Monday, April 5, 2021

What happened to Jesus in the Gospels?

Jesus ministers to leper

Most unusual thing happened this past weekend. Didn't realize it was Easter until around noon yesterday. How could that be? Had seen nothing about Good Friday or Easter Sunday on Facebook and TV news. How could that be? More to the point, how could I space out Good Friday and Easter Sunday? 

Can't imagine why they named it Good Friday. Doubt Jesus felt good about that day. Being nailed to a cross. For speaking his mind. Making a few miracles. Attracting a large following, who mostly went into hiding and left him stranded mostly alone on the cross. 

Is that what I did this past weekend? Left Jesus stranded mostly alone? Have no clue, for cannot recall an Easter weekend when I didn't have something to say about Jesus on my blog. But not this past weekend. I was in another world. 

And I swan, that world seemed so truly disturbed at Facebook and TV news, in emails from people, in my dreams, that I wondered how it could ever be fixed? Not by Easter egg hunts. Not by attending church services. Not by posting on Facebook. Not by watching CNN or FOX. Don't use Twitter or other social media, can't imagine it's any different there.

So much disturbance, finger-pointing, handwringing and spinning facts to suit this and that agenda. What happened to Jesus in the Gospels? Mostly, he seems to have been forgotten and replaced by something else.

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