Thursday, May 20, 2021

on trying to like Trump Republican family and friends

I woke this morning and saw at the top of my Facebook newsfeed something I struggle with daily:

Here’s a touchy question I’m going to ask and here’s why.  I feel estranged from family over, well among other things, Donald Trump and the Republican Party.  Are any of you, my friends, FB and otherwise, Trump supporters?  I am NOT outing anyone or seeking an opportunity to judge; I merely want perspective.  You can message me or I’ll just fuck off; it’s just an idea.

Rump and the entire Republican Senate are so dangerous. I have two neighbors who are Trump followers. We still speak but not about politics or religion. When the offenders are family it becomes more difficult

I have many family members that voted for him and it hurts. A LOT. But I still talk to them because honestly I blame it on their stupidity. Most of the people that voted for him are not educated enough to understand how it affects them OR they are straight, white, and cis and they think it doesn’t affect them. And that’s where their defensive attitude comes in. Their inability to understand the gravity of what voting him into office has done to this country makes them upset. Deep in their hearts they know the true reason why they voted for him. But they’ll never admit why they did it. Because the truth is the real reason they voted for him was either hate (racism/sexism/homophobia), fear of getting their guns taken away, or religion (which is really them being against abortion and has nothing to do with religion at all because he is the most unreligious man on the face of this earth). And THATS the cold hard truth.

Not at all but then I am the only one in my immediate family other than my wife that doesn't support him. I can certainly feel your pain and sympathize with you and your situation.

I am definitely not a trump supporter. I cried the day he was elected. I only recently found out my son and his wife are in the cult. They’re also anti-vaxers. They’ve been harboring their secret - it unraveled on Mother’s Day when they made some excuse not to visit. We’re officially estranged at this point. Now they just seem to be rubbing it in with obnoxious right wing and QAnon FB posts (I’ve stopped following them). Of course I’ll always love my kid, but it will be a long time until I can respect him again.

I don't like his childish behavior, very very unprofessional and I am not sure you can be President with those qualities- but he got things done and was very good at foreign relations. Wouldn't get bullied by anyone, specifically China and Iran. North Korea wont even talk to Biden. He had a proficiency for cutting through the bullshit and insider stuff which is primarily everyone wanted him out. I am not sure we are any better off with this administration. We really only know what the media tells us so its hard to tell. I loved his position on illegal immigration, and that now seems to be out of control. I am a huge fan of legal immigration and asylum, but what's happening right now in Texas is chaos.

Kyle, oh yeah illegal immigration was SOOO “under control” under 45! SMH

I never said it was under control, but he was doing something. I said it is worse now.

Sloan Bashinsky
Kyle, instead of building his great wall he promised Mexico would pay for, Trump could have pulled American troops out of Afghanistan and Iraq, two really stupid rich white men's wars, and camped them along the southern American border to stop that foreign invasion. I belong to no political party. For years, I voted 3rd party or wrote in president candidate. I view both major parties as cults. Or, religions. I voted very reluctantly for Biden, because he did not cause me to fear for the physical safety of my daughters and their families. And because he at least talked about saving the planet from humanity. In 2015 and since, I viewed Obama as demonically possessed. I viewed Trump as demonically possessed. Hillary, too. Said they should be locked up in adjoining cells. As time passed, Obama and Hillary faded, and Trump became the leader of the largest white cult numerically in world history. I think you are right about what you listed in his favor, but do you not see the terrible strife he increased exponentially in America? Do you not see he has brainwashed all but a few white conservative Americans into believing, as they believe in Jesus, that blacks stole the election from him? How could he pull that off without a lot of help from Lucifer? The answer is, Trump could not have done it without a lot of help from Lucifer. While the Republican Party should change its name to the Trump Party, it is more accurate to view it as the Father of Lies Party, thanks to Lucifer and his apprentice. A different variation of Lucifer has worked the Democratic Party for some time. Democrats need to deal with that, the beam in their own eye. Some Republicans now are taking great risks in speaking out against Trump and his huge cult. They view the Constitution and democracy and freedom of speech as far more important than drinking Trump’s blind loyalty Kool Aid. If you don’t see the similarity to the rise of Hitler in Germany, whose economic and political achievements most white Christian Germans welcomed and embraced, consider Ivana revealed hubby Donald had kept a book of Hitler’s speeches in a cabinet on his side of their bed and sometimes he read it at night. When asked about that in 2016, Trump said if he ever had such a book, he didn’t read it. When asked if he ever smoked marijuana, president candidate Bill Clinton said he smoked but didn't inhale. When asked the same question, president candidate George W. Bush said, no, but later he said he had smoked marijuana in his youth, but he said he had not because he did not want children to smoke marijuana. In fact, he did not want to lose votes and the 2000 election, which he very barely won after the US Supreme Court ruled it, not the Florida Supreme Court, should decide whether the Democrat challenge of the Broward County, Florida vote tally should be allowed. All Gore may actually have won that election, but he conceded, because he thought fighting further would greatly harm America.

I thank you all for responding, except Sloan Bashinsky, I had to delete that rant against Kyle, as he is an old and respected friend of mine. I expected a great big "NO" from most of you, but truly appreciate the responses from Kyle and John, who are not MAGA, not alt-right Conservatives, but people just like me, who made decision based on political ideals. I guess I have to get used to the idea that for some, even intelligent people, even Trump was a better choice than a Democrat! 

Sloan Bashinsky
Kyle was merely a proxy for the very people you have so much trouble dealing with, right? I used Kyle to explain what really is going on, the rant was against that. You should have read my blog after I published there that I was told in my sleep that Barack Obama had the potential to be the Anti-Christ, and he proved it soon after being elected the first time by accepting the Nobel Peace Prize for being half black and for continuing his predecessor's two rich white men's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.
[I had copied and saved everything before David's reply to me. David then removed my reply to him and unfriended me. Loyalty is very important to Trump and most Republicans, and, I have learned, to most Democrats.]

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