Thursday, March 18, 2021

stimulus checks for homeless people: manna from heaven?

Text of email yesterday from a friend who used to live in Key West:

I don’t know anything about this but thought you might share it with some of your friends if applicable. 

Hope all is well. Stay safe. 

A dream around dawn today had two Key West amigas flying me into Key West about something pressing. 

After waking up, I called my homeless amiga in Key West to see what was going with her. She said she had gotten a letter from the IRS saying they received her 2020 tax return, but before they sent her stimulus money, they needed her to verify her identity at She lives on the street, has a smart phone but is internet illiterate. 

Text of my email to a Key West friend, who helps people file tax returns.

Hi, Amigo

Kari filed a 2020 tax return and provided her checking account and routing numbers, so she could receive stimulus money. She received by U.S. mail a form letter acknowledging receipt of her tax return and requesting she identity at I went there, they are requesting her tax return, she did not keep a copy of it, and other personal information, some of which she cannot provide because it does not exist, such as credit card number, bank loan number, etc. She received her first stimulus check by mail, as I recall, and that led to her opening a checking account. I would appreciate you calling her, 305-xxx-xxxx, and trying to help her complete her id verification, or do it another way which might be known to you. 

FYI, recently, Kari said her mother and father recently told her they were cutting her off financially. They had sent her $50 a week by mail, and occasionally a new pair of jeans or other clothing. They cut her off because she would not leave Key West, but they didn't want her living with them, and didn't care where she lived, only not in the  Florida Keys. Fine with them if she is homeless in Miami, Alaska, Siberia. Nice people. 

From all I can tell, Kari has stopped drinking, she sometimes smokes cigarettes. She is lucid when we talk on the phone, sometimes twice a day, nearly always once a day. KWPD keeps targeting her. I hope there is a special place in hell reserved for them and for city officials who know about it and have not intervened in her behalf.

I hope some day Kari and I can live together, but it's not time for that experiment. My landlord will do a background check before permitting her to live in my apartment. I need enough money to be able to get a place where that is not a factor. Or, I live in Key West, where it is not a factor. Need more money for that. The money is there, but tied up in family and lawyer squabbling that also has me wishing there is a special place in hell. I probably need to be here to deal with it best. 

If the squabble ends and I get my portion of the inheritance, a heap of millions, I will be able to set up Kari just about anywhere reasonable, if it isn't okay for us to live together. I have two other friends in dire financial and medical straights, for whom I hope to do the same. There will be plenty of $ to do that, take care of me until I croak, give my 2nd wife her share, and the rest to my daughters and their husbands, who then will be free to walk away from what they do now and start new lives, if they wish.

For now, though, I appreciate anything you can do to help Kari get her stimulus money.



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