Friday, April 2, 2021

not looking into the soul mirror can be fatal to the heart and the soul

I recently discovered on Facebook an Alabama native now living in Sedona, Arizona. He seems to have gone whole hog into the what collectively might be called "the new age".

I have been dealing with sciatica and the right hip for weeks. Going back to the chiropractor to see if he can adjust me in the direction of wellness. Remember how I am always saying that a dream can release you from notions rolling ahead in your noggin? Last night I had a dream that I was having a heart attack which lasted a minute in dream time, When I woke up the sciatica had moved up into the right side of my back. This morning I will go back to the chiropractor for hopefully body wellness. And to all of you, keep dreaming and letting go of all the negative stuff. Om. Tat. Sat. Om.

Sloan Bashinsky
Albert, the heart attack dream suggests heart issue in your soul/psyche, which needs to be understood and addressed. That the physical pain moved up from your right hip into the right side of your back suggests the heart issue is becoming more pressing. The right side of the body is the male/masculine side. Attempting to treat with chiropractic, which requires some force, does not seem to be working, and could be aggravating the soul/psyche issue, given the physical progression since you saw the chiropractor. Perhaps you have some old unresolved heartache involving your father, a brother? Perhaps you are pushing something too hard in your life, too much testosterone? Perhaps your feminine wants to speak or be more dominant, but is being hindered? Try getting quiet and closing your eyes asking God, or whatever is in charge of Everything, to show you what you need to see about the physical pain and the heart attack dream. Do that in a state of unknowing, curiosity, and courage, as there is no way to know what will be revealed, if it is revealed. It has been my experience many times, likewise many people I have known who shared similar perspective, that negative stuff held in the physical body needs to be seen, felt, endured a bit, before it releases and dissipates, and sometimes that is a serial process, not just a one shot event. During that transition, chiropractic might be of some assistance. Or, it might be your soul/psyche readjust and the physical pain resolves. I have used chiropractors many times. I heard stories from them of patients having huge spontaneous emotional explosions during an adjustment. I was experientially trained in various body-soul psychotherapies. I am not talking from stuff I merely have read or been told.

Sloan: Thanks for the valuable insights. My personal chart is under immense pressure of change. Love and Gratitude,

Sloan Bashinsky
I doubt the heart attack dream is about your chart. As Jesus said in the Gospels, the Kingdom of God is within. So is a whole lot else. God is much bigger than and not constrained by Astrology. I hope you will do the internal experience I suggested. You can do it alone, not pay anyone money. I spent tens of thousands of dollars in another time on healers of different sorts, and while I learned a great deal about myself and those healers, they were selling their wares and things happened when they were trying to help me that were for them to take in, or ignore, and I often wondered why I was paying them, instead of them paying me?

Albert subsequently posted on Facebook that he is an old timer in AA, does fearless searching personal inventories, which include posting his personal experiences on Facebook. He listens to audio teachings of a yoga master in India, and has a massage table and is bringing massage therapists into his home to help him relax and heal his body.

Albert seems very busy externally. Looking into the soul mirror is a bit more challenging. Can be terrifying sometimes. Like a heart attack. But then, not looking into the soul mirror can be fatal to the heart and the soul.

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