Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Thank you Donald Trump for making covid America batshit crazy-squared

This beauty of a meme below was in my Facebook timeline this morning, compliments a really interesting and smart fellow I met and got to know some years ago. 

I just could not resist.

Sloan Bashinsky
The gift from Red China very likely would have killed me, because of my long history of respiratory, sinus and throat infections, including many bouts with pneumonia. So, I masked up. Unable to get the old malaria drug that transports zinc into body cells, where zinc inhibits coronavirus replication, I took quercetin and vitamin C with zinc, which I had read would achieve the zinc transport into body cells. I also took D3, after reading it
had helped defend against the gift. I got Pfizer jabbed three times. I stopped wearing masks. Have not had a sniffle since I started the supplements in June 2020. Was heavily exposed to the gift in January 2021, after the first Pfizer jab. Trump had the old malaria drug/zinc cheap fast early infection cure in his hands in late March 2020, and he weenied after the backlash from the left, its media, Fauci, FDA, CDC, NIH, WHO, Big Pharma, and went for high profits vaccine fix instead. Trump is to blame for what happened after he rejected the simple effective early stage infection cure he had in his hands. Now if Trumped had he-maned up, America could have stayed open, Trump would have been a hero, he would have gotten reelected, and any riot at the Capitol on Jan 6 would have been staged by the left 

Séamus O Shoegrew
I respect your decision and your ability to do what you see best for you as much as I disagree with any of that for myself. What has called me up in arms so insensitively so IS the fact that government, corporations, and well intentioned souls see fit to impose their idea’s as to what is best for me onto me using restrictive measures, coercion, guilt, ad hominems, and various other methods of convincing me of what is right for me. I have my own history of medical experiences, understandings, and acquired knowledge as well of which I would NEVER want to impose on anyone in those ways with which they are doing to me. If I am the god damned fool for taking this tack in my life than so be it as I will suffer the consequences of it. I do not vaccinate, wear a mask, rub chemical based sanitizers on my skin, social distance, or obsess about germs and fear of contamination and I have been very healthy for some time now in my life. If I catch the occasional cold/flu/respiratory symptoms I treat it as I see fit and stay away from others out of consideration. As for all this televised politically motivated and corporate con job taking place I do not subscribe to any of it. Is there are virus? Are there people getting sick and dying? Is it man made? Is it weaponized? I have my own ideas and about each as a sentient person and realize some of those things I may never come to know. The one thing I am against is the one size fits all cure being pimped with pressure is something I want no part of and all their bullshit about asymptomatic, statistics, and various other means of deception are not and will never set well with me Sloan. I wish everyone all the best with their decisions what ever they may be and hope we can see the agenda unfolding for what it is as these people at the UN/WEF are not going to allow this crisis go to waste with their plans of ushering in their great reset which is part and parcel of this crisis as well as the entire climate change crisis. If you would care to discuss any such matters always glad to do so as we always have in the past! If people want to get all frustrated with what all they choose to believe and deliver an ad hominem at me I enjoy that equally as well. As for that god damn fool actor Trump and Biden I see them as a clown show put on by the true world rulers, stake holders, or whatever else they go by these days. We are coming into their new age which they have published their long term business plans for and executed them in a timely fashion over the years. The fact that people don’t pay attention or read these such plans and write them off as “conspiracy theory’s” is of no consequence to me who has read them. The fact people don’t even know who Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum are is a blaring beacon of their state of obtuse ignorance when it comes to the future they have planned for the world going forward! And comically as well as tragically so! Thanks for chiming in Sloan! All the best!

Sloan Bashinsky
Heh, I bet the ranch the gift is man-made. I have a good friend, about as weird as me, who reported a few times being told by angels the gift is made in China. Short version. Longer version, it was being developed and a vaccine was to be developed, and having both, China would have had the entire world by the short hairs. Something beyond human ability didn't care for that scenario and did something to cause the gift to get loose, and here we are. I know very well there are very powerful and very smart people behind the scenes, planning humanity's future, pulling levers, etc. They were exposed somewhat the book, WORLD WITHOUT CANCER. Chilling. Yet, I think they have very little, if any, control over Donald Trump and his hordes, and the congressional Republicans, and elected state Republicans, for now anyway, in the main, are quite reluctant to cross Trump and be called RINOS. The Cabal described above, funded Hitler, didn't it? I imagine it is funding Trump somehow. But does it control Trump? Can anyone control Trump? Could anyone control Hitler? A powerful demon infiltrated both men, and the demon was contagious, starting at the top and working downward into the masses.
As for your predicament in a country gone batshit crazy-squared because of the gift from China, you have my sincere condolences. I hope you are taking, or will take, the supplements I described earlier today. I hope you don't end up in a hospital on a ventilator. And, I hope you don't infect other people along the way or in a hospital, because I think there might be grubby karma attached to that scenario.
Climate change is a lovely swamp to squirm around in, but the fact is, humanity is killing the planet God loaned them for a while, and it would seem to be in the cabal's best interests to start pulling levers to save their home for their descendants, but I suppose they could care less about their remote descendants, at least, and I can imagine they have struck a secret deal with Elon Musk and his like to take them with him before the planet implodes or the air becomes unbreathable, to some self-supporting space station or to Mars, or to Europa next to Jupiter, since we 2001 Space Odyssey buffs know Europa is habitable now, assuming God and/or the ET races allow Earthlings to migrate to somewhere else they can kill.
Séamus O Shoegrew
In my perverse sense of humor tragedy I enjoy the fact we are going to relinquish the cure of the planet to the same titans of industry who have profited so much from destroying the very thing they now want to save? The irony of our Shakespearian tragedy farce at it’s best! And of all things it is the carbon con that they will use all the while masking people up and making them breath more of it!

