Thursday, November 26, 2020

thankful fors and nots in covid America

Thankful not a turkey, defying covid gods me drove to Mississippi yesterday to spend time with my older daughter and her family. Highways were busy but not clogged. 

After settling in at my daughter's home, I went online and found this from a Republican friend who calls Donald Trump the Orange Turd.

If masks work, why are so many people still getting Covid?

Dear Reader:

I am pleased to report the third installment of Unreported Truths About Covid-19 and Lockdowns is now on sale - despite Amazon's efforts to censor it.

We all know the novel coronavirus is real and can be dangerous. But can making everyone wear masks help us stop it? Since April, public health experts have insisted the answer is yes. With pressure to wear masks increasing on an almost daily basis, we desperately need honest answers about whether face coverings work.

Does my mask really protect me - or you?

In Unreported Truths Part 3, I answer that question, drawing on scientific studies, papers from peer-reviewed journals, and reports from public health experts. Like Parts 1 and 2, Part 3 provides links to all the relevant documents so you can judge them yourself. Whether you are pro- or anti-mask, you may be surprised by what I found.

Part 3 available as an ebook from Amazon and Apple, and as a physical book through Amazon. If you do pick it up, I hope you will let me know what you think.

Happy Thanksgiving - I hope you have a joyous day celebrating with your family -

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I replied to my friend:

Maybe so many people are still getting covid because the Orange Turd and his lemmings and judges don't wear facemasks and hold large gatherings?

I imagine the planet is thankful for the breather provided by the coronavirus, which was manufactured in Red China. There was supposed to be a vaccine, and Red China intended to use both to hold the rest of the world hostage. Am thankful an angel did something that let the virus escape before Red China had the vaccine. 

Am thankful Dr. Vladimir Zelenko developed an early stage cure, which he explained in a March 23, 2020 letter to President Trump, and am not thankful President Trump did not see to it that the cure was made available to all Americans.

Been thinking about Native Americans, who seem to have come out far worse off than African and other non-white Americans. This heart-wrencher was in my newsfeed today:

Am thankful for getting even closer to my daughters and their families after many years apart. 

For having enough money not to live on the street, in homeless shelters, friends' homes, etc., as I did off and on from 2000-2017. 

For having better bowel function than I've had for decades, and that angels still steer and direct me.

For receiving all the necessary examinations and advice from very good doctors re my prostate cancer, and having access to a retired oncologist, who gives me his perspective. I told him that I am a mystic, literally, and I do not view life and death the way most people do. Am thankful I can think about how I wish to proceed: surgery, radiation, not seek any treatment, if that is my decision. 

For having a dozen, or more, different lives in just this one lifetime - some fairly mainstream, the rest not in the least mainstream. A lot about that can be read on this blog, more was written on other blogs no longer in existence. Some of it can be read at my Facebook page and groups I started. Some of it can be read in A SOUTHERN LAWYER WHO BECAME A MYSTIC, available at Amazon in paperback and kindle. A trilogy. I put all three parts on their own separate blogs, which can be read for free. Here's a link to the first part of the trilogy, which has links at the end to the other two parts:

Been worrying plenty about three friends, who have very little money. Two have horrific medical troubles. The third has had awful medical troubles, is homeless and spends lots of time in the Key West jail for being homeless. There now, she reported yesterday there are 50-plus covid infections in the men's side of the jail and in people who work there. All new inmates are put in quarantine for 2 weeks. The jail takes $20, I think, out of any money inmates have when they are brought in, and takes $1 a day from money put by outsiders into inmates' commissary accounts. Am thankful I'm not in that jail, or in any jail, for being homeless, or for any other reason.

Am not thankful for the social, religious, emotional civil war I see raging in America.

The far-ranging, deep, arduous angel training I had, still receive, seems to have made very little difference. I wonder if the point of it all was simply to help me?

My beleaguered friend, who frequently reports being told and shown things by angels, texted two days ago:

Michael said in a dream: 

After Biden is sworn in, the only thing that will reign supreme in America is Chaos.

