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Hindu Goddess Kali and Australian aborigine Rainbow Serpent offer hope and warning to America and its donkey and asp

This is post # 2 today at this blog. Post # 1 is: 

Trump is so possessed by Lucifer in plain view that even blind people can see it, but not Bible people, else they would be saying it online and in news media

Post #2 is longer and broader, and more personal at times, than Post #1. 

The other day, Young Prophet, my compadre in being grabbed and rode hard by angels, reported being seized and astral-transported to Australia, to see the Rainbow Serpent. (I saw a primitive aboriginal painting of it on a rock wall when I was in Kakadu, Northern Territory, in the fall of 1995.) Young Prophet was informed that he only could speak with the Rainbow Serpent through a Rainbow Serpent shaman. Such a shaman then appeared and assisted Young Prophet into dreamtime, where he joined a group of people, mostly aborigines, who call themselves, "The Real People", and a few whites, who had become real people. That is, people not contaminated by the ways of modern civilization. 

The American Marlo Morgan had described her own serendipitous encounter with The Real People in MUTANT MESSAGE DOWN UNDER, and was accused of making it all up. However, two Real People, a male and a female, came out of dreamtime to me when I was in Kakadu. I asked them what I had that they wanted? That was then my custom when approached by a spirit being. They laughed, said, "We are Real People, what could you possibly have that we want?" Put in my place, I asked why they had come? They smiled, said, "To welcome you into our tribe." I wept, they went back into dreamtime. I was sent back to America, to try to be a real person there. The Real People had not been able to remain Real People in modern Australian society.

Young Prophet reported that the Rainbow Serpent said America has come to a cusp, where real change is possible, if Americans are willing, and the way of the donkey and the asp can pass. An asp is a very poisonous snake. I wondered what was meant by the donkey and the asp?

I had throat surgery the next morning, yesterday, to remove what the ENT doctor said she thought probably was a viral-caused growth on my larynx. I'd had the same surgery in 2012, in the Florida Keys, and the growth was viral. That doctor said he took all but a small part of it off, and he was afraid if he took it all, I might not be able to talk again. I imagined there were people who wished he had taken all of it.

When I first met the new ENT doctor, I thought maybe she was from India, or near there. I asked, she said, India. I said, once upon a time, a woman I really liked told me in a dream that I had married Kali. The Hindu deity, the doctor asked? Yes, I said. The doctor's eyes danced, she gave me a fresh look.

When she came to see me before the surgery yesterday, she said she would do a follow up telephone consult with me in about two weeks. I asked if she had dreamed about Kali since our first visit? She said, no. I said Kali's here now. She's you. The doctor's eyes danced. 

Kali is the Hindu goddess of destruction and rebirth. She doesn't seem to care much for how men think, given her foot on Shiva's chest, the severed men's heads, and those half-naked angry women behind her.

After the surgery, the doctor said she did not take a small part of the growth behind my larynx. Today, I have a sore throat and my voice is soft and weak, but otherwise I seem back to my normal physically stressed self. It took longer in 2012 for me to recover to this extent.

My older daughter was my minder yesterday. After the surgery, she drove us to my internist's office building, where I had a covid test, prelude to an arteriogram and perhaps stent installation next week. Then, she dropped me by my apartment.

I emailed Young Prophet:

Home from throat surgery, seem okay, sore throat, still some anesthesia headache, all doctors, nurses, etc. were fun, literally, and daughter.

I read an email Young Prophet had sent earlier in the day:

I had a dream that the rainbow serpent told me the following:

Americans act as a microcosm of what the whole world is facing: Human kind stands at a precipice where they can change for the good, eliminate systems that are corrupt and correct the course of their systems. It begins with acts on contrition on both sides, and particularly the Republicans making up for the race baiting and vitriol that they engaged in. The Republican party must reflect that they have a great poison at their core, and even if it means calling the party something other than Republican, they must act in the manner of creative  destruction. For the "conservatives" to have a place in the new world, then they must learn integrity, compromise, dignity, and the ability to be  humble, learn humility, learn to admit they are wrong. The Democrats are no better than "Republicrats"- they just serve a different master. They must work to either leave education as a state run affair, or else restructure the entire system. To insure we have the artisans and craftsmen, they need to subsidize and encourage learning of the skillsets that are disappearing, before they disappear. A four year degree should mean something- but at the same time, it is not an excuse to live in luxury and party at an out of state school and run up $400,000 in student loans, when an in-state nearby college would provide the same experience at a fraction of the cost. At the same time, not everyone needs a 4 year degree, not is everyone capable of earning one. It is supposed to be a classical education that  exposes you to mastery of a wide variety of skills. Grades must mean something- A is excellence, B is near excellence or above average, C is average, D is below average, F means you are not doing the work to complete the course and must seek out the professor or T/A and get help, ASAP. Around 40%-60% should be D or F, because if we check the mastery of basic subjects of the man on the street- the majority are not capable of answering or showing an average or above average knowledge of basic core curriculum. Research is great, but even the major state universities should focus on the quality of teaching so that students who complete a 4 year degree- EARNED IT. Finance- from student loans to mortgages to credit cards must be addressed as the country no longer has a finance system, it is usury in the temple, and it is an offense to our world's One God. We must devise a better system from the ground up, and educate people that a loan is to be repaid. The Demopublicans must admit, that Joe Biden has some moments he is not in touch with reality and move to use the 25th amendment. The people must accept responsibility because they did elect Biden, they put him in. Protecting our environment and wildlife should become a major priority and it should be an area where we make an investment. Mother Nature was watching us carefully during COVID shutdowns, bet your life on it.

