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Jesus' wife Mary Magdalene, mother of their child, was of the Order Melchizedek

Today's post continues the discussion reported in yesterday's post: Conservations with a grouchy skeptic about Jesus in the Gospels, who mostly seems forgotten (or ignored) by Christendom 

A Fool's Work Never Ends ....You are trying to use the bible to prove the bible, can't, as it's just circular reasoning. You go to extra writings that tell you jesus was married, yet you won't take into account the writings that talk about Jesus being based on multiple people over a hundred year period, or what parts were added from older dying and rising god myths. You have obviously done extra reading on the subject, why not take it a little further?
 ....And yes, I am willing to profess that the Jesus of the gospels never existed. And you talk about where I got my information and yet you turn around and pronounce the same type of things in your response....pointing out the marriage of Jesus, his child, etc....same "tabloid" stories you accuse me of. 

A Fool's Work Never Ends, I was very clear in my last statement which you conveniently ignored.
Using the bible as a foundation is what causes problems for others.
Read the first set of the 10 commandments in Exodus where is refers to women as property.
You ignore the facts to try to keep your delusion alive.

David ....I like the SECOND set of commandments that are the ones supposedly still in the ark....especially the 10th that tells you not to boil a calf in it's mothers milk. Oh, and the 4th one that tells you to sacrifice your first born, yep...great commandments. 

A Fool's Work Never Ends
David, I have patiently and clearly and steadily referred to Jesus reported in the Gospels, what he is said to have done and said, and that Christendom mostly has ignored him. I have upset a heap of Christians for quite a while. About as much as I seem to have upset you. I included your and my earlier comments in today's post at my blog, a link to which I reposted at this Facebook page, and two other Facebook pages I created some time ago.
Conservations with a grouchy skeptic about Jesus in the Gospels, who mostly seems forgotten (or ignored) by Christendom, ends with this from me to the grouchy skeptic:
"You can continue trying to fit me into something you think you know, if you wish. Or, you could consider that I have punched a lot of your hot buttons and it is you who are a fictional character living in a self-created reality about as solid as Christians who claim Jesus saved them, but they trample much of what he taught in the Gospels."

A Fool's Work Never Ends, All you have done is to create another version of the same old crap.
You are complicit in other people's suffering either through ignorance or arrogance.
It is time to grow up

A Fool's Work Never Ends
Actually, David, I disturb other people's long-held views, beliefs. Not just in religious venues. In religious venues, I meet people where they are and offer them different perspectives of what they hold dear. Mostly, it's a fool's errand, but every now and then someone seems to shift a bit. If I told them the Bible is fake, just made up, there never was a Jesus as reported in the Gospels, they would dismiss me out of hand, as you have done. You are so very sure of your position that it strikes me as fanatical, cover for something else you are not talking about here. Whatever, I'm glad you chimed in, for you provide a perspective different from mainstream Christendom's. I give critics full voice, verbatim.
Below is a link to part one of a trilogy, A Southern Lawyer Who Became a Mystic. At the end of part one are links to parts two and three. All are free reads. The book also is available at amazon, in paperback and kindle, for $. Not that I expect you read or believe a word in it, but it lays out pretty well, in stages, where I came from and where I ended up, so far. And, it describes some really interesting people you might like, or not, and some people you might not like, or will.

A Fool's Work Never Ends
Robert, I'm not using the Bible to prove the Bible exists. The Bible exists, just as the Tibetan Book of the Dead exists; just as the Vedic scriptures exist; just as The Book of Mormon exists; just as The Urantia Book exists; just as A Course in Miracles Exists; just as the verses of Jalāl ad-Dīn Mohammad Rūmī exist; just as the poems of Kahlil Gibran exist.
There is an old saying in Sufism: "Let God kill him who himself does not know and yet presumes to show others the way to the doors of His Kingdom." In Proverbs in the Old Testament is said, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” The beings on my case, Jesus, Michael and Melchizedek, they call themselves, flat instilled the fear of God into me, and into a few people I have known, and we were totally different afterward. If those beings took a shine to you, you would quickly realize that your goose was cooked.
Meanwhile, this Facebook post, under which you commented, is about a man described in the Gospels of the New Testament, who presented an entirely new way of living for the people he encountered. Had humanity bought into that new way, this would be a very different world today. Had Christendom bought into that new way, Christendom would be very different today. Instead, Christendom, in the main, picked and chose what of Jesus in the Gospels it liked, and ignored the rest. That's the point of what I posted on Facebook.
As for Jesus and Mary Magdalene, you do not have to read books about them, to know they were husband and wife. All you have to do is read the Gospels, where Jesus and Mary Magdalene seemed pretty tight. She washed his feet before the male disciples with her hair and tears, and anointed his feet with sacred ointment she scarce could afford. What do you figure she washed and anointed him with when they were in private?
In the books, such as Holy Blood, Holy Grail, you learn Magdalene and Jesus had a girl child, whose bloodline spread and people today in that bloodline do not feel like they are from this planet.
I think it was in 1992, Robert, that my wife at that time and I were reading in bed one night, and she saw reference to Melchizedek in the book she was reading and asked me if I knew anything of Melchizedek? I said in Genesis, Abraham had dealings with a supernatural being named Melchizedek, who was in human form. Do you want me to try to get more information? She said, yes. So, we laid down our books and I stretched out flat on my back and closed my eyes and she stroked my chest lightly with her fingertips, which we had learned would induce me into a trance and I would receive information from somewhere else. She stroked for a while, longer than usual, then I said something is coming from very far away, from some place new to me. And then I heard, in stages, slowly, and repeated to her:

Melchizedek ....
Melchizedek is an order of Angel that come to a planet in trouble ...
Melchizedek comes to prepare the planet to receive the Christ ...
Christ does not come to a planet without Melchizedek ...
Mary Magdalene was of the Order Melchizedek ...

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