Tuesday, March 16, 2021

dog botherers nation: America

Dog spelled backward is?

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Jackson Elliot Ness
These people are now the ones driving the Republican Party, GOOD LUCK!!!

A Fool's Work Never Ends
The Republican Party is being driven my Lucifer in plain view; the Democratic Party's association with that being is more cloaked at this time.
Your middle and last names, any relationship to the Elliot Ness who put Al Capone away?

Jackson Elliot Ness
Yes! 👍

A Fool's Work Never Ends
Can we recall your ancestor to get after the Trumpliklans?
Not sure what could deal with the Demoncrats, but a heavy dose of Jesus would certainly stir both sides plenty.

Democrat basher addict posted on Facebook:

Thanks Democrats

And, just so you know, if not for governmental farm programs, you'd be paying $8 for a dozen eggs and up to $7 for a pound of hamburger.

not sure if that but I guess I’d eat fewer eggs and more fish.

Philip, you never call, you never write, why?

Thank the Texas Republicans for not winterizing the oil refineries. That's what driving the price up right now. That and switching to the spring/summer gas for big cities.

Bill, I think I will blame it on old Joe from Scranton. It seems fair.

I’ll just blame it on a free market. 

Sloan Bashinsky
Gas prices started falling dramatically around this time last year, because most people were staying home. I recall driving city streets and interstates. Motor vehicle traffic was maybe 10 percent of "normal". I recall news reports of oil companies not having enough storage for their oil, gasoline and diesel fuel, they were giving away crude and refined, as prices (law of supply and demand) plummeted. I recall thinking truck drivers and farmers must be delighted with such low fuel prices. I also recall reading reports of rivers, lakes, oceans, air and wildlife making strong comebacks globally. The only thing on the planet that suffered during the pandemic was people, who are destroying the planet. Now that red states, mostly, are opening back up, yes, gasoline prices are going back up and people are going back to destroying the planet. It's a serious catch-22. I don't have a solution, nor does it seem anyone does at this time. I keep hoping some smart person will invent a way to make energy out of water, air, sand, recycled plastic, or whatever. Meanwhile, people (you, me, pretty near everyone) are getting back to destroying the planet in the name of getting their lives back to what they call normal.

Sloan, gas prices fell because Russia and Saudi Arabia were is a price war. They were practically giving the stuff away and the US bought or stored lots of it.
Most people aren’t destroying the planet. Their “carbon footprint” (mine included) is Insignificant. Technology, slowly and incrementally improves our lives and the environment.

Sloan Bashinsky
We all are destroying the planet, by being on it, you included, unless you you live in a cave somewhere. Looks to me, Michael, that you blame the Democrats for everything you don't like about America. The Democrats own oil companies? For real? You think Joe Biden is sitting on top of huge gas and diesel reserves and is withholding that from Americans? You don't think America reopening is increasing demand for gas and diesel fuel? You wonder why Phillip doesn't write or call you? Perhaps the answer lies in this and most of what you put onto Facebook?

Down Key West way:

Key West The Newspaper - "Spottswood's Bill" Wages War on Keys Boaters -
Sloan Bashinsky
Republican values?

When Walsh and Bernstein enlisted FWC to do this ten years ago, they ended up losing Wisteria and ~$20 million net in their pockets. I would expect the Spottswood family would be both smarter and more community-minded not to take on this harmful fight.

They are putting this plan in motion. Pushing locals out of yacht club to build their new hotel. Damaging boats in the process. I don't expect much from an attorney. Total Assholes!

Sloan Bashinsky
Rick, do you recall when FWC's David Dipre starred in a Bernstein develop Wisteria Island promo video? Do you recall when Deprie got caught tampering a Wisteria Island trespass case evidence? And what happened to Dipre? Zip, nada.

Do you remember mega real estate developer attorney Jim Hendrick, a Buddhist, representing local real estate mega developer Pritam Singh, a Buddhist, in a Stock Island trailer park take over, telling the County Commission there is a special place in hell reserved for people who buy up trailer parks and evict the tenants, and Pritam was not doing that. But where did those trailer dwellers end up living? Not in that trailer park.

I heard many times when I lived in Key West that the Spottswood and the Ramsay families made a bit of money in the good old days that kinda resembled how pirates had made a bit of profit, but I wonder how the pirates of old would view people who live on boats being treated like illegal homeless immigrants? Property rights only are for landlubbers?

Not all boat people are endearing, respect Mother Nature. Some boat people dump their ballast and garbage into the ocean instead of getting their boat ballast pumped out and carrying their garbage to shore and disposing it properly. Not all boat people keep their boats well maintained. Not all boat people properly deal with their boats wrecked by hurricanes. But to get this bill sponsored by someone in Cape Canaveral, well, that speaks volumes for the class of the people whose bill it really is.


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