Sloan Bashinsky
Do you think they might be Mutants, or Aliens, who actually thrive breathing carbon?😎
Séamus O Shoegrew
Sloan Bashinsky I don’t know Sloan! At this point in time all I can do is wonder! We live in a semi comatose society with regard to reason, rationale, facts, and truth. Rather run on emotions, bullshit, fear, hype, snark, and ignorance that idiot box conditioning has provided us with for so many years now.

Sloan Bashinsky
Aw, I spend a lot of time in front of the idiot box these days, but mostly I watch sports and Netflix. 

The cheap fast cure Trump deep-sixed and fucked America 8-ways to Sunday. Facebook joined Trump, by not allowing this letter to be published on Facebook.


Monday, November 29, 2021

I have told Christians that God has as many names as there are stars in the heavens

The Seven Sisters (Pleiades)

Before being relocated by Something to Key West in late 2000, and slowly but inexorably immersed and then drenched in local politics, which I found bizarre (to avoid more severe adjectives), I had other interests entirely, after being rigorously trained by what I knew was not of this world to have such interests.

From time to time in Key West, I shared some of my not of this world experiences with people I met, and later on blogs I created, and on other local social media. I saw very little interest and garnered plenty of retorts that I was crazy, using psychedelic drugs, should shut up and go away, and such. I never used psychedelics. A few people sided with me, which perhaps kept me from going batshit crazy from loneliness.

Not long ago, I learned of online social media forums for free and open discussion in what I used to be deeply immersed. I joined in those discussions and shared some of my and other people's experiences with not of this world influences. So far, I have not been accused in those forums of being crazy, but hope springs eternal 😎.

Below are comments under yesterday's If God really existed, would there only be one religion? post at this blog, which I reposted in one of those forums:

All true spiritual paths lead to the same destination, and they can be in different forms. Everyone's path is their own and unique.

Agreed, but it seems religions, in the main, have a one size fits all perspective and approach and try to turn out robots.

that reminds me of a hindu verse from bhagavat gita BG 4.11: In whatever way people surrender unto me, I reciprocate with them accordingly. Everyone follows my path, knowingly or unknowingly, O son of Pritha.

And people who do not surrender have their own path, too; and, I think, what matters in either approach is how people live and relate to other people and what life serves them.

yes, that is also explained in the scripture as well paths, it even means an atheist/not spiritual person is following their own path too. overall though within this text it says love is the easiest path so it tends to focus on surrender that’s why it said the surrender thing that even not surrendering is valid. It’s just the religion views everything as divine so ultimately everything can become surrender

I agree that surrender to what I grew up calling God, which has many names on this world and elsewhere. A lot of people surrender to something else.

sometimes strict guidances also gives people comfort and that’s fine! Not everyone resonates with being able to choose like that.

I ignore or trample my training and guidance, I get seriously roughed up. I have known a few people in similar "predicament". I am pretty sure, if that "method" was imposed on everyone, humanity would be very different. However, I do think either great desperation or great longing to be handled in that way may be needed for a person to have that experience. I do not see it being forced on anyone, although there are places in the Bible where it was forced on someone.

Lots of assumptions in this conversation. Most coming from religious traditions. So this reads kind of like a comparative religion essay.
Every major religion seems to come to the conclusion that theirs is the one true god. I call that hubris. It's what humans do when they get full of themselves.
The human mind is a story teller. Stories have to fit the models in our heads, or they get revised. This is what I think happens to a lot of our first hand spiritual experiences; we stop the experience until we can analyze it into one of our existing models.
Spiritual experience is more meaningful than analyzing the possible structures of spirit. The logic on language is one bias on such an analysis, and there's always missing data. IMHO it's better to have an experience that you cannot explain than to have a rational guide to all of existence but no experience.

I have experiences ongoing that I can explain, and often do explain, but a receptive audience is small.
I came up through Judeo-Christianity, then went through the New Age fairly fast, and looked at some other traditions, and then figured out I had failed real good, had no more bright ideas, and in that state, prayed. "Dear God, I do not wish to die like this, failed." Pause. "I offer my life to human service." I went on about my day. About 10 days later, in the wee hours, I woke up to see two etheric beings hovering above me in the darkness. White, with tint of blue, shaped like shifts. Although I saw no wings, I thought they were angels. I heard clearly, but not with my ears, "This will push you to your limits, but you asked for it (I remembered the payer) and we are going to give it to you." I saw a white flash as my body was jolted by something electrical. That happened two more times in quick succession. The beings dissolved. It had begun.
What a trip. Still in progress. Can't prove it happened, nor anything else that happened. But it happened. My eyes, ears, internal organs, feelings, thoughts, dreams, visions, odd not usually pleasant body sensations when I went astray were proof enough for me it was all too real. As was being corrected, rebuked and redirected ongoing. I was taken back into Judeo-Christianity and deep into it and through it. I was given views of some Bible passages that did not agree with mainstream Christendom. I was taken beyond the religion. Church going no longer fitted me. I was in church all the time.
My brother in law was sort of a soldier of fortune some of the time. He sometimes left on secret missions. He told me of being in Beirut, Lebanon, walking down a road in a bombed out section of the city. They saw a building with an open door, which they entered and it went into a basement. There sat an old man at a table with three chairs. On the table was a tea pot and three cups. He invited them to join him. After they chatted and drank the tea and they were about to leave, he told them, "There is only one God." They left, walked a little ways and decided to go back. When they reentered the basement, the man, table, tea pot, cups and chairs were not there.