Last night my friend texted:

In worst dream ever, I saw a movie: 

In effort to show up Trump, Biden announces that due to the increase in COVID, he wants transition power to shut down country over three weeks leading up to inauguration and a national day of testing. The vaccine rollout after Thanksgiving goes badly as well. Many people die, develop Covid, horrible unforeseen reactions. People fight to get vaccine, then fight to avoid it. Due toa ll that, after Biden's announcement of national day of mandatory testing, people start asking how a president could be recalled? Biden announces rollback on China tariffs and declares them no threat to jobs or security of USA. After he hugs Xi Jingping on camera, China announces hostility with Australia, saying that Australia needs to take back what they said about needing to investigate COVID as a bioweapon and needs to allow china access to AU waters. Biden announces that he supports China. Pelosi says she will not discuss a bill to recall the Executive in Chief. Biden and Harris Beto as gun czar as part of transition. Beto announces list of initial 25 weapons that will be confiscated, you get $250/$400- that you can write off on taxes, announces all FFL(dealers) must turn in their dealer transfer log books (which contains all guns sold not just the 25 to be seized). NRA, bloggers, internet forums arrange and armed March on Washington. Beto list of 25 isn't just KDs, ARs. but pumps, semiautomatic skeet shotguns and ANY gun used in war or replicas thereof. Antifa and similar groups announce March on Washington, DC, proBeto. Dream ended in chaos. 

Worst dream ever.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

the right to die v. being required to be tortured by devastating, ravaging illness

A retired nurse I met when I lived in Key West responded to yesterday's post: 

Sloan Elizabeth Bashinsky: What a life-loving, fun, often hilarious, unabashedly straight-shooting, wry, beautiful, authentic human being

So sorry that your niece is going through this, Sloan. One day there will be a world with no cancer, maybe not in our lifetime, but I know it will happen. God be with her. And with you. 

I pray for the day none of us has to announce such news about a loved one! We nurses have always been suspect re a vaccine to cure cancer, because of the wealth there is in giving chemo to so many patients. One would hate to think a cure has been known for decades but withheld and I pray it's not.

I am in tears after reading your blog about your namesake. Her beauty and goodness shine through her eyes and her smile. I totally understand your anger with God right now. I'm happy that the two of you have re-connected so personally at this time in her life and yours and I know your pain is as great emotionally as hers is physically. I pray that she will find a freedom from pain and a deep peace and joy in living before her young life ends. And that you will find the same deep peace and joy while you help her through these final months. You're a good man, Sloan, and she's lucky to have you in her life at this time. May God and all the angels who visit you help you through this. 

Thanks, Peggy. Front line nurses, such as yourself, (and doctors) , live with the dying and death every day. I have never felt science will develop a cure to cancer, perhaps someday. Was cancer prominent before people became civilized, lived in cities, used chemicals that polluted food, water, land, air? I don't know. Do chemicals and stress cause cancer and other diseases? Looks to me medicine spends most of its time treating results, not causes. But, yes, Sloan Elizabeth, is a beautiful human being, and I'm truly fortunate to have gotten to know and become close to her.

