Friday, May 27, 2022

The Great White Christian Right In M-16s We Trust State of America

Some years ago, I met a northern woman in Key West, who was down to see a mutual friend of ours. We became friends and kept up with each other online. She posted this below on her Face Book;

You can’t pray and send condolences on one day and then be going and championing guns on the next. That’s wrong.
NRA Annual Meeting
NRA Annual Meeting
NRA's Event Of The Year - You're invited to NRA's biggest celebration, with an action-packed lineup of events that includes dinners, auctions, concerts, raffles, seminars, workshops, book signings and more.

I posted as a comment.

Unsocial Truth and The Great Unwoke
Unsocial Truth and The Great Unwoke

Then we had this discussion: ?

I read what you wrote in the description of the podcast and then the linked article regarding natural herbal abortion over the years.

The podcast is a bit more free flowing in places, thus a bit ... wilder 

I just viewed it. I hope you are right about electrical storms being a sign of change. We need it. Little Jesus Trump needs to be a distant bad part of our American history along with his Unwoke following. I can only believe that voting straight blue in powerful numbers is our only way to silence the cult he invented.

I think the next podcast, based on dream around dawn, will urge blacks to vote BLUE as if their very lives and souls depend on it. It looked to me that blacks ousted Trump in 2016. The Great Unwoke already control the SC. If they control Congress and White House, too…
Look at the skin color at MAGA rallies, January 6 coup attempt, Charlottesville Confederate, Nazi, KKK rally. The Great White Unwoke, waving Bibles.

And that explains why there is an urgent need to suppress certain voters. We know the agenda.

the cult was already there, Trump knew it and how to wind them up and get them to love him. He did have some help from a demon, too. Blacks need to unite at the ballot, regardless of any differences they have among themselves. Democrats need to understand this is far bigger than politics. The Devil is very real and is playing both sides like fiddles. The one thing that matters is what you named, Vote. That is the only human way to avert a religious white takeover. Angels are working in their way to bring things into view. The Great Unwoke’s soulless reaction to the Texas school shooting laid them naked in plain view.

Thoughts and prayers vs. something needs to be done. Round and round we go. When does the Party of Perfection take over? I thank the good Lord that she never blessed me with children.

The closest thing to The Party of Perfection was demonstrated and taught by the man Jesus in the Gospels. Were he here today, imagine he’d shake his head. Might be killed, too, by The Great Unwoke. Today’s Pharisees. The black Christian SC Justice’s last name , Thomas, and his wife’s. Some blacks in earlier times call Uncle Toms, and Tomasinas?

Well, Thomas is ultimately washed in his brain by his wife. I have absolutely no doubt in my crazy head that plan was well calculated.

What, a black poor ole’ Adam tricked by Eve story?
I might tell some of our banter here in next podcast. You mind sharing The Great Unwoke podcast?

Sure thing, Sloan. I respect your views and logic.

You could get a reputation

Get?  I’ve arrived!

Back to blacks voting, The Great Unwoke's mantra, the election was stolen, was understood by The Great Unwoke, bottom to top, to mean, stolen by blacks. The mantra was pure white supremacism, but, of course, The Great Unwoke would never admit it. I have talked with blacks who knew very well blacks were accused by The Great Unwoke of steeling the 2016 election from their beloved fake Jesus, who had no more to do with Jesus in the Gospels than Julius Caesar had. I truly hope America's blacks vote in November and thereafter as if their lives and souls depend on it, because more than their lives and souls, more than their children and grandchildren's souls, depend on it. The white left, alone, is no match for The Great Unwoke and the traditional unwoke Republicans who put up with The Great Unwoke, because they do't want the left having anything to do with running America.

I sadly believe this will inevitably get worse, if you can imagine…. Before it ever gets the slightest bit better. You and I will be long gone. Little Jesus from the Unwoke gang sent us back fifty years. That makes me five again. A little girl just going to preschool. Practicing school shooting drills in todays world. Starting all over again in an even more viscous world. The Little Unwoke Jesus brought out the racist pig in every follower. It’s become acceptable by 49% or so of the American population to proudly boast their racist opinions. They use to hide it. Now they proudly brag about how racist they are. I’m getting exhausted and I haven’t even started. We all kind of fell down. Now we get back up. We won’t stop.

Hopefully, USA generals and admirals and their troops are willing to die to prevent a white supremacist Christian Right version of Iran.
Meanwhile, since late 2015, I have wondered why any woman would have anything to do with Donald Trump? I amazes me to see women fawning over him, defending him, worshipping him. I wonder if they still have souls? As in, their souls detached from them in self defense. I wonder the same about Christian Right women. Are they still even women, in the spiritual sense?

I wish I could give you the answer. I am bewildered.

Well, since you are a woman, I hoped you knew 😎

I can appreciate you asking me because of that reason. I just wanted to let you know that I am just as mystified and appalled at women obsessing over the orange man as much as you are. I’m sorry I can’t help. I don’t think I will ever be able to solve that problem.

A while back, I met a lady lawyer, who represented a relative in family legal stuff that was taking a while. The relative was in the dark red end of the spectrum, and the lady lawyer had served in Donald Trump's US Department of Justice under Attorney General Jeff Session, who was an Alabama US Senator before Trump appointed him US Attorney General. After Trump fired Sessions and and replaced him with William Barr, the lady lawyer served under Barr. She told me that she and Barr are good friends. Before working in the Department of Justice, she was a judge in a western state, and before that she was a district attorney (prosecutor).in the same state. 

She told me she likes my writings and podcasts. I told her that hanging out with Trumpers and the Christian Right is not spiritually safe, because they are infested with demonic energies, which can be absorbed unwittingly. I told her the left is infected in its own way with demonic energies, and the safest course is non-affiliated. I also said the left does not wave Bibles and claim they speak for God and want to make America a Christian Right State, and the left are not nearly the threat the right is. 

