Wednesday, April 14, 2021

How did 26-year veteran white cop who killed black Daunte Wright mistake her pistol for her taser if she carried her pistol on the side of her dominant hand and her taser gun on the other side?

I read in a Buzz Feed online news report yesterday that the 26-year veteran white female police officer who shot and killed black Daunte Wright, and claimed she thought she had drawn her taser gun, was president of her local police union and had defended cops who had killed civilians.

Buzz Feed quoted Daunte's brother:

"My brother lost his life because they were trigger happy," Bryant said. "You know your left from your right. You know the difference between plastic and metal."

I talked last night with someone, who said the pistol is worn on the side of the officer’s dominant hand, the taser gun is worn on the side of the officer’s other hand. Some officers use a cross draw holster for the taser gun, so they can draw it with their dominant hand. Also, the pistol is smaller in size than the taser gun.

Checking online this morning, I saw news articles to the same effect, including the police department of the 26-year veteran female officer that killed Daunte Wright required its officers to carry their pistol on the side of their dominant hand and their taser gun on the other side.

On same general topic, Lauren and I continued our discussion reported in yesterday's God's Courtroom: Minneapolis post at this blog. Lauren revealed she is a Birmingham, Alabama native. She grew up Roman Catholic. She is gay and came out of the closet in her late 30s. She was a Republican, but left that party because it aligned itself with white supremacists.

Excerpts from our discussion:

Sloan Bashinsky

I found myself wondering yesterday if many blacks have become really afraid of white cops and that they instinctively resist arrest by white cops, perhaps even by black cops? Regardless, pulling a pistol from one holster, instead of a taser from another holster, something the officer who shot Daunte Wright has done many times, if not on the job, then in training and practice, I can't wrap my mind around that. Already, the local medical examiner ruled it homicide. As in, death by unnatural means. Given the female officer's explanation, I think the prosecutor would have a hard time prosecuting for more than involuntary manslaughter.


I agree. Daunte Wright's family has a strong civil case and will likely get a settlement but it would be hard to prosecute a criminal case around the human error they’re alleging.

If you watch the video of Floyd he was instinctively terrified from the start. They had guns drawn for absolutely no reason before one word was spoken. I still don’t understand why he didn’t just get in the car but he wasn’t exactly resisting arrest he just didn’t want to get in the back seat bc as he stated, he was “claustrophobic”. Obviously he should have gotten in and maybe cracked a window but he wasn’t trying to flee and he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone. The force and restraint they used did not correlate with the threat. Not by a long shot. And of course we all know it shouldn’t have lasted as long as it did. It’s really hard to watch. Especially towards the end when Chauvin wouldn’t even move his knee to give them room to check a carotid pulse. Nor did he move it for 2 1/2 min after being told by medics that he had no pulse. Absolutely no excuse for that. It’s sickening to me that anyone could even attempt to defend that behavior.

Sloan Bashinsky

Do you know any Republicans who condemned Chauvin? I ask, because I don't know any Republicans who condemned Chauvin. I belong to no political party.


Not a one. Lots who have just stayed out of it. But not one who has condemned it. They like to point out his drug addiction and pre existing conditions instead.

The Republican Party leaders haven’t even condemned Chauvin. If Trump hasn’t said it they aren’t going to believe it. I used to be a Republican but until Trump is no longer allowed to represent the party... I’m out.

Sloan Bashinsky

That has been my experience with white Republicans. They lay low, or take the cop's side. I live in Alabama, don't know any Republicans here, who are not white. I'm white. Do I think blaming Floyd for him being dead is white supremacy talking? Yes. Do I think laying low is white supremacy talking? Yes. What did Dietrich Bonhoeffer say about laying low? That's a German fellow the Nazis could not get to shut up, so they killed him.


Exactly. Staying silent is almost as bad during the times we are living in. I live in Alabama. Grew up in Vestavia. I was raised the same as the rest of them. If I can open my mind and recognize that some of the ideals society taught me are wrong.... so can everyone else. They’re making the conscience decision not to do so.

I was recently attacked on here for calling out today’s Republican Party for what it has become. Many friends and family members took it as me calling them racist. But it’s not me labeling them!

We all watched Jan 6th... when the Capitol was raided by people carrying confederate flags, wearing shirts that said 6 million wasn’t enough and other white supremacists propaganda. If you’re still supporting the party they were fighting for.... then that is how the nation sees you. You may not be a white supremacist but unfortunately you’re guilty by association. That isn’t my fault.

Sloan Bashinsky

I grew up in Mt. Brook, I suppose you've heard it called "the tiny kingdom". Nice, upscale white burb. I later lived in Forest Park and around Highland Avenue. Didn't feel like I fit into Mt. Brook any more. Can imagine the looks and remarks you get for calling out Republicans, since you are, or were, one of them.


As a gay fiscally conservative American who refuses to align themselves with racism, bigotry, and white supremacy... I was left with no other option and I will not, for one second, regret that decision.

Sloan Bashinsky

I'm straight, used to be a bigot, but grew out of it, eventually. Well, maybe I'm prejudiced against some white people. My brother was bisexual, which didn't bother me, but it bothered him, since he was in the closet. 


Coming out was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. Couldn’t muster the courage until I was 38 years old and almost ruined more than just my own life. I continue to come out it. Almost Daily. My family has been surprisingly supportive along with the vast majority of the community. However, what they say to your face doesn’t always mirror how they really feel.... Coming from the same backgrounds... I don’t have to tell you how frustrating it can be at times. People like you who have opened their minds make it a lot easier though.

I try really hard to see both sides and I’ll admit Daunte Wright was in the wrong for trying to run. But if their taser and gun are on opposite hips... she has some explaining to do. Unfortunately, she probably won’t have to explain anything.

Like I said earlier, people seem to have no problem when someone they’ve deemed to be worthless dies. Normally I’d say they’d feel differently if it happened to them.... but that’s the problem. It will NEVER happen to them. That’s the definition of systemic racism. Had the Capitol rioters been black or Muslim they’d have been shot dead instantly. Not escorted out with a handshake. I don’t have room in my life for anyone who can’t admit that.

Sloan Bashinsky

I can admit that. The white color of the Capitol rioters' skin gave them away.

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