I'll agree wholeheartedly with you there, that medicine spends most of its time treating results, not causes. But thank God for all those research scientists who spend not days or months or years but decades of their lives trying to find causes for so many of our fatal diseases, sometimes with almost primitive conditions and materials if they can't get long-term grants. They are truly the unsung heroes of medicine, in my opinion. Working in hospice care in '88 after I left state employment was wonderful for me. I'd always wanted what England had, palliative care under hospice conditions and finally it came to the United States. The beautiful Gerstenberg Inpatient Center had only been in operation for a few weeks when I contracted to be their night nurse. It had and still has one of the most beautiful pavilions I've ever seen in any building with palm trees of all sorts and other trees reaching to the second level, and when I first started, there were even a few birds singing in them. It is behind the elevator and in front of the nurses station and was a very peaceful place with a little water fall that could be heard all over the building, with comfortable benches for staff, patients and families, in addition to the serenity walk outside if families and patients wanted to be out there in the courtyard with the patient rooms around it. I loved every minute of it, even the most sad moments, like caring for the small Hattian baby with hydrocephalus whose parents never came to see him and the wedding with the bride dying very soon, and so many other memories of that place during those three months of contracting until they were able to hire a night nurse. And then three weeks after my mother died there ten years later, I started contracting on a wonderful outpatient team with the best supervisor and manager they ever had (except for my own daughter, Susan Butler Herne, many years later, of course:) I smile, but I know from her staff that she was a wonderful supervisor. She's a hospice admission nurse at one of the local hospitals now, admitting the imminently dying COVID patients as well as others to hospice care) and then helping get the nurse telephone triage team started so no patient or family member ever again had to deal with an answering service and working on it after the teams left for the day until my retirement in '02, right before moving to No Name key and meeting all of you later after I moved into Key West. Working in hospice care was always a blessing to me, as it gave me the privilege of helping the rest of the team of nursing assistant, social worker, pastoral counselor and music therapist prepare the patient and family for the certain death that was coming. The only sad cases were some of the ones we didn't have time to prepare, who came into hospice care in the home or the center for only a day or two when death was imminent and there wasn't much time to prepare the families that it was going to happen within a day to hours. Some of my patients were under hospice care for up to two years or more, but the doctor still certified them for it every six months, unless they chose to opt out or he no longer believed they were terminal. We had very few of those patients. Just coming into hospice care does not mean the patient is going to die within six months. If he or she doesn't and the doctor still believes the patient is terminal,, he or she in good faith will re-certify the patient for six more months under hospice care, for as many times as is necessary, which is a good thing, because if the patient has pain at all, he or she is able to have enough morphine or whatever the doctor orders for as often as every hour if needed. Hospitals cannot do that, except for their hospice units, which are staffed with hospice doctors and nurses. Hospice makes having a terminal illness bearable and even pleasant for many. It is going to be the only way for me when I know I'm terminally ill. And for the most part, the dying process with the patient was and is still a very peaceful and loving one and I thank God I (and that Suzy who still is) was a part of it before my time as a practicing RN was over. I wish that kind of peace and love for your niece when her time is near. The entire hospice process over months or years, as with some, is a peaceful and loving process. The hospice team and the patient and family usually become quite close. I'm not talking familiarity, but just a close and caring process that happens between them throughout the patients' time with hospice, and I cannot recommend it highly enough for anyone who knows he or she has a terminal illness. All my patients were on morphine, most from the beginning because of pain or shortness of breath that oxygen alone did not help, but contrary to common belief among lay persons and sadly, some in the medical community, it did not hasten the patients' deaths. I say nothing now when someone tells me "they killed her with morphine." I know that if the hospice team was unable to convince the person that it did not cause the death of the loved one, I, who was not involved cannot, so I do not try. But, trust me, morphine will not make anyone die any sooner than he or she is going to die. It just makes the death easier as far as pain and breathing are concerned. My longest term patient, a little over two years, was on morphine and oxycontin both for the entire time and he was up walking around, going out to dinner with his family and enjoying what life he had left until the week he died. Sadly, his wife who had a difficult time for quite a while coming to terms with his terminal illness, was diagnosed with a fast developing cancer when I was in triage one night. I couldn't believe what I was hearing when the nurse called me for equipment for her. I went to the home to see them both the next day before I went to work. She took one look at me and said, "Can you believe this?" And, she had a smile on her face when she said it, as she knew her dying would be peaceful and pain-free. There have been exceptions to this, as a few of my patients were out of pain control for days before we/ the doctor found a combination of pain meds and dosages that put them into pain control. But they were the exceptions. In her case, she did not live long enough to suffer much pain. She was gone in days, months before he died. That was very hard on him, to have to watch her die before he did, when they were both reconciled to his leaving her. 
Sorry, I took up so much space on your page, Sloan, but any chance I have to advocate for hospice care, I'm going to do it. Unless this country as a whole votes in favor of assisted suicide one day, hospice is the only way to die if one knows ahead of time that death is near. Of course, if a patient is in the hospital, sometimes things happen and there's no time to call hospice. I have to say that although I don't know about their pain regime, but the nurses, doctors, respiratory therapists and sometimes the hospital chaplain or priest are all making sure the patients with COVID-19 do not die alone. They stay with the patients to assure that even though their families can only say goodbye by phone or tablet, since they are not allowed to be with them in the hospital, those patients have one of the caregivers with them at the time of death. I don't know how they're doing it, but I heard one young nurse say no other patient was going to die alone on his watch if he had to come in on his day off to assure it! And God bless them each and every one. They are having to do an impossible job every day they are scheduled to work and then some, but after a day, sometimes two, off at home or in a hotel, they come right back and do that seemingly impossible job all over again, because that's what caregivers do and have always done. 