Oh I like the Beirut story.
I was given the assignment in one of my clairvoyant training classes to take the supreme being out for a beer. Stop laughing! That was really the assignment.
I'm walking home after class and there's this neighborhood bar that I always pass but have never been in. I go in.
It's dark and loud and crowded. I'm about to leave when I see two empty stools at the end of the bar. I take the one near the corner of the bar and leave the one next to the wall empty. I'm as embarrassed as I've ever been in my life, but the bartender finally interrupts my thoughts and I place my order: "Two beers, please."
A few minutes later, he places two coasters on the counter, one in front of me and the other in front of the empty stool. Then he places these tall, frozen glasses of beer on the coasters, and walks away.
I'm laughing at myself to break the tension. I sip my beer; wow is it good. I'm staring at the empty stool and the second beer, the foam now dripping over the rim of the glass and running down the side. I take another sip and think I hear my name being called in the crowd to my left. I turn my head, see no one I recognize, don't hear my name again, and look back in front of me. It was only a moment.
That's when I notice half the beer in the other glass is gone. There's no one behind me or behind the bar in front of me. I hear loud laughter, but everywhere I look I see only conversations drowned out by the loud jukebox.
I finish my beer, leave a good tip, and thank the SB for showing up and having a beer!
Yeah, your brother in law will get a kick out of that one.

My brother in law crossed over some years ago, but where he is, perhaps he's drinking a beer with you, as he did like that pastime. I very much like your report. I can imagine you could get some looks and some smiles if you tell that story face to face.

This whole post is from an extremely dualistic religion perspective. What my tradition growing up said was that every single person will have their own unique understanding of the infinite consciousness (Brahman) the divinity that pervades everything. Religion is just the ancient people’s trying to understand this divinity and they may have even channeled information from divine beings. I think there would be one religion if we were all the same! In my families religion(hinduism) there is so many spiritual paths and we get to pick which one we like and many scriptures that we are allowed to believe in or reject, but ultimately everyone believes in Brahman, karma, and reincarnation but we all have different beliefs on how to experience and realize the Self/Brahman via our individual paths. That’s why this religion is not really congressional because it can’t be because we all have our own sadhanas (individual spiritual practices) so it can get lonely at times so that’s why i learned to respect the other religions that aren’t as individualistic because some people may like the strict guidance and community it may also help with mental health if someone has a solid foundation etc

I have told Christians God has as many names as there are stars in the heavens. I have known a number of Americans who felt they found in India what they they were unable to find in America. I have known Americans that felt they found in Sufism what they were not able to find in America, and in Taoism, Buddhism and Arcane systems, and Native American, and in South American and African shamanism. I myself had a profound dreamtime experience in1995 in the Australian outback with a male and female aborigine in still intact tribe not polluted by civilization.
In 2002, a woman I loved told me in a dream that I had married Kali! I woke in shock. I viewed Kali as the Hindu Goddess of Destruction and Transformation. The art of Kali standing with one foot on Shiva's chest, holding a crescent sword in one hand and a severed man's head in another hand, wearing a necklace of severed men's heads, left me thinking she did not care for how men think. After hearing of that dream, I was roughed up pretty good when I didn't relate well to women or the feminine. I dreamed of Kali from time to time. She looked nothing like that art I described. But she sure let me know when I had displeased her.
I think reincarnation is perceived as a lethal threat by Christendom, which, in the main, has the die and go to heaven or hell forever view - even though Jesus and his disciples discussed reincarnation in the Gospels😎. I do think, though, that knowing of reincarnation can be used to slack off or go off the reservation knowing there are more chances. Me, I don't like the ideal of creating karma that will come back and bite me in the ass in this or a later life. I hope, as if that matters, this is my last trip to this dimension on this planet. I'll learn about that in the afterlife.

I think we have many different religions because humans have free will and are always persuaded by things that stroke their ego. Religion can and has also been used as a tool to control the masses. I don't think that's proof to say there isn't one god, or one creator above everything. I know its not a warm view point but I do feel like life is somewhat of a test to see if we can honor our intuition and grow discernment for truth or if we choose our ego and imagination.

I think you summed it up well. Although, free will is not particularly free, if we consider that the conscious mind is maybe 10 percent of the total conscious we have but are not aware of, also called the subconscious, which is always working on something of which we are not particularly or at all aware; and there is all the childhood family, church, social and educational programming (brainwashing) and soul-wounding that also is working hard within us, and has us convinced we are on top of things, when we are a bit out of touch with a lot of what is happening because of the aforementioned programs running hard in us. So, we need a hacker or a virus maker to help us debug ourselves? I certainly needed that, and still need it. And, I can say I never knew anyone who didn't need that kind of help to wake up, so to speak😎.


Sunday, November 28, 2021

If God really existed, would there only be one religion?

This being Sunday, some interesting Facebook discussion under that meme, into which I joined.

I guess I am thinking about it as there is one god. But not god. That word is too small. He(and you will hopefully forgive the pronoun) is not in our image, thank you. God is the Universe. She does not give or receive, you can't curry favor, he does not have a palace in the clouds. He/She does not show favor, and does not back anyone's war. She is not judging. He is the clouds and the earth. We may call her different names, but He is us. Just a thought.

Jennifer, like the way you think!!!

Jennifer Greene Well said. I like to think that God (the most loaded word in the universe) is about the connections between things. To think of God as something that thinks like or talks like humans seems almost insulting to such a huge concept. God just is.
That said, I respect other opinions- as long as people don't use religion like some huge stick to bash people with.

