Sunday, October 4, 2020

taunting karma, on grid iron, in life, in politics

Around dawn today, Alabama head football coach Nick Saban got onto me in a dream regarding something I had written but had not yet published at this blog. Coach Saban did not seem to want me to publish it.

Yesterday, I watched on my new TV Alabama's air-raid offense demolish, 52-24, what looked to me like a much more balanced Texas A & M football team. Time of possession was A & M 34:42 minutes, Alabama 23.18 minutes. A & M mounted several long drives, not Alabama's strong suit yesterday. How will Alabama fare against teams with strong pass and run defense, such as Florida, Georgia, Clemson?

One Alabama touchdown pass, a whopper, came after 3 mindless penalties in same series of downs, which moved Alabama back near its own goal line. After Alabama quarterback Mack Jones threw the whopper touchdown pass, he taunted a nearby Texas A & M pass rusher.

Earlier in the game, Jones taunted the entire A & M team. The officials missed both taunts, or ignored them. Taunting is a 15-yard penalty, which negates the previous play. I did not see Jones reprimanded by Coach Saban or any other Alabama coach.

I said to Jones after each taunt, "That is really bad karma." Perhaps I should have added, "If you don't believe me, look at what happened to the great taunter in the White House, and to his wife and some of his other staff.

Yesterday, the Kansas City Chiefs/New England Patriots game was postponed due to coronavirus outbreaks on both teams. I wondered if same will same happen to Alabama or another SEC football team, and a game is postponed, or cancelled? Or, the entire season is cancelled?

I wondered yesterday why there were a whole lot more fans in Bryant-Denny Stadium, in Tuscaloosa, than there are at pro football games, pro baseball games, pro basketball games? I saw a lot of maskless fans in Bryant-Denny Stadium sitting close to each other.

Needless risk the young football players cannot avoid. They cannot compete wearing facemasks, they cannot social distance. If the players are taunting God, it's not egregious. It's them hoping for the vest outcome, as they do what they love to do.

Not so, the fans, all of whom could wear masks, but I suppose they believe as President Trump believed, and his associates and MAGAs and most Republicans believed, and perhaps still believe, with a miracle staring them plainly in the face: President Trump and his wife caught the hoax to wake them and everyone on their side of the aisle up.

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