A great deal of manpower, equipment and money is spent trying to defeat the inevitable after resistance becomes futile. Kinda reminds me of Trump. I hope I don’t end up lingering in a facility. I think a person with a terminal, debilitating, ravaging illness should have the right to assisted suicide. I’m sure there are pills that work just fine. I wondered yesterday if my niece is being spared living in hell on earth: fractured America? My friend who frequently reports angels visiting him in dreams, visions and face to face, reported the other day from angel Michael: “The only thing that will reign supreme after Biden is sworn in is Chaos.” Looks to me that Chaos already reigns supreme in America. Hydroxychloroquine and zinc could have prevented coronavirus contribution to the Chaos. Vaccines don’t affect human thinking and behavior.

Due to weak pee stream, I recently had prostate examination, biopsy, sonar. Prostate normal size and texture. 3 of 8 biopsy samples came back positive. Gleason number for the three positives: 7,8,8. Moderate aggressive cancer. Cat-scan and gamma bone scan showed clear outside prostate. Have history of cranky bowel, and radiation treatment disrupts bowel and urinary function, both already compromised. Surgeon yesterday told me about awful recovery from having prostate removed. Have appointment with oncologist in a couple of weeks to discuss radiation option. 8 weeks, 5 days a week. One of my daughters has retired oncologist in-law. He told me that 90-year-old men that die often are found to have prostate cancer that never was diagnosed, and he guaranteed me something else would kill me sooner. So, the other option is to do nothing. 
The federal judge I clerked for, after his beloved wife died, and his body started failing him, shot himself with a .38. Shocked everyone but me. I don't have a .38. Prefer a pill. The surgeon said he would not operate until I had been cleared by a doctor for anesthesia. Heart exam, EKG. I didn't say dying under full anesthesia would be a great way to go, compared to many other alternatives. This won't be a fun conversation with my daughter and her husband, nor with her sister, who is a pediatric eye surgeon.
I had a dear chess playing friend in Key West, who was married to booze and cigarettes. I don't use either. It finally caught up with him, he was in a coma in the local hospital, with pneumonia. They helicoptered him to a Miami hospital, where they treated him 2 months and brought him back to life, he only had Social Security disability and Medicare (Magellan). They sent him to a nursing home, where he was another about equal time. He escaped, came back to Key West with a surgical tube still in his belly. Visiting aides came to his Housing Authority apartment several times a week. He went back to his old habits, and after maybe 6 weeks. he died, alone. Did medicine do him any favor? Rhetorical. I tell you all of this for your information, not for a response, unless you have something to add that I don't already know.
I hope my niece will use the Bashinsky family money available to her, to live out her remaining days in her home or with a friend.

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sloan Elizabeth Bashinsky: What a life-loving, fun, often hilarious, unabashedly straight-shooting, wry, beautiful, authentic human being


Sloan Elizabeth Bashinsky and her Uncle Sloan
early 2020

I lived in Key West when my brother died in 2010. His daughter, Sloan, started corresponding some with me online. We grew closer during her mother's last illness.

In late August 2017, Hurricane Irma caused me to be a refugee in my first wife's home, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Sloan drove from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa, to see Dianne and me. Selfie taken by Sloan that day.
More photos taken that day.
Hurricane Irma heralded my decision in late 2018 to live in Alabama again. Sloan became like a daughter to me, and she said I was like a father to her.

