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deep end of the spiritual swimming pool: the road less traveled by

I started getting to know Gloria Reiser in 1990, after I published THE HIGH  LEGAL ROAD: A New Approach to  Legal Problems, about taking an inward (beam in our own eye) approach to legal and any other worldly problems. The book came about after I had a vision in the fall of 1987, in which I was shown I would write a book about practicing law in a new way. Angels used the 2-year writing process to stand me before many mirrors, which was not fun. There would be many stood in front of mirrors courses.

Gloria published Intuitive Explorations, which explored outside of mainstream approaches to life. She told me that she was an internationally recognized psychic. She told her readers about THE HIGH LEGAL ROAD, and later books I published. She published many things I submitted to her journal, including, in early 1991, a familiar voice told me in my sleep, "With respect to St. John  of the Cross, you haven't seen anything yet." 

At the suggestion of a clinical social worker friend, I already had read a book about the straight arrow of all Christian saints and poets, who went straight to God inside of himself, bypassing the Church, for which he was persecuted, jailed, starved and died, without turning against or accusing his persecutors. His body did not rot, he had turned himself into spiritual gold.

In his commentaries and poems, Juan de la Cruz revealed a secret ritual that provoked the dark night of the soul, which is an accelerated spirit-driven soul alchemy process. Juan described two dark nights, the cleansing of the soul and the cleansing of the spirit. The first dark night was very rough, but survivable, and those who experienced it emerged very different. For some of those people, that was the end of it. For others, the second dark night came, the black night, in which there was no light. Few people survived it. Those who survived were totally transformed, one with God.

Gloria watched me go through both dark nights, and she saw, as did I, that I was nowhere near totally transformed, one with God. She also saw that I was not anything like I was before it had begun, and that the spirit tests continued, even until now. 

Gloria responded to the snapshots of a mystic dealing with prostate cancer and skin MRSA post at this blog, in which I reported a dream of St. John of the Cross telling me stuff at Higgs Beach in Key West, and then taking me to where I had lived in tents and angels had cured me of MRSA, after very good Key West doctors were unable to cure me.

Do you know a woman named Sophie? I ask because after reading your blog Thursday, I sat in wonderment that your  medicos - or at least the  oncologist and the surgeon - held concern that your heart might not make you a good candidate for surgery.  After all, until a couple years ago, you had spent your days riding a bicycle everywhere. A wonderful Sun bike wasn't it? The kind you peddle,  not a ten speed or such. 
My first intuition was that you would navigate surgery fine and be done done done with this prostate cancer menace with many good and healthy years before you. But I wanted to wait to see if our invisible friends (the attorney and/or philosophy  prof) might weigh in. 
Last night instead, I was visited in dreamland by a kindly, friendly, and obviously intelligent lady of self assured and somewhat  regal bearing. We sat  and talked  in the living room of a cottage. Her very presence was calming and relaxing. 
Sophie seemed to know you and have awareness of your many "adventures" in life.  She presented much as a long time friend. 
Most importantly she assured me that while I wasn't off message intuitively regarding surgery being curative, that radiation is also a viable  option for you. 
It would seem you have a choice and as she expressed during our visit and discussion, it is best that you go with the option you personally feel more comfortable with. 
Here's to full healing, Sloan, and more adventures ahead. 

Thanks, Sophie represents Wisdom in the Bible and perhaps elsewhere. 
The surgeon spent a while making sure I knew removing the prostate is rough physically, and the recovery, too. Catheter for a week post-op, peeing in my pants for 3 months, and there can be other complications. Right then and there I was inclined toward radiation. 
I didn't ride my bicycle enough to get my heart much exercise, and that was over 2 years ago. Been a couch potato since then.
I have known for years there is something wrong in me, that getting hot and overexertion brings on. I nearly passed out a few times, had to lie down for quite a while, until I recovered. Might be an ulcer, might be something else. 
I'm hoping, after some radiation, the angels take over and finish it, as happened with the MRSA in 2004, reported in yesterday's blog post. Whatever happens, it's just another heaven-and-earth adventure, which cannot be reduced to simply medical. Metaphysics very much in play, and I have to deal with that, too. Not something doctors and nurses spend much time pondering, nor hardly anyone else. Once again, I'm being used as an example of how people could go about human tests differently. 
Somewhere in the Old Testament it is said, "Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." My fear in this cancer saga is two-fold: I don't like suffering more than I ordinarily suffer, which is a lot; and I don't want to cross God in how I deal with the cancer. 
The internist took six vials of blood for various lab tests, and will do chemical stress test next week, and then I should know more about my medical. I was scheduled for the oncologist, and having waited too long already, I did not want to cancel and have to get back in line for his treatment. 
The night before the oncologist started prepping me for radiation, I had the St. John of the Cross dream set at the place in Key West where I lived in a tent and had MRSA and angels, not doctors, cured me. Heh, put that in a medical journal. 
The growth on my larynx has returned, and I'm scheduled next week to have one-day surgery. I'm all doctored up. Thrilling.

