Friday, January 15, 2021

America's POS deadbeat A-hole-in-Chief: The Orange Turd


I forwarded this below to a Republican childhood friend, who calls Donald Trump, the Orange Turd (OT).

My friend replied:
Surprised? What you have been saying about that POS OT for a while. Deadbeat A-hole on the best day he ever had!

You just severely libeled all other POS deadbeat A-holes😎

Nope, your honor. Only one OT!!

Nope, you need to write sincere apology for smearing POS Deadbeat A-holes with OT.

I yield 2 minutes to the gentleman from Bur-Bash (what my mother named our new home she built during my early teens, Burford was my paternal great grandmother's maiden name)

My younger friend, who reports rough things angels say and do to him, told me on the phone this morning that the right-wing folks in his very red rural county are really upset with and embarrassed by the Capitol riot and with Trump for inciting it. When one of their number said he was headed to D.C. for the next demonstration, they told him they would send the county bus to fetch him to their town center, and they would beat the shit out of him.

A younger amiga said she read online this morning that 40 percent of Republicans who voted for Trump still believe he won the election, and that's crazy! I said they are insane, really dangerous, and Republicans in Congress who denounced Trump put themselves at lethal risk, because they are viewed as traitors by that 40 percent, which might be a bit low, given I have not seen one Trumper on Facebook admit Biden won.

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