I reluctantly voted for Joe Biden in 2020, because he and the left did not cause me to fear for the safety of my children and their families. The right seemed unhinged before Trump lost in 2016, and seems much more unhinged now. So, I just might be voting straight blue, even though they have plenty in their own house that needs fixing. 
Well that’s the best news I heard all day. Pick your poison. I know you are from a Red State and I can respect and sympathize. The time is now. 

Sloan Bashinsky
As for your very right-on post here, after the Uvalade, Texas school shooting massacre, which had nothing to do with guns, if you believe the National Rifle Association's mantra, "People, not guns, kill people," I hope the mantra will cause a whole lot of fed up with school shootings Americans to storm the polls and vote against the NRA's whores holding national and sate offices.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Unsocial Truth and The Great Unwoke

In my 80th year, I have come to think there is very little social about truth, and since the American Religious Right and its Jesus Donald Trump have tagged the American left as "woke", I think it's fitting to tag the American Religious Right and Trump as "The Great Unwoke". For there is nothing small about just how sound asleep they are to what it's really like to be saved by Jesus and work for God, which I wager would scare the living hell out of them and drive them batshit crazy and not even rabies shots would cool them down. Now I don't have much affection for the America left either, but they are not seen waving Bibles and heard claiming to be God's militia and sole voice that should rule America like mullahs rule Iran, despite the beginning of Amendment 1:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. 

As for the abortion war, when does the soul attach to a fetus? Does anyone know?
Consider Genesis 2:7
Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.
Amendment 14
Section 1
All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Yesterday was primary election day in my state, Alabama. I had not intended to vote, because I am an Independent and I thought independents could not vote in partisan primaries. That's how it was when I lived in the Florida Keys. That's how it is in Georgia. However a friend told me yesterday morning that Democrats and Independents can cross over in Alabama and vote in Republican primaries, and Republicans and Independents can cross over and vote in Democrat primaries. So, I went to the nearby voting station about 4 p.m., and, as had happened in the past, there was no waiting line.

I told the election official who waited on me, that I am an Independent and can I vote in the primaries? Yes, he said. I asked to see both the Democrats and the Republican ballot. I decided to vote on the Republican ballot. I wanted to vote against Republican Governor Kay Ivey, because, in her campaign ads on TV, she salivated her devotion to Donald Trump, whom she'd made her Jesus, and to conservative values. And, Ivet hadn't mentioned in her campaign ads that she has a  reputation of being a heavy drinker, and if you want to do business with her in her governor's office, do it before 12 noon. Ivey also has a reputation of being controlled by powerful Alabama people behind the scenes, who find her convenient. 

I voted for a lesser known Republican governor candidate, whom I'd heard was trying to address bread and butter issues in Alabama, instead of right-wing white Christian crusades. I also voted for an incumbent US House of Representatives candidate, who had been a Trumper, but had not bought into The Great Unwoke election was stolen batshit crazy madness. 

A different election official told me that I would have to vote Republican for the rest of the year. I said, give me back my ballot. No way, I vote for a candidate who made Donald Trump their Jesus, about which God and Jesus will have plenty to say in the afterlife. 

The official, who had helped me, said I only had to vote Republican through the run-off, if there was one. In the November general election, I could vote Democrat or Republican. He talked with the other official and got her straightened out. 

I asked for my ballot back, and he gave it to me, and I walked over and put it through the voting machine. Then,  a loud electrical storm broke loose outside. That always signals major change for me. I had brought my umbrella with me and made it to my car without getting soaked.

Ivey got 55 percent of the votes in the Republican primary and won it without a run off. 

There is a runoff in the Democrat primary. I doubt either candidate stands a chance against Ivey. Although in the larger Alabama cities, the blues win, they are outnumbered statewide by the reds. 

The reds and their state and national leaders, and the supreme leader Donald Trump, collectively known as The Great Unwoke, remind me of the Soviet Union and Vladimir Putin. 

The other day, a friend I got to know in the Florida Keys told me that I have the same birthday as Putin. I looked it up. I'm ten years older than Putin. I imagine the people of Ukraine hope Putin doesn't live another 10 years.

I imagine Donald Trump, Kay Ivey, Republicans in Congress, MAGAs and Republicans elsewhere hope they live forever. I think they are going to be a bit surprised and shook up when their roll is called up yonder. They will be, if they get to meet the God, Jesus, angels and Holy Ghost that have been on my case since early 1987.

Ditto, America's Democrats, Independents, etc. However, they don't wave Bibles and boast Jesus saved them, and they are God's militia, and America should be a Christian Right version of Iran. Adios, separation of church and state. Hello, the American Christian Right Inquisition.

Meanwhile, I cannot even begin to express how much it warmed my heart to see all over the Internet and TV news last night, The Great Unwokes' unceasing loud shrieks for background checks, in the wake of yesterday's Uvalade, Texas lower school massacre. 

Oh, hell. I meant The Unsocial Truth Great Unwoke's unceasing prayers for the massacred children and teachers, and for their families. Alas, their prayer fervor was dwarfed by their praise the Lord, hallelujah Jesus unceasing shrieks, that since Roe v. Wade, more than 50 million babies have been aborted in the United States 3, more than three times the number who were killed in German death camps, Chinese purges, Stalin's gulags, Cambodian killing fields, and the Rwandan genocide combined.

I wonder how the Republicans in the US Congress, and elsewhere in America, and every member of the National Rifle Association would deal with all their families being shot and killed with AR-15 style rifles? I suppose they would send up countless prayers and chant unceasing, "People, not guns, kill people." 