Gun control should be approached same way as was done before: 10 year ban on new production of hi-cap mags, military issue weapon production. That gives time to observe gun crime and force law enforcement to come down heavy in areas where gun crime is at its most extreme and through enforcing the laws and destroying what they seize, we'll see if it is the gun or the situational poverty, we'll see if "enforcing the laws on the books"- aggressively- makes a difference. No more deals for "co-conspirators in the commission of a violent crime"- no snitch rewards, no "setup 3 others to go down for a crime" and you get one free.

Free non-violent criminals assessed not to be recidivists, and increase the the attention and work-programs and therapy for all inmates, but especially recidivists. No more "for profit private prisons". No more "court fine debtors prisons." Pay prison guards such that they care enough to stop prison rape and stop the flow of booze, cigarettes, and drugs into the prisons. A prison sentence must be truly

Board of certificates of need must be dissolved. We must examine how population density, demographics, and availability of specialists defines the need for a hospital, AND BUILD HOSPITALS WHERE WE NEED THEM. Put Hospitals where HEALERS ARE REQUIRED. DO NOT ALLOW Certificate of Need Boards to control the availability of healthcare. Health care and healing are a human right, they belong in the bill of rights. The issue deserves being spilled out.

We must come up with a better system of how we allow capital to be inherited, what the purpose of the capital is, what kind of capital it is.

We must undergo a transformation where we accept, that despite the belief we have a two party oppositional system, where people ignorantly "support" their side, we must accept we have in fact Republicats and Democuns running the country. We have an elite oligarchy that is wealthy enough to want to join the oligarchy of local, state, and federal offices. No more lifetime paychecks. No more lifetime bodyguards(better think before you hit send on Twitter). No salary whatsoever- and stop the business of lifetime salaries after you are no longer in office.. Make it a job no one wants except someone who will initiate change. Make it so you can receive no financial incentives and no luxury, vacation or entertainment incentives If a person is caught violating this- make the Don Siegelman sentence look like a cake walk.

Stop Campaign Donations: Run on what you have  Use only town hall and personal meetings to reach voters.

No more belief in the illusion that we have two parties- we need coalitions and blocs of common thinkers who work together. Make the House of Representatives matter again, repeal the Reapportionment Act of 1929, and rather than just 435 members, allow us to have a member for every 30,000 people- just as the Constitution is written. With 258,000,000 people of voting age in the US, divide by 30,000 and you'd have 8600 people in the House of Representatives- they could safely telecommute from their districts. The only way a policy is going to get through is if they all have their say. If we attract those who know the job have no perks,

Not finished. Have to send now. Two more pieces from dream journal.

I read Young Prophet's follow up email:

The most important component in all of this is that mankind takes a real look at themselves, not others, but they truly look in the mirror and understand what is being reflected back. There comes the pain of making the changes necessary that we realize we are spiritual beings- there is a beginning and life and an end. We affect others through our actions and as a result we must endure the karma that comes from that infliction. Sometimes a spiritual being will take many tries before reaching exit velocity. Around 30% percent have the ability to reach out to Melchizedek and undergo the spiritual alchemy that is necessary to overcome our life transgressions an reach escape velocity but also train and help others.

The population must focus on the good of the many. If that means stopping immigration until the system is stabilized so be it. Every military installation needs to pack up and come home. Let the United States enter into isolationism until it is stabilized. Realize that there is no World Police. Switzerland is neutral- if there is to be a UN, it should be on neutral ground. We as a society must come to realize we cannot finance puppet governments to our satisfaction. Nor can we rely on other nations for staple goods. We must have food independence, we must have medical independence, we must have a manufacturing infrastructure, we must have construction infrastructure(carpentry, hvac, plumbing), we must have an infrastructure for fabrication(welders, machinists), same for refineries, Technology such as enriched Brownian Gas engines, engines that are heated air pumps, renewable energy that- IS RENEWABLE

This is a time where you have both the elderly and the youth motivated in the sphere of interest that is referred to as "politics". It is a time where the two groups can reach compromise and devise a new system that works.

