Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Operation Warped Speed mutations and permutations

Three days ago brought an email from UAB Medicine inviting me to apply online for Covid-19 vaccination. I opened a link and answered the questions, including my age, 78, and that I have cancer. Perhaps 10 minutes later, UAB Medicine emailed where and when to get the first vaccine shot. The nurse said yesterday that I would receive an email telling me when and where to get the 2nd shot in 21 days. I had been treated by several UAB Medicine departments. I supposed they sent all of their patients the same invitation and questions, and I fit the high risk category due to my age and cancer. The nurse said, yes, and they also are vaccinating frontline medical workers. 

A Key West musician and radio host friend, who goes by the nickname, Soundman From Hell, posted on FB this morning:

I got a question:
if covid
Has mutated into new variant strains, why are we getting a vaccination for the old one???
just asking.
Supposedly the vaccine is good for the new variant.

Or so they’re going to find out because they haven’t tested it on anyone
Whoever gets it IS the test subject

Stop asking questions and do as your government tells you!

My friend's nephew has covid for the second time in 8 months, I don't think a vaccine is going to do much at all!

Nothing about this virus makes any sense to me!!! None of it! But people are dying! A lot of people...

Because the new virus is not so deadly? IDK.

The old one did not go away.... this is a clusterfuk. If we do not act in unity as a country we will continue to suffer.

Change underwear once a week you'll be fine

Sloan Bashinsky
Good question. Got my first C-19 vac shot yesterday. Have no clue if the 2d shot in 21 days will protect me from mutations. Hope C-19 isn’t like MRSA. Will continue taking quercetin, zinc, C and D3, which that virus family does not like.

Because Its all fear mongering and lies. The cheap and effective medicine was banned to justify the making of this poison.

Sloan Bashinsky
Jóa, an effective medicine during early stage of infection is zinc and Hydroxychloroquine, which transports zinc into body cells. C-19 cannot replicate in zinc environment. Loss of sense of taste and smell is symptom of zinc deficiency. Quercetin also transports zinc into body cells, no prescription required, easy to get online. As prevention, start with 1000 mg Q and 250 mg zinc a day for one week to saturate. Also 1000 mg C and D3 regular dose, which works with the other 2. Then take 500 mg Q every other day, and 25 mg zinc, 500mg C, and D3 regular dose every day. If Covid symptoms appear, return to saturation protocol until symptoms abate.

Sloan Bashinsky
I've not seen anything from Joe Biden that causes me to think he is capable of thinking outside the box medically, or otherwise. If President Trump had made hydroxychloroquine and zinc freely available in America when he learned of that cure in March, the country could have safely reopened. But then, had that happened, he would have been viewed as America's savior and would have gotten reelected.

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