Pro-life, but not for school children and their teachers, and their loved ones. 

Pro-life madness

Alabama once had a seemingly sane abortion law: 

Under Section 26-21-8 of the Code of Alabama, no abortion cold be performed during or beyond the 20th week of gestation unless a doctor licensed to practice medicine has verified either that the fetus is unviable or that carrying the fetus to term would cause death or severe and irreversible impairment to the woman.

Then came this abortion law, which has no exception for rape or incest, which was put in limbo by litigation, but could go into effect if the Christian Right Justices on the US Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade.

The Human Life Protection Act, also known as House Bill 314 (HB 314) and the Alabama abortion ban,[4] is an Alabama statute enacted on May 15, 2019, that was set to impose a near-total ban on abortion in the state starting in November 2019, but a legal challenge against the bill has delayed implementation. The bill was passed in both chambers of the Alabama Legislature in a party-line vote and signed by Republican governor Kay Ivey. Under the Human Life Protection Act, a doctor who performs a banned abortion in the state of Alabama would be guilty of a Class A felony, and could be sentenced to life imprisonment. Several proposed amendments that would have allowed abortions in cases of rape and incest were rejected. The bill's sponsor, Republican representative Terri Collins, has stated that she hopes the law will lead to a legal challenge in which Roe v. Wade is overturned.

From its introduction to its signing, the Human Life Protection Act has been strongly opposed by Democratic politicians and activists; it has also been criticized by a number of Republican politicians. Legal challenges to the act were quickly brought by abortion rights advocates; a preliminary injunctionagainst the law was issued by U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Alabama judge Myron Herbert Thompson in October 2019.


The Human Life Protection Act[6] "defines all unborn children as persons".[7] It bans abortions at any stage of a pregnancy.[8] The law provides for exceptions in cases where a fetus has a lethal anomaly (a medical condition that would cause the fetus to be stillborn or to die shortly following birth), or in cases where a pregnancy would "present serious health risk" to the woman.[9] The law also allows abortions to be performed "upon confirmation from a psychiatrist" that a pregnant woman diagnosed with a "serious mental illness" might otherwise take an action that would lead to her own death or to the death of the fetus.[7] The law does not ban procedures to end ectopic pregnancies[10] or procedures in which a dead fetus is removed from the uterus.[7] It does not include an exception in cases of rape or incest.[9]

The Human Life Protection Act classifies the performance of an illegal abortion as a Class A felony equivalent to rape and murder. Doctors found guilty under its provisions could receive sentences ranging from 10 years imprisonment to 99 years or life imprisonment.[11] An attempt at performing an illegal abortion is classified by the bill as a Class C felony.[12] The bill also states that women receiving abortions would not be held criminally or civilly liable.[9]

A provision in the bill compared abortion to historical genocide events, reading: "More than 50 million babies have been aborted in the United States since the Roe decision in 1973, more than three times the number who were killed in German death campsChinese purgesStalin's gulagsCambodian killing fields, and the Rwandan genocide combined".

Again, what about Genesis 2:7?

Then the Lord God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.

Here a link to a most interesting article about the history of herbs used to prevent inception and induce miscarriage in Western Civilization before, during and after Jesus' time, and now. Herbs made by....God.

Eve's Herbs: A History of Contraception and Abortion in the West.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Key West waters are clean and beautiful - ya''ll come!!!

During a 2014 Key West mayor candidate forum broadcasted by Pirate Radio in Key West, I said visitors to Key West are not told that the ocean there is full of MRSA bacteria and is not safe to swim or dive in, if you have a nick or scrape on your skin. Key West native and Incumbent Mayor Craig Cates then said I was wrong, Key West waters are clean and beautiful. 


During my time living in Key West and the Florida Keys, 2000-2018, I heard stories of offshore fishermen coming across large patches of food wastes and raw sewerage floating on the ocean. 

The beaches in Key West and the rest of the Florida Keys often displayed warnings that the water was contaminated with fecal bacteria.

During a 2013 Key West Chamber of Commerce public forum I attended, the Chamber spokesperson, an M.D., said, "The dirtiest, worst possible cruise ships are calling on Key West."

The sea killer monsters people ride into Key West are not welcome by most people in Key West. Who welcomes them are Key West businesses that make money off them.

Cruise ship passengers and the super loud conch trains and trolleys they ride through quiet, peaceful Key West neighborhoods, are deeply resented by local residents.

Cruise ships top off their fresh water tanks in Key West with water piped down to Key West, which was drawn from sacred fresh water aquifers below Miami. 

When cruise ship passengers re-board, they should go astern and watch what their sea monster does to the sea bottom when it turns around and leaves Key West.
Cruise ship passengers should wonder about it not being wise to piss off Mother Nature. 

After leaving Key West, cruise ship passengers should wonder why they were NOT TOLD by ship personnel BEFORE they disembarked at Key West, that the ocean there is FULL of MRSA flesh-eating bacteria. MRSA stands for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus.

Facebook stopped letting me post photos of people with open MRSA abscesses, because the photos were too gory. I found the photos by Google-imaging "MRSA".
Let me tell you of my experiences with catching skin MRSA in Key West, in 2003.

In emergency surgery to save my life, a Key West surgeon carved two awful MRSA abscesses out of my pubic area and another out of my butt. When he came to my hospital room the next day, he said I could do anything I wanted to do but go into the ocean. 

His medical partner later told me, after another horrible MRSA abscess rose up between my scrotum and my anus, that he was treating MRSA all the time, and he thought it might be contagious by touch. He and his partner wore surgical gloves when they treated me. 

The doctor who had diagnosed me with the first three MRSA abscesses, Ian Garriques, MD., and referred me to the surgeon, washed his hands after each time he saw me. 

