Tuesday, April 20, 2021

America's sub human white tribes

3:10 p.m., I turned on my TV and see on CNN that the jury reached a verdict in the Derek Chauvin trial, and the verdict will be announced by 4:30 p.m. 

That's a really fast verdict for such a trial as this one has been, and all that went before it. I wonder why the verdict was not announced, so the wondering and suspense and TV hype would be eliminated? 

I have no clue what the jury decided. I had no premonition. The angels that boss me did not say a word, other than they had me writing steadily about white cops killing black suspects. 

Now on CNN, the jury didn't ask the judge any questions during their deliberations. They decided among themselves. Yet the verdict has not been announced.

What I arrived at some time ago, regardless of the verdict, is America has become host to tribes. Some of the tribes are human. Other tribes are sub human. To compare the sub human tribes to monkeys and apes would insult monkeys and apes. 

The sub human tribes I have encountered are white tribes, which remind me of George Wallace followers.

I do not say there are not sub human liberal white tribes, black tribes, brown tribes, yellow tribes, red tribes. There may well be such sub human tribes. 

I have encountered liberal white people, whom I thought were lost in space, out of touch with reality. I have encountered black people, whom I thought were so into their color and history that they seemed incapable of ordinary discourse and thinking. But I did not think they were sub human.

The sub human white tribes make me embarrassed to be white.

Will publish this now, and perhaps update it later.

4:05 p.m. update.

Chauvin found guilty on all counts. Each juror individually polled by judge said it was his/her true and correct verdict.

Chauvin looked unfazed during the reading of the verdict and polling of the jurors. Then, he was cuffed and led away.

I hope the jurors receive round the clock protection.

I broke down and wept, and wept, and wept.


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