Monday, April 26, 2021

the American left, their media and Big Pharma defeated the cheap, fast Covid-19 cure President Trump announced in March 2020, and today America is SNAFU and perhaps FUBAR

Retired nurse Peggy, whom I got to know when I lived I lived in Key West, posted on Facebook someone else's seemingly endless indictment of Donald Trump during his presidency. Here's how it went for me from there

Sloan Bashinsky
I ran out of steam about 1/3 down the indictment. I am no Trump fan, but he promoted a fast, cheap cure (Dr. Zelenko) for Covid-19 and you rejected it, the Democrats rejected it, the mainstream media rejected it, Fauci, Brix, FDA, CDC, AMA, WHO, Big Pharma, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. rejected it. Trump got vaccines made and much of the right rejected the vaccines. The awful effect of the pandemic is on all of the aforesaid, not on Trump.

Sorry, but 571 thousand people died from Covid. Trump was our Commander in Chief and had no desire to end the pandemic. Because of him calling it the Chinese virus he was the cause of Asian people being attacked. He said Covid would just miraculously disappear. He knew the danger and lied to his citizens for his own greed and bigotry and brainwashed many people into following a corrupt agenda for this country. He turned Christianity into a corrupt cult of followers. Trump was our leader and he is the cause. 
Much of the right refuse to take the vaccine now. Trump tried to produce the vaccine in a way he would profit financially. Biden has got things going along very quickly with the vaccines. Biden got us vaccinated not Trump!!

Sloan Bashinsky
Sorry, but Peggy knows I really didn't like Trump, but he did pass along the cure and the witch hunts began and here we are, and that ain't on Trump, it's on America.

You had better do more research sir. Trump wanted to make money on the vaccine, it backfired on him! He could not not get things going in a year?? He was telling us it was a hoax!

Sloan Bashinsky
Repeat, Trump passed the cure along in March after he and his chief of staff received Dr. Zelenko's letter I will add below. Hannity interviewed Zelenko, who had battlefield tested the early stage cure in his very large family practice in a tight knit hasidic community in New York state. The left and its media went haywire. 
I had numerous conversations with Peggy, and she did not concede one inch, said hydroxychloroquine killed people, even though she knew people had taken hydroxychloroquine for years for malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis and had not died. I had many conversations like that with Democrats and moderates. Even Republicans were hard to win over. 
Trump had nothing to do with that. He kept talking about the cure. I fault him only for not using his clout to make his FDA director make the cure freely available. That has nothing to do with vaccines, which, amazingly, the right resist, and here you are blaming Trump. 
Here's what I think will happen now. The virus is mutating like all get out. The resistance to the vaccine will give the virus what it needs to become even stronger and more varied and more problematic. Look at India today. Look at what's happening in red states in America. Won't surprise me if Biden orders a national lockdown that flat wrecks the American economy and society, and there is a lot more mental and emotional distress and civil unrest.
Zelenko's March 23 letter: 
Sloan Bashinsky
I could be put in Facebook jail for posting that letter here. I was as put in FB jail several times already publishing the letter and even mentioning Zelenko's name on FB. His cure still would save America, if it was freely available.

I had a friend die from hydroxychloroquine as well. And why would anyone believe anything on Hannity and the right wing lying programs.
Sorry but this proves nothing who is he!
he was a on Hannity. How can he be trusted!! Sorry Sloan, but you sound very right wing to me!

Sloan Bashinsky
You are at the end of a long line of people who dismissed Zelenko out of hand because he was on Hannity. Did you read his letter? He did not write to Hannity. But Hannity interviewed him, while even Joe Biden dissed him. 
The cure is 5 days of hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin. 5 days. It works in the early stages, many doctors used it were blasted if they let it be known they were using it. By people like you, Peggy, Joe Biden. Oh, but it was so cheap. There was no money to be made by research, trials, government funding, sales. 
People are being killed by the vaccines, but they are still being used. Nobody knows the long term effect of the vaccines. I had 2 Phizer shots. Willingly. I would have gladly taken Zelenko's cure if I had contracted the virus. It kept his patients out of hospitals. Read that again. It kept his patients out of hospitals. Nurses like Peggy never would have seen his patients. 
People in cults, which you are, cannot see beyond the cult. Same for MAGAs, Republicans. flat-earth thinking. 
Watch Dr. Zelenko's homemade video where he explains it and plenty more.
Dr Zelenko discusses COVID-19 pandemic and solutions to end it.

Yes I read it . He sounds like Trump. As I said my friend died from the hydroychloriquine. And others have as well!
Why are victims and dying people diminishing except in the states where people Won’t take the vaccine and won’t wear masks? Why are there not thousands of people sick and dying from the vaccines if they are bad!
Do you have proof that the vaccines are not helping?
If Trump took the cocktail when he got Covid and it worked why did he not use his executive power to get it out to everyone?