An infectious disease expert, Dr. Garriques eventually told me that he had talked with doctors all over America, and medicine had no answer to skin MRSA.

Angels then saved me from MRSA. 

I quit going into the ocean. 

Dr. Garriques later had a letter to the editor published in the Key West Citizen, in which he said MRSA was pandemic in the Florida Keys.

From time to time, other doctors in Key West told me they treated skin MRSA all the time.

A friend, who liked to swim in the lagoon in front of his home on Summerland Key, caught MRSA on his face.

Professional divers told me that if they went into the ocean with a nick or scratch on their skin, say from shaving, they had a good chance of catching MRSA.

I published many times on my blogs that the ocean was full of MRSA and the risk of catching it if you have a nick or scratch on your skin.

In time, I learned of easy to make and/or find home remedies that cured skin MRSA, which I reported on my blogs from time to time. and (no longer available).

The remedies are: 
(1) No bacteria can survive iodine. Acquire from a pharmacy a light-resistant bottle of red iodine and a small jar of petroleum jelly. Use a spoon or knife to remove a small scoop of the jelly from its container. Fill the resulting hole with the red iodine. Close the iodine bottle. Try not to get iodine on your fingers, because it will stain them brown. Use a toothpick or a thin knife to poke the jelly and red iodine until they merge and the concoction is deep pink throughout. Apply that concoction 3-4 times a day to the MRSA sore. After each use, make sure the container lid is closed tight and stored in a dark, cool place, because light and heat cause iodine to loose its efficiency.
(2) Acquire oil of oregano from a health food store or online, and apply that, also, a few times a day to the MRSA store. 

I told tourists about MRSA and not to go into the ocean if they had a nick or scratch their skin. 

I saw homeless people in Key West with gauze bandages on their arms or legs, which meant they had MRSA. The homeless shelter on Stock Island required MRSA sores to be covered.

If MRSA can be passed by touch, then is it smart in Key West to sit on public benches, touch hand rails, ride public transportation, sit on public toilets? 

A friend, who had lived on Cudjoe Key, told me the other day that she and her son went to Key West last year, and went diving, and they both caught MRSA.

If you come to Key West on a cruise ship, and you have six or so hours to kill, perhaps you should stay out of the ocean?

If you come to Key West by land or air, or by your own boat, perhaps you should stay out of the ocean?

If you went into the ocean in Key West or elsewhere in the Florida Keys and now have skin MRSA, acquire and apply the home remedies described above.

Beyond your personal safety and welfare, If you love Mother Nature, how can you get onto a cruise ship?

Consider that in 2021, Key West voters passed three referendums by more than 60 percent to:

    * Limit the number of people disembarking from cruise ships to 1,500 a day

    * Limit the capacity of ships that can call at Key West to 1,300 people

    * Give priority to ships with the best environmental and health safety records.

 “cleaner” was to be measured two ways:

    * By a ship’s scores by the Vessel Sanitation Program from the Centers for Disease Control.

    * By its records of environmental violations.

If you love Mother Nature, consider cruise ship-dependent businesses in Key West lobbied Republican state legislators, who lived on the Florida mainland, to introduce a bill in the Florida Legislature to override the Key West cruise ship referendums. Unable to get the bill passed, those Republican legislators attached it to an unrelated measure that the Republican-controlled state legislature passed, and then it was signed into law by self-proclaimed pro-environment Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, despite for decades Republican and Democrat Florida legislators and governors had designated Key West and the Florida Keys as areas of critical environmental concern. 

It was my observation in Key West and the Florida Keys, that money trumped Mother Nature every time. 

By 2010, my love affair with the Florida Keys had ended, evidenced by I did not weep when I left the Keys and when I came back. Living in the Florida Keys and Key West had become a grim job in what felt to me like a sewer that could be likened to MRSA.

By 2015, every time I saw a man o' war bird in Key West, I knew I soon would be spiritually attacked and/or would engage in spiritual warfare.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

What kind of monsters don't care what happens to unwanted children after they are born?


A woman friend lamented the turn this unfolding book took after five conservative-Christian US Supreme Court Justices provisional decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was leaked. She said the book was going so well, was lovely, and it turned mean, judgmental. I said the book is entitled The Yin and the Yang of the Law. She said she knew that, but it is tragic and she hoped the book would return to its original self. I said the Roe v. Wade evil organically invaded the book, and I am addressing it as an exorcist priest. 

Here is a link to a The Redneck Mystic Lawyer Podcast episode I posted to my Anomalous-Unusual happenings Facebook page and paid Facebook to boost.

Below are some comment threads under that boosted post, where I engage as an exorcist priest trained by the Melchizedek Order, which is not of this world. The Letter to the Hebrews in the New Testament says Jesus Christ is high priest in Melchizedek. 

Sometimes I comment as AuthorAnomalous-Unusual Happenings, sometimes as Sloan Bashinsky. I was blown away by Cheryl Thomas's comments.

Bobby Oliveira

Fetuses don't have rights. Glad I could help.

AuthorAnomalous-unusual happenings
Bobby Oliveira It looks to me that the pro-lifers argue fetuses are human beings, or are after their heart starts beating, thus abortion is murder. My question, though, is do unborn babies have the unalienable right that trumps all other rights, which is to be raised by mothers who want and love them?

Chris Bridgewater
Bobby Oliveira They do now!

Bobby Oliveira
Chris Bridgewater Technically according to this decision, they don't. Don't forget - a red state will have to arrest somebody. Those doing the arresting and the prosecuting have families subject to the free market. Poor bumpkins.

Chris Bridgewater
Anomalous-unusual happenings I hope you recover from the head injury.

