Saturday, January 30, 2021

some human, zombie and outer space observations and adventures (aka Coyote Medicine)

Been watching and reading what looks to me like lots of speculative coronavirus spaghetti thrown against lots of walls by Joe Biden, Dr. Fauci, FDA, CDC, WHO and Big Pharma.

Been watching and reading lots of Republicans pretending they don't know nothin' about no murderous white zombie hordes that stormed the Capitol to keep their Great White Hope in the White House, nor about their white lady zombie Congresswoman that called for Nancy Pelosi to be killed and White Supremacy Forever. 

Been wondering if the ET invasion was called off, again, because the ETs fear catching human biological and psychic pathogens? 

As for my own human and space medicine adventures, I posted this below on Facebook, some kindly folks responded, I joined in, and it ended up being a bit of an amusement ride.

Sloan Bashinsky
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Saw the cardiologist who did the arteriogram a couple of weeks ago, and said my arteries looked good. He said it again, my arteries are clean. My pulse was morning was 80, a bit high for me; my blood pressure was 120/73, which is supercallafragalistic for a 78-year-old. Taking only one med, Flomax, to increase urine flow. I eat pretty well. The blood work done the 2nd time, only slightly high triglycerides, everything else really good. I think angels did something inside of me before the arteriogram, which dissolved whatever bogeys the EKG and stress test had revealed. The cardiologist told me to get out of his office, I'm too healthy to be his patient. I replied, he must not be a capitalist. He is funny as hell, said he only treats sick people.

Count your lucky stars, gee! I stopped taking Lipitor, cause my hair fell out, almost all bald! Doctor says its not the drug, dermatologist says not the drug. Why do i feel afraid to take the drug? Little scary, having some tightness in my heart area. So- your a lucky duck!

Sloan Bashinsky
All my life my cholesterol has been really low, I figure it has to do with genes. Am headed into radiation for prostate cancer. I saw the heart doctor to be cleared for surgical removal of prostate, but the surgeon, the urologist and the oncologist all favor radiation treatment. I didn't care for either option, hope I don't regret not having the prostate removed. I'm still waiting for a dream speak to that.

Sloan Bashinsky know the feeling. I respect my Doctor of 29 years, however, statins are rough on some women.

Séamus O Shoegrew
Always good to hear the good news Sloan!

Sloan Bashinsky
I escaped from the Smithsonian, again.

You’ll live to triple digits my friend 
I miss Todd German ‘s Friday lunch...

Sloan Bashinsky
If I live to triple digits, that might not make everyone I know happy, and, well, the thought of living that long kinda scares the shit out of me. As does radiation therapy. As do angels, sometimes.

You just have to continuing to be yourself.
Loving, caring, opinionated and disillusioned...

i can't imagine! I lived in Key West  too long to be seeing triple.

Sloan Bashinsky
I often was accused in Key West and the Florida Keys, and elsewhere, of seeing more than triple. When I ran for KW mayor the last time, 2018, at Hometown's call to candidates, where each candidate gets a minute and a half or two minutes to introduce him/herself, after being introduced by Hometown's "Chancellor" and my good friend Todd German, I said, Everyone here knows Key West is an open air insane asylum, and I an the head lunatic, so why not make it official. Sloan, for Mayor! At a later candidate forum, Todd introduced me as the head of the Lunatic Party. I then received a telephone call from God, which I answered and told the audience what God was saying and my responses. That went viral, internationally. Sean Hannity's producer invited me to be on Sean's FOX show, but I needed to have one of the mayoral front runners on with me as a counter point. I tried, but was unable to persuade any of the front runners to do it, even though we would be bought there on FOX's dime. Key West is not exactly a Republican stronghold, but above there, well, it's pretty red.

Sloan Bashinsky
Not afraid of dying, but hope it is not from being ravaged by cancer and medical procedures. 
Back in 2004, I had recurring MRSA eruptions on my skin. Surgery and antibiotics stopped it twice, but it kept returning. Antibiotics kept knocking it back, temporarily. That was a living hell. Finally, a dream caused me to think if I took just one day's dosage of the new antibiotic prescription, angels would take it from there. I took one day's dosage and stopped taking the antibiotic. The new MRSA sore began to recede. In about two weeks, it was gone, my skin where it was, was normal. Medically, that was not possible.
The recent EKG and exercise stress tests showed abnormalities in left side of my heart. The first round of blood work results were not good. The second round of blood work was very good. The arteriogram was perfect, according to the cardiologist. He said the EKG and stress tests were false positives. The excellent internist, who had done those tests and the first blood work, was very alarmed for my life. and sent me to the cardiologist for arteriogram and perhaps stent. The second blood work results came back, very different from first blood work results.
I understand, someone would have to have lived in my skin to view such matters as medical and beyond medical - metaphysical. I wonder if I take a round or two of radiation, the angels will step in, make homeopathic remedy out of the radiation - treating poison, cancer, with another but very diluted poison, as happened with the MRSA lesions, and I am put to tell the doctors about that, and that I'm going to let it play out, and if the cancer leaves, so be it, and if the cancer kills me, so be it. Everyone dies of something.
Note, that's me ruminating on possibilities, based on similar experiences, including a very good urologist surgeon reversed my vasectomy, then, in a dream, I was told I need to go back into the hospital so my operation will be successful. I passed out in the dream, as if I was going under general anesthesia. I woke up, ejaculating. I thought that destroyed the surgeon's micro stitches. When I saw him the next day and told him about the wet dream, he said he wasn't worried, the subconscious had mind of its own. I did not tell him about the dream. My testicles then turned blue, then black, blood clotting, and swelled way up, the left more swollen than the right, very painful. The surgeon said he'd never heard of such a thing. It took several months for that to subside. I delivered a semen sample to a lab. Sent the results to the surgeon. He said I was fertile. Two surgeries made it so.

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