Wednesday, January 6, 2021

warm bloods and lizard people in the home of the brave and the land of the free

Yesterday afternoon, a friend in another state called to say Archangel Michael had told him to call me because I was having a rough go. I said all my recent medical woes had caused me to ponder my mortality. The internist said the EKG and stress tests were abnormal and he will send me for an arteriogram; my triglycerides are too high, I have a fatty liver, I need to lose weight. I told the doctor that I gained 40 pounds after my father died, for no apparent reason. I told my friend various other unpleasant dramas going on in my life. I said I am disgusted with President Trump and his fanatics.

Half my age, my friend has far more severe medical troubles. He has angels hard on his case in ways I never experienced with angels. He lives in a very red county, which refused to publish its covid infection statistics, as required by state law. The angels on his case sent him to local government meetings to speak about that. He was not well received. He kept at it. Finally, the county published it covid statistics. Fewer visitors came to the county. Local businesses lost money. He was harassed by local law enforcement. A tire on his car was punctured. His dog was poisoned dead. A death-threat note was posted at his home. He belongs to no political party, is disgusted with American politics.

Last night, he texted:

You aren't planning on offing yourself right this minute or anytime soon, right? Cause if you reassured me, I might get some sleep tonight.

I texted back:

Don't have gun

Don't want to piss off God

My daughters not done with me

Have people to help financially

Have people to disturb

He texted:

"Have people to disturb." I take that as a promise. I love you. Sloan. 

Thanks for being there for me and for not thinking I'm crazy. I genuinely love and appreciate you. 

You are the best. God broke the mold after you.

I texted:

If I thought you are crazy, then what the fuck does that make me?

I told a Key West Republican friend yesterday what had happened to my friend in the red county (Key West is a blue stronghold). Key West friend said it nearly had gotten that way in Key West. I said it has not gotten anywhere close to that way in Key West. MAGAs did that to my friend. Key West friend said there are extremists on both sides. I said, true, but the left side extremists are not being egged on by the U.S. President. 

Recent Facebook post by a Florida Keys amiga, who was nearly killed by Covid-19 and still is not out of the woods:

An excerpt from my upcoming book.."How to Avoid the Lizard People" 😉 🦎
"The most effective was to disguise yourself from the lizard people is to wear a mask in public, this will throw off the facial recognition software of the deep state and protect you from imminent anal probing. We also suggest you keep a minimum distance of at least 6 feet from any humans who do not live in your household as they may be lizard drones in disguise. If you're within 6 feet of those drones they will be able to sense you are human and attempt anal probing. Washing your hands and rectal area often will throw them off your scent.
Lastly, it is important to avoid large gatherings as the lizard drones are designed to camouflage and blend in with their environment. These are called chameleon drones and they can initiate anal probing from 12 feet away. They are considered to be the most dangerous. They are often found in their natural habitat congregated in restaurants and bars. This common occurrence lead to them being nicknamed "lounge lizards or club chameleons". It is vital to the survival of our country that you mask, wash and distance in order to prevent the lizard overlords from invading our country and taking away your civil rights, your guns will not protect you from their anal probing." 😷


My Impression from their rhetoric on FB, news media, face to face conversation is lizard people tend to own and cherish heaps more guns than warm bloods; they think pretty much only with their tails. They eat anything they can get their mouths around and nibble anything else until they can get their mouths around it and swallow it whole. They think God speaks only to them, they believe anything that reinforces what they believe. They have never been wrong about anything. Their ancestors exterminated any creature who did not believe the world was flat and the sun and God revolved around it, and Jesus was white, blond and had blue eyes, and if Jesus came back today and carried on like he did in Palestine, they would kill him.


spot on!

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