Sloan had endured hard personal struggles, but what a life-loving, fun, often hilarious, unabashedly straight-shooting, wry, beautiful, authentic human being she became.

One of her pastimes was the "SBI. "- Sloan Bureau of Investigation. Detective Snoopy, move over!

I included Sloan in my last will and testament.

Early this year, Sloan learned she had ovarian cancer. A surgeon removed some her female body parts, which she photo-ed and shared with me. She began chemotherapy, was upbeat, positive. My heart was broken, for her. Her life was in mid-course, she had heaps of friends, who loved her dearly, I saw on her Facebook page. I was mad at God. Why Sloan Elizabeth, not me? I'm old, she has so much ahead to live. Give me her cancer, spare her that ordeal.

After the course of chemotherapy, a radiology scan showed the chemotherapy had failed. Sloan's doctors gave her 6 months to a year. She found a new team of doctors, who put her on a different kind of chemotherapy. She remained upbeat. I wished it was me, and not her. 

A good friend half my age asked God to take him instead of Sloan. This friend hears often from angels. He told me they said God is taking some people up in the rapture before Christ returns, and Sloan is of them. She will go straight to heaven. 

Sloan remained upbeat. I met her best friend and his dog. We had fun. My heart was breaking, I was still mad at God. 

I asked my father's estate to give Sloan some of her inheritance due next year, to help her out financially.

About a month ago, Sloan texted me, "I want you to come to this."
I bumped into Sloan and her best friend, by chance, if you believe in chance. We had a nice visit. My heart was breaking. I was still mad at God.

About 2 weeks ago, Sloan told me that she had stopped chemotherapy, it was too hard on her.

My father's estate agreed to pay Sloan a monthly distribution, and my father's widow made a substantial cash gift to Sloan, for all of which I was truly grateful.

Today, November 22, this from Sloan Elizabeth was in my Facebook notifications:

For people that cannot see the upgrade to my wall, tomorrow’s celebration has been cancelled. I’m severely under the weather and have absolutely terrible pain. If you cannot see this post at this point, we’ve definitely tried.


Again it breaks my heart I won’t be there tomorrow and am truly honored to all of my friends that were coming and had mad all kinds of accommodations. I love you all. Sloan Elizabeth's good friend Ivy has posted this & asked for people to share it. Sloan we love you so much ... You are the bravest best lady I know.💔💔💔
To all of Sloan’s friends planning to come to the celebration tomorrow...Sloan and I (Ivy) have been communicating today and she is not feeling well enough to make the party. I told her that everyone would understand! I know she’d love some encouraging words and prayers from friends. Please comment below if you see this message so we know the word is out, also please share with anyone planning to come that may not see this message. Thank you!!!
Image may contain: 2 people, including Yorke Williams, people smiling, closeup
Just now got off the phone with Sloan. Had hard time holding myself together. Between crying spells, I told her how terribly sorry I am for her. How mad I am. That I had asked God to take me instead. Sloan said she knew that. I said a friend, who doesn't know her had asked God to take him instead, and angels told him she is going straight to heaven without passing Go. "Duh", Sloan said. We laughed. 

I said, "Duh," like when one of my Bashinsky relatives, who was born-again, went to see Sloan's mother on her death bed and asked her if she was saved so she could go to heaven, and Gail said she was sure she was going to heaven, and she told him off and to leave. 

"He was such a shit", Sloan said. "He was," I said.

I'm still mad at God and wish it was me instead, but I know where Sloan is going and that makes me glad.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Netflix America: red and blue dystopia

Text last night from a friend who frequently reports being visited by angels, in person, dreams, visions:

The Powers That Be: Life is now but pawns convinced they are paladins. They are rooked - neither knights nor rooks, remain pawns. Hugely self deceived. They have no path. Image of men trying to ride red elephants and trampled instead. Red elephants went extinct. End of dream.

I watched some CCN news and commentary last night. Reminded me of Netflix dystopian serials: surreal, bizarre. 