Yes. It all goes awry when someone says, "My god is the only god and you all better bow down to him/her/them)

Jennifer, the collective

I've long felt that convincing me there is a god isn't the challenge. It's convincing me to worship yours.
From my experience in life, there is nothing causing me to believe that any god exists that seems interested in truly convincing us it exists, much less that it wants to be worshipped.
So I simply don't believe in and don't worship anything. It's just not a behavior that fulfills anything in my life. I'm fine with the universe as a physical existence that is indifferent to us. There's no grand cosmic plan. And that fills me with awe and wonder at the sheer magnitude and beauty of it all without the need to believe a god created it and wants me to worship it. I'm cool with that. It brings me peace

Keith, like that a lot.

Jennifer, People tend to like that until I start making fun of astrology and other woo spiritual ideas lol! Not saying you, personally, mind you

Keith, You haven't hit my woo woo spiritual idea yet! But don't you dare insult The "Secret". !!

Sloan Bashinsky
If God didn’t exist, the topic would never come up

Sloan Bashinsky That is a conundrum wrapped in an enigma. I think We- the human race created a god in our own image. but that is certainly not an opinion shared by all, or even some. Everyone should believe as they choose. I won't tell you what to believe.

Sloan Bashinsky
Jennifer, I think remaking God in our image, what a bizarre habit, is called transmorgification?

Not necessarily true, Jennifer, for a couple of reasons:
First, if we're talking an infinite Deity, our human minds would be unable to perceive that infinity. We'd be able to perceive facets of it only. And not everyone would see the same facets. Hence, we would have different religions.
Second, consider the tendency of people to continue to believe what they believe even in the face of evidence to the contrary. This alone would keep everyone from agreeing on a single religion.

Adding on to these thoughts - People in different locations in the world may have perceived God's message differently - hence many loving Deity including Native American - The Great Spirit.

Janet, Mother Earth, Father Sky, there's already 2 Deity concepts, Native American's embrace..

Loren, but wouldn't an all powerful deity who (apparently) wants to be worshipped (as evidenced by its followers who tell me so) be capable of convincing our tiny human brains that it clearly and unequivocally exists so that we would all be aware of it in the same way and worship it in the same way? What kind of weak sauce "omnipotent and omnipresent" god creates us and then doesn't bother to make sure we are all clearly aware of it and worship it properly? What weak ass god leaves it open to such ridiculous confusion and in ways that are so open to conflict? It doesn't make sense. And to claim it exists and then on top of it demand I worship it is a huge ask.
If a god, any god, existed, there wouldn't be thousands of gods recorded by man. There wouldn't be religious wars. There wouldn't be thousands of denominations. There wouldn't even be a need for a religious institution such as churches or temples. It would be as clear as day to everyone on earth.  
Keith, Just to provoke argument... If I was a religious person(I am not) I would say: "Its god's will" which I think is a BS argument anyway.

Keith, Wow. That opens up some fascinating theological doorways. 
If there is an infinite, omnipotent God, then why isn't that God using Its power to prove unequivocally that They exist? The theologians say it has to do with free will, and that God only wants those who *choose* to worship Him. I got no way of knowing whether that's true, or just some fancy logic-dancing by the priesthood to cover a huge logical fallacy.
But it's an interesting concept to ponder. 

Right. I hear that one a lot. If a god created us and then left us to do what we do, then it's an indifferent and uncaring god and I don't want to worship it. If it created us and allowed terrible things to happen to innocent people as part of some plan, it is a malevolent god and I don't want to worship it. If it's all powerful and all knowing and everywhere and it allows or causes everything, I definitely don't want to worship it. The Christian god is a monstrous entity no matter how you slice it. People are much better than the gods they create to explain away that which they fear or don't know. I want no part of religion. I value people more than some invisible sky wizard

Me, the older I get the closer I come to believing that the lack of righteous smiting of obvious evildoers in our current society may be due to the lack of an all-powerful Deity. 

Sloan Bashinsky
I have had thousands and thousands of experiences with what clearly is not human, and I can't prove even one of those experiences happened, nor can anyone disprove. Most of the experiences were with angels and demonic entities. A few experiences with ETs and entities that were more ethereal than ETs. I have been attacked, a lot, by demonic entities, and some by other entities. I have been directed, redirected, rebuked, spanked and scared out of my wits by what I call angels, for straying from what they taught me and advised me. Again, can't prove any of that. I would be nuts if I thought I could prove it. I simply tell it. Someone said yesterday that money and religion are what cause wars, and I agreed, and added politics. God is unfathomable. The angels have told me they do not entirely know or understand God, and they do what they do until they understand they are to do something else. They are trying to teach a few people to live as they live. I have known a few such people, and they were very desperate and were candidates for the angels to try to work with in that way. I wish the angels tried that on every person, but that does not seem to be in the cards. But if it happened, humanity would be very different, And, perhaps there would be a lot less people on this planet, because such an intervention is difficult and pushes the recipients beyond human conception. The point of a person living on this world is for that person to experience what life serves up and to learn and grow, or not. It's one thing for a soul to emanate from God, it's yet another thing altogether for a soul to descend into human form and experience that. Jesus in the Gospels modeled and tried to teach people how to live in ways that evolved their souls. He did not offer a fast, cheap salvation. He said the way to life is difficult and few enter the gate. Many are called, but few are chosen. Christendom does seem not give that much attention. Meanwhile, if you apply as above so below, as below, so above, that "algebra" suggests the heavens ain't entirely wonderful, and so where do people in up after they leave this life? I suppose that can be argued for perhaps ever and ever. But what I was told was there is a life review after crossing over, to the extent it was not done while a person on this world. The angels on my case have been giving me a life review since 1987, which involved being stood before lots and lots of mirrors, still happening.


