Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Will it ever be safe enough for President Biden and the left to reopen America?

I posted this below on Facebook yesterday, wondering if it would get me put in Facebook's jail? Not yet.

Sloan Bashinsky

I am no Trump fan, but he promoted a fast, cheap cure for Covid-19 and you rejected it, the Democrats rejected it, the mainstream media rejected it, Fauci, Brix, FDA, CDC, AMA, WHO, Big Pharma, Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc. rejected it. Trump got vaccines made and much of the right rejected the vaccines. The awful effect of the pandemic is on all of the aforesaid, not on Trump.

the American left, their media and Big Pharma defeated the cheap, fast Covid-19 cure President Trump announced in March 2020, and today America is SNAFU and perhaps FUBAR


He did an interview on Hannity yesterday and for the first time EVER I developed a tiny bit of respect for the man. He admitted to taking the vaccine and encouraged his supporters to do the same.

Hard to believe it but the far right anti-vax population is now displaying a level of ignorance that even Trump does not understand.

Sloan Bashinsky

I think Trump understands them very well, and that is why he was able to play them so easily, and why he was so slow admitting he took the vaccine and they should, too - he didn't want to alienate them, because he knows, without them, he has no leverage in Republicandom. I can imagine he was under heavy pressure from the old Republicans to promote vaccines, lest they all be blamed for what Covid-19 might do to America, including another shutdown.


Yep. Probably true. They’ve been begging him to do a commercial encouraging the vaccine. He won’t do it. I guess going on Fox News to say it is better than nothing.

Sloan Bashinsky

That's a good place for him to say it, because it's a Republican "oracle" 

Sloan Bashinsky

Meanwhile, I had the 2 Pfizer shots in January and February, have vaccination card signed by medical workers to prove it, have photo of it in my i-Phone. Have yet to be asked for proof that I was vaccinated. Have yet to be asked if I was vaccinated. Doctors' offices ask me if I have any Covid symptoms? Have I been recently exposed to someone with Covid? I can only get into doctors' offices wearing a face mask. I tell the doctors and their staff I had both Pfizer shots. They don't seem interested. 

I can only get into any public place wearing a face mask. Most of each day I'm holed up in my apartment. My social outings are walks on sidewalks, siting on sidewalk benches, going to the grocery store, drug store, restaurants, doctor and lawyer offices, talking on phone and Facebook, playing duplicate bridge and chess online, watching TV news, golf, mixed martial arts and other shows. In other words, getting vaccinated changed nothing in my life other than I hope I won't ever catch Covid-19.

Who knows how long the Pfizer vaccine will remain effective? Will it protect me from Covid-19 mutations? In the face of all of that, will it ever be safe enough for President Biden to say it's safe enough for America to reopen? For blue state governors to say it's safe enough for America to reopen? Wars always have entailed killed and wounded, but it looks to me that President Biden and the blues do not, can not, tolerate any casualties.

Dr. Zelenko's cheap early stage infection protocol (zinc, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin), which I explained in plain English in the blog post to which you responded, would have allowed America to safely reopen in April 2020. President Trump wanted America to have that cure, so America could safely reopen. The left, its media and the medical-industrial complex went haywire. Trump caved. Here we are. 


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