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soular radiation is a bit different from Los Alamos variety

Young Prophet recently met an Australia native named Eddie, and gave him a copy of A SOUTHERN LAWYER WHO BECAME A MYSTIC, available at Amazon in trade paperback and kindle, which can be read for free, starting with this link: and using the links at the end of that part of the Trilogy.

Eddie came to America a good while ago. He emailed that he really liked the book, if it was for real. I wrote back that it is for real. That started a good bit of very interesting conversation, which perhaps needs to be shared with the public. For now, I share Eddy's response to the message below from Melchizedek in yesterday's post at this blog, which Melchizedek had given to Young Prophet:

We must all face Soul Alchemy to transcend our being

Here, however, is the snag on the briar, and before you know it, you are in the briar patch.

Trump did the unforgivable so many times while in office and before office, and after his election defeat. For us to move forward in the United States, then it means we must accept and FORGIVE the actions of those who have done the unforgivable, yet believe themselves to be washed clean of sin, who deny the sin of both commission and allying themselves with evil, the sin of remaining neutral under the rule of a man who sought to prey on the hate that hides in some men's hearts and dominates entirely the hearts of others.

It is not those of us who resisted Trump who must face the worst challenges of soul alchemy- indeed all of us face soul alchemy- but the Trump supporters? They are like the Israelites who left Moses stranded in the desert for 40 years. Being lost for 40 years? As a sentence upon us in the United States for what Trump did? That is getting off light.


When the Titan missiles were still in use, you had to travel to the the silos at night. There was a song that a fella used to play "Moonlight Mile" on the tape deck. It was a bit creepy. Sometimes if it was hot we'd go in a K5 Blazer M1008. The Titan tech was a hippy and he was in the Airforce, he was one of the best shots I've ever seen but to not get that "Expert Marksman" Medal he'd just whiff shots. He had "peace beads" and a sticker of two attractive young hippies fucking on the back window with the slogan "Make Love Not War, See Which One is More Fun"
You never knew on the drills if they were drills or if Ronnie Raygun had an incident of senility and the next thing you knew... Nuclear Winter.
I have often wondered if the biblical prophets knew something of the heart of man. Lucifer to be caged for 1000 years. One estimate for life to come back to earth after Mutually Assured Destruction was 1000 years. Are we such blackhe'rts the human race, that the Biblical prophets knew we were Lucifer, destined for MADD, and 1000 years in "prison" ?
Ruffage for thought.


The way my friend's recent report read, I wondered if Melchizedek is living in human form again, in America? In Genesis, Melchizedek took human form and had dealings with Abraham.

Had discussion with a neighbor the other day, who said he once was a tech that looked after Titan missile solos, I think in Arizona. In the early 2000s, an article in Life, I think, contained a photostat of an entry in President Truman's diary. He wrote that he did not drop the A-bombs to defeat the Japanese, who were trying to surrender. He dropped the A-bombs to intimidate the Russians, who were threatening to invade northern Japan. I suppose the gates of hell opened a bid wide. The nuclear arms race. My friend reported a while back that he was taken by Melchizedek to the Russian artic, where there was a nuclear facility that had some difficulty and Russia was covering it up. Melchizedek said escaped nuclear radiation affects other dimensions adversely, and affects the planet in ways that could lead to nuclear winter or melt down of the planet's core. 

As for soular radiation, I came to understand, not happily, that I, and every person, has a demonic twin, and that is something we all get to deal with in this lifetime, or whenever. I think collective soul evolution is perhaps more for philosophers to ponder, while individual soul evolution is something each person gets to try on, or not. Jesus, Buddha, and other spiritual teachers in the past, some known today, others not, were about individual soul evolution. Nothing easy about that kind of radiation.

For example, in the Gospels, Jesus said the way is steep, and the gate narrow, and few enter therein; many are called, but few are chosen; the work is great and the laborers are few. He said to first take the beam our of our own eye; resist not one who does evil; pray for and do good to our enemies; turn the other cheek and forgive those who trespass against us. 

Apply that to me - YIKES!!! Although I do not know Donald Trump personally, I really don't like what I have learned about him. So, it falls on me to forgive him? Is that question the Pharisee in me trying to weasel out of what Jesus said in the Gospels? What if I was able to get over myself and forgive Trump? That would accelerate my soul, according to what Melchizedek told my friend. What if everyone in America, who does not like Trump, forgives him? Will that unhinge Lucifer, and Trump and his legions? Or, will they take it as capitulation and permission to take over America?

Ruffage for thought Emoji

My daughters are at risk to monsters, America and the world are at risk. Dietrich Bonhoeffer, author of THE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP, spoke out against Hitler and the Nazis until they killed him. Jesus spoke out against the Pharisees until they had him killed by Pontius Pilate. The Republican Party mostly has surrendered to the monsters. I cannot surrender and then look my children, their mother, my friends, my angel handlers, Jesus and God in the eye. Or myself.

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