Some random thoughts:

What does it say about America that it leads all nations in coronavirus deaths and infections? Are Americans stupid? Are they in worse health than people of other nations? I see a lot of fat people round and about, and in TV commercials.  

Why do CNN hosts act astounded over President Trump's post-election behavior? Have they had their heads where the sun never shines?

Do CNN hosts actually think Joe Biden will bring about real change if the Republicans retain control of the U.S. Senate?

Have CNN hosts forgotten the U.S. Supreme Court is dominated by Republicans? 

Have CNN hosts lost their minds promoting another shutdown? No way America can tolerate another shutdown, which Dr. Vladimir Zelenko was inspired by God to prevent.

The ensuing witch hunts against Dr. Zelenko and hydroxychloroquine by CNN and other leftist media, CDC, NIH, FDA, WHO, Dr. Fauci, Big Pharma, the Democrats (and most Republicans and MAGAS) revealed their understanding of God and science. As did President Trump and FOX abandoning Dr. Zelenko and hydroxychloroquine to the aforesaid witch hunters.

Looks to me people riding blue donkeys also getting trampled. 

The Stars and Stripes, too. 

Thursday, November 19, 2020

America's Great Reset, move aside MSM, Netflix, Stephen King

Twice Obama, twice Trump voter Sancho Panza responded to yesterday's Does King Donald want every American to catch the coronavirus? post at this blog, and then the old farts fun began:

Best thing you can do is to just stay away from the MSM and Social Media Left Wing Propaganda on Corona Virus.... that shit will drive you crazy! Whenever you see somebody talking about it, just run the other way! You've heard of the Placebo effect? There is also the Nocebo effect... and it is been put to real good use by the vaccine voodoo doctors and other nefarious opportunists looking to usher in "The Great Reset"! 


Did I say anything in my blog post today about any media? Dr. Zelenko's early stage cure would allow for reset. Will watch Carlson video. I sometimes have liked what he said, sometimes he reminds me of 


Tucker wore me out pretty quick, I wonder if he wears a mask in crowded places?


YOU and I... and probably, most old farts in America today, are nothing less than walking zombies of the MSM, Big Pharma and Big Tech and their 24/7 communication blitz ! You don't have to quote them... it reeks out from every pore of your skin, like the smell of fear on prey being chased by wolves!  

You are pretty much as ready as you will ever be to meet and defeat the Chinese made, CIA designed, Sweet and Sour Sniffles... so don't worry about cytokine storms and keep taking care of yourself to strengthen your immune system... look forward to being with and celebrating LIFE with your daughters and friends for Thanksgiving(take extra quercetin & zinc)... I am planning to be with my family, fuck Gov. Murphy and Cuomo!   EmojiEmojiEmoji


By MSM, main stream media, I ass-u-me you also mean FOX, which I understand has the lion's share of the "news" and "commentary" market. 

I get most of my "news" from the Internet, multiple outlets, mostly articles, opinions, and from you, and from one other person. 

I wish CNN would quit wringing its hands like it never imagined in forever that Trump would roll over if he didn't win Nov. 3. He has never played by any rules but the ones he makes up. How that plays from here is like watching a Netflix psychodrama. 

I thought CNN did a good job explaining how the votes in Philadelphia and a number of other Pennsylvania urban areas were heavily weighted toward Biden and would give him Pennsylvania, even though when the polls closed, Trump had won Pennsylvania. I took a wait and see, but it looks like CNN got that one right, and other close states using that method. 

I only got a TV a couple of months ago, had not  had one in years. I mostly use it to watch sports. Watching Biden stuff on TV doesn't arouse me. 

I have been wary of Big Pharma and the medical-industrial complex for decades. What they did to Dr. Zelenko, and the Front LIne doctors using his cure, without giving him credit, perhaps because they had big egos, perhaps because they figured saying "Zelenko" would be the kiss of death, it certainly is on Facebook, was catastrophic for America. As was Trump not doubling down and making Zelenko's cure freely available, when only FOX was in Zelenko's camp. Schizophrenia, for sure.

