted.

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