Monday, January 11, 2021

Do two angel-grabbed-and-adjusted Americans have standing to ask God to grab and adjust all Americans? Were the Capitol police complicit with President Trump and his rioters?


Vermont amiga responded to a friend of mine and me asking God to grab and adjust all Americans, since God had done that to my friend and me 😎.

Sounds good, but didn’t know that was God’s job. Tree of good and evil ..... we have all choices. Maybe it could be revoked? Am hesitant to jump into a discussion with religiously tuned folk.

Sloan Bashinsky
Heh, that be good idea to be hesitant with religiously tuned folk 😎. But in the Christian Bible, for example, are scattered examples of God, or an angel of God, grabbing and adjusting someone ... despite the early story where Eve gets blamed for everything that would go wrong thereafter😎. Jesus said somewhere in the Gospels, When two or more gather in his name, he will be there. Well, me and my friend gathered and agreed we be okay with God grabbing and adjusting all Americans. We know a bit about that, since it's being done to us, and it ain't much fun, mostly😎. And, we think, it's gonna take that for things to really change in America😎. As for other countries, we ain't from there and perhaps have no standing to ask God to grab and adjust everyone there😎. But then, since we are descendants of the first two people, Adam and Eve, according to the Christian Bible, perhaps we have standing to ask God to grab and adjust every Bible person, wherever they are😎. And, since be be human beings, according to our genes, perhaps we have standing to ask God to grab and adjust every human being on this planet, to save the planet from human beings, and to save human beings from each other, the Devil, and so forth😎. All of which ass-u-me-s God, and angels, and the Devil, exist, which has been proven for a fact to us, many times 
Sloan Bashinsky
Here's what that friend wrote to me about today's post, which causes me to wonder if we also have standing to ask God to grab and adjust all Muslims and Jews, since the Eve caused all the problems story is in their Scripture, too 😎.

It's funny. I had the exact same thought as you did- that the Trump Mob looked like the scene from Tel Aviv in World War Z.
The irony is that the mob in World War Z is caused by zealots. The ultra-religious Muslims who have been let in behind the walls begin prayer over the intercom system w/o authorization. They continue to get louder AND LOUDER. Despite the Israeli's cutting the intercom's and pleading with them to be quiet(as the zombies are attracted to noise and movement), the muslims continue to pray even louder using their voices- which causes the screen shot you used where the zombies work into a frenzy and crawl over each other and over the walls.
I think there is a valuable parallel there with how the Republicans and particularly Trump. Those of us with reason tried to reason with the MAGA's for 4 years. Do we want to end up like the people of Tel Aviv?


I replied to him:
I don't think we have to fret over attracting zombies to us, they been here long time, Trump turned on their switches full bore.

Sloan Bashinsky no Christian here and am on your team for sure. I believe in vibration. What comes at us and what we put out. Every day I am adjusting my vibration as closely as I can to higher self. The I Am.

Sloan Bashinsky
Naw, Sista, you be on God's team, we be just bit players. In the Gospels, Jesus sometimes referred to himself as I Am, and that disturbed some folks, who already didn't care for him 😎.

Other back and forth with my God-grabbed-and-adjusted friend:


My thoughts on Capitol police collusion

I certainly think it likely, if not a near certainty that Capitol Hill Police were either in outright collusion or at the very least, they chose to do nothing.

CHP are armed, and they could have accepted assistance from any LE/National Guard unit willing to offer it, rather than allow the bedlam the world got to witness.

We got to see zealots behave as only zealots can, the question is, in the census taking of the zealots- is it fair to throw in the Capitol Hill Police ?

I think so.


After being warned there could be violence, the Capitol Police seemed a bit tepid in preparing for the demonstration, which causes me to wonder if they meant to signal the crowd the green light to behave as it wished. As do many articles online, that the Capitol Police declined FBI and National Guard offers to help  cause me to think the Capitol Police were complicit. NY Post is a conservative newspaper: 
2 days ago — The US Capitol Police refused to accept help from the FBI and National Guard before President Trump's supporters stormed the Capitol, ...

It was a nearly all-white mob, based on photos I have seen, matching nearly all white MAGA rally photos I have seen. 

I suppose a large percentage of the crowd are gun rights people and well-armed where they live. 150 or so million like them could cause a bit of trouble. I hope the U.S. Military is prepared to head that off at the pass.

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