AuthorAnomalous-unusual happenings
Chris Bridgewater As for the effect of the 5 conservative Christian justices' decision, if it goes into effect, I imagine most physicians in red states will decline to perform abortions, if they are at risk to being criminally prosecuted by local law enforcement and district attorney, with or without help from civilian bounty hunters. 
I saw on TV news last night that a district attorney in Texas said he will not prosecute women who have abortions, but how widespread that might be in Texas or any red state? District attorneys are elected officials, and most of them, I imagine, want to stay in office, and not enforcing their state's abortion law has a good chance of them losing the next election.
I also saw on TV last night news reports of grocery stores in several red states in middle America being out of baby formula for some time, and it will be good while before that is rectified. A woman friend pointed out the obvious this morning, which I had not seen. That's a message from God to the Christian Right about their crusade. There sin't enough baby formula for wanted babies.

AuthorAnomalous-unusual happenings
So far, I have not seen one comment that addressed the question in the title of this podcast: What about the unalienable right of unborn Babies to be raised by mothers who want and love them?

Patrick Campbell
Anomalous-unusual happenings Why do we have adoption agencies and Foster Care?

Sloan Bashinsky
Patrick Campbell I have yet to find one pro-lifer who tried to adopt a pregnant woman’s unwanted baby, to prevent an abortion. I have been criticized for saying pro-lifers who have not at least tried to adopt a pregnant mother’s unwanted baby, have no standing to oppose her having an abortion. So far, no one has addressed this podcast’s question.

Patrick Campbell
Sloan Bashinsky Yep. Let the child live but I don’t want it is the mantra of the Pro Life crowd.

AuthorAnomalous-unusual happenings
Patrick Campbell yep, and they have no concern for unwanted children being raised by mothers who don’t want them.

Cheryl Thomas
Sloan i’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they’re not pro life. They are pro birth, they want the childbirth, but they don’t want to take care of it. I also told people before, if you want that child born, pull out your checkbook and write a check so that that person could take care of that child, or someone can, you can’t speak out of both sides of your mouth saying pro birth pro life, it is there is or it isn’t. You have to have medical, you have to have childcare, you have to have so many things and they’re not willing to give that. Then we have all these rules for women and their bodies, but what about the men, what about the men who impregnate them where is their responsibility or their coup ability! They have posted pictures of elephants dogs pigs, and people think they’re fetuses of babies. They’re not. they are tissue, they’re not formed, you can’t even tell what they are! Like I said people want children born, then put up and shut up. Child care maternity coverage, everything that child’s gonna need for the rest of his life, until he can get on his own or her own! Her own! People don’t want older children, people don’t want anything but cute babies, that’s why so many are in foster care. I was in foster care, it’s not a fun place to be, and I’d much rather have the child be aborted than be murdered because somebody got angry, or hungry because somebody couldn’t feed them.

Sloan Bashinsky
Cheryl Thomas amen, and there are many ways to murder(abuse) a child that do not stop the child from breathing, and I imagine pro-lifers felt murdered in that way in childhood , and abortion triggers that trauma up out of their subconscious, and it drives them.

Sheila Casagrande Krause
Sloan, I have a friend who wanted to adopt the child of a pregnant woman but was refused. She aborted.

AuthorAnomalous-Unusural Happenings
Sheila Casagrande Krause, that happens, kudos to your friend for trying. Did you try to adopt an unwanted baby?

Sheila Casagrande Krause
Sloan, No, I did not.

Cheryl Thomas
Patrick we have adoption and foster care for children born due to the parents disbelief in abortion. Problem is people want cute babies unfortunately with so many in foster care many will age out never knowing the loving arms of a mother or father. Some people abort the child because they KNOW they cannot raise the child properly. I have seen many children in foster care and adopted being abused, sickening to say the least and the Far right Zealots want more children so they have an agenda they can keep running on as they have NO agenda but Fear!

Albert Crouch
Sloan Bashinsky lots of people adopt from over seas. Adoption laws here are as screwed up as everything else. I’ve meet couples in airports overseas bringing the kinds children back. Plenty of people here want to adopt babies because they can’t have children. I know several families that adopted from other countries because they couldn’t here.

Yvonne Martinez
Sheila Casagrande Krause parents send back hard kids. Bad genes and family issues will follow that child iinspite of adoptive parents best.

Cindy Toth-Adamek
Patrick Campbell there are close to 1/2 a million kids currently in foster care— not many want to adopt: drug addicted kids; fetal alcohol syndrome kids; schizophrenic kids; etc etc

Susan Carlson
Patrick Campbell neither adoption or foster care guarantees that that child will be loved and well taken care of,educated and an asset to society when he grows up. I am certainly not pro-abortion.But please don’t try to tell women that their child will do wonderfully if they birth it and then give it to someone else to raise. There are absolutely no guarantees.

Mary Ann Freeman Macomber
Sloan Bashinsky I have adopted two children but I have to say their mothers chose adoption, I wasn’t there as they made the choice.

Sloan Bashinsky

Mary Ann Freeman Maccomber, good for them.

Cheryl Thomas
Anomalous-unusual happenings children not born do not have rights until they can breathe and live and survive on the outside of the womb when they take their first breath and start crying that is when their life begins until such time they are tissue they don’t have any rights the mother has rights the father has rights the doctors have rights but you don’t have rights to tell people who they have to have as children and who they don’t whether they put them up for adoption or not it’s not for anybody how about this let’s make men give vasectomies as soon as they hit a age of being able to produce it’s reversible and then we won’t have to worry about it.

AuthorAnomalous-unusual happenings
Cheryl Thomas Not sure if you think I'm a pro-lifer, I'm not. I don't care for abortion, but that's between the pregnant woman and God. This is a religious matter though, because the right wing religious people are who oppose abortion, and I direct them to their own Bible, Genesis 2:7, where life began for humanity with the first breath of life. Judaism views the first breath of life as when life begins. When does the soul attach? Does anyone know? Is it with the first breath of life?

