Thursday, January 21, 2021

thank you very much Democrats for crucifying the cure that could have saved America in April

Back in 2002, I met in an internet discussion group a retired Lucent Technologies scientist, who was fluent in several languages and impressed me with his analytical ability and knowledge in many areas. He started calling me Don Quixote, so I started calling him Sancho Panza. He voted twice for Barack Obama, and became disillusioned and voted twice for Donald Trump. He introduced me to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko this past spring.

Sancho forwarded yesterday:

Too little too late... no money to be made with HCQ, zinc and Z-pac... now is all vaccine, vaccine, vaccine, 24/7!   Did you take your yet? After all, you're a lab mouse!!! Emoji

On Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 11:43:17 AM EST,  Mouse  wrote:

Hackensack Meridian’s John Theurer Cancer Center (JTCC) Observational Study Suggests Role for Hydroxycholorquine as Outpatient Treatment for COVID-19 Infection

I opened the link, read the article, replied to Sancho:

Does this genius know about zinc needing hydroxychloriquine to get into cells and fuck up covid sex function?


Mouse should know, as should all of America, if the Main Steam Media had not colluded with the Dems and big PHARMA to squelch the info and ridicule/demonize the many doctors that sounded the alarm.... you, have never put the blame on the real perps... and that will be your Karma!  


I have always blamed those perps, did it again today, twice, and I blame Trump for caving to them, which I never saw you do, blame him. But then, you voted for him in 2016, and this year, knowing he had betrayed Dr Zelenko and his cure, and all of America. 


I think you(with Trump) and I(with Obama) both, were under the illusion that being POTUS meant something of significance... the Deep State is all there is, whether real or imagine! Did you see how many daggers were on Trump's back when he left the WH this morning? This country is such a farce... clowns to the left of me; jokers to my right... here I am, stuck in the middle with you!!! Emoji   


Yes, there is much FARCE, but I did not vote for Obama or Trump, and you voted for both, twice, which looks more to me like bipolar or multiple personality disorder. 

Trump would have won a second term, had he manned up and made Dr. Zelenko's early infection stage cure freely available in America:  zinc, hydroxychloroquine, azrthromycin. 

Hell, Trump's chief-of-staff Mark Meadows called Zelenko, after getting his letter. Meadows put Sean Hannity onto Zelenko. Hannity had Zelenko on his FOX show. Trump let Zelenko's cure out of the bag, but did not name Zelenko. The bad people you and I fingered in our earlier emails today launched massive witch hunts against Trump, Zelenko and hydroxychloroquine, which had been prescribed for decades for malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. 

You told me about  Zelenko, and we passed back and forth many articles, some pretty good, many from witch hunters, none of whom I saw mentioned zinc when they crucified Zelenko and hydroxychlorquine, which carries zinc into body cells, where zinc stops C-19 replication, as well similar viruses' replication. 

Eventually, some of Turmp's staff tested positive for C-19 and he announced he was taking hydroxychloroquine and zinc, Then, Trump's  FDA director ruled hydroxychloroquine was not approved for C-19 treatment. Trump folded, instead of firing the mother fucker, like he fired all his other appointees, who didn't heil him. And that is what would cost Trump the election. That is the reason he lost. 

The irony is, ordinary Americans with brains that still worked somewhat the way they were designed to work, started buying zinc and vitamin C in drugstores and at Walmart, evidenced by those outlets running out of zinc and C over and over again. Some even smarter ordinary Americans started buying quercetin online, because Zelenko said it also transports zinc into body cells, and can be used as a substitute for Hydroxychloroquine. 

So, I can imagine perhaps half of America is safe from C-19, and doesn't need a vaccine. But that half still has to wear facemasks and social distance in public places, just like the other half, who, perhaps, can be likened to ignorant or brainwashed lemmings.

Why I decided to get vaccinated is explained in this comment under a Facebook post yesterday by an old friend, who is not in favor of mandatory vaccination. I later got called on the carpet in dreams for not allowing for the vaccines maybe being ineffective against later strains of C-19.

I got my first Covid vaccination today, and if I hadn't, my daughters would have skinned me alive. After being injected with the frozen whatever, I had to sit in an auditorium chair 15 minutes, in case I had a bad reaction, turned into a Vampire, or whatever. Failing at that, I was allowed to walk out of there. Now, if I had not done that today, my daughters, after skinning me alive, might have investigated Baker Acting me. One daughter is a front line doctor in hospital in another state. She was first vaccinated about 3 weeks ago. I'm not seeing anything about anyone being forced to be vaccinated. So, no worries there - yet. Wear masks, stay cooped up inside your home. working or not working, exercising in front to the TV, eating healthy food, gobbling health supplements, including C, D3, zinc and quercetin, which should keep you safe from Covid anywhere you are, while MAGAs and anal retentive Republicans run around wild in huge maskless superspreader rabid mobs, screaming they will never be vaccinated by no liberal commie doctors!!! May they all catch Covid and star in M*A*S*H reruns. Meanwhile, I need to get out my filet knife and cut off the fins growing behind of my ears and on my spine and tail bone .

Here is a sharp challenge to what I published today about Zelenko's cure and Trump folding, and my reply:

Sloan Bashinsky, this is blatantly false. Would love to see your source.

Sloan Bashinsky
Did you click on Dr Zelenko's letter and read it? After all the attack from the Left, MSM, Dr. Fauci, FDA, WHO, CDC, Big Pharm, Dr. Zelenko said people could use quercetin instead of zinc. I detest Trump, but thank you very much Democrats for crucifying Dr. Zelenko's cure that could have saved America in April.


Sloan, my friend, I am burnt out with Washington politics, etc... I am spending my time now on line watching Chinese historical drama series(Soap) from the Quin Dynasty period, they ushered in the Imperial System that lasted up to modern times, just before the Communist took over!  

Sorry, but I really don't care what that guy thinks about Dr. Z's protocol for treating Covid19... I am not a nice guy, like you... I would just tell those people, who refuse to see what's in front of them, to just fuck off... oink, oink!  As far as Trump's Experimental vaccine, we are not taking it... the unknown risks far outweigh the need for it... and the criteria for its effectiveness is not based on providing immunity against the virus, so what's the point?


Don't know if the angels minding me will ever let me walk away from politics, which I find infuriating, yet what a marvelous exhibition of human thinking and behavior, and occasional dishings of cosmic humor and/or justice. I watch a lot of Nexflix series dramas (soaps), modern and historical, set in China, Korea, Turkey, Europe, Scandinavia, Mexico, Africa, America, and some sci-fi and dystopic. Reading encyclopedias doesn't interest me, even hard for me to read books. This year, quite a bit of faceoff with modern medicine. Sudden departure via heart attack, stroke, drive by shooting, general anesthesia preferred over more endless suffering, plus confinement to my apartment most of each day. Beats living on street, though.

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