Thursday, January 7, 2021

If you who voted for Trump now say you did not see the invasion of the national capitol coming, then I say there is no way you could not have seen it coming

Text last night from never Trumper Republican childhood friend: 

Desecrated today by the Orange Turd gang of thugs. A sad day.

I replied:

Republican mess

Facebook post yesterday by life-long Republican, who for many years, as FTR (From The Right), published his views regularly on's popular Coconut Telegraph public forum:

This storming of the Capital is outrageous. It must stop. Both sides have to pull back the hate and bile. We are teetering on the brink of ruination of our Republic.
I am a Trump supporter, I voted for him, contributed to him, and believe that he has done more good for our nation than any President in my lifetime.
The supporters who have stormed the Capitol have chosen to place their fealty to Trump above their fealty to our great nation. That is fundamentally wrong.  The notion that we are a nation of laws not men is fundamental to our freedom.
Trump is but another man, we must not surrender to the emotion of populism. This is the stuff that can cost us our freedoms. It is the stuff that will deliver us to anarchy first, then a despot.
Trump must step up and demand that these protesters stand down.  He must demand that they immediately peacefully leave the Capital.

Thank you Walt...I respect your courage and wisdom. Passion is admirable trait until it spills into anarchy.

Antifa with flags?

I am crestfallen. Unacceptable and I am ashamed

Agree 100% Walt.....storming the capital is not our style. I am sorry to see this happen...they are acting like Democrats 

Trump fomented this attempted insurrection with his speech today and in not conceding the election. He could have chosen to ensure a peaceful transition of power and didn’t. Putin is surely laughing at this chaos.
And these people in the Capitol are not Antifa or BLM.

I'm disgusted. Woman shot in the chest

i dont know, the election was blatantly stolen. the citizenry is obligated.

I agree sorry Walt, Trump used people to get this thing going. I am so disheartened for America. 
Sloan Bashinsky
Walt, if you and other people who voted for Trump now say you did not see this coming, I say there is no way you could not have seen it coming.

I'll be gentle with you Sloan....only because of your situation. But, please understand that I don't give a shit what "you say."

Sloan Bashinsky
I think I remember you put on FB that you would not vote for Trump in 2016, and I also think I remember we discussed that on FB.
For your other readers, l didn’t like or vote for Hillary, Obama or G. W . Bush, either.

bullshitsky, 5 solid years of all out media assault on this fantastically successful president and his supporters, the endless investigations and plots against him, the unpunished treason he exposed, the constant denigration and demeaning of all who support him, unchecked rioting and unpunished violence in the streets, the prolonged race war, the erosion of civil rights, and a rancidly crooked election that nobody can get into court kind of contributed a little. what the fuck did u expect people to do

Sloan Bashinsky
Let's see, Trump's hand-picked Attorney General William Barr, who once upon a time had let Jeffrey Epstein, Trump's good buddy, skate, said there was no evidence of widespread voter Fraud. Homeland Security said there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud. Georgia's Republican Governor and Republican Elections Director said there was no widespread evidence of voter fraud in Georgia. Judge after judge, some appointed by Trump, have ruled Trump's lawsuits showed no evidence of widespread voter fraud, or anything that justified setting aside any state election. Germans loved what Hitler did for Germany. Russians loved what Stalin did for Russia. Cubans loved what Castro did for Cuba. After Putin was awarded president for life of Russia, Trump floated himself being president for life. Long before that, it came out via Ivana that when she and Donald were married, he kept a book of Hitler's speeches in a cabinet beside his bed and he read it sometimes at night.
What percent of Trump supporters do you think are not white people?


trumps hand picked ag is universally despised by trump and his supporters for his failure to do......anything. epstein was no friend of trump. he was quite close to the clintons tho. there was absolutely election fraud. trump spent 2 hours detailing it all. he cant get it into court its rejected on standing not merit because they filed it under title 2 not 3.
bullshitsky. it suits u

Sloan Bashinsky
Trump and Epstein

Sloan Bashinsky
Trump and Clintons

Sloan Bashinsky
MAGA rally

Sloan Bashinsky
white folks

u cant b that stupid bullshitsky can u?

Sloan Bashinsky
What percent of black voters do ya figure voted for Trump? Look at photos of the MAGA rallies, see all the white faces and not much else. I point that out since you mentioned prolonged race war. Charlottesville was a white trash convention.

My last comment landed me in Facebook jail for 3 days. Trump got 7 days for inciting what happened at the national capitol. Should I call the ACLU? U.S. Attorney General? U.S. Supreme Court? Yoda? God?

Should I send this to Trump, for him to pass along to his Mongol hordes?

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