Cheryl Thomas
Anomalous-unusual happenings The Bible states that life begins when the first breath of the child happens. No I don’t think you’re a pro birth or a pro lifer I think you’re trying to get a point out! Only in Exodus does the Bible talk about abortion! But if they wanna go on the Bible and everything that’s in it, then how about we start taking these people to get divorced or have sex before marriage or any of the other stuff, let’s hold them to the task oh wait we can’t do that, guess what, because church and state are supposed to be separate. The forefathers knew this was happening, that’s why they put it as they did! This is a problem with the white evangelist Christian conservative people. Make America great again was all about putting a white man at the head of the table. Trump was no more Christian than I am. But he knew how to get peoples votes! It’s all a big lie, a big lie, just like the voting was rigged! This is only gonna affect the working class and the poor. Because these people putting these policies in place can go to wherever they wanna go on an airplane and get their mistresses or their wives abortion, this is only going to affect people of color people of low means!

Sloan Bashinsky
Cheryl Thomas Yep, yet the white religious right claim religion has nothing to do with their crusade. Herbal-induced miscarriages were common in all segments of humanity until fairly recently. Odd, Jesus didn’t mention or condemn it in the Gospels. There is a place in the Bible that says a baby’s life begins with the first breath?

Cheryl Thomas
Sloan In Genesis, chapter one, God answers that question himself. He forms a figure from the Earth, but it does not become Adam until God "breathes into him the breath of life, and he became man.” Clearly, life begins when you draw your first breath. According to the bible, destroying a living fetus does not equate to killing a living human being even though the fetus has the potential of becoming a human being. One cannot kill something that has not been born and taken a breath. This means that a stillborn would not be considered a human being, either. Of course, every living sperm has the potential of becoming a human being, although not one in a million will make it; the rest are aborted. So, man should be jailed or convicted if he masturbates, as he is killing the seed that could create life? Just a thought, and it is in the bible! I mean, if these far-right extremists are going to say aborting fetal tissue is killing a child, then so is ejaculation without a purpose. WHOA what a slippery slope!

AuthorAnomalous-unusual happenings
Cheryl Thomas Please believe me, I am with you all the way. Many times I have argued for putting pro-lifers on the witness stand, swear them in, ask them if the Bible is the inerrant literal word of God, every word and letter in it? When they answer, Yes, give them a Bible and ask them to read Genesis 2:7 to the court. Then tell the judge, "I rest my case, Your Honor."  Why the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, the US Department of Justice, the US Supreme Court never figured Genesis 2:7 out, astounds me. Judaism recognizes 2:7 as defining when life begins. 
Just as important, when does the soul attach? Before birth, during, with the first breath of life? Does anyone know? Is the unborn a human being before the soul attaches? 
Hard to imagine any religious right person not answering, Yes, to preserve their abortion is murder crusade, which they prosecute as if it is them being murdered by abortion. They could care less how it will go for an unwanted baby they, their state and their 5 Supreme Court Justices force an unwilling mother to bring to term.
I think it was 1989, it came to me out of the blue that pro-lifers were so severely abused in childhood that they felt murdered, and abortion triggers that up out of their subconscious and they react as if they are being murdered again. I imagine any psychiatrist or psychologist, not contaminated by religion, would have a similar take. If the 5 Christian Right Justices overturn Roe v Wade, red state women who don't want their unborn babies will be forced to either go to term or figure out a way to end the pregnancy regardless of the Supreme Court and the Religious Right and state antiabortion laws, or raise an unwanted child she may very well mistreat. What kind of monsters want to visit that on an unborn?

Cheryl Thomas
Anomalous-unusual happenings I understand and agree with your argument, makes perfect sense but, please let us get just 1 thing straight. These people screaming and trying to get women to have children not wanted is no more a PRO-LIFER than my DOG! They are PRO-BIRTHERS and i wish people would correct their terminology, as if they were indeed pro-lifers then they would make sure that the child would have the food he/she needed, the roof over their heads to keep them dry, to have clothes to cover them when cold. Then instead of CUTTING welfare and benefits they would enhance this to make sure these children had what they needed to thrive. We would allow mothers and fathers care and time off to bond with that child. We would have childcare in place so that when the parents needed to return to work, they could and have a place to put their children. They would get medical care to handle any emergency that arose, so the parents didn't drown in debt due to medical costs being out of control. NO they are on their HIGH HORSE placating to the people that fill their pockets with no direction of truth! The Soul, if available, comes into the body when life is breathed into the body, if the breath does not come, the soul has no place to reside, thus still births. This is what my Cherokee Great Grandparents taught. These minority of people are trying to continue control over the poor and working class by continuing to put pressure on them to keep them under. Sorry for being so verbose however my mind on this topic goes 100 miles per hour. I wish people would just learn Politicians do not give 1 damn about them, it is all about their power and coffers being filled!

AuthorAnomalous-unusual happenings
Cheryl Thomas Yep, the self-called pro-lifers rail against welfare mothers and babies, but their agenda promotes a heap more welfare mothers and babies, and fetal alcohol syndrome, crack, etc. babies.

Cheryl Thomas
Anomalous-unusual happenings also don’t bring religion into this because we’re not a religious country we were not found it on any Christian beliefs any Catholic beliefs or anything else this is why the forefathers decided to keep church and state separate Because who are you to force your beliefs are your religion on me. That sounds like the Taliban so what do we have Christian Taliban now?

