Thursday, October 8, 2020

I like Stormy Daniels better than Kamala Harris, Mike Pence, Joe Biden and Donald Trump

I suppose I'm supposed to say something today about last night's vice-presidential debate. How about for starters something I posted on Facebook two days ago, which shows where I come from politically:

WW II B-29 combat aviator, life-long Southern Baptist Republican, very successful businessman, stock market and oil drilling investor, my father allowed me to be raised in wealth. I had friends raised in wealth. We were hardly perfect little rich kids, but we were nothing like Donald Trump. I think were my father still alive, he would not care for Trump.
It seems most people who grew up in wealth turn out to be leftist.
  • I ended up in the middle, don't particularly care for left or right, so much effort it takes to support their off centeredness, spinning, etc. You'd have loved what I wrote often about Obama and Hillary.

I ran six times for mayor of Key West, three times for Monroe County (Florida Keys) Commission, one time for Monroe County School Board. I participated in perhaps 40 local candidate forums and debates, and maybe that many candidate media interviews. 

Early on, I learned to size up candidates by how they answered questions given to them by the event moderator or panelists. If a candidate directly answered a question, I gave the candidate a good mark. Maybe half the candidates directly answered a question. If a candidate answered a question quickly and stopped talking, I gave a good mark. Maybe ten  percent of the candidates answered a question quickly and stopped talking. If a candidate stopped talking when his/her time was up, I gave a good mark. Maybe half the candidates quit talking when their time was up. 

I thought candidates who did not adhere to the rules and procedures of the events would not adhere to the rules and procedures of the offices they sought.

Likewise, if an event moderator tried to make a wandering candidate answer a question, the moderator got a good mark. Maybe one-fourth of the moderators got good marks. If the moderator made a candidate who kept talking after his/her time was up, shut up and sit down, I gave the moderator a good mark. Maybe one-fourth of the moderators got good marks. 

The moderator for last night's vice presidential debate was USA Today's Susan Page, who said at the outset how she would run the debate: questions, answers, discussion, time limits, no interruptions of the candidate speaking, which she would enforce. Maybe in a parallel universe, but not last night.  

For the most part, neither candidate directly answered Page's questions, and Page let the candidates get away with it. Vice-President Pence repeatedly interrupted Kamala Harris, and Page never turned off Pence's mic. Pence repeatedly ignored Page 's instructions for him to stop talking because his time was up, and Page never turned of Pence's mike. Pence repeatedly ignored Page's questions and said whatever was in his Republican thoughts. Both candidates told half truths and outright lies, and Page let them get away with it.

Page began last night's debate with a question to Pence about America having a lot more Covid-19 deaths per capita than most other wealthy nations. Pence never dealt with it. He talked about whatever came into his Republican mind instead. 

When Page put the same topic to Harris, a career prosecutor and U.S. Senator, instead of pointing out that Pence had dodged the topic entirely, Harris launched into whatever came into her Democrat mind instead. This former practicing attorney and candidate event veteran said to himself, Harris fucking blew it. How could she have been a good prosecutor? How could she be a good vice president?

Something nudged me to watch Pence's eyes as he spoke last night. Dead. Resident evil. Same thing I see in President Trump's eyes.

I was so disgusted half way through the debate that it was all I could do to keep watching it. With ten minutes left, I started playing chess online to make it easier to keep the debate on my TV. 

When I woke up this morning, I liked Stormy Daniels better than I like Kamala Harris, Mike Pence, Joe Biden and Donald Trump.


Yesterday we reported that Winston Wolkoff had released the secretly recorded tapes, featuring the First Lady’s less than savory thoughts on her hubby’s former mistress, adult film actor Stormy Daniels, back in 2018, when Daniels landed herself a Vogue cover.

To say the least, Donnie’s first wife was less than thrilled for what we can only imagine were a variety of colorful reasons — ultimately referring to Daniels as a “hooker.”

And while scrolling Twitter this afternoon, we found that Stormy herself isn’t too fond of Melania either.

In what can only be described as a brutally savage response to the First Lady’s leaked tapes, Daniels wrote on Twitter, 

Hahaha! Although I wasn't paid for sex and therefore technically not a "hooker" I'll take being that over what you are any day. You sold your pussy AND your soul...and I'm legal. Keep talking about me. I like your new tits btw. Post (more) nudes? #bebest lol

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