I saw something on TV last night, or maybe a Netflix movie, where some old codger said one thing about living a long time is you get over worrying about what other people think about you. You just say what you think. Amen.

I'm taking quercetin, zinc, C, D3, K2, Magnesium, etc. If I catch the Chinese Sniffles, I'm going to bug the shit out of you in your dreams.


CNN is probably the worse of the worst, a total propaganda machine of the establishment... but that's OK their audience loves to get their "fix"... like the Church goers that go to their priest for absolution and to receive the Eucharist and feel they are now one body with The Christ, Dominus Vobiscum!  

I have Netflix... but I also have Amazon Prime and I am thinking of dropping Netflix, kind of redundant... it seems that all of Netflix original productions have the Woke, Reset Agenda baked into the cake, even more so than the rest of Hollywood! I am looking for entertainment to get away from Politics!!! 

Speaking of the devil, I got this sent to me this morning.....  there are a lot of rabbit holes on this blog page for those who like to get lost in them....... 

This was blocked by FB


Have my own issues with FB censorship. For example, FB noticed me that my blog post today could not be boosted, violated FB community standards. 

Trump fired the guy who was trying to keep American elections secure, after the guy announced the elections were the most secure ever. 

In addition to all the media you and Republicans decry, and FOX, I get ongoing input from angels in my dreams about everything I publish, or will publish, and about lots of stuff I don't publish. 

Looks to me people believe what they want to believe. Trump asked Russia to help him get elected in 2016, see no mention of that in his "declaration of national emergency to prevent foreign interference in American elections" ... "news" you sent me.


FB has done that to me also, prevented me from sharing videos I found in youtube... they are part of the Status Quo and have builtin censorship algorithms to kick out certain words related to covid, vaccines, election fraud, etc.! 

You always bring up this issue of Trump in one of his rallies asking Russia for help with the Hillary Clinton illegal home server and the 30,000 deleted emails which showed her peddling access as quid pro quo in funneling of funds to the Clinton Foundation when she was Secretary of State, as if that was evidence of Trump's committing treason, but if it was, Trump would have been impeached for that a long time ago and Mueller would not have had to waste 3 years and over $40,000,000 of tax payers money trying to prove Trump's collusion with Russia and coming out empty handed... sometimes I wonder how serious you really are about all this? Emoji


Hillary was awful, I said that many times in 2016. The FBI, ie. Director James Comey, later villained by Trump, Republicans, MAGAs, perhaps you, released Hillary's emails close to the 2016 election, despite his wife trying to talk him out of it. Comey determined Hillary was grossly negligent but had committed no crime. Comey knew that would help Trump, and yet he sat on what he had about Trump, which information would have cost Trump votes. Comey was fired by Trump after he won and along came Mueller. If you followed Mueller, he said he was not investigating Trump criminally because of longstanding Department of Justice policy not to criminally prosecute sitting presidents. Trump and his entire entourage stonewalled the House of Representatives impeachment investigation. Now Trump is stonewalling the 2020 election results. That's his style. He's been a crook for a very long time. We may never know what really happened, but then, if Trump ever leaves the White House, who knows what might come out in state and federal Trump & Crew investigations. If I were Trump's lawyer, I would advise him to  make a deal with Biden & Harris that he and his family and cronies will not be federally prosecuted if he concedes the election, stops firing everyone who didn't lick his ass and suck his dick and heil him, and cooperates fully with the transition.

If Trump had fought as hard for Dr. Zelenko's cure, as he has all his adult life fought his creditors, and as he now fights conceding the election, America could have safely reopened in April and remained open. That was his Rubicon and he did not cross it. If he had embraced wearing masks in crowded places, that also would have made a big difference. He deserted in a real war. In the U.S. Military, that's a court martial.

In the United States, before the Civil War, deserters from the Army were flogged; after 1861, tattoos or branding were also used. The maximum U.S. penalty for desertion in wartime remains death, although this punishment was last applied to Eddie Slovik in 1945. No U.S. serviceman has received more than 24 months imprisonment for desertion or missing movement after September 11, 2001.[50]'