Thursday, November 25, 2021

walk-in souls, fools, angel twins and raising God's children

My "Can people lose their soul" post in an online spirituality forum generated a lot of discussion- here's a thread about walk-in souls, fools, angel twins and raising children:

I know you can have a swap soul here. Don’t know about loosing a soul.

First I heard of swap soul, but I suppose it’s possible, since with God anything is possible.

Yes. Google search Walk-in in spirituality. I came across this term after a path reading that I got from a Psychic.

Oh, I forgot about walk-ins. Haven’t heard that term in many years. It was kinda a rage of discussion for a little while. A soul in a human body is replaced by a different soul. Or joined by another soul? Two souls in one human body. When I get to my laptop, I’ll tell you a story.

Okay. Well the term is used for one soul fulfilling what was meant to and being replaced by another. This is obviously just my research and quite difficult to say its factual. But it does makes us think. Some people wake up from comas and don’t feel like themselves for awhile. That makes me wonder if they didn’t went through a soul swap? Don’t take it for a fact please! But apparently more people know about this and it’s a thing. :)

As I said, it was talked about a lot, as I recall, in the early 1990s. It became popular for people to claim they were walk-ins, or a psychic told them they were a walk-in. It may well be factual.
However, what I wanted to say when I got to my laptop, now there, is a bit more complicated.
My first wife's and my infant son died of sudden infant death syndrome. As time passed, I realized he had opened our hearts and set us on our journey, and I had that put on a grave marker and placed on his unmarked grave. His death had left me in such shambles, that it was impossible for me to follow the course my father and his father had charted for me. I came to think that was why my son had died.
Anyway, many years passed, and I was having lots of experiences with other realms, some quite spectacular. I was not going out of my body as far as I knew, I was not using psychedelics, and never did nor have since. It seemed all of the other world stuff was coming to me, either to increase and enhance me, or it was parts of me that I had lost, forgotten, threw away or never even knew where there returning to me.
And, I was in a dark night of the soul, which had been forecast in a dream 2 years prior.
This poem leaped out of me one day:

Only fools rush in
where angels fear to tread,
But if there were no fools,
Who'd lead the angels?

Then, something HUGE and WONDERFUL FEELING started wriggling into me. I felt is physically and energetically and soulfully. It didn't hurt, but was a really tight fit. That went on about 2 weeks.
It was my habit to take a long walk every morning, regardless of the weather. This now was in April, it was a warm pleasant day. When I reached the turn around and go home point of the walk, the same walk I took each day, I realized angels were all around me. I felt their presence, heard:
"This thing coming into you is your angel twin. All people have an angel twin, and yours will spend the rest of your life with you."
I thought that was neat.
Then, I heard, "By the way, this is your son."
My knees buckled, tears filled my eyes, and I nearly collapsed to the ground.
Then, things got even more interesting. Not easier, but more interesting.
Some years later, I wondered if it actually was the soul of my son, or if it was Jesus, the Son of God, in the tradition in which I grew up but was being taken a bit beyond by the angels.
For what fool would have led the angels, but Jesus in the Gospels?

Uau! First of all let me tell you as a mother that I couldn’t even start to comprehend the pain of loosing a child and so i am grateful that you shared this. I battle everyday with darkest thoughts and loosing my son would break me to the soul. No doubt! So I actually needed to hear this. What you went through is a crazy ride. And you are still among us for specific reasons. And perhaps one of them is this. Sharing your story and me reading it now, on this precise moment of my life, it’s beyond what you even imagined or intended to. This makes me appreciate every little moment I have with my son.
Now regarding your twin angel. This is beautiful. I do believe that we all have a Guardian Angels and they are made of the same light Jesus was made. We are all connected by the creator. We are all part of each other. So yes i do believe you baby is and will continue your journey alongside with you. He is part of you as you are his. As Jesus is part of all of us. Pure love. <3
Thank you so much for your words.
You are a beautiful soul and I am positive that this story will be part of mine moving forward.
I needed to hear this :,)
Namaste 🙏


I'm 79 now. Time, events, gravity, angels, demons, heartbreaks, failures, second, third, fourth chances, etc. have greatly influenced my perspectives. I don't have much to show of human achievements on this world, except my many and varying experiences, especially in the second half of my life, very different often very strange and certainly memorable experiences, good, bad, ugly and divine. I think now that we are custodians, or stewards, and children we bring into this world belong to God, not to us, and we have a sacred, splendid, honorable and often difficult task of doing all we can to help those children be who they truly are, and not who, or what, we want them to be. That is one serious soul alchemy journey, being a parent.

Yes. Absolutely agree with you on this. My son is special. He was identified as possibly being on some degree of autism. I honestly don’t see anything wrong with him. He just sees the world differently and he’s just very sensitive. So i am helping in all the ways i can to let him be whatever he wants to be :) Life changes when we become parents. Everything changes. Thank you for sharing your story :)
Big hug filled with love <3
Take care my friend

Who can say? You could be a walk-in soul more able and suitable for your son. If there is a seasoned craniosacral therapist in your area, and if you feel led by the Spirit, take your son to that person. I once trained in and did that therapy, it is soft, deep, multi-dimensional and can be very helpful for children who are “different”.


Thanksgiving Day minority reports from angel slaves

wild turkey

Yesterday's It is very easy for people to lose part or all of their soul to something else - consider Donald Trump, MAGAs and most Republicans brought several responses that we cannot lose our soul, to which I responded in various ways. Then came this response, which I thought was dead on:

The Lizard Wizard
I had bet my soul on a ping pong match with a friend. Yes, you can lose your soul.

