Monday, January 18, 2021

Conversations with a Trumpist about mental illness, God and the Bible

Conversations with a Trumpist about mental illness, God, and the Bible

Sloan Bashinsky, you're the first liberal I have seen use God as a tool.
Wait, nevermind.

Sloan Bashinsky
What, God only talks to conservatives? Was Jesus a liberal? A conservative? He was both, as I read the Gospels, and the conservatives of his day hated him.

Sloan Bashinsky
I have a friend, who is ridden hard by angels known in the Bible, and often he reports things they him about humanity, America, Trump, Biden, etc. , and it's 95 percent bad. He has reported several angel opinions about Biden having increasing dementia. He emailed this below yesterday:
a political dream:
In this dream, it is set off in the office space in White House by Oval Office. I was watching like a fly on the wall perspective. There were doctors discussing Biden with Harris and their chief of staff. Biden had been out to eat, ordered chicken at an Italian place. Got chicken. Threw a tantrum and swore he ordered veal. Harris had arrived late to the dinner, and Biden asked her just who the hell she thought she was sitting at the president's table. There was an "uncomfortable silence" apparently.. His chief of staff and secret service took him and left. In the dream he has beginning a regime of azilect(spelling ?) and he can last a year. The chief of staff was begging her not to rock the boat on policy or do anything to rile the GOP, and just let Biden get through 1 year, step down, and then she take the reigns. She said that the next time a meeting like this needed to occur, it needed to be at Mt. Weather.

Sloan Bashinsky your mental illness is shooting up big red flares, or are you on acid?

Sloan Bashinsky
Gosh, I publish something awful about Biden's mental function, and you say my mental illness is shooting up big red flares. All along, I have thought you are a Trump foreverist. Now it seems you are a Biden lover. Is that schizophrenia?
The Bible is full of stories about people who had direct experiences with angels and God. By your standard, they were on acid or mentally ill. So, if you are a Bible person, throw away your Bible and publish that on Facebook and that you are an Atheist.

The Bible is a story book. Basing your baseline for mental illness off of it, is a sign of delusions.

Sloan Bashinsky
Yes, that's what the Bible is, it's also a history book, and it's more than that. I didn't know if you were one of Trump's Christians, so that's why brought in the Bible. Most people who read and rely on the Bible are still in the belief or agnostic stage. I seldom read the Bible, I have not attended a church service in years, other than a recent funeral service. I have direct experiences ongoing with angels since early 1987. A few years later, demons showed up. I have seen ETs, a spaceship. I know I cannot prove any of that by any human standard, and I know if I thought I could prove it, I would be insane. I also know you cannot disprove it, and that people who are not having direct experiences with supernatural beings are in a small boat compared to the vastness beyond that boat. I have friends and have known other people that the people in that boat could not imagine had the experiences they had.


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