Sloan Bashinsky
I am interested in hearing how your friend was killed by hydroxychloroquine. That was the medical examiner's determination, a physician's determination? It is possible hydroxychloroquine killed your friend, penicillin killed people who were intolerant to it. Peanut butter killed people who are intolerant to it. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine caused a few people to have dangerous blood clots and was suspended, then cleared despite the blood clots.
Tens of millions of people took hydroxychloroquine ongoing for malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis, prescribed by physicians, Overseas, in malaria areas, hydroxychloroquine is over the counter available. It was given to American troops during the Vietnam war to prevent them catching malaria.
Trump took Zelenko's cocktail preventatively for a while after some of this staff tested positive. Some months later, Trump tested positive and was hospitalized, BECAUSE he did not take Zelenko's cocktail when he tested positive. He had caught so much flack, he was running for reelection, his doctors gave him other meds by then known to be effective. I doubt you or I could have afforded those drugs.
You think Zelenko sounds like Trump? You need a new pair of ears. Watch his video. His 5-day early stage infection cure is simple. It was already known that hydroxychloroquine transported zinc into body cells, and that coronaviruses had trouble replicating in zinc environment, and that just taking zinc, without a transporter, was not effective. It also was known that loss of taste and smell is a symptom of zinc deficiency.
I read several so-called studies slamming hydroxychloroquine as ineffective against Covid-19. The so-called studies did not use zinc with hydroxychloroquine. The so-called studies were RIGGED. I tried several times to explain that to Peggy, who is a Registered Nurse, and it was like talking to a stone. She kept saying studies said hydroxychloroquine had killed some people.
How many people did Covid-19 kill in America? How many more people did it really mess up for the rest of their lives? How many of Dr. Zelenko's patients went down that M*A*S*H re-run? None. How many of the Frontline Doctors' patients went down that Mj*A*S*H re-run? None I know of.
I am a blogger. I started slamming Trump in 2017 and never let up, which Peggy well knows. I slammed Hillary, too. I thought they both should be locked up, in adjoining cells, and said so many times at my blog.
The vaccines are providing immunity, for now. But look at the carnage that could have been avoided before the vaccines arrived? And look at the resistance to the vaccines, and it's not just Republicans and MAGAs.
If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say Republicans and MAGAs resisting vaccination have figured out a way to acquire hydroxychloroquine, which some doctors are prescribing off label, along with zinc and azithromycin, to prevent secondary infection. The Zelenko cocktail. Or, they have a friendly veterinarian who gave them sufficient invermectin, which is known to cure Covid-19.
Imagine that is true. Imagine Republicans and MAGAs silently laughing at Democrats, hoping they will catch Covid-19 and die or be permanently damaged by it. Especially, black democrats, as many blacks fear any vaccine because of the Tuskegee trials.
I am a white Alabama native, age 78. I got up close and personal acquainted with George Wallace whites. I deal with Republicans and MAGAs ongoing. And with Democrats. Where I live and on Facebook. Here's a link to yesterday's blog post, where I deal with a gun lover for the 2nd day running.
"Do American-right love and trust their guns more than God?"

Sloan Bashinsky
Trump's God assignment was to get Zelenko's cure to all Americans. Trump blew that assignment, because he wanted more than anything to re-elected.
For years, I voted for 3rd-party presidential candidates, because I didn't like Republican or Democrat nominees. I voted for Joe Biden, reluctantly, because he did not cause me to fear for the safety of my children and their families, and he at least talked about saving the planet from human beings.
Biden has no clue how the vaccines will fare in the long run against Covid-19 and its mutations. Nobody has a clue. By this time next year, there could be a mutation resistant to the current vaccines. But Zelenko's cheap, fast, simple, mechanical cure will work, if started as soon as symptoms appear.
Zelenko said quercetin also transports zinc into body cells and can be substituted for hydroxychloroquine. Quercetin is easy to buy online, Walmart carries a quercetin-zinc combination. I have taken quercetin, zinc, C and D-3 daily since last May. I still take them, even though I had both Phizer shots.
I wear a mask anytime I go into inside a public place: grocery, pharmacy, business, restaurant, doctor office, etc. Have worn masks since February 2020.
I love spending 23 hours a day in my apartment, staring at walls, my laptop, smart phone, TV. Watching America go what looks like batshit crazy to me.

Jonathan Long
Why are there more Covid spread in in many Republican states. If they know about about the cocktail why is it not more widely used even without CDC approval?
I grew up Christian and the the church has shown so much greed and bigotry throughout history I can not believe in it as I did. There is no proof of most of the miracles in the book and the laws were written in another time and society. I believe there is a power in the universe call it “God” whatever it is a title for something unknown. How guns were used in the past does not compare to now. No one should own an assault weapon period. Why is it the USA has such a high crime rate for a democratic country?
Thank you for voting for Biden. He is at least taking us out of a less corruptive and dangerous government that Trump was forcing on us. Even though I believe it’s not over because of too many brainwashed and uneducated Americans

Sloan Bashinsky
Do you still contend I am a right-winger? 
I get accused ongoing by right-wingers of being a commie Democrat. I show them blog posts where I take on Democrats. It is true red states are showing increase in Covid-19 infections. Just recently, a Facebook friend told me about south Alabama cattle farmers getting invermectin from their livestock vets to have on hand if they catch Covid-19. I for sure had trouble selling Alabama urban Republicans on Zelenko's cocktail. 
Each state has its own medical and pharmacy boards, which determine what meds can be prescribed for what. Hydroxychloroquine only can be prescribed off label, because it does not have FDA approval for Covid-19.

Jonathan Long
As far as I am concerned there is no proof that any vaccine or cocktail will help against future variants and it’s time length of effectiveness. It’s too soon

Sloan Bashinsky
Correct, re vaccines. Zelenko proved his cocktail works if taken as soon as symptoms appear, do not wait to test for positive or negative and give the virus any more time to replicate. Lot's of doctors learned of Zelenko's cure and used it with their patients. But the Democrats and their media and Facebook led that charge in league with Big Pharma, and Trump caved. That's what happened, and here America is. Attack Trump all you like. I certainly did plenty of that. But he did tell America about Zelenko's cure, the Front Line doctors told America about the cure, it was working for their patients. And here we are. SNAFU and perhaps FUBAR.

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