Just as there were "Spring Uprisings"- let 2021 be the year of transformation for the United States. Just as Spring Uprisings were catching, let 2021 be the year of transformation for the world.

Otherwise, which way man ? When the skilled elders die, what will the middle aged ignorant do ?

Will God withstand another dark age in which man devolves into animals, preying on each other and wildlife, like the days of Neanderthals ?
We find traces of many lost civilizations where they just disappeared. We have a choice as a society and a country. The world faces the same challenge.
Or, maybe a few thousand years from now some civilization will unearth the Staples Center in Old Los Angeles and wonder about the civilization that preyed to Western Conference Finalist and 23 Abdul Jabar or 50 O'neal or 24 K. Bryant. Our world can become ancient history as quickly as the pillars of sand disappeared into a sand storm.


Maybe I've gone loco.

I replied:

I thought after we talked yesterday that the donkey is the Democratic Party and the asp is the Republican party. 
Today's blog post up, the mail must be delivered.

Young Prophet wrote:

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night NOR THROAT SURGERY stays this courier from the swift completion of his rounds.

I wrote:

Heh, when I lived in Boulder, Colorado, and new people came to my home for dinner, or for whatever reason, and they got around to asking me what I do? (job), I would look at my wife and she would say, "Sloan's the mailman." When the guest(s) asked what that meant, she said, "He delivers the message." Sometimes, she would add. "He can see around corners and through buildings." That eventually caused a fatal rift between her and me regarding her relationship with her son.

Read your two Rainbow Serpent emails. Am mostly in agreement, but don't see Democrats and Republicans, in the main, forget MAGAs, being smart, wise or brave enough to implement much of it. Biden looks okay to me on TV clips, I don't see dementia in those clips.

Biden says his attorney general appointment will be loyal to the people, not to the president. He calls for coming together, but does he have the ability to reach across hard-drawn lines and dissolve them? 

Does Biden have the wisdom to close the national borders, bring all the troops home, stop trading with foreign countries, until America is self-sufficient? 

Biden would have to be a Rainbow Serpent shaman or a Melchizedek priest to embrace all that you were told in the Rainbow Serpent Offerings, yet perhaps all Biden has is the outlook of a donkey. He is not an asp, at least.

Young Prophet wrote:

It is a blessing you are home and you are ok. I know you must be exhausted and in a lot of pain. I pray you don't have tremendous pain and that you mend quickly. You have always been a miracle to me. I hope you heal up quickly and we can talk then.

Love you, Sloan. I know you go through tremendous spiritual and physical pains but you're a role model for me, because no matter the hit, you just get right back up and keep on going. Loved the blog post today.

I loved this in particular, it was like you gutted the whole bunch and what can they say? They're fish that have just been fileted for fry-up, gutted:
Let's see, Trump's hand-picked Attorney General William Barr, who once upon a time had let Jeffrey Epstein, Trump's good buddy, skate, said there was no evidence of widespread voter Fraud. Homeland Security said there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Georgia's Republican Governor and Republican Elections Director said there was no widespread evidence of voter fraud in Georgia. Judge after judge, some appointed by Trump, have ruled Trump's lawsuits showed no evidence of widespread voter fraud, or anything that justified setting aside any state election.

Sloan Sez:
I thought after we talked yesterday that the donkey is the Democratic Party and the asp is the Republican party.
end quote

You called it 100%

I had a dream in a long nap I took after playing woodsman. I wrote down when I woke up.

Michael and Khamael were at a lake, not very crowded or overdeveloped. Kind of reminds me of the one over near Centre AL.

They noticed me and Michael said: "I'd interpret a message from the rainbow serpent as a warning and not prophecy. Too many people can't tell their rear end from a hole in the ground."

They resumed skipping stones.
End of Dream

I think more and more, the way humanity behaved in 2020 between COVID and humanity's lack of compassion for the less fortunate, and the fact that so many countries remain divided- including ours- I don't know we gave TPTB a reason to save us from becoming a pillar of salt.

I replied:

Daughter staying at her and her hubby's lake house until I am done with doctors next week. Agree with Michael, the status quo is in love with itself, it views any threat of change as lethal, so it defends itself with everything it's got, including lethal force. Exhibit 1, the U.S. Capitol. Looks to me what recently happened at the Capitol and in the White House was the asp's vote to become a pillar of salt. I think Kali would just lop off all men's heads and give the women a chance to fix everything, or not.

Young Prophet wrote:

The opportunity should be explored honestly. Look at every male Democrat and Republican. What good have they really done in their careers as career politicians? Then look at Maxine Roberts and Shirley Chisholm- just as an example.

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