Saturday, October 31, 2020

Kamikaze America: Pearl Harbor Lookout Halloween poetry


Trick or Treat?

Biden or Trump?

Trump or Biden?

What goes up, must go down.

What goes down, must rise up.

Who’s spinning the wheel?

Does anyone know?

Does Trump?

Does Biden?

Do you?

Does God?


Facts drowned by propaganda,

don’t like Biden or Trump.

If God was on the ballot, I’d vote.

One nation, under God,

on America’s dollar bill,

all others must pay.

American health care costs shamed

by even third world countries,

Medicare and Medicaid threatened.

Jesus wept,

the Devil didn’t.

In democracy, 

there is free speech,

but not on Facebook, Twitter, Google.

In democracy, 

candidates with the most votes win

everywhere but the White House,

where the most unpopular candidate can win.

Go figure,

democracy that ain’t,

rumor has it 

slave states didn't wanna be outvoted

by damn Yankees.

White Supremacists love Trump, 

the South rose again.

Debt, bankruptcy and tax cuts for the rich

trumped fiscal prudence.

Sex trumped morals.

Hate trumped loving kindness.

Religion trumped Supreme Court,

adios separation of church and state.

St. Paul was gay

and that didn't matter to God.

Jesus said to love your neighbor,

America on brink of civil war.

Right to life and women's rights to decide

rent America asunder.

Face masks are fighting words.

Second Amendment lovers

wildest wet dreams come true,

Antifa and radical Islam armed to teeth

in America.

No worries,

Donald the Great has Black Sea dasha,

Sleepy Joe a condo in Hong Kong

next door to Hunter’s and Ivanka’s.

Red China’s bioweapon pays no never mind,

thank God an angel set it loose

before Beijing had a vaccine,

or we’d all be Peking Duck.

As it is, Oligarch Trump killed God's cure

when he betrayed Dr. Zelenko

to appease medical-industrial deep state.

Fret not Moscow, Beijing, North Korea,

Taliban, Iran, al Qaeda, ISIS,

America went kamikaze,

its passports mucho gracias across the Great Wall,

but not most places where black lives really do matter, 

even Norway.

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