Wednesday, March 24, 2021

I wonder how Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz would respond if his wife and children were shot in the Boulder, Colorado grocery store?


In my Facebook timeline today:

My nephew Allen, the bright bulb from the Magic City [Birmingham] with one wife, two sons and a couple of dogs, reminded me yesterday in a comment that the Boulder shooter was not affiliated politically with either the Left or the Right--cautioning restraint of news that is not true. He makes a good point and one that will affect what I may surmise in future posts with no proof in the pudding. Politics is certainly divisive much of the time, but so was religion when I was growing up in Alabama. My Aunt said to us one day, "Marguerite, Those dang Catholics are taking over the neighborhood." Today I think Pope Francis was heaven-sent and when I am in Southampton with the Bells I kneel on the pull-down, put money in the offering plates when passed and listen to the Priest with both ears wide open. Well, Mr. Darby has been too well-fed and I am off to have breakfast at Miley's. Om. Tat. Sat. Om.

The recent slaughter of innocent going about their business is more than alarming. My intuition tells me it is the continuation of the radical killing fringe that has decided to keep us all on pins and needles whilst they attack willy-nilly because their anger at the election of Joe Biden and the majority in both the House and the Senate held by Democrats. Fear is the ammunition these thugs are using and if it continues the terror will paralyze what law and order are trying to accomplish. Pray to the God of your own understanding to intervene in any way possible. Sending Love and Light to the Four Corners. Om. Tat. Sat.

Tragedy in Colorado. Don't forget the 112 that no one ever mentions. Are those murders the fault of Biden too?

They haven’t said why it happened yet. We should know the reason soon. I pray you're wrong and this is a criminal that got the gun illegally.

The spreading of the big lie of election fraud continues and there are people advocating for the violent overthrow of the government from the Republican party. The fact that the party has no ethics and does not denounce the Jan 6 killings and by silence are complicit with ongoing violent plans will result in much more violence. This incident may or may not be related but unless we confront violent white supremacism as the proven, overwhelming majority of massive murders there will be more.

Kelly, that’s misinformed rhetoric. CO has nothing to do with the Republicans. They have denounced the tragedy of Jan 6. Jumping ahead of the facts is novice.

Allen Barron Good response. Always be fair rather than prejudge.

Albert, I agree. Evil is not tied to one party or the other. It can be found anywhere. In these times disinformation and brash judgement are the tools of evil.

I noted the mass shooting were far less the trump in power

Sloan Bashinsky
Birmingham native me lived 8 years in Boulder, ending 1995. The shooter is deranged. Regardless of his politics, or lack of, America makes it really easy for deranged people to obtain guns such as he used. Dems cried again for tighter restrictions on obtaining such guns. Perhaps that would reduce such massacres, or not. 2nd Amendmenters, including Republican U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, polemically decried their guns being taken away from them, yet I didn’t see Dems call for that. I saw Cruz polemically decried being criticized for saying his heart and prayers go out to the victims’ families. Cruz seemed deranged to me. God did not prevent the massacre with freely available guns. Praying for the victims’ families will help them? The victims’ souls? CNN gave people in Boulder opportunity to vent and grieve on national stage, and chance for all Americans to see the political divide again. Perhaps FOX did same? I didn’t watch FOX. I kept wondering how Cruz would have responded if his wife and children were in that grocery store and were shot?

Sloan: Point well taken. I am a died-in-the-wool Democrat but must take the center aisle time to time. Blessings, Albert

Sloan Bashinsky
Thanks, Albert. I belong to no political party, view political parties as confused (at best) religions. View recognized religions as confused (at best). I can imagine the Devil really likes shooting massacres, and likes just as much free access to such guns.

Amendment 2
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Looks to this once Birmingham practicing attorney that the well regulated preamble is utterly absent in America.

When I lived in Boulder, it seemed equally split between right and left: IBM had a large presence there, the New Age had a large presence there, the University of Colorado main campus was there, there was a very large Tibetan Buddhist community there (mostly American converts), and there were folks in the middle. Public religious and political discussions in Boulder were really different than, say, in Birmingham, although very similar to what I saw when I lived in Santa Fe before moving to Boulder. Although it had a strong presence in both cities, Christianity did not control as much as it did elsewhere.

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