Monday, October 12, 2020

Do you ever wonder how God views America?

From Trump voter Sancho Panza yesterday, who once was an Obama voter, and maybe before that Sancho was an ET?

Obama-Biden dirty dealings in Ukraine!

 I opened the link, watched the video, replied:

So far, still a fishing expedition. Since first hearing of it what seems like eons ago now, I felt the Bidens were idiots for Hunter getting involved in Ukraine, and not long ago I read online where Hunter had made a few more million dealing with unsavory Red China businessmen. 

Meanwhile, we have Lindsay Graham saying back lives matter if they have conservative values. What a fucked up nation, very definitely not under God in the sense of following God, but perhaps in the sense of God following it.


I don't know about God but I do hope that ET's are watching and will "interfere" with a possible nuclear holocaust!  So far, it seems that their prime directive(like in Star-Trek) prevents them from affecting the evolutionary course of this planet...


Well, in one of the original Star Trek movies (Hollywood), they were having a time with a whale-like looking probe that came to Earth looking for humpback whales, which were centuries extinct, so Spock calculated a slingshot time travel calculation to zip Starship Enterprise around the sun back to about late 1990s, and they had some adventures with barbaric Earthlings and their barbaric medicine, and found and captured a pair of humpbacks, and using Spock again, slingshotted the Enterprise back to their time and dropped the humpbacks in the ocean and the probe quit tearing up Earth and left. So, I suppose if self-preservation is the issue, the prime directive is kaboosh. Imagine the lovely things Earthlings have done to ETs they have captured? 

By the way, there was a mention in my blog post today of ET solution.


Why would you think that only certain people have the ability to communicate with these beings, ET's or Angels?  I would definitely want an omniscient, all loving being(God) to be my confidant and adviser! What I think happens is that people do have in their DNA a need to submit to a higher authority that is more powerful, wiser and capable than they are; typically, a Great Leader that seems successful and superhuman! Hitler, Cesar, Napoleon, Obama, Trump, etc... therefore Politics and Religion go hand in hand! Still, it would be nice to be guided by GOD... the real one! Emoji 


Maybe I need to write more clearly? "Believers" talk to "God", angels, saints ongoing, but what percentage of "believers" hear something back? It's hearing back that seems to be pretty infrequent, and, based on me personally being steered and corrected daily, mostly in my dreams, but there are other ways I have come to know, which are as part of me now as breathing, peeing and pooping, it seems humanity, in the main, does not experience that. At least not consciously. And, based on my personal experience, and the personal experience of a few people I have known a lot better than I know you, such incoming communication changes a person altogether. Such a person indeed becomes in but not of this world, as Jesus is reported in the Gospels to have said, and as has been said in other spiritual traditions, including aborigine shamans. 

An exquisite example of the truly extreme resistance to accepting input from above is what happened to our dear Dr. Zelenko and his Covid-19 cure. President Trump pronounced it a miracle, but when the witch hunts began from pretty much all quarters except elements of FOX News - what irony, huh? - Trump, who kept telling his base "God" sent him to them, bailed out of the miracle and out of "God". Now Trump claims a new miracle was sent, and he was the recipient, and he's going to make it available to everyone for free. And, now he is immune, yet he has yet to furnish actual proof that he tested positive for Covid-19, nor actual proof that he has tested negative. Reminds of his refusal to share his income tax returns with the public, and lots of other things he doesn't want the public to see, which might affect their view of him. His base swallows all of that hook, line and sinker, which they would not be able to do if they actually were hearing from GOD. 

This below came by email today from a friend who does receive from "God" in ways that just might turn Trump and his entire base against "God" permanently. My friend received this below from a friend of his, who does not, as far as I know, suffer what my friend and I suffer from "God". However, this friend of my friend, whom I do not know, seems not to have lost his "God-given" ability to think.

What Trump was doing in the Hospital.

Man.... Shit.... I think his COVID is about like his other claims- don't go betting your fucking life on it. Here is what I figure happen:

Trump is overweight, stressed as balls, and needs to appear sympathetic. He got more stressed after he did not outright crush Biden in the debate. I bet he actually had pains in his arms or chest and he had some "cold symptoms". They checked him in, somebody did a chest ex-ray and some diagnostics, realized he had a blockage in an artery, and they did a heart catherization and put in stents. He decided: Well fuck, press knows my staff has it, rather than admit he's a fat fuck with a heart condition and enough stents that he needs a bypass, he said "I gots the COVID." And per HIPPA, a doc can only say what you authorize, and he had a complicit physician who said: "Um yeah, he has the COVID. Right."

Then the Doctor said: "Can I have some pain meds now ? And Valium ? And a couple Xanax Bars ? I need them for the Commander in Chief. They're not for me. I would never imply the pain in my neccifying self medication is as a result of the President. They filling my script for the pills ? Yes ? They are ? Well, if they are...  Oh then he definitely has the COVID." Heart cath and putting in stents takes right at the time he was in there and then... "valiantly and bravely returned to work..." after the motherfucker riding around in his limo.


Your friend's friend sounds just like all the other conspiracy junkies from the Right that think the Whole World is run by some rich Jews controlling the money supply.... never mind when you explain to them that China, Russia and the Muslim World will not go alone with them willy-nilly... the same people go further than this foul mouth friend... they think that there is no Covid-19 virus at all and the whole "pandemia"  thing is a massive conspiracy from the "globalists" to stop dissent and control people! I find people to be really hilarious in how they love to come up with simple and elegant solutions to problems that are just the result of human folly and basic greed... we live in a chaotic world of predators and prey... and that's all there is to it! 


I agree with your assessment, except there is the wee matter of Trump has not disclosed a positive or a negative test, which appears to be what set the friend of my friend to ruminating. As have I been ruminating on why Trump has not disclosed a positive or a negative test. I did not go off on a creative witch hunt like the friend of my friend did. I just figured if Trump's lips were moving, or not moving, he was lying about something, because that seems to be part of his genetic coding, if you don't factor in the Devil has him as an apprentice.

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