AuthorAnomalous-unusual happenings
Cheryl Thomas You are right about the forefathers, however, the Christian Right for a very long time have been on a very religious crusade, and now their 5 Supreme Court Justices have joined that crusade, and it does resemble the Taliban, as well as Iran, where mullahs run that country, and make no mistake, the Christian Right want America to be run by Christian Right mullahs, and their churches to be American mosques, and for their version of Sharia law to prevail.

Cheryl Thomas
The fact is I am a native American. I do not believe in the Christian Right's belief system as the Bible has been translated through MANY hands and man has made changes. The Bible is a GUIDE for people who cannot live life correctly and need a guidance system. When does the soul enter the Bible, Well, we believe it enters when air hits the babies face and sucks in his/her first breath, this is when the Soul enters the body otherwise if no air comes in the child is still born and thus no soul was available to enter! The bible states Judge not least ye be judged by the same measure in which ye judge. Again, I am NOT Christian but, i know what the Bible states. The extremists today are trying to shove THEIR GOD down the throats of all of us. The Constitution says. ​Here is what the First Amendment states in the Establishment Clause:
“CONGRESS SHALL MAKE NO LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF…” This was done because of the religious zealots they had ran from overseas. Each man/woman has their belief or religion. That does not mean that we should create laws based on a particular religion. I mean, for Pete's, sake do the Americans want a Muslim to come in a create laws and rules to follow. NO they do not, yet they are trying to do this to us. To each person his need for understanding and what he believes or does not is between him/her and the C,reator. The founding fathers knew religion was a slippery slope that the government had no business being in. People scream God, Jesus, but if they were truly GOD LIKE/JESUS LIKE people, then their actions would be proven, but they are not. They think and want dominion over others, thus they preach this. There are over 16 NAMES to which people call GOD, are they right with this or wrong? We do not know until the day, minute and hour of our death. When I, not you, but I stand before the Creator and sit in judgement it will be for what I DID, not anyone else. Not the woman that had an abortion, not the child murdered by his parents that never wanted him, not the preacher that preaches fear and damnation which I think is a load of horse crap, it is just me. I would rather a child be aborted, than brought into this world never knowing love, warmth, kindness, compassion and more. Today we do not have this with the 448K children in foster care. We do not have this for the children that are cold hungry, lonesome, fearful due to abuse and neglect. NO i would rather they not come here than to face an unjust life.

Author Anomalous-unusual happenings
Cheryl Thomas From God's mouth through your lips.

Loretta Glynn Fitzgerald
Anomalous-unusual happenings In the 60’s, male congressmen deems that fetuses had no rights. So your putting a fetus without rights ahead of a woman with rights.

Bill Farnum
Loretta Glynn Fitzgerald very interesting. If that “fetus” lives long enough, do you then call it a human being or something else? If it is not human, what is it?

AuthorAnomalous-unusual happenings
Loretta Glynn Fitzgerald That's not what I mean. The Christian Right claim fetuses are human beings and killing them is murder. So, I ask the Christian Right, and everyone else, if unborn unwanted babies have an unalienable right to be raised by mothers who want and love them? Requiring a mother to give birth to her unwanted child ignores the unborn child's unalienable right.

Cheryl Thomas
Anomalous-unusual happenings Such a right does not exist until that child takes his first breath, until he does and is a living viable human there are no rights for the child not yet born, the mother has a right to do as she wishes with her body as she is the one that will face her creator not us.

Loretta Glynn Fitzgerald
Bill Farnum Accordining to the 14th amendment the unborn are not considered a person. That’s fact, not an opinion.

AuthorAnomalous-unusual happenings
Loretta Glynn Fitzgerald

Amendment XIV
Section 1.
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Frank Moore
No one’s talking about how the justices committed perjury during confirmation hearings ?

Sloan Bashinsky
Frank Moore I see a lot of talk about that online and TV. The perjury speaks to their standing with Jesus, who was really big on telling the truth.

Frank Moore
Sloan Bashinsky not suppose to be about Jesus, common law is set by precedent not by religious doctrine. Madison was so sure that there would be to many factions for a majority to impose itself on the minority moreover have a minority impose itself on the majority. But that seems to be common since the White Court . Benjamin Franklin had it right when he believed the country would fall to despotism.

Sloan Bashinsky
Frank Moore It's not supposed to be about Jesus, there is nothing in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution about Jesus, but since the nation formed, the religious right kept trying to make America a Christian nation, based on their take on the Bible, and they are going at that very hard now. Thanks to Trump, they now have 5 conservative Christians on the Supreme Court. They hope to take over America, make it like Saudi Arabia or Iran, with Mullahs and Mosques, but right wing Christian variation. A throwback to the Inquisition even?

Frank Moore
Anomalous-unusual happenings and the thing is, it was the Baptists that were most supportive of the separation of church and state because they use to be jailed in the colonies. 
But it all really started way back in the White court then Taft court . But this is the most partisan violation of common law principles I’ve seen in a long time . This could allow the privacy precedent to be overruled . States could decide to outlaw interracial marriage again, segregation again. But the next violation of precedent will be allowing public money for the teaching of religious doctrine from case out of Maine

Sloan Bashinsky
Frank Moore Yes, all sorts of grotesque permutations and combinations can leap into the wake of this white Bible waving Supreme Court majority opinion. Too bad the Dems ran Hillary in 2016, instead of VP Joe.

Frank Moore
Sloan Bashinsky too bad we all did vote for Gary Johnson in 2016, would have sent message to both sides, we’re tired of the fanaticism running policy
Sloan Bashinsky
Frank Moore I liked Johnson, but voted for Dr. Jill Stein, because she was talking about healing people and saving the planet. from humanity. I published many times at my blog that Hillary and Donald should be locked up in adjoining cells.

Frank Moore
Sloan Bashinsky well first we need to save humanity from itself and Johnson was the one to help find middle ground, had the experience in executive office to get things done and not just placate a certain few .

