Thursday, May 13, 2021

While America suffers in many ways, the most important thing to the Trump Party is claiming the left, spelled b-l-a-c-k-s, stole the 2020 election

I woke this morning wondering what, if anything, I might write and publish today. I looked at Facebook and this below from Mike was at the top of my news feed. Former Republican Lauren was featured in the two previous posts at this blog.


Should we not be concerned when Cheney is stripped of her powers for telling the truth ? !

Who's version of the truth ?

Warren, the following is a list of all who said the election was not rigged... Trump’s own Attorney General, his Homeland Security director and his FBI director, Republican State election officials, Republican state and federal judges, and a Trump-packed U.S. Supreme Court who also declined to get involved even under extreme pressure from Trump himself. Votes were hand counted and recounted, 3 times in GA.
Honest question... if all of that isn’t enough... what WOULD make you believe the election was not rigged?

Sloan Bashinsky
Lauren, I see Warren did not answer, so far. Might be interesting to see how he would answer if he knew God was watching, which God is doing. You told me the other day that you quit the Republican Party, because the truth became not in it and it became the Anglo-Saxon Party. I belong to no political party, which frees me to be loyal to what my eyes and ears see and my soul, heart and gut tell me.
Elizabeth Cheney is as Republican and white as it gets. I never cared for her or her father, but she spoke for God and country the night before last, because she spoke for the truth, which is not in what has become the Trump Party. I hope Cheney and other Republicans like her can salvage something Abraham Lincoln would appreciate, but I think that's a steep task for them.
It looks to me that underneath all their rhetoric, the Trump Republicans believe blacks stole the 2020 election from Trump, and the proof of that is new voting laws in red states aimed at increasing white voters' power at the polls.
Now, I am not against proper voter identification. I am all in favor, actually. I ran 10 times for public office in Key West and the surrounding county. The Supervisor of Elections Office was stellar. They had absentee voting, early voting, election day voting. I left there before the pandemic, which resulted in mail-in ballots to keep voters safe.
Was there abuse? I think so. But anyone, white or non-white, right or left, can try to cheat. Trump himself told North Carolina voters to mail in a ballot and then go to the poll and vote, and their mailed in ballot would not be counted. What kind of logic was that?
Anyway. it looks to me that during Trump's term in office and since, America became a much greater mess than it already was.
Many Americans, including a large chunk on the right, are refusing to be vaccinated, even though Trump was all for vaccinations, and was vaccinated himself, as was his family. America is going into much greater debt at warp speed, because of the pandemic. The national economy is still on the ropes. Many Americans on both sides of the spectrum and in the middle are really stressed out by the pandemic. It seems Russian cyber hackers can shut down just about anything in America they wish.
And the most important thing to the Trump Party, which captured the Republican Party, spelled c-o-u-p, is claiming the left, spelled b-l-a-c-k-s, stole the 2020 election from Trump.

Here is a link to Liz Cheney's speech, it's not long. It follows the ad for John Grisham's new book.

Sloan Bashinsky and Lauren, I am not as concerned about the election...I am concerned about our un necessary unemployment due to fed money extending unemployment...the illegal disaster gas prices and inevitable inflation...all due to Biden executive orders causing for no reason major difficulty on Americans. Is there anything Biden has done right...The AOC and socialism threat is moving fast to cause big govt and take the citizens to a Government dependent world...this is all crazy.

Sloan Bashinsky
Then, you should have said that, instead, and I would have schooled you on how Trump had the Covid-19 cure in hand in late March 2020, spelled Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, see his letter below, which would have allowed America to safely reopen, but Trump could not stand the heat from the left, its media, Big Pharma, and what you now decry is the downwind result. But you didn't go down that path until you got called out by Lauren, and you did not answer her question, which in God's Courtroom is not in your favor.

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