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How many people actually died or had serious reactions to coronavirus vaccines?

Sancho Panza emailed a cheerful report from Health Impact News:

I. Sloan, opened the link and read the Health Impact News article, which contains a blizzard of links to other articles also challenging the safety, efficiency and wisdom of taking Covid-19 vaccines. The last link is to something about Bill Gates monopolizing Global Health. I didn't open any of the links in the Health Impact News article.

Me to Sancho:

I imagine a great many Americans, in a country having 1/4 of the world's covid infections, are now desperate enough to try anything modern medicine offers, as opposed to more of same misery, about which there is much more in the news, including plenty of violence influenced by said misery. I just now read online that, for its population, medical-ignorant Israel Emoji is way ahead of any other country vaccinating its citizens.

Re the lead paragraph in the Health Impact News article:

"The headlines and subject matter of our articles the past couple of weeks have been very somber, documenting how serious injuries and deaths are happening just shortly after people have been injected with one of the two experimental mRNA COVID injections by either Pfizer, or Moderna."

How many (numbers) serious injuries and deaths were documented just shortly after people were injected? How many of those people (numbers) had serious medical conditions triggered by the vaccine? And how many people (numbers) were injected? 


Why ask me? You can click on the links and/or read the articles yourself.. when I sent you the article from this same website calling Trump, the most pro-Pharma President of all time, I didn't get any flack from you! I am just presenting "stuff" that the MSM will never publicize and I am doing it with a  very selected few! What they do with it is up to each person, but I would appreciate it if you don't publish this to your blog as coming from me!  


I ass-u-me-d you had opened and read the blizzard of links in the Health Impact News article, and therefore could answer what seemed to me to be the basic question: How many people actually died or had serious reactions to the vaccines?

Trump is the most pro-BIG PHARMA president of all time, proven by his betrayal of Dr. Zelenko's cheap, fast, early infection stage cure, hydroxychloroquine, zinc and azithromycin, which you and I both know would have enabled America to reopen safely in April and smashed BIG PHARMA and its hordes of whores and brainwasheds. (hydroxychloroquine transports zinc into body cells, coronavirus cannot replicate in zinc environment, azithromycin fights secondary infections)

Instead, Trump gave us Operation Warped Speed, hoping in that way to make BIG PHARMA much richer and allow America to reopen, which very much needed to happen, and still very much needs to happen, which is far more poignant for your and my children, for example, and their families, who are in the workforce, on the front lines, at risk, willing to be vaccinated, hoping to be part of the solution to a far-reaching, social and economic upheaval from Red China. 

I have read news reports about a few people having bad, or worse, experiences after being vaccinated for Covid-19. I allowed myself to be vaccinated, because I was not warned by the angels who run me, not to be vaccinated. In fact, I had a dream pointing me toward the physical location where I was scheduled to be vaccinated. I have not had the second vaccination yet.

I don't have school age children, who are being held at home, driving me and themselves nuts. I don't have children in school, who come home and don't know if they are infected and can infect me and I end up fighting for my life, if I am not already taking quercetin and zinc to prevent being infected and make it much easier for me if I get infected. (quercetin transports zinc into body cells, coronavirus cannot replicate in zinc environment)

I was recently exposed to someone close to me, who tested positive the next day. He soon showed somewhat mild symptoms. For months, his wife was on quercetin and zinc, at my suggestion. She and I started taking saturation doses of quercetin and zinc, and she put put hubby on saturation doses, with his doctor's approval. So far, she has not tested positive and hubby is not getting worse, I stopped taking saturation doses today. 


You are doing the right thing as far as the quercetin and zinc, IMO!  I do understand that you trust your dreams to guide you to make the right decisions, I don't have that luxury, so not much I can say about that! 

Personally, I think that this is a real disease and one especially dangerous for the old and infirm, but one that has been hyped with a geopolitical agenda in mind for Social Re-engineering, "The Great Reset"... there was no need to shut-down and destroy certain sectors of the economy... last year I shared with you how Sweden(that didn't shutdown) had an overall death rate for 2020  that was typical of any other year... now we are finding that this is basically the same for Spain, Argentina and even here; so how could this be in light of this Horrible Epidemic that has destroyed a Presidency and the Confidence and Hope of so many People?  Look at the table below and check out 1988 and previous years where the death rate was higher than recent years! Nobody can answer that question w/o BSing you to death!  The fact of the matter is that every single day people die from all kinds of causes and nobody cares... we only seem to "know" what is brought to our attention... that's true of you, me, and everyone else... whether they admit it or not!  Check out the table below:


I dunno, Sancho. Across America, hospital ER/ICU stretched with mostly old Covid-19 patients, who perhaps were dying of something, but got there quicker with Red China booster. America has 1/4 off such cases. Eating too much at McDonald's, KFC, Taco Bell translates to lots more fat people and compromised immune systems? My amiga's hubby, mid-50s, pretty good physical shape, now is suffering a lot of body pain and some respiratory discomfort. This virus has many ways of messing with people it infects. This virus mutates. A lot of betting on vaccines saving the day. I think if I had caught Covi-19 before I got onto quercetin and zinc, Vitamins C and D3, I would not have had to fret about prostate cancer I did not yet know I had. I would have croaked, because of my long history with respiratory tract infections and pneumonia. 

Oddly, saw the cardiologist this morning, who did the arteriogram a couple of weeks ago, and said my arteries looked good. He said it again today, my arteries are clean. Kinda amazing for a 78-year-old fossil. My pulse this morning was 80, a bit high for me; my blood pressure was 120/73, which is supercallafragalistic for a 78-year-old. Taking only one med, Flomax, to increase urine flow, also is kinda Guinness for a 78-year-old. I do eat pretty well. Oh, the blood work done the 2nd time, only slightly high triglycerides, everything else really good. I think angels did something inside of me before the arteriogram, which dissolved whatever bogeys the EKG and stress test had revealed. The cardiologist told me this morning to get out of his office, I'm too healthy to be his patient. I replied, he must not be a capitalist. He is funny as hell, said he only treats sick people.

Here's a recent article from The Lancet on Sweden and coronavirus. Sweden ain't doing all that great, but I imagine its people eat a lot better than Americans eat - oink!


Congratulations about your arteriogram results! Yes, something is going to get us one way or the other, but people need to live their lives and this fear of human contact is a form of death in itself! 

This is that the same Lancet that did the butchering of HCQ with the Fake Study that had to be retracted? Enough said!   The point is, why aren't these countries using HCQ, Zinc and Ivermectin, like India is doing?  Maybe they want to do away with the old and burdensome people, why not, is "The Great Reset"!  


Agreed, maybe those countries, and their America counterpart, worship Charles Darwin? 
Reuters, January 14, 2021

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