Frank Moore I liked Johnson's running mate, too. I don't think there is any way to save humanity from itself.

Frank Moore
Anomalous-unusual happenings just have to keep hoping . Maybe by changing the things we can around us we can make the ideas expand , but not if we allow the fanatical factions to have the only say .

Sloan Bashinsky
Frank Moore goof luck changing religious fanatics

Frank Moore
Sloan Bashinsky can’t change them but can push them out to the fringes. Same with far left. Everything doesn’t have to be a win lose game

Sloan Bashinsky
Fank Moore It does with them, and you are not trying to beat them? This boosted post is being discussed in God!s Courtroom, where all participants, me included, are on trial.

Tom Borries
Anomalous-unusual happenings I agree. Thank you Donald Trump.

Sloan Bashinsky
Tom Borries thank the Democrats for running Hillary instead of VP Joe in 2016.

John Van Bogart
Frank Moore Law is set by congress and must comply with the Constitution. Interpretation of law is helped by precedent. In this case there are flaws in Roe V Wade that allowed this door to be opened. Even Justice Ginsburg had issues with Roe V Wade and she was far from a conservative. Also keep in mind that their decision does not necessarily illegalise abortion. At most It simply changes the rules a little. Stop the nonsense

Sloan Bashinsky
John Van Bogart 5 very conservative Christian Justices decided to overrule Roe. Religion had nothing to do with that, of course, nor with the religious right opposition to abortion. I keep trying to find even one antiabortionist, who tried to adopt a pregnant woman’ unwanted baby, to prevent the abortion- no luck so far. Of course, I shouldn’t read anything into that, either.

Sloan Bashinsky
Frank Moore yes, there is nothing in the Constitution about privacy either, yet the SC ruled privacy is a constitutional right.

Frank Moore
Sloan Bashinsky and that is what Hamilton spoke about the problem with a Bill of Rights, that if they were not written down they would not exist . That people would begin to believe that the government allows the natural rights of man to exist. And here we are . 

Frank Moore
John Van Bogart you do realize that it was the Texas Supreme Court that affirmed the right in the first place ?

John Van Bogart
Frank Moore I don’t understand your point. And, I still don’t understand what perjury the justices commited.

Sloan Bashinsky
Frank Moore with 5 conservative Christian SC justices serving for life, the alt right have a great advantage. Unlike other federal fudges and all state judges, SC justices have no oversight. They do not have to recuse for conflict of interest. They are like gods and goddesses. 
The Christian Right are cemented in there positions and trying hard to acquire more power and territory. They are like the crusaders in the so-called Holy Land. Jihadists, who missed Jesus’s message that the Holy Jihad is internal, not external. The Kingdom of God is within.
The Christian Right are convinced they are God’s militia, and that really pleases the Devil, literally. 
The Democrats, the left, have many beams in their eyes, too, but they do not tend to thump Bibles, they do not claim they are God’s chosen people.

Frank Moore
John Van Bogart those people sat in front of congress and to the one said that Roe was set precedent knowing they believed it wasn’t, and under US title 18 section 1621 and 1001 that is perjury . 
And if the SCOTUS does send it back to the states, Texas Courts has already ruled, so they will have to litigate it again and their heart beat law will become void because they used Casey as their precedent, which will be void as well .

John Van Bogart
Frank Moore so, you are saying that based on precedent, we can’t change our thoughts regardless if how sound that evidence is? Otherwise, we are perjuring ourselves. Good luck with that thought process in a court of law! For what you are saying to be true, we also have to believe any justice appointed by Obama and Biden have also perjured themselves. Again, even Justice Ginsburg had issues with Roe V Wade. Also, IF the decision comes down in favor of the state, they aren’t overturning Roe. They are cleaning up a flawed decision by handing the responsibility back to the states. Regardless, women still have the right to control their bodies as much as men do….. called equality. 
I think you are buying into liberal propaganda. The next thing is you’ll buy into the lefts current fear mongering…,, ‘if scotus sides with the state, they’ll come after your kids/mixed marriages/whatever they think emotional nit wits will buy into’.

AuthorAnomalous-unusual happenings
John Van Bogart so, the 5 conservative Justices also should revoke the SC-created right to privacy, which is not in the Constitution, and let each state deal with that, too. The Religious right have clearly demonstrated they don't like LBGTQs. They send their LBGTQ kids to places to get them "fixed." They don't want the real African slave history taught in public schools. They say the left is "woke". I'm not part of the left, I'm not a Democrat, but I much prefer not being part of the "unawoke".

Frank Moore
John Van Bogart 
somehow I don’t think it would matter to you . But, listen to what Alito said about established precedent at his hearing and then read the leaked opinion . Then read US code title 18 section 1621 and 1001. But I’m sure it still will not matter to you that the precedent of privacy doctrine is about to be thrown out. This ruling could even overrule precedent as far back as 1923, even allowing states to overturn Griswold and Loving, but I’m sure many out there would be fine with that too.

AuthorAnomalous-unusual happenings
Frank Moore yep, this is a religious inquisition, all the rest is fake news

John Van Bogart
Frank Moore well there are options. Find the right candidates and support them or run yourself

Frank Moore
John Van Bogart no there are no options . As Franklin said we have been corrupted to far to save the Republic. It’s will fall to despotism because that what we want . Honestly I don’t care anymore. There is no saving it.

AuthorAnomalous-unusual happenings
John Van Bogart I fault the Dems for demanding late term abortions and for running Hillary in 2016. I ran 9 times for local office in the Florida Keys. I was the only candidate with fresh, helpful ideas. I learned the voters didn’t want that. The Dems got trumped good in 2016. Now the reds control SC, and their aim is to make America a religious state they run like mullahs run Iran.