Friday, April 9, 2021

joys of being a fool

Robert and David added to their attacks reported in yesterdays Jesus' wife Mary Magdalene, mother of their child, was of the Order Melchizedek and earlier posts at this blog: 

Yep, just as I evidence what so ever. Delusional thinking at it's best.

A Fool's Work Never Ends
Robert, Can Genghis Kahn, Buddha, Rumi, Mohammed, Moses, Merlin, Joan of Arc, for examples, be proven to have taken place? In 100 years, will someone be able to prove you took place? You will see very differently, if not in this life, then later. Meanwhile, there is no way to prove or disprove what I report here, and to think otherwise would be insanity. I wonder what drives you to be so intent on proving Jesus never existed, the people in the Bible never existed? As if your very life and soul depend on it. That seems a bit over the top to me, but then, I'm not in your skin. Nor are you in my skin. If you were in my skin, you would be cured instantly of the arguments you have made here.

A Fool's Work Never Ends, You picked a good moniker. It fits.
You are so focused on your own selfish needs that you fail to see the harm that you cause

A Fool's Work Never Ends
David, I picked that moniker for the very reason that I have known for a very long time now, that what I am engaged in is a series of fool's errands; that I would almost never be believed, that I would be assailed, called crazy, mean, selfish, etc. That it was not my job to fret about it, but to keep doing fool's errands as they were arranged by life and something a bit bigger than me. I hope you get to meet that something bigger before you leave this life. You are a smart person, you could be put to good use, but first you would have to be adjusted in ways you cannot possibly imagine.

A Fool's Work Never Ends, your beliefs are a mindset. Not fact, just a mindset.
From your mindset you hurt others.
You are no different than the terrorists who flew into the world trade center .they believed their doctrine without question as well.
The substance abuse and death rate among the LGBT community is considerably higher than the heterosexual.
You are complicit.
Ask yourself why it took women so long to own property, vote or even today have parity of pay.
You are complicit.
You and your ilk impede medical advancements.
Look at what happened to early stem cell research funding and why.
Your comfort comes at a cost to the rest of us.

David pretty much covered what my response would have been.

A Fool's Work Never Ends
David, you ass-u-me much. 
Three nights before 911, Archangel Michael asked me in my sleep, "Will you make a prayer for a Divine Intervention for all of humanity?" I woke up, made the prayer, wondering what that was about? On 911, my concern was America would start another stupid, ruinous foreign war. I never dreamed America would start two such wars. 
I'm on your side on every social issue you raised, and on social issues you did not raise, but I can imagine you would have raised, if it had occurred to you. 
I'm not against science or stem cell research. I had both Covid-19 shots (Phizer) as soon as they were offered to me by the medical system I use. I have had many medical procedures this year, and I really don't like using physicians or hospitals, but I do when it's necessary. 
My brother was bisexual in the closet and finally he killed himself.
I think the Right is totally screwed up. Alas, I think the Left, in its own way, also is totally screwed up. 
I give Christians hell about how they trample Jesus' teachings, while claiming to be saved by him. 
You and Robert have deep soul wounds, which drive your crusades. I have punched hot buttons in both of you. I'm not the enemy. The enemy is inside both of you.
In my past, I believed getting hit in the balls with a line drive baseball would hurt like all get out. After it actually happened, I knew it would hurt like all get out. Up to my early 40s, I believed God, angels, the devil, demons, even ETs existed. Then, things happened, which moved me past belief to knowing all of that existed. 
You two are still in the belief stage. I can imagine it would be quite a jolt for you two to be moved into the knowing stage. 
Meanwhile, I still wonder what lies beneath your seeming rabid determination to debunk me, even though you can no more prove what I tell you is false or delusional, than I can prove it actually happened. 
It's been interesting chatting with both of you. I have other matters to attend now. Ciao.

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