Saturday, January 9, 2021

Looks to me that President Trump is the only person who can heal America

Saw in news reports yesterday, that Twitter suspended President Trump's account permanently and Facebook suspended his account at least until he leaves the White House. Saw various Facebook posts by Trumpers blaming radical liberal plants for the riot in the national capitol. Saw various Facebook posts by Trumpers claiming the election was stolen, even though I have seen no evidence of that in any news reports, liberal or conservative, and Republicans joined Democrats in Congress in certifying Joe Biden won the election. How does something like that heal? I don't see how it can heal, unless Trump goes on television and says he was wrong about the election being stolen, and he's sorry for what all happened because he convinced so many people that the election was stolen. 

I'm scheduled on Monday for an arteriogram and perhaps receive a stent. That's a heart issue, so that's what I'm looking at today. Not just because of that, but also because of a dream that caused me to think back to spring 2004, when I was living in a tent across from Smathers Beach in Key West. I had been given a really important assignment, run for county commission as a write-in candidate. I had gotten a great write up about that in the Keynoter. Then, I was shown in dreams that I needed to approach everything from the  feminine perspective, and that the MRSA skin lesions I had endured in 2003, which had gone into remission, were to return.

I had no blog back then. I had a fairly large email contacts list, and most days I wrote something and sent it out in an email blast to those contacts. I knew as soon as I pressed "send" how the angels liked it. Most times, what I felt was like I had been bitten by a psychic cobra, because what I had sent out trampled the feminine and the heart. The rest of that day I felt poisoned and things happened that made me even more miserable. During the ensuing night, dreams showed me a way through, and I burst into tears and relaxed. The next day, I started anew. Most next days, I blew it, the psychic cobra bit me. Every night, the angels tried to put me back together in dreams. I burst into tears. Woke up, blew it. I felt possessed by Lucifer. I withdrew from the county commission race. I felt ... insane.

New MRSA lesions kept erupting after the most recent round of antibiotics was finished. Finally, I asked the doctor if medicine had a cure for MRSA? He said he had talked to doctors all over America and medicine had no answer to MRSA, which is a mutated form of staphylococcus. I said that must be really hard on you, who have devoted your life to healing people. He was a retired infectious disease physician running Key West's free medical clinic. He looked like he might cry and wrote me another script of the same antibiotic.

That night in my sleep, I had a dream which caused me to think I should take just one day's dosage of the new prescription, 2 pills, and the angels would take it from there. So, that's what I did and the new MRSA lesion began to recede. It kept receding. In about 2 weeks, it was gone. That was medically impossible. 

I told a homeless man living in a nearby tent what had happened. He said he believed in miracles and he thought he had MRSA on his thumb, which he showed to me. It looked like fungus, if anything, to me. He said he wanted to try what I had done, he wanted to buy my unused antibiotics. I said I would give him two pills to take, and then see what happened. He said, no, he wanted the entire bottle of pills. I gave him the bottle, he took 2 pills that day. The next day his thumb looked better. Not medically possible. He said he would take the rest of the pills, they were the miracle. I tried to talk him out of it, but he was determined.

That night in my sleep, a familiar voice asked me, "What do you think of the species?" I woke up, said I did not like being asked that question, but since I was asked, I think the species has lost its creativity and is spiritually cloning itself and is dying. I said, look at the mess I am after all that angels have done for me. If that were done to the species, perhaps 50,000 individuals would survive it. Perhaps kinder to put the species somewhere else, another planet, another dimension, where they are able to move forward, instead of backward.

My life leveled out, but there was a deep, uneasy sense of going nowhere, having no sense of traction. There was an outdoor movie theater in Key West then, which showed a rerun once a week. I saw "The Last Samurai", which already had seen when it came out late 2003, as I recall. That night in my sleep, the head samurai in that incredible movie came to me and said, "You were the keynote speaker at a homeless conference, and you didn't even show up." I woke up in total disarray. Tried to argue my way out of it. Failed miserably. The sense of no traction increased. It was intolerable.

Yet, my life began to improve. Someone gave me a house to sit. I was inside again. Then I was sent back to north Georgia, and stayed in friends' home for several months. My dreams were terrible, but I saw the angels were still with me. Finally, a new book fell out of me, word at a time, tear at a time. The feminine and my heart wrote that book. I slowly was restored. Here's a link to its blog, where it can be read for free.

No, that was hardly the end of the ups and the downs, the strike outs and the hits. But it left a really deep and lasting impression in me: that there always is hope, but I have to keep trying to do my part, I have to keep showing up.

My view of  has not changed since that night I was asked what do I think of the species? Except, I reduced to 5,000 the number of people who would survive what the angels had put me through. Then, I reduced it to 500. 

I thought about that, when I recently read and published yesterday what angels and other spirit beings told my friend Young Prophet about what humanity needs to try to do. I wonder if humanity has the ability to change? I wonder if humanity is so damaged that it simply cannot change without the kind of help angels give to Young Prophet and me? Help I have seen angels give to a few other people, who were cut out of the herd. Help I see angels trying to give to a few people today, but they have not been taken over by those angels, yet.

So, I keep writing, I keep showing up. I keep hoping God will intervene in a way that simply changes how people see and think and behave. And, I keep wondering if that's a mistake on my part. If the point for me is to be grateful angels took me over and changed me, and stuck with me even when I was totally haywire, many times?

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