After I messaged you, which was immediately  after waking from the dream (my bod seems to prefer to sleep from 2 or 3am until 10 or 11 am in this Time of Covid), as I became more fully awake,  the thought occurred that in the Old Testament of the Bible that Sophia is the personification of Wisdom. Yet this Sophie gal felt so REAL and much like a long good friend,  I wondered if perhaps there was/is a human Sophie in your past as well.  
Perhaps it is that Wisdom is a long time friend. Of yours, mine, or the both of us. 
I also noted the location in your dream meeting with  St John of the Cross relative to your overcoming a rough bout with MRSA.  Seems to me to be a message that this too will be bested with Angelic Assistance throughout and after medical treatment. 
I'm here to help in any way I can. But you know that, my friend. 

I don't recall knowing anyone named Sophie. My recollection is, when I first told you about the cancer and I was leaning toward doing nothing, something else probably would kill me first, you said that was your impression of what  I should do. I heard that from a retired oncologist, who guaranteed me something else would kill me first, but after he learned of the biopsy results, he retracted the guarantee. I wondered if you would hear something  about me having cancer, and I appreciate your sharing what you did hear. I think the St. John of the Cross dream is about more than the cancer, because my conversation with him in the dream, details I don't recall, occurred at Higgs Beach, about a mile and a half from my tent. 

Yes, when you first mentioned prostate cancer and what the retired oncologist told you, that did resonate with me. Perhaps because an uncle in law had been told the same some 25+ years ago. Followed that advice/protocol, and passed 15 or so years later of a heart attack. 
It was upon reading your blog on Thursday that I had the intuition mentioned in my first note today. But as stated wanted to wait for further confirmation from intuition, or from the invisible friends mentioned above. Instead I experienced the dream visit with Sophie perhaps aka Sophia. 
As per your Higgs Beach St John of the cross dream, I also would speculate that likely  much more is involved there beyond messages regarding physical health. 
Thinking of your book "The High Legal Road," and its premise, I believe such is often, if not always, the case regarding health issues. When there is a health issue, there are metaphysical and spiritual components. I am still striving to understand the metaphysics of my experience of anemia and how it is that while no cause can be found, I tend to experience the worst of it in February or March. Currently I'm using some techniques utilized by Roger Woolger in an attempt to get to the metaphysical and spiritual roots of it.

I wait for angels to expose such things to me, if they are so inclined, guessing tends to be like throwing spaghetti at a walk [wall].

You mean throwing spaghetti at a wall. I've made the mistake of doing that a time or three. Cleanup can be. Well ... messy. 

I mean guessing the meaning of, say, a dream, an illness, lawsuit, etc. is perilous. From the moment I learned I had prostate cancer, I was asking ongoing (a) to be shown how God wanted me to deal with it, and (b) the spiritual root. Usually, sooner or later, I am shown the answers. The root cause seldom is pretty. The work through seldom is easy, or what I would choose. My book published last January is about that. The deep end of the swimming pool. So far, I know of two people who were able to absorb that book. B and YP.

Gloria and YP proofread the manuscript of that book, a trilogy, which was published by Absolutely Amazing e-Books in Key West. The book is available at Amazon in paperback and ebook. I put each part of the trilogy on its own separate blog, where it can be read for free. The trilogy gets progressively deeper. Here is a link to the first part of the trilogy, at the end of which are links to the other two parts:

Meanwhile, as I put this post together this morning, my thoughts turned to Key West's poet laureate.

Key West Poet Laureate, Robert Frost

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