I agree. 
I suppose if it is our soul, we can do whatever we please with it. When we leave this life, if not already, we find out how what we did with our soul went, or if there is any way to get our soul back, if we sold it to the Devil, like Dr. Faust did. 
Quite a few times after someone made an absolute statement on a something important, I asked that person, "Do you bet your life and your soul on what you just said?" I recall one person looked like he had been electrocuted and he jumped up out of the chair in which he was sitting and ran away, leaving behind his briefcase, which he did not later return to fetch. A few times someone answered, Yes, and I said, "So be it, you will be reminded of that bet sooner or later." Some people held silent. Others said they did not bet their life and their soul on anything. Some said their life and their soul was not theirs to bet. 
A number of times have I said I bet my life and my soul on something I am saying. Or, I already bet my life and my soul on something I had said or done. I feel most days that my life and my soul are on the line in something I am currently engaging, and that's why I try very hard to stay in sync with my angel training and ongoing guidance from them in dreams and in quirky seldom pleasant sensations in my body when I have crossed a line I should not have crossed, or have missed something I should have seen or caught. 
Exorcist priests, such as the Jesuit Father Malachi Martin was, well know when they undertake an exorcism, they are the demonic entity's target, the possessed is the demonic entity's bait, and if they mess up, they will become possessed, and then they will spend their short time remaining alive trying to save their soul, or not. I approach every angel-assignment in human affairs with that in the back of my mind. 
When I see photos of Donald Trump standing in front of wild-eyed cheering people at MAGA rallies, when I see photos and film clips of the January 6 rioters, when I watch Republicans on TV bowing to Trump, when I see Republicans holding silent over things they darn well know Trump did, which were terribly wrong, when I see a photo of Trump hold up a Bible in front of the Capitol and a church marquee, I remember photos of seas of Germans heling Hitler. 
I don't know what happened to Hitler in the afterlife, does anyone know? 
So far, the door has remained open for Lucifer and that one's legions to return to God, but will that door always remain open? 
In the Gospels, Jesus had some words to say about the Devil, and Jesus had some dealings with demons and he said, if a demon is cast out, it goes away and finds seven worse demons and returns into the person from whom it was cast out, and the person then is worse off than before the first demon was cast out. I wonder how exorcist priests reconcile what they do with that passage in the Gospels? 
I was not trained in casting out demons. I was trained in facing the Devil in myself, and in incrementally returning to God and incrementally making myself lest hospital for demons. Even as the more progress I made, the more I was attacked. Most of the attacks were internal. A few were against my physical body. A fairly recent attack tried to remove me from space and time, and when that didn't happen, to exterminate my soul. But for shielding by angels, I suppose I would have been a goner more times than I care to try to imagine.

On a parallel front, I have a friend about half my age, who steadily reports being visited and told things by angels known in the Bible, when he is awake, and in visions, and in dreams when he is asleep. He emailed me twice yesterday, first about what Melchizedek had showed him about nuclear power, and then what he thinks about turkeys. Bon appetit!

1st email
Melchizedek visited me in a dream. Clarified the Russia issue.
Showed me to find this: 
I didn't remember specifically but you told this to the guy from Australia:
My friend reported a while back that he was taken by Melchizedek to the Russian artic, where there was a nuclear facility that had some difficulty and Russia was covering it up. Melchizedek said escaped nuclear radiation affects other dimensions adversely, and affects the planet in ways that could lead to nuclear winter or melt down of the planet's core.  
Then the following was shown and explained:
It was Chernobyl. Melchizedek showed me Chernobyl in the Ukraine. The facility has a concrete pad under it, he showed it deteriorating, and then the only place it can go is the core. That was why they used all the concrete in the USSR at the time.
Melchizedek said all reactors would eventually end this way, needing to be capped like Chernobyl, needing to be excavated from beneath(you say track hoe I say excavator and Melchizedek said we were dummies if we argued over the semantics of earth removal equipment). Once excavated from beneath then they need to have concrete reinforced pads underneath. Eventually in the future, all the pads will deteriorate.
The most immediate danger is that if an aquifer if below a nuclear plant, the aquifer becomes pressurized hydrogen gas- from evaporating the water under pressure of the soil. That alone would explode and be devastating. Just from the gas needing to vent over such a huge surface area, the other thing is hydrogen gas is extremely unstable, compressed it could undergo fusion and the nuclear plant would create in effect an H-bomb- far more devastating than anything we ever tested in history.
If mankind survives that or lucks out with no aquifer- the core of reactors continues to melt down. 
In the initial dream it was an artic surrounding, because, no easy way to put this- Ukraine is an artic biome for part of the year- it snows like fuck and gets fucking cold.
He jogged my memory. 
2nd email
What Thanksgiving means to me.
Thanksgiving makes me think of Wild Turkeys. Wild Turkeys tear hell out of gardens, are worse than crows for stealing seed and ruining a garden. If you kill the bastards, they are hell to pluck, and even worse! Those razor sharp barbs on the back of their feet that will stick you like a switch blade. If you do pluck the bastards, enjoy a broken tooth on lead or steel shot because you can NEVER GET ALL THAT SHIT OUT. If by some miracle that you do indeed get the all the shot out, congratulations. You're still going to break a tooth if you are lucky, a jaw if you're not- those birds are so tough you might as well chew kevlar.

What else does Thanksgiving bring to mind ?
It is a Ritualistic Celebration of the Success of Manifest Destiny and Consumerism: It is a Big Pat on the Back to the White Man for stolen land and infected blankets, slavery, war, treating immigrants and minorities like shit, and the all consuming drive to line pockets with FILTHY LUCRE. It is a realization of everything that the American Dream IS NOT supposed to be. Proof ? Thanksgiving is followed by Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Yay ! Can I get an Amen?

