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BREAKING NEWS!!! the great taunter and his wife witnessed a miracle - they both caught the hoax

Masked University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban leads his team and other school athletes in BLM march

Around dawn today, Coach Saban got onto me in a dream, regarding something I had written but had not yet published at this blog. Coach Saban did not seem to want me to publish it.

Yesterday, I watched on my new TV Alabama's air-raid offense demolish, 52-24, what looked to me like a much more balanced Texas A & M football team.  Time of possession was A & M 34:42 minutes, Alabama 23.18 minutes. A & M mounted several long drives, not Alabama's strong suit yesterday. How will Alabama fare against teams with strong pass and run defense, such as Florida, Georgia, Clemson?

One Alabama touchdown pass, a whopper, came after 3 mindless penalties in same series of downs, which moved Alabama back near its own goal line. After Alabama quarterback Mack Jones threw the whopper touchdown pass, he taunted a nearby Texas A & M pass rusher. 

Earlier in the game, Jones taunted the entire A & M team. The officials missed both taunts, or ignored them. Taunting is a 15-yard penalty, which negates the previous play. I did not see Jones reprimanded by Coach Saban or any other Alabama coach.

I said to Jones after each taunt, "That is really bad karma." Perhaps I should have added, "If you don't believe me, look at what happened to the great taunter in the White House, and to his wife and some of his other staff. 

Yesterday, the Kansas City Chiefs/New England Patriots game was postponed due to coronavirus outbreaks on both teams. I wondered if same will same happen to Alabama or another SEC football team, and a game is postponed, or cancelled? Or, the entire season is cancelled?

I wondered yesterday why there were a whole lot more fans in Bryant-Denny Stadium, in Tuscaloosa, than there are at pro football games, pro baseball games, pro basketball games? I saw a lot of maskless fans in Bryant-Denny Stadium sitting close to each other.

Needless risk the young football players cannot avoid. They cannot compete wearing facemasks, they cannot social distance. If the players are taunting God, it's not egregious. It's them hoping for the vest outcome, as they do what they love to do. 

Not so, the fans, all of whom could wear masks, but I suppose they believe as President Trump believed, and his associates and MAGAs and most Republicans believed, and perhaps still believe, with a miracle staring them plainly in the face: President Trump and his wife caught the hoax to wake them and everyone on their side of the aisle up.

Text banter with a childhood friend, who told me a white back that he is a moderate Republican and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016:

Friend: You shipping your supply of zinc to the White House?

Me: I’m trying to corral the zinc market 😊, er corner.

Friend: And if he insists on your magic cocktail and it doesn’t work, what then?

Me: Not my cocktail, he learned of it from Dr. Zelenko. It will work, if he’s newly infected, unless God has other plans.

Friend: Yes, it’s hard to escape Dr. Z’s name if one follows you online.

Me: Blame Dr. Z, Sancho Panza, who alerted me to Dr. Z and kept bringing him up, and my angel bosses who kept steering me to champion Dr. Z’s treatment. Blame God for the cosmic timing, pronto, after what you call The Orange Turd proved during the debate that he was just that😊.

Friend: I bet he and his family love all the reporting of how vulnerable he is because of his “obesity?!! The Fat OT!!

Me: Well, you know it’s a radical leftist hoax that he’s a fat OT. Emphasis on fat.

Friend: The president is sick with the hoax, hope FOX news is reporting.

Me: Have thought since 1015 that OT is the definition of hoax. Scrolling Facebook, very little from OT supporters about him having the hoax. If OT had started taking Dr. Z's cocktail as soon as he tested positive, he would not have had to go to Walter Reed.

Down below is Dr. Zelenko's March 23, 2000 letter about his God-inspired work that could have allowed America to reopen safely. President Trump called it maybe a miracle, yet Trump did not have the balls to make it freely available, and he is not taking it now, according to news articles I read online yesterday, in which Trump said what he now is taking might be a miracle. 

Trump and his legions do not see him and his wife having coronavirus is a miracle meant to wake him up, but he snores on, and he has a great deal of company on both sides of the political isle.

