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Doc Justice rips "Paradise" law enforcement again in Key West's bizarre treehouse murder thriller

For a change of pace on the soul of law enforcement,  below is the latest in a string of columns about a bizarre criminal prosecution in "Paradise", aka Florida Keys, particularly, Key West area. I do not know author Doc Justice's true identity, but I hope he has a really good cloaking device and lots of Kevlar. I think this case was first broken by Key West the Newspaper (

The Treehouse murder story and litigation just went sideways big time!
I have been following this case for some time now. Ever since the amazing Lauren Jenai, co-founder of cross-fit, reached out to me.
Her and Tyrone Tucker were childhood friends and sweethearts with life driving them separate ways, but as the Universe sometimes does for people meant to be together, they were reconnected.
This is such an awesome Knight in Shining Armor saves damsel in distress story, but in total reverse.
Lauren is a force of nature, which I discovered the first time we spoke. Most people who have tried her exercise program would think just being able to do that would make you a force of nature, but Lauren doesn't even begin to stop there.
We have published about their story several times and so have multiple major media organizations.
Lauren has spent countless hours unraveling a sick and twisted game of corruption, going from the bottom to the top, diving in like a superhero and putting her resources on the line to save an innocent man, she now calls her husband.
But I digress.
This story is really about an innocent man, who almost got railroaded. And by all accounts had Lauren not swooped in as the angel she is, I believe he would have.
A story that makes me cry seeing the completeness of the machine that grinds up souls, and imagining what happens to those without a Lauren.
We had been working on a big story with Tyrone, then the Monroe County State Attorney's Office did the unconscionable and had both Tyrone and Lauren gagged.
How can they even gag Lauren. And how can they in good faith whine about media exposure when they talked to the media and falsely called this man a murderer, while being in possession of exculpatory evidence?
Talk about some serious lack of honesty, integrity, and ethics, not to mention the glaring prior restraint issues on the First Amendment rights of private citizens.
And how did the courts allow this?
But we dropped what we were working on because the life and freedom of an innocent man is more important than ratings or self advancement.
Hello Monroe County State Attorney Dennis Ward and Sherriff Rick Ramsey, did you hear that?
Should I say it louder for those in the back?
Do either of you gentlemen, in supposed critical leadership roles, know what your subordinates are doing under your watch?
Ramsey no need to respond, we already know the type of unhonorable man you are. And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so they say.
But Mr. Ward, surely you are of higher moral character than to allow this to happen under your supervision. If you knew, I am appalled at your lack of proper action, if you were not aware you are now, and your constituents would expect you to fix this properly and not sweep the crimes committed under the rug.
This literally could be a T.V. series, making of a Murderer - Next Victim of the State, in a rare case where the sequel would blow the doors off the original.
From my read this has RICO all over it. Collusion between the State Attorney and the Sheriff's Office. Perjury by deputies, witness and/or counsel intimidation/tampering, evidence tampering and destruction, obstruction of justice.........
So far After 700 or so days, of being wrongly incarcerated, Tyrone is free and living with Lauren after they got married.
One cop, Captain Penny Phelps has been fired; one Assistant State Attorney had her law license suspended for a year, and was forced to resign; and one cop got demoted to no longer being a cop, and kicked to dispatch. And that is only where this seems to be starting.
But the state still has not dropped its frivolous charges against Tyrone.
Today the defense filed a bunch of exhibits, including the deposition(s) of the lead Detective, Matthew Pitcher.
I have downloaded all the exhibits filed in case the state wants to gag someone let them try to gag me.
If I have time, I will analyze and write more.
But If you really want to see how dirty some cops are, how they work with corrupt state attorney's, and the work it takes to expose it all, I suggest you read the depo transcripts.
It is long, like 341 pages long.
But I can not take my eyes away from it.
I think my eyes are bleeding reading this, some things you can't unsee/unread, and I may have to bleach my corneas.
Man court transcripts can be the best thrillers sometimes.
So without further ado.
If you decide to read through these transcripts, trust me it just gets better and better, or should I say goes from horrible, to despicable, to worse.
Doc Justice

Whoever you are, Doc Justice, I hope you have a really good cloaking device and lots of Kevlar, I think Key West the Newspaper first broke this Stephen King'ish case?
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    Sloan Bashinsky
     I have something they fear even more.......
    Cameras everywhere.
  • True Homestead
     Did you bury land mines around your property's perimeter. Do you keep fierce guard dogs for protection? Do you have a drone armed with hellfire missiles orbiting above your domain?? Has your FB been hacked and dismantled yet, like what happened to (Coconut Telegraph) after its owner created sheriff candidate Sandy Downs' campaign website, where Sandy told some rocky horror movie stuff on the Sheriff Department?
    The gag order, I suppose the judge wants the prosecution for have a fair trial?
    My recollection is, before he became a lawyer, the state attorney was a detective at the Miami Beach Police Department. Perhaps I missed it, but I never saw him prosecute a LEO. I got to know him pretty well. Helped him get elected the first time, 2008.
    I told Tyrone that I thought his best potential law enforcement recourse is with US Attorney in Miami. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement in Tallahassee did not impress me in the murder in police custody Charles Eimers case, broken by the blue paper. Nor did the then state attorney impress me.
    Once upon a time, I practiced law, emphasis on practiced.

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