*looks around nervously* Who are these men and why are they chasing me with those uncomfortable looking coats? *runs like hell* 
Kapow!!! And to think Benjamin Franklin wanted them to be the national bird.

And Ben Franklin was a deist Masonic, womanizing, slave- owning white man who if he were alive today... Would probably be a MAGA.
Empty Shelves Ben....

I told some liberal white people the other day, if Pocahontas had her head screwed on right, she and her tribe would have killed the white immigrants as soon as they stepped off the boat and saved the real Americans a whole heap of grief. The liberal white people agreed.


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

It is very easy for people to lose part or all of their soul to something else - consider Donald Trump, MAGAs and most Republicans

I reposted yesterday's How many Republicans still have souls? into an online spirituality group. There were several replies, then came this reply:

Hey, thanks for contributing to /r/spirituality. Unfortunately, your post was removed as it violates our rules: We reserve the right to remove posts that serve no purpose to spiritual development. Such as conspiracy theories, "anyone felt that?" generic posts, encouraging bad behavior, etc. Please read the sidebar before posting again. If you have questions or concerns, please [message the moderators through modmail]. Thank you!

I was able to capture the earlier replies.

All of them 
Fixating on division will never bring contentment There are good Republicans; there are bad Republicans; there are neutral Republicans. Politics shows how ugly people are. I’d rather focus on the shit we all have in common

People do not have a separate soul. People are unconscious. This means they do not know what they are or what they do. We are all an extension of god no matter what we believe or how we behave.

All of them have souls. If there are people walking this earth that are not deluded in some way you could probably count them on one hand.

Everyone has a soul no matter what belief or Political stance they have.

Not much use bringing in political parties and affiliations into spiritual matters, especially given the political culture of the USA.

How many dichotomies wind up in bloodshed? 
Politicians in general do not have souls

Me, in retrospect:

Every human being has a soul, regardless of what he/she thinks, believes, says, does or does not do. A soul existed before it became a human, and it exists afterward. A soul emanated out of what I grew up calling God. A soul has many experiences on this world and elsewhere. A soul is hardly confined to its human body, but it resides with/in it during a lifetime, unless ...

Unless something happens to change that ...

The horrible black night I experienced for 16 months in 1997-98 began with detachment of my soul from the rest of me, the human. I felt it happen in stages. Each stage was absolutely terrifying and lasted about one minute. it happened 4 times in one day. Like I was in a giant earthquake, but it was inside of me. I felt great the next day. When I woke the following day, I felt as if half of my brain had died, or had had a stroke. I could still think okay, but I was under a great depressive weight in my mind and being. It was terrifying and there was nothing I could do about it. I had only three dreams during that time, which left me hoping God had not abandoned me completely. A good friend, who had worked for my father's company, had several dreams during that time, which indicated I was not in as bad of shape as I felt. 

The black night began to lift after I separated from the woman I then was with. Before the separation, her back had gone out. A chiropractor was no help. Muscle relaxants were no help. A neurosurgeon told her to stay in bed, under traction. I waited on her hand and foot. She left the bed only to use the toilet and bathe. About two weeks of that, she screamed one day, "What's wrong with my back?!!!?" I felt terrible for her, and helpless. I sat on the edge of the bed and said, "I think we don't suit each other; it's nobody's fault." She said she thought I was right. The next day, her back was normal. As if nothing had happened. 

My dreams returned. Angels began resurrecting me, so to speak, from the black night. The resurrection had many phases. Each phase was very rough. Then, one night I was told my soul would be reattached, and that took the rest of the night, as I felt weird stuff happening inside me and saw surreal images in my dreams. Then, came more resurrecting, also very rough. Then, came very rough training in discernment of spirits, in myself, in other people, and in spirit. I very definitely met the Devil inside of me. It was no fun, and sometimes it was terrifying.

Then came further trials, tests and work assignments, in which I ongoing engaged people and their souls and spirits of which they were not aware, which were influencing them. The engagements were human. I did not travel around in spirit realms like traditional shamans do. I engaged everything in 3-D, when I was awake, and in my dreams, when I was asleep. During my sleep, I received instructions in dreams regarding what I was engaging when I was awake. I was advised for or against this and that action. I was corrected, sometimes sharply, when I missed the mark in human time. Some of the corrections were terrifying. That still happens,

As part of that process, I was steered into local politics where I then lived. I ran many times for local office as an Independent. I participated in lots of candidate forums. I often was interviewed by local media. I blogged daily about all of it. My perspective and what I said in public forums was always different from other candidates. I was totally out of the box on everything. I was the "minority report". I came away from all of it with the view that politics is really screwed up and political parties are secular religions that can be likened to cults.  

So, it was from that history and experience that I published yesterday's How many Republicans still have souls? post at this blog.

For it is very easy for a person to lose part or all of his/her soul to something else. 

In Nazi Germany, Adolph Hitler and his top aides knowingly made deals with a powerful demon, which enhanced them and that's how they gained so much power in Germany at that time, coupled with the demon infiltrating the masses and most Germans. For making a conscious deal with the demon, Hitler and his top aides gave their souls to that demon, and how that went for then in the afterlife, your guess is as good as mine. As for the German masses, and the German military, their deal with the devil was more subtle, as they did not know about the demon, but they got into lockstep, in the main, with Hitler and his top aides, thus with the demon. They became infiltrated by the demon, and the rest of their human lives was a struggle to reclaim their soul, or not reclaim it. How it went for the in the afterlife, your guess is as good as mine.

