Friday, October 9, 2020

University of Alabama, where Covid legends are made

From a Florida Keys lawyer amigo this morning:

Sloan-You may have seen this or may be otherwise aware-We are safe, happy to avoid the misfortune of Lake Charles-Good health to you all-Vote!

One Alabama university stayed safe during the coronavirus outbreak. Another, 60 miles away, struggled.

The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa had hundreds of cases in its first month back on campus. In Birmingham, there were just 109 infections.

By Maria Sacchetti

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I opened the link, read the article, replied:

Thanks - 
Seems Louisiana and east Texas suffer hurricanes more than Key West and Florida Keys.

I'm going to vote in person on election day, transporting a friend who is currently physically injured and unable to drive her car there. I want to see what it's like at the local poll station. Gosh only knows what lurking surprises spring forth during the next 3 weeks.

I had not seen this article, but the different infection rates for inner city UAB [University of Alabama in Birmingham] and the original University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa are not surprising. Tuscaloosa campus for as long as I can remember was in top tier of college party schools. I kept hearing and seeing online reports that Tuscaloosa students were behaving covid reckless. That campus has good academic program, but UAB students probably much more academic oriented, and I suppose UAB being anchored by huge internationally-known-respected medical school-hospital complex encourages academic orientation over social and sports orientation. UAB Medical's infection disease specialist Dr. Saag caught covid early on and was given hydroxychloroquine, without zinc, and it didn't help him. I think he had a pretty rough case, and later he was quoted as wishing he had not used hydroxychloroquine. I wonder how he caught covid? Did he not wear a mask? Was it just a hazard of being a physician treating covid patients? I don't recall reading about that. 

Every time I hear or read something about covid this or that, I get grouchy, because it all could have been reduced to a whimper if Trump had made hydroxychloroqunie, zinc and azithromycin (Dr. Zelenko's early stage cure) freely available last April. 5 days of that protocol, it's over, if taken soon as symptoms first appear. No strain on hospitals. No risk to hospital medical staff. No patients dying alone, without family nearby. Nursing homes safe. Political rallies safe. Football games safe. Churches safe. Businesses safe. Senior centers safe. Schools safe. The awful shit going on in Michigan would not have happened, because Michigan would have reopened. No excuse for the home-grown terrorists the FBI caught there, nor for Trump's and William Barr's responses. 

Trump could have prevented all of it. The free press, except for FOX, would have hammered him. The Democrats would have hammered him. Dr. Fauci, CDC, NIH, Big Pharma, etc. would have hammered him. Lots of Republicans would have hammered him. Maybe lots of MAGAs would have hammered him. The U.S. military was dispensing hydroxychloroquine to its personnel, Trump had to know that. He could have saved America from communist China's bioweapon, but getting himself reelected was more important. 

Hope you are doing well.


Dr. Zelenko's March 23, 2020 letter that God hoped would save America from what actually followed:

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