Key West Amiga in yesterday's post at this blog continued her and my Facebook discussion: 

crime against humanity: President Trump aligned with deep medical state, liberal press, Democrats, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, etc. in rejecting Dr. Zelenko's and the Front Line Doctors' efforts to save America

  • Sloan Bashinsky
     - Well...Trump is responsible for infecting every American who got this hoax flu.
  • How is he responsible for every infection in America? No country escaped the China virus.
  • Sloan Bashinsky
     - I say Trump is responsible because he knew back in January the severity of this flu. He downplayed it, delayed telling America, called it a Democratic hoax, promised millions of tests, said it would go away when it got warm out, said very few would get sick and die, said children could not get it, suggested we inject ourselves with clorox, said a mask is not necessary, said the USA had the best numbers compared to other nations....I can go on, but you do not need me to.
  • All that you wrote it true, Jackie. I figure if Trump had done it perfect, maybe half as many infections and deaths. Not long ago, you promoted me for president. Very early on, I wrote a post at my blog, entitled, "Embrace tiger, return to mountain," which is a Taoist saying for embrace what you fear, return to Tao (God). America would have done much better, I think, to not shut down, to protect the people most at risk and let everything else alone, which I think it what Sweden did. Upon hearing from Dr. Zelenko, I would have declared a national war time emergency and made his cure freely available. I would have made facemasks mandatory in crowded place. Trump's opposition to facemasks and his encouraging maskless public rallies and protests was unconscionable. Trump jumped all over the place, and now he is infected and his wife is infected, and they probably have infected other people. That is God's answer to the Trumps, the Republicans, the MAGAs, and every Christian in that stewpot should know that without having to be told it.
Vanity Fair, October 3, 2020
As Donald Trump spends his second night at Walter Reed Military Medical Center, the White House is scrambling to contain the biggest crisis of Trump’s presidency, 31 days until the election.
On Saturday, the West Wing plunged into damage-control mode after Trump’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, told reporters that Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Wednesday—a day earlier than Trump previously disclosed. The new timeline meant that Trump would have been contagious when he debated Joe Biden on Tuesday and attended a fundraiser on Thursday at his Bedminster golf club.
The White House released follow-up statements saying Conley misspoke, but they did little to quell the chaos. The White House’s shifting chronology and lack of transparency are being driven, in part, by Trump’s desire to conceal the seriousness of his illness from the public. Three sources said Trump argued with his doctors on Friday after they told him he needed to be moved to Walter Reed. “He didn’t want to go to the hospital a month before the election,” a Republican close to Trump told me. Two sources said doctors gave Trump an ultimatum: he could go to the hospital while he could still walk, or doctors would be forced to take him in a wheelchair or on a stretcher at a later point if his health deteriorated. “They told him, ‘You can go now or we’re taking you later and it’s non negotiable,’” a second source close to the White House said. Trump waited to leave for the hospital until the stock market closed on Friday, a source said.
After spending months denying the dangers of COVID-19, Trump is expressing an emotion aides have rarely seen: fear. On Friday, Trump grew visibly anxious as his fever spiked to 103 fahrenheit and he was administered oxygen at the White House, according to three Republicans close to the White House. Two sources told me Trump experienced heart palpitations on Friday night—possible side effects of the experimental antibody treatment he received. Trump has wondered aloud if he could defeat the disease. “Am I going out like Stan Chera?” Trump has asked aides, referring to his friend, New York real-estate developer Stan Chera, who died of COVID in April.
On Saturday, two sources said Trump was feeling better. But it is difficult to assess the information given the White House's history of lying. According to a source, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has told Republicans that the next few days will be critical to determine the virus’s outcome. “Meadows has said if Trump can get out of the hospital by Tuesday, then he’s gone through the worst of it. But if he’s still there after Tuesday, the worst is yet to come,” the source told me.
Inside Trumpworld, the shock of Trump’s hospitalization is giving way to despair about his prospects in the upcoming election. “They all know it’s over,” a Republican close to the campaign said. “This is spiraling out of control,” a former West Wing official said. Some Trump allies are entertaining conspiracy theories that the White House outbreak was caused by someone with political motives. “It’s weird that all these Republicans are getting it,” a prominent Republican told me. “I don’t know what the fuck is going on. But one thing I’ve learned is: when something major happens thirty days before an election, it usually has to do with the election.” (There is no evidence for this wild claim).
Meanwhile, America’s closest allies are entertaining wild scenarios as well. An outside White House adviser told me that a high-level government official from a G-7 country asked him if Trump would try to appoint Ivanka president instead of Mike Pence. “He’s broken every norm so far, so they think anything is possible,” the source said.
The White House declined a request for comment.

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