I matters not today what news media or social media or blogs or whatever people follow online or on TV or radio on in church or wherever. There are oceans of evidence that, in the main, Donald Trump has taken over the Republican Party, if not formally, then de facto. Look at how Republicans vote in Congress. Look at how Republicans hold forth on FOX News. Look at how Republican candidates, in the main, hold forth. Look at how MAGAs hold forth. Look at how Republicans who are not MAGAs, in the main, hold forth on social media. 

Donald Trump has infiltrated most Republicans and all MAGAs, and what has infiltrated Donald Trump is gaining increasing purchase and traction in those Republicans, whether they realize it or not. The MAGAs are far more deeply infiltrated by what has taken up residence in Donald Trump. Thus, are all of their souls infiltrated and taken over by that something, whether they know it or not. They all will learn about in the afterlife, if they don't get woken up to it in this life. As for how that goes for them, your guess is as good as mine.

This is above has nothing to do with the Democrats, who have their own very serious spiritual challenges. This above has to do with the very grave similarity between what happened in Germany to what now is happening in America. People who delve into spirituality should know about such things, but it has been my experience that few do. Church people should know about such things, but it seems most of them don't.


Tuesday, November 23, 2021

How many Republicans still have souls?

A good friend, Republican, U.S. Army Special Forces combat veteran, told me the January 6 Capitol rioters all should have been shot dead. This Independent thought the instigators of the riot, starting at the top with Donald Trump, also should be shot dead, for attempting a coup - Treason.

Meanwhile, from American Historian Heather Cox Richardson's November 22, 2021 letter:

Frank Figliuzzi, the former assistant director for counterintelligence at the FBI, tweeted that of 32,315 pro-Rittenhouse hashtag tweets from November 19–20, 29,609 had disabled geolocation. Of them, 17,701 were listed as “foreign,” and most of those were in Russia, China, and the EU.

Plenty of Americans are along for the authoritarian ride, too. A story by David A. Fahrenthold, Josh Dawsey, Isaac Stanley-Becker, and Shayna Jacobs in the Washington Post today reveals that the Republican National Committee (RNC) is using party funds to pay some of former president Donald Trump’s legal bills. Allies of RNC chair Ronna McDaniel note that since Trump is the biggest draw the party has for fundraising, it is important to cultivate his goodwill.

This dumps the RNC into the January 6 insurrection mess by aligning the party’s central organization with Trump.

That mess is deepening. Today the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol issued five new subpoenas to people involved in planning the rallies in Washington, D.C., on January 6 and the subsequent march to the Capitol.

The subpoenas went to Dustin Stockton and Jennifer Lawrence, who organized the “Women for America First” rally, and Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich, who called for a social media blitz. Another subpoena went to Roger Stone, who pushed the rally and raised money for it, and who hired members of the right-wing Oath Keepers, several of whom were at the riot, as personal bodyguards. Right-wing newscaster Alex Jones got one, too; he helped to organize the rallies, spoke at the one held January 5, and claimed to have provided 80% of the funding for the January 6 rally.

Committee chair Bennie Thompson (D-MS) said: “We need to know who organized, planned, paid for, and received funds related to those events, as well as what communications organizers had with officials in the White House and Congress.”

Two days ago, Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), who sits on the committee, told CNN that many of the people they’ve interviewed so far—more than 200—have been Trump officials who testified voluntarily and wanted to be subpoenaed for “cover.”

In Washington, D.C., today, at a hearing for one of those charged in the riot at the Capitol that day, U.S. District Court Judge Carl Nichols, a Trump appointee, sought to define what it means to interfere with an official federal government proceeding. About a third of those charged in the attack on the Capitol have been charged with this crime, which carries a penalty of up to 20 years in prison. Nichols asked a prosecutor today whether calling “Vice President Pence to seek to have him adjudge the certification in a particular way” would be obstruction.

That’s a key question.

Trump’s influence took some hits today. Sean Parnell, the Trump-backed candidate for Pennsylvania senator, suspended his campaign after losing a custody battle with his ex-wife. She accused him of physical and emotional abuse of her and their children.

Today, conservative columnist Max Boot called out Republican lawmakers for “fomenting violent extremism” and noted that “they have also become hostage to the extremists in their ranks” because they fear for their safety should they stand up to the Trump loyalists. Right-wing extremists have threatened the lives of the 13 Republicans who voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Two long-standing Fox News Channel contributors, Steve Hayes and Jonah Goldberg, quit the enterprise today over Tucker Carlson’s three-part series Patriot Purge. That series, they wrote, “is presented in the style of an exposé, a hard-hitting piece of investigative journalism. In reality, it is a collection of incoherent conspiracy-mongering, riddled with factual inaccuracies, half-truths, deceptive imagery, and damning omissions.”

They say they could no longer work at the Fox News Channel because “we sincerely believe that all people of good will and good judgment—regardless of their ideological or partisan commitments—can agree that a cavalier and even contemptuous attitude toward facts, truth-seeking, and truth-telling, lies at the heart of so much that plagues our country.”

And Kyle Rittenhouse, whom a jury acquitted Friday of all charges connected with the shooting deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and the wounding of Gaige Grosskreutz, is fighting with the “Fightback Foundation” organized by “Stop the Steal” lawyer Lin Wood over the $2 million bail posted for Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse’s lawyers say the money was raised for their client and thus should be his; Wood contends that he raised the money (although apparently not all of it) and thus it should go to his organization.

A number of Republican governors are facing primary challengers backed by Trump, and according to the Wall Street Journal, former vice president Mike Pence told the Republican Governors’ Association this week that he would be supporting incumbent Republican governors rather than Trump-backed challengers. Trump spokesperson Budowich—now under subpoena—responded, “Just like in cycles previous, successful Republican